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Hard fucked hitchhikers from around the Europe! @ Bitch STOP! Riding a car along Czech roads is an adventure you will never forget. No other country in the world has so many horny “damsels in distress” who will do anything for a free ride. They may be amateurs, but they all know how to make you happy. JOIN BITCH STOP and let’s enjoy our wild adventures together! Hitting on girls has never been this much fun!

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It’s time for fresh meat! First I will say a few words of wisdom – if pretty girl tries to hitch you in the middle of nowhere, look around if there’s someone ready to jump you and only then pull over. Don’t worry, this isn’t the kind of with an unpleasant twist. It’s just that security comes first, when you ride alone. But let’s get back to my last… Sometimes all you need to get laid is to be at the right time and at the right place. I was thirsty and pulled over to buy some soda can. Suddenly I see this hot blonde with clearly fit body walking toward my car. She asked if I’m her ride. For a second I considered lying I am, but I decided to tell the truth. It made no difference. She needed a ride and since the guy that was supposed… It’s time for yet another episode of your favorite reality show Bitch Stop! I dare say we have a treat for you this time, because a girl like this one will not cross our path every day! She’s not just pretty, but her body can only be described by one word and that’s ‘perfect’. She’s perfectly fit and her perky breasts will fit your hand like they were made…