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Name: Ariel

Age: 24

Birth Date: 14 march 1985

Location: Montreal, Quebec – Canada


-Food: Lasagna, Asian and Mexican food

-Music: Mostly Rock alternative but I like a
little bit of everything! also a LOT of drum
and base!

-Movie: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Pet Peeve: People who judge too quickly!

Hobby: Photography – web desgin – fashion design

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Anyways I am back, and better than ever! This time off was very needed and felt amazing. If you’re curious, during the last month I have shot my new rebel girl (Alicia Pop) witch I think is going to become a HUGE star and I have decorated my apartment so it’s even more shooting ready! It’s retarded how I have been living in this place for 2 years now and I never really took the time to decorate. It felt more like a big office where I just pass my entire life in front of my computer, chill on the big ugly couch then go to bed in the boring bedroom. Obviously it’s not my entire house that have been decorated because that would mean that I’m beyond broke lol but at least my living room is starting to look like something decent and I’m not ashamed of people coming to my house. yay!

Ok I wasn’t really that much ashamed of my previous set up but I wasn’t happy with it 100%… I don’t need that many fancy things to be happy in life seriously but one of my gay friend came to my place one day (it always take a gay friend to make us realize stuff right?) and made me a comment that made me change my life. He told me that in the head of so many people, I’m super famous (<-I dont understand this) so obviously my house should be picture perfect but when you come in, you realized that yes I’m living well but it almost look like a student place because I don’t re-invest my money in to making my place look nice. So it was the time to make a move and get my shit together. Glad I did :) …and glad I’m back :)
After 7 years of sucking on plastic dildos, tonight I had enough. Enough of that nasty taste in my mouth, giving you guys the illusion that I was sucking on a real .. well… you know what? and that for what you’ll ask? Only because I wasn’t ready to show you the real thing. But when I think about it, I think I have done it already because a plastic dildo that look like the real thing is pretty much like the same thing isn’t it? The only difference here is the awful taste I have left in my mouth.
Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great Monday and now you’re ready to attack your Tuesday 🙂 I have been shooting new videos for the site since yesterday and I’m having a blast. We only did a half day yesterday but we’re planning on starting much earlier today to shoot a minimum of 6 videos if that’s possible. My foot fetish fans are going to be happy to read this because I have shot a few foot fetish videos for the site that I think you guys will enjoy.. I even did something that I NEVER do before and I said I wouldn’t do but I guess I was so horny yesterday that it just came to me 😛 I wont say much but I cant wait for you guys to see what I’m talking about…