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Anais Aphrodite (Anna Oriagi, Annais, Indra Kove, Karima Ouriaghli, Lucie) PornStar Pack – 28 Clips:

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Anais Aphrodite has performed in a total of 32 different porn movies within her active years in the porn industry. She made her porn debut in 2000 and retired from the business five years after. Anais was known for her hardcore anal sex scenes and intense double penetration acts. She was seen in her ass to mouth performance when she filmed Fuck Machine exclusively released by DBM Video. Anais Aphrodite shared the screen with Sophie Roche, Priscilla Lenn, Zenza Raggi and Reinhardt in Anna Lolita under the direction of Moli. Rude Brittania also gave her two perfect roles for their videos Manor and Masks: The Light And The Dark both released in 2005. Meanwhile, her double penetration scene can be viewed in Fickbroichs exclusively released by Muschi Movie. You can also catch Anais Aphrodite in Karneval im Mosenwald, Mandy’s Tagebuch 3, Ben Dover’s Booty Duty and Von hinten besprungen.

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