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Hi, welcome to our little corner of the world wide web. I think the name says it all, but to give you a better example, we’ve created several pages that describe who we are and what we do. Not only do we offer sex photos and cumshots, but we offer class, a gorgeous blonde, and sophistication.

So, pull out your cock and take a look around. Inside you will find well over 7000 photos, arranged in theme sets that include a hot little story that sets the mood for each session written by my self (Trixie). You will also find some nude modeling type softcore in the Trixie pics section, but the bulk of our sets are hardcore fuck and suck pics like facials, swallowing, cream pies, and whatever else cums to our perverse minds. We also offer tons of crystal clear, easily downloaded videos with great audio of me slurping away. Trust me, you dont want to miss these.

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Age: 29
Stats: 36dd – 26 – 36
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Dancer
Turn Ons: Thunderstorms, Hottubs, Champagne, Kinky sex, and Hot guys!

I am 29 years old and definitely a nymphomaniac. They say women don’t hit their sexual prime until around age 30 or 35, but I actually FELT IT when I hit mine. It came around March of last year, almost a year after I met Tony. I can’t say it was love at first sight with us, but it was lust at first sight. We are both very sexual by nature and it didn’t take us long to fall into bed together. We started off as being just friends that fucked which gave us the freedom to explore all sorts of things. We explored fantasies, played roles, video taped and photographed, watched porn movies, checked out internet porn sites together, and finally hit upon the idea of building our own porn site. I have always been an exhibitionist, but only when I started dancing full time did I realize to what extent. Now for the first time, we are sharing our sexual adventures with the world.

Tony just turned 30, and the poor guy gets worked to death trying to keep up with my sex drive. He has always been fascinated with the porn industry and has probably forgotten more about it than most of us ever knew. He spends hours every day online searching for the perfect cumshot or creampie and upon not finding any, decided that we should publish our own. He really is the master mind (and cock) behind our operation. He does the photography and site design, and I handle customer satisfaction issues, answer email, and take his hot, sticky, delicious load of cum wherever he wants to put it. (Like I really mind.) Hard Work or Hard Cock? Reclined in his chair, and surrounded by three computers, three monitors, and multiple keyboards, I would consider Tony to be a computer geek. Lucky for me though, like most computer geeks, Tony has an appetite for lots of sex. Nonetheless, I love to crawl up under his desk, and free his cock right when he’s in the middle of doing something important, and then take his juicy cock into my hot mouth and make him lose all trains of thought. hehe, I’m so bad. But then again, if I weren’t, you’d be reading some bio from a website called “Trixie Boring” =)~

Together we make up Trixie We are a totally amateur couple that likes to do it all and show it all and now we are showing it all to you. I swear nothing gets us hotter, and Tony harder, than having sex when someone may be looking. We are a good looking, individual couple that likes to stay in shape and take care of ourselves. We are not married, we don’t have kids, or normal obligations that most couples have, so we spend most of our spare time working on bettering ourselves or this site. We like to present ourselves in a different way that shows our artistic, creative sides.

In researching this site, we scoured the internet looking at all the other mega sites. What we found was mostly massive collections of just general content of people without names or personalities. What we want to offer with this site, is a little bit of personal interaction. We share who we are, what we like, what our fantasies are, and much, much more. We are not swingers, so you won’t see a parade of a thousand unknown guys pounding my pussy each week. What you will see is Tony pounding my pussy, me sucking his cock, and his cum dripping off every part of my body. And the smile on my face will let you know that I love every minute and every drop of it. We take great pride in ourselves and present ourselves with a great deal of class and respectability, even given the nature of this site. We are a clean, drug-free couple that is taking advantage of what we have been given in life.