Mistress-Katja SiteRips, And once again this pathetic slave

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And once again this pathetic slave is granted the honor of feeling my sexy ass on his face. Unfortunately – for him – I’m wearing tight hard jeans and don’t go easy on him. He’s getting my full weight on his face and I nearly crush his nose under the hard jeans – but he’s a such a comfy chair!.

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I wear a pair of hot brown boots. And I like to show them to my slave… I already sit on the couch and the slave knees in front of me. And without losing more time he has to start licking my boots clean again! At first he licks the upper part of my boots. But then he has to lick the soles too. And of course he has to suck the heels also…! My girlfriend behind the cam comments the action the whole time and humiliates the slave even further… Although the boot licking is bad enough, that’s not the end… He also has to take off my boots and socks ? and then starts to lick my sweaty feet! The slave seems to be very unhappy… But I like it even more… So my girlfriend behind the cam…! Today I like to facesit the head of my slave. So I sit down with my hot ass in jeans on his face and start to take him the breathing air. My jeans rub his face brutally but he can do nothing against me… Especially his nose will be squeezed! From time to time I change the position ? sometimes I sit on his face with my sexy ass and sometimes I press my pussy on his nose. My girlfriend cheers me up to continue taking him the ability to breath. For each second he can breath again he has to thank me. If he forgets to thank, my girlfriend reminds him to do so…! At the end we let the bond and helpless slave lie on the ground and leave… Anyway the slave can take some deep breaths now…