BeautyAndTheSenior SiteRip, Old Men Are Like Old Whiskey

BeautyAndTheSenior SiteRip

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Old men are like old whiskey… they both get better with age!
We seniors will show you that we are still fit for the game! Just see how we drive women wild with excitement and make them do anything we want them to.
You won’t believe your eyes and agree with us: Growing old is a lot of fun!!!! Gorgeous girls…fucked silly…by a bunch of not so gorgeous old men!

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Bruce has been married for 35 years and now he thinks it is time for something fresh. His present wife is well past her selling date so he visits a marriage consultant. But Anita comes up with a solution Bruce has never dreamed of.. Peter has gotten himself a new hand but she is not particularly helpfull. In fact, she spends most of the day suffering from the hangover from the night before. But when Peter give her a lecture about life Brenda appears to have some qualities at least… Bart is just enjoying some quality time in the garden while the girl next door is playing football with her dogs. She is not very good at it and hits Bart with the ball… twice. But when he complains that she can?t handle a ball she tells him she can even handle two at the time… Paul is enjoying his breakfast in the garden with his new girlfriend. She is a real blonde bombshell but he is more interested in his food than in her romantic thoughts. But blonde bombshells can be very convincing if they want to… John loves to lie in the sunshine and preferably completely naked… which is something of a shock when an innocent girl passes by unexpectedly. But hey, John is not only good looking for his age, he is pretty good with words too… Anna has a cleaning job at a local company and she is pretty happy with it. However, Eugene, her manager, is quite short of money so he has to let her go. But Anna is determined to keep her job. In fact, she is willing to do anything to stay on… Bruce is cleaning out his pool in the garden but he is somewhat distracted by the girl next who is getting a tan in the skimpiest bikini Bruce has ever seen. No wonder that the stuff he fishes out of the water lands on her stomach… Twice. But the girl is very forgiving…Bart is a profound lover of table tennis and now that he has found himself a new girlfriend he is dying to share his interest with her. But alas, the girl is hopeless at the game – which is just about Barts level as well. Fortunately Nelly knows a much nicer game to play together…