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Check out Larissa: a perfect bitch! Perfect pretty face, perfect plump tits with perfect hard nips, perfect tummy with just an ounce of baby fat, perfect pumpable ass (more on that later), perfect long legs. And, the best part, perfect attitude — hungry for anal sex and eager to please her man. Any man. So we got her a man, and he pumped her bottom full of big Brazilian dick beef. And this perfect bitch loved every second of it.

You wanna know why we go to Brazil to make these raunchy anal movies? It’s because we can pick up regular chicks like Amanda, who are willing to do whatever it takes and enjoy doing it! A sampling of what Amanda does to earn a few U.S. dollars: gets her mouth ripped open, lets two big dicks tickle her tonsils, gets her dirty asshole plugged, gets double-penetrated in multiple positions. She doesn’t waste too much time with vaginal sex unless it’s part of a good old-fashioned DP! And she does all this while begging the guys to give her more! Amanda is petite, barely 5 feet, and the two guys who stuff all her holes in this scene are big, to say the least. The studs flip Amanda around and toss her about like a little doll and hammer her at will in every conceivable position — and even some positions we hadn’t conceived before. But for a tiny tart, Amanda has sex holes that are remarkably accommodating. In no time flat, her butthole and twat are being expanded to their outer limits for some easy-glide, low-resistance fucking. You’ll love the way she takes a jackhammering double penetration without flinching and begs for her ass to be slapped. You’ll marvel at how easy it is for a 9-inch cock to disappear inside her damp, dank asshole and then pop out to leave it gaping. This bitch just loves fucking! She uses her own spit for lube, which she rubs raunchily around the rim of her butthole before inviting the nearest hard prick to park itself deep inside her. We’re not saying all the bitches in Brazil are like this. But we think most of them are.

Gape alert! If you like to see raw pussies with their lips spread apart and looking like folded slices of rare roast beef (and who doesn’t?), then this is your video. If you like quality shots of perfectly round gaping assholes all moist and pink inside (and who doesn’t?), then this is your video. Man, this babe really, really enjoys fucking. And sucking. And taking it in the ass. And ripping her twat open. And spreading her ass cheeks apart to show where she just got fucked. This is a typical Brazilian fantasy babe: golden brown skin, small tan-lined breasts, tight tummy, pretty face, long dark hair, curvy hips, big ass. She’s got it all. And the icing on the cake: She’s your update, and she’s getting screwed in the bottom.

The stars have aligned to bring us a superhot babe in a scorching hot scene. The year’s just started, but we’ve already found the frontrunner for 2009’s Bitch of the Year contest. Taina is a megawhore. She churns out enough watts in her scene to light up a small town all weekend. What a fuckin’ cinematic anal masterpiece! From head to toe, Taina is a classic Brazilian slut: long, flowing black hair; an angelic face; braces on her teeth; big, full, floppy natural breasts with tanlines and hard brown nipples; curvy hips; a succulent, plump ass; meaty pink vagina flaps; chunky thighs; smooth legs; and toes that curl when you screw her in the anus. And don’t even get us started on the footage we shot of her: big-tits tease; sloppy throat job; choking and slapping (and lots of it!); anal fucking in this position, that position and all the other positions in between. Trust us: This is one bad-ass bitch in one bad-ass scene.

We swear to you, she’s old enough! Looks can be deceiving. OK, she’s a petite little teenie with an angelic face, innocence in her eyes, a cute button nose and braces on her teeth. OK, OK, she’s got tiny little titties and the slender, untouched body of your dream girl. OK, OK, OK, she’s shy and she giggles. But we’re telling you: She’s old enough, and today she’s letting some guy’s hard penis slide into her ass. She may look all teddy bears and butterflies, but when the camcorder is rolling you’ll quickly see she’s all dick sucking and anal fucking. How the hell is it that a hottie who just turned 18 knows so much about anal sex? Who taught her: Her high school biology teacher? Her daddy? Her priest? The balls-deep sex in this scene starts off — where else? — in Katia’s ass. She learned the anal-first routine from her friends. In South American countries the young ladies often practice anal sex first because they want to keep their boyfriends happy but save their pussies for their husbands on their wedding nights. (In South American countries it’s also common for young men to have their first sexual encounters with shemales, but that’s a topic for another Web site.)

