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The clips featured here are mostly local neighborhood girls and women that you won’t see anywhere else. I use very few professional models and many of my models are gorgeous women over 40. They are all housewives, mothers, students, office workers, nurses, by day and moonlight as bondage damsels. My rope work is extremely tight and uncomfortable and the damsels have no chance of escape. I specialize in tight elbow crushing bondage. Most of the videos feature high heels, stockings, short skirts, satin blouses, and up the skirt panty peeks.
I fashion my style from the old John Willie photos, Robert Bishop drawings and old detective magazine covers. The videos are all shot on location in basements, garages, caves, houses, warehouse and abandoned factory settings. You will find no studio quality work or sterile settings. Most of my work is inspired by the old HOM movies except for the graphic nudity and sexual molestation.

We have many different types of damsels in my lair. When I started out I used some of the top named girls in the bondage/fetish industry. Chanta Rose, Liz Tyler, Julie Simone, Ivy Manner, Angelica Vamp, Chrissy Daniels, Jenni Lee, Heaven Lee, and Sammie Sparks just to name a few. But in resent years I have tapped into a vast pool of everyday girl next door types that actually live in my neighborhood or close by. I find that I enjoy tying up these everyday pretty girl next door types more than I did the professional models. Not that I have sworn off pro models mind you it is just that I have found the local girls just as good if not better then the big name talent out there. So with the help of my main girl Kellannn we have a large collection of girls next door all tied up very tightlly.

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