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Her term paper is due tomorrow. She’s been working furiously on it all night long. Her father comes into her room and wants her to take a break. She’s not ready for a break; she just wants to finish the paper… She’s always been proud of her daddy and the fact that he was a sailor. He is usually gone at sea for months at a time. When she heard that he was coming to port today, she rushed over to the docks to greet him…The weather was pleasant and it was a wonderful day to go out for a game of tennis. He decided his daughter needed to keep up her skills so a few matches were just the ticket. They dressed up in their tennis outfits and left for the courts. He was a member of the country club and they had a great set of courts with showers and a clubhouse…It’s always been nice to know that her grandpa was a dentist. The visits for cleanings were never scary. Today is a different story though. She thinks she has a cavity and grandpa wants to take a look at it. He says a small filling will fix it, but he’ll have to give her a shot to numb it. She’s scared to death and doesn’t want a shot…Kerri is in trouble today. She was supposed to play fair during karate practice, but ended up kicking one of the boys right in the balls. The principal, Mr. Decker, is very upset and takes her back to his office. He threatens to call Kerri’s dad, but she begs for mercy. The only way Mr. Decker will not call, is if she’ll fuck him. She submits. He takes her mouth and her pussy all he wants…