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He carries Alisha into the bedroom and throws her limp and unconscious body onto the bed. He plays with her beautiful, limp body for a little while before she begins to stir. She starts to come to and he wraps his legs around her neck choking her a bit before whipping her neck, breaking it and ending her life. He bladder releases shortly after her death. He plays with and examines her some more before bagging her body, carrying her out and putting her in the trunk of the car for disposal. A beautiful “Jane Doe” is wrapped in a body bag and on the exam table. The examiner has to cut off her clothes and clean her dirty body. After his exam he gets so aroused by her beauty that he has to have her.An escort shows up for some death role play and some foot play. It doesn’t end so well…for her. Manta comes to tied to a chair. A man walks in with a clear plastic bag, placing it over her head. She is terrified and struggles. After a few minutes of struggling, Manta has weakened and succumbs to death. He removes the bag and unties her. Now he can play with her sexy corpse. Alisha and Nikko walk in and start to make out. After a couple of minutes, the run upstairs to continue. They strip each others clothes off and really start to enjoy each other. After some time, Alisha gets Nikko to sit in front of her and quickly wraps a belt around Nikko’s neck. She pulls hard on the belt and strangles her. Nikko fights, but it is no use. Now she can enjoy her sexy limp body. When she is finished, she calls her friend to come help her get rid of the sexy corpse. She then dresses and snuggles up with her dead doll. Alisha’s friend arrives to help her deal with Nikko’s corpse. After ensuring that Nikko is dead, he has Alisha gather Nikko’s clothes. As her back is turned, he strikes! He wraps his arm around her neck, strangling her for a few moments before quickly snapping her neck. Alisha instantly goes limp. He lifts her up and lets her limp arms flop before picking her up and throwing her onto the bed with Nikko. Now he has two sexy and limp bodies to play with. Loki comes downstairs and finds Amber laying on the couch. He tries to wake her, but soon realizes that she is dead. He makes a few attempts to resuscitate her, but it is futile. He soon moves on to other ideas.