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Taking photos for my site is the perfect excuse to dress up in sexy lingerie. I do have quite a collection, after all. For as long as I can remember, I have always adored wearing sexy lingerie and clothing. In a variety of sensual styles, fabrics, and colors. My underclothes often being nicer than what I’ve got on outside. My own little secret. I’ve cherished my panties, thongs, g-strings, slips, nighties, nightgowns, corsets, pantyhose, stockings, thigh highs, garter belts, girdles, bras, bustiers, frilly socks, anklets, high heels, miniskirts, and just about anything else that you can think of that is related to dressing up!

But it’s not all about *only* dressing up. Often it’s about dressing up and getting myself off in front of my camera. In my members area, you’ll see a good deal of me teasing my clit and fingering myself. For many people, this is considered “light hardcore” and that really is just my speed. That being said, I do have a handful of galleries & videos of me playing with a few of my friends: giving blow jobs, boy-girl sex, girl-girl kissing & pussy licking, and one foot job. Of course, the only way to know what who’ve I’ve talked into being in a photo set with me is to be a member of my site and see all of the action for yourself! 😉

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This a fun video of me modeling and talking about various pairs of satin panties (all but one pair are fullbacks). A true satin-fan’s panty teasing dream come true, it’s goofy and totally me. Hope you’ll enjoy the tease! Love to hear what you think is the hottest pair.
I’ve done some panty-stuffing in webcam shows and in some of my older galleries, maybe in a custom video or two, but I haven’t had an actual panty-stuffing video for members until now. Black lace string bikini fullbacks “get the royal treatment” so to speak in this longer video. Not an everyday activity to be sure, but fun to do and watch every once in awhile.
Watch me enjoy these simple cotton bikinis, first with some panty rubbing and fingering and then all the way through breaking out my wand and orgasming twice! Nice close-ups of all those wet parts you want to see most.
Here we are with a sizeable video of me giving my new boyfriend Justin a “Morning After” blowjob. We’d been having sex pretty much all night long, so you’re catching me here first thing in the morning. I think Justin did a terrific job “multitasking” — it’s challenging holding that camera steady…
Join me for a bit of teasing in this journey into a pair of my well-worn rainbow striped cotton panties. Cotton panties are undoubtedly my favorite. Lots of panty rubbing both inside and out, then some close up fingering action, and finally a look down inside to see exactly how creamy my panty crotch is.
Watch me behave like a silly spazoid girl in my first hula hooping video! I strung together a few clips of me playing with my “Atomic Hoops” outside in my lime green thong bikini. I do one hoop, then two, & then I do them topless. Before filming, I hadn’t hula hooped in YEARS, so I’m not very good at it. Still a total riot that I’m more than happy to share.
This video takes right up where my “Dirty Scrabble” photo gallery leaves off. Watch me enjoy a pair of pretty see-through panties & light-up toy. Plenty of rubbing, making my crotch creamy. Mmm mmmm.

The only thing I’m wearing in this video are a pair of killer hot over the knee striped socks and my specs. Watch my hypnolegs do a few of my stripper moves before I tease you with my blue-polished toenails. It’s a slow tease with plenty of socks up to the camera filling the screen, spreading and wiggling. I masturbate a bit and provide some jerk off encouragement for you. Did my feet get you, baby?
I hadn’t *planned* on having to go pee while shooting my St. Patrick’s Day photoset, so this little video of me squatting and peeing outside was shot on the fly. Listen to the sounds of Spring: bird chirping and me tinkling in the leaves, lol.
I was doing some file-moving around on my computer when I re-discovered this video of me and my friend Trixie. It’s a sample of the video shot during our photo shoot “Thigh High Girls”. At any rate, this clip belongs in here, as I’m sure you’ll agree.
It was a lovely Spring day that inspired me to record a bit of shoeplay out on my porch. Wearing one of my shortest skirts, I stretch and then cross & uncross my legs. I dangle and dip my cute white mules, first from a far and then *really* up close.
I had to be sneaky filming this video so out in the open during one of my last pedicure sessions, very “hidden camera” — I felt very mischievous! Watch my toes splish-splash while soaking, then get scrubbed and massaged (my favorite part) before the new paint job.
A goofy & sweet striptease video with my all decked out to deck the halls. If you like girls with green tongues and lots of velvet and fur and bootie shaking, then his is the holiday video for you. 😉