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Transex Domination is the only site where dominant shemales abuse their slaves, interracial shemale sex, Bound and tied submissives whipped and spanked, and shemale cum dripping into open mouths. Transexdomination is the only site which features dominant transsexuals, sadistic shemales and submissive males. No other website features shemale fetishes such as transsexual foot worship and foot fetish, shemales smoking, transgenders dressed in fetish leather and PVC outfits and transexual mistresses with whips, chains, paddles and restraints.

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Mistress Brownie 1 has little tolerance for forgetful people. She tells you to call her “Mistress Brownie 1” and you better call her exactly that. You are tied on a leash and you can not get away. Call her Brownie . . . get the crop, call her Mistress . . . get the crop, call her Mistress Brownie . . . get the crop. John has been telling Celeste all about his domination fantasy… but she didn’t understand at first. She got herself all dolled up as a dominatrix and when she surprised him with the fantasy she quickly found herself tied to the bed as he rammed his huge cock down her throat. Next she was tied ‘Face Down & Ass Up’ as he spanked her pretty little ass red before allowing her to suck his cock again. The spanking sure seemed to motivate her as she swallowed his entire cock and got him good and wet before he entered her tight little ass. This is a very sexy scene that showcases how domination play can fit into a happy domestic relationship. Poor Arnold, his boss makes him stay late at the factory to clean up a mess from one of the machines that broke. To make up the time he decides to walk a short cut through a bad area of town. As he strolls down the tracks he is confronted by a beautiful young girl who seems to have a really bad attitude… a bad attitude and a knife… a bad attitude, a knife, and a sexy plan for Arnold’s virgin ass! They both go into her hiding place and ties him up as she changes into her DOM outfit so she can play out her personal fantasies. Mistress Cierra invites us into her private dungeon for a lesson on how to dominate a willing submissive sissy boy. She starts with some hard and heavy swats to his tender little behind. No warm ups here. He is tied down why should she care if he is ready or not. True to her form Mistress Cierra is a ‘Get right to it kind of girl’ A bit of ass beating some forced foot worship and then she buries her cock down his throat. We are less than 3 minutes into the scene and she is already gagging him and telling him that she wants his ass. After a good cock sucking she moves behind him to loosen up his ass with one of her favorite anal probes and then she slams her cock home and proceeds to fuck him with enthusiasm.