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There’s lots of ways for the girls to feed their white pig. They can put morsels of food between their ass cheeks and let him dive in and eat. They can put snacks between their toes and let him suck the food off. They can even run a drink down their leg and let him consume it. Yup, there’s lots of ways for these girls to feed their white pig.

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Raelovette doesn’t have to give this slave instructions. She simply points to her pussy and he instinctively knows to get to work. He kneels and licks while she enjoys her cigarette, taking great care to give his female owner the climax she so deserves.With Unique’s ass on his face, this pet thinks he has a chance for some sexual satisfaction today. But nope, that’s not going to happen. Unique is simply going to slap his cock around for a while and then abandon him, no relief for him today.One of the two people in this scene is comfortable and it sure isn’t the slave. He is having to endure as Chyna scrapes her high heels into his back while she casually chats with a girlfriend on the phone. It looks to be quite painful for him, but at least she lets him lick her pussy a bit afterwards.Pink had a hard day, so she needs sexual service now. Start with some oral on the oral chair to get things going, this really makes the slave work for it as he struggles to hold his head up to be able to orally serve. Finally it ends with fucking, leaving Pink fully satiated. Now she can go on about her day while the slave goes back to his chores.