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This started kind of like a fashion shoot I guess you could say, we just wanted to have a little fun since we saw my sweater matched the walls… but I don’t know how these things tend to happen in my life and I always end up naked and touching myself. I don’t know what to say, but I definitely enjoyed myself! And it bet you will to!
Don’t you love how I look bare naked between the bushes? I love the wild, and speaking of bushes, my own little bush looks great between them too, so much so that I couldn’t help but get all wet in there! You can bet what came afterwards, but you’re going to love watching it even more! I never really liked it inside the closet… but tonight it’s a little different, because I’m in it to play dress up with you. And of course, in my world clothes are only there to be taken off, so you can bet we’re all going to have a lot of fun here… especially when with so much excitement I start to get a little wet!On this day I had just bought my new panties.. I think they are really cute and hot, pink and see through like I have a little secret that I’m hiding. But don’t worry because you know I want you to watch, so when we went outside I couldn’t help but take them off and begin to party! Sometimes when I’m all alone and bored, I just like to have fun on my own and enjoy myself a little bit. I don’t think that’s wrong, especially if I have the pictures to show you guys right? You can come on in to watch me play solo right here and I hope you enjoy it just like me!
Sometimes I just want to get away from the world, I get really stressed with everything and my girlfriend bothers me and I just need some time alone. So this is where I go to think, and I usually do it naked, so I thought I would show you guys how I do it and let you enjoy the view, and my body! This is another one of my favorite places… this spot is one of the best to get away with doing anything naughty without ever getting caught! And yes, that’s just what we did tonight with a friend of mine that wanted to shoot me while I showed him how I like to operate on heavy machinery… naked, of course! Just come in here to check me out!Now, the way I see it I could go and take a shower in my bathroom, or I could make things a little more interesting for the both of us and get naked by the fountain. I think you’re going to be more than satisfied with my selection after you see the nasty poses I got for you… just come and watch now!
Although I may be skinny and have a lean toned body, I’m the kind of girl that’s always up for eating. But you see… eating is not all I can do in the kitchen, and I’m going to make this a whole lot more interesting for you guys, especially if you stay for when I start pouring water all over my white little shirt… you should come in and join me!
This little collection of pics was just from a boring afternoon alone. I just couldn’t think of anything better to do than just go ahead and take off my clothes for you. I know how to work my little curves and big butt to help make your dirtiest fantasies come to life, so really you should stay in here and watch me go!Is it wrong that I get off on watching myself in the mirror? It’s no secret that I like girls… but I really like my own body as well, so you can guess I can have a really good time all on my own! And trust me I’m going to make it worth it for you too… just come on in and watch me go at it!