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Hi guys! Here you can get a cloud of smoke right in your face or… even better… beautiful mistresses will smoke while hardly lashing you. And you’ll surely enjoy fresh ash of the mistress’s cigarette falling on your dirty ass… So enter to see what smoking mistresses do with their slaves.

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What a funny guy he is! He thought that he would be able to resist my cruelty and wildness! I will see you blown first! My solid whip has worked very hard and now my slave is at my feet ready to do anything I order him! Another lesson of obedience and I light my cigarette and make the worm open his mouth wide! I bet he didn’t even imagine that from this moment I would use his miserable body only like an ashtray for my smoke breaks!I’ve just taken my slave dog for a short walk and he was so grateful to me that expressed the desire to lick my dirty and smelly feet! Well, I must confess this shit dog behaved well in the street so the efforts were to be rewarded! I didn’t take off my black stockings (it would have been an improper fun for a worm) but that obedient male whore was really happy about what he got and carefully worked up every inch of those hose while I was smoking my cig and covering him with hot ash!