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We love our bondage tight, our gags big, and our ladies struggling! Inside you’ll find some of your favorite damsels in distress, real-life girls next door and exclusive talent and content you won’t find on any other site, all struggling for your enjoyment in classic damsel-in-distress scenarios! Roped, wrapped, and gagged, these girls are right where you want them!

Starring: Jane Lynn Doe, Nyxon, Sahrye, Gigi, Mystick’s, Rachel Adams, Ayla Aysel, Genevieve…

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Sahrye thinks that as a domme, she’s queen of the roost. Of course, her haughty attitude doesn’t fly with everyone, like her local male counterpart who is determined to put the bitchy latina in her proper place once and for ll! Bound tightly on her sofa, she curses out her unseen assailant with a string of threats, insults and profanities that does nothing to help her plight in the least tiny bit. When sexy political pollster Constance arrived at my door, she knew she’d be asking questions, but she had no idea how tough it would be to do so with her mouth packed and taped shut! She also got to learn about a different kind of pole: a sturdy steel one that she was stuck fast to, thanks to several yards of tape encircling her tight little body! As she wiggled and writhed, moaning in despair. The Collector has been working overtime, capturing UltraGirls from many different universes in an effort to secure a massive collection of power belts for an as yet unknown nefarious purpose. While reviewing data concerning his collection, he is alerted to the presence of an intruder: an UltraGirl whom he has never seen! Her power belt is tempting, but how can he ensure that she has sufficient powers to make her belt a worthy addition to his project?