If you’re looking for vaginal sex, you came to the wrong place. This saucy superstarlet is named Roberta, and even though she’s in one of our sizzling sex videos, she still goes around telling people she’s a virgin. Well, she is … sort of. You see, Roberta won’t let anyone fuck her pussy. No way, not until she’s married. “I’m a virgin,” she tells people. And she can pull it off, too, because she’s got the innocent face of an angel and a mouth full of braces. How cute! And, yes, technically a virgin. But being the Brazilian booty tramp she is, she has no problem letting every Tom, Dick and Harry plus Isaac, Quinton, Jorge and … (you get the idea) … fuck her ass silly, until her ass muscles are busted and she can’t close her gaping shitter anymore. Gaping? Yeah, that’s Roberta for you. She’s only 24 years old, but her asshole has been practically ruined already. She begins this video with a little upskirt tease while wearing fishnet tights for you. Hot little bitch, she is. But the tease doesn’t last long, because Roberta wants to get fucked. (Remember: only in her ass! she’s a virgin.) So our thick-cocked stud grabs her doggie style on the stairs and slams her ass hard. Hard! Every time he pulls out, you get to see Roberta’s worn-out asshole gaping and winking at you, and then you see her juices oozing out and dripping down her pussy, which she doesn’t use in this all-anal scene. She’s a virgin, remember. Her ass squeezes shut and then blossoms open like a flower — the rare cousin of the venus flytrap, the anus cocktrap — giving you a lovely look at what’s up inside her backdoor love tunnel. It’s dark and moist in there, and it needs more cock! Our porn stud lies on the floor under Roberta, who rides him reverse cowgirl style, with her slender legs spread really wide, showing that slick virgin pussy and that quivering asshole getting slammed again. Roberta cries out in delight; you will, too.

You asked for tit meat, and you got it! This bodacious Brazilian bitch, Babalu, bounces her bountiful bosom all over the damn place in this outrageous video. The minute the camera starts rolling, the horny prick lucky enough to do the scene with her dives right into her cleavage. But can you blame him? Have you ever seen a more mouth-watering pair of all-natural titties? Babalu and the dude take turns squeezing her fun bags until she can’t take it any more and she just has to get some cock stuffed in her mouth. No problem there; this dude is packing wood! She sucks on his dick and rubs her tits on it and then makes him return the favor by licking her asshole. He’s getting it ready for a royal reaming. He fucks her pussy first, though, just to get her juices flowing, and then she gets on all fours like the horny bitch that she is and spreads her butt cheeks for a good ass jackhammering. Babalu gets her ass probed while lying on her back, too, rubbing her clit and moaning in that sexy Brazilian Portuguese accent. Puta que me pariu! There’s only one place for a cum shot at the end of this Brazilian big-boob backdoor bonanaza: all over Babalu’s hooters!

OK, now who told this innocent young thing to sign up to do a movie with us? The poor little thing thought she was gonna be a real actress. She asked about the script and her lines. She wanted to know if she’d have a talking part in our latest blockbuster, “Naughty Girls Love DP Part 3.” And what does DP mean, she asked. Sorry, we told her, it’s not a talking part, it’s a fucking part. And, by the way, it’s a double-penetration fucking part. Gal’s such a trouper she didn’t even flinch — until we had two big cocks battering her ass and pussy holes. Gal’s the quiet, sedate type. She meekly sucks those two fat dicks because she wants to please the guys. She tries to contain her joy when one guy rams his cock down her throat and the other licks her snatch from behind. But when the boys commence the cock-slamming, pussy-battering action sequence, Gal can’t stop herself from whining, groaning and moaning in delight.

The “inha” in Bruninha’s name means “little,” a term of endearment, as in, “Oh, how adorable you are, Little Bruna.” Awww, shucks, how cute 19-year-old blonde Little Bruna is, eh? Well, this petite white girl may be cute, but she sure ain’t innocent. She’s from the right side of the tracks, but she’s definitely on the wrong path now. And that’s good for you, because the path she’s on leads to an anal assult. Watch out, Bruninha, because your little white ass is gonna get put through its paces today! Bruninha begins this scene the only way she knows how: by being a little bitch cock teaser! She peels off her top to show you her tiny tasty titties and raises her mini skirt to flash her tight teen booty. Her nipples are pink and hard because she’s turned on and can sense that a big Brazilian cock is coming to violate her body and tear into her anus.

Blowjob expert Erika opens this scene by tenderly stroking and sucking the big fat cock of the nearest guy she can find. (Luckily for her, we had put one in the bed next to her!) She throats this cock monster and gags for dramatic effect. That’s it, Erika: Don’t forget to give the balls some attention, too! You needn’t worry, though, anal-sex fan: The backdoor banging is coming up. After all, that’s how we pay the rent here at, by churning out weekly wanton women doing wayward booty deeds. And Erika is up for the task this week. She sits on the guy’s lap like a cowgirl, reaches her hand back behind her, grasps that thick cock in her palm and massages it into the tiny puckered hole between her buttocks cheeks. Then the bouncing begins. Rolling ass cheeks, bouncing booty meat, slapped thighs, handfuls of ass! We’re just getting started. Erika gets her asshole plundered on her side while ripping her butt cheeks wide apart and then on all fours with her knees together. Then she’s back riding in a sweet reverse cowgirl position while begging for a cum explosion in her face and mouth. (Hope we didn’t ruin the end for you!)

Savages! These Brazilians screw like animals! Agatha Cristine carries on like a jungle bitch recently captured in the bushes and dragged before the cameras. She fucks with wild abandon, taking cock up her ass in different positions and humping it crazily. She gets on all fours like a dog and gets pounded in that dirty ass. Listen to the wild sounds she makes while engaged in anal sex, just the way she likes it.