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I’ve seen some weird fetishes in my time, but I’ve never come accross a plush animal fetish. One of my girls, Christy, had such a fetish. If a girl was so horny that a “plushy” could get her wet, then I wonder what my dick would do?!
This could only happen in a porno. I’m upstairs reading while my babysitter, Tanner, a smokin-hot, 18 year old babysitter, gets scared after watching a flick. She heads upstairs to find some comfort. How could I turn down a young chick throwing her titties and dripping pussy at me?
There’s something about tiny and tight bodies that gives me a solid stiffy. Amia has it all: perky tits, a petite frame, and flawless skin. When she broke a client’s vase, shehad to repay the debt, and I only know one way to repay debts: crack open the pussy!
We’ve all heard that latin chicks are wild in bed. Well, I wanted to test that theory. Emy
is a cute and petite 18 year old with an boner inducing accent. I made up some “bad
babysitter” reports and gave her the utilmatum: give me the latin bootie or get fired!
Little Dani is having money probelms, seems she is not getting paid enough. I find her making home made beer in a clients tub, she gets the cock and punishment minors deserve for touching beer
Alexia left a pregnancy tester at the client’s house, which means she’s been doing the nasty while on the clock. Not good. Luckily, she knows nothing about pregnancy, so I convinced herthat I needed to immediately “clean” her pussy to avoid getting knocked up!
Fucking a mother and daughter is actually easier than you might think. All you need is a little leverage. Alexis was in big trouble that could put her in jail. Naturally, her mother didn’t want that to happen, so I made some “suggestions”, like cocking both of them!