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We met Nella in a mall, window shopping and from the look of her she wanted to buy a dress but she didn’t have any money, so we approached her and offered her a sex job and she accepted it!Goldie Gate is back to do another Blow job but this time we ask her if she can do it in a public restroom. She said that she haven’t done it, she’s afraid she might be caught. We met Mary at the bus stop and she was lost! But our stud came to her rescue and helped her get on her way, well not really, before he helped her get to where she needed to go, he took her by the department store across the way. Gorgeous big boob teen Ellen goes for a ride in her car, but it’s not long before she gets horny. She stops at the side of the road to touch her self. Mean while we thought that the car was in a emergency so we approach the car… Busty Jane doesn’t waste any time. She strolls in and and plays with her self, taking of her shirt and displaying her huge tits That’s the same way she is when the cameras are off as well.We accompany Jane to do shopping, we went to a local store that sells women’s cloth, seeing Jane changing to many dresses makes my fantasy run wild and also my dick so i whispered if she can do a BJ on the changing room and she said “I thought you never ask!”Today our cock stud was sick and asked to be sent a private nurse that could make his recovery go faster. To his surprise they sent this huge tit babe! Funny thing is she seemed to know what I really needed the minute she walked in… WOW! First red head teeny chick between our great FacialFlavor girls! Welcome Little Kim and her super crazy haircut! We found her few weeks back and from 1st shooting she was a bit shy, but ready to do more and more every shooting… We found Goldie Gate in a restaurant and this girl has a huge debt on us, so we rush in to the restaurant to catch Goldie but she notice us and run away until we cornered her inside of a public rest room…Lucy Rose is back again to show her other skills, she will doing a hardcore Blow job with our stud but before anything might happen we always maintain our safety for our talent so Lucy wear a raincoat incase the cum might flying all over the place and a condom…Taking a stroll down the lake side we met the beautiful Veronica Lake, she was passing by, on her way home. We immediately approached her cuz we felt she needed help. We were right, so we had our stud examine her great body…Suzie is a kinky hot bitch that has always been known to give a great blow job! In this scene Suzie invited us to go out to the country side for a blow job but when we got into the car we were surprise cuz Suzie was wearing a rain coat …