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I know you want to take it to the next level, but I am a little embarrassed since I gained weight. You think I’m beautiful? You are so sweet. Ok, baby, lets go slow and you have to promise not to laugh at me. You would never laugh at me? I have on too much clothes? Ok, silly, how is this? You like my big natural breast? You love my big ass? You love my belly? You want me to ride you so you can admire my big beautiful belly as it bounces? It feels so good. Your cock feels good in my fat pussy! You want me to turn around so you can admire my ass while I ride your cock? Yeah, just like that, harder. I’m so glad we took our relationship to the next level. You make me feel beautiful baby! Hannah (Madisin Lee) and Greta (Melanie Hicks) have been captured by an evil witch(Yesenia Sparkles). They have both been put under a spell. Hannah has been put under a spell that makes her want to eat everything. The witch is fattening her up to eat her. Greta has been placed under a spell to crave pussy. Every time she smells pussy she has to eat it. She is also in charge of feeding her sister Hannah all of her meals. Greta knows that Hannah is eating too much and will become a meal for the witch very soon, so she has been trying to eat Hannahs food as well. One day the witch examines Hannah to see how fat she is and after inspection she is pleased. Greta is told to feed Hannah more and to come into her room after she feeds Hannah her meal. Greta goes into the witchs room and is ordered to take her clothes off so she can inspect her. The witch notices Greta is gaining weight and soon she will be ready to eat as well. After inspection, the witch commands Greta to eat her pussy. Greta tries to resist but the spell is too strong. The witch orders Greta to feed her sister after she has orgasmed in Gretas mouth. Greta goes over to the cage and notices the door is opened and the witch is sleeping. Now is our chance, Hannah, come on, lets go. Hannah is so fool from eating she can barely move. When she finally gets out of the cage she smells the food and cannot resist the spell to eat it. Hannah walks over and digs in. Greta gets on her knees and begs Hannah to leave but then she gets a smell of Hannahs sweet juicy pussy and she cannot resist the spell. Greta buries her face in her sisters pussy. Hannah does not even realize it at first because the food is so good. Neither sister can resist the spell that the witch has put on them. The witch wakes up and catches them both and puts both girls in the cage and laughs that they are almost ready to eat!