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Sasha Grey
We have a Christmas treat for you guys today, Sasha Grey. This girl isn\’t like most of the other dumb whores that come though our door; she\’s a smart, sexy and funny whore. Sasha is a fit and natural 19 year old that really has a bright future in taking dick. Sloppy, drooling and deep throating, this bitch give is a gagtastic performance swallowing cock. We stretch open her pussy, stuffing it over and over with man meat. With the mad blow job skills this cunt has, I don\’t know if I would have ever taken my cock out of her mouth. She\’s a dirty little pig that likes to be spit on, slapped, chocked, gagged, fucked and treated like a complete fuck doll. You can tell she loves what she does and god knows we love doing it to her. Sasha has a pretty face, it gets better when stuffed with cock and even better when we cover it with cum, you guys are in for a treat this week, enjoy…

Toilet Whore Anna
Ever since I banged Anna to repay her debt to me she drops in once in a while for a good fucking, kinky bitch. I showed her a tape of me destroying one of the other toilet whores and she asked me to do it to her. I showed this dirty whore what being a dirty whore is all about. She didn’t get off easy, I skull fucked her and fed her back her puke, flushed her pretty face in the toilet, banged her tight ass and fed her 2 loads of cum. I treated this cunt like the dirty whore that she is, what are friends for after all!

This week we have our way with curb side trailer trash Jasmine. So if the hot blonde at the beginning of this clip looks familiar it’s because it’s porn star Puma Swede. We met her at a porn show and she kept going on about how much she loved our Biohazard and Cumhogs sites and wanted to shoot a few scenes for our members. We knew she was hardcore so were happy to put her to the challenge. We had no idea she’d be picking up some hot trailer trash on the side of the road and using the dumb little cunt as much as she did. Puma and this fucktard who thinks he’s porno Slash pushed his cock down her throat until she was gasping for air. To make things worse they had Jasmine shove her own fist down her throat while lying upside down so her spit, puke and bile would run over her face and she wouldn’t be able to breathe. Then again not being able to breathe must have served this dumb cunt well while she was sticking her tongue into this guys anus and milk his cock. Jasmine’s big fake titties must be a new addition to her soft pudgy body, her scars look mighty fresh. They really put this whore through the ringer, reaming her ass then feeding her the dirty cock, making her lick some guys colon, and leaving her with a mouth and face full of baby batter, it’s amazing what some girls will do for a dollar. You can see at the end of the clip this girl is broken and fighting back the tears. Bravo Puma, brav-fucking-o!

Ah my little blowfish, this whore must feel special she got a nickname. Just wait till you see how round her face gets when she has a cock rammed down her throat and her cheeks pop like a blowfish. This cunt has a nice little body, she could use some big fakies, but I think that for any bitch:-) When you see the pain on her face as she’s getting pounded in the ass, that’s genuine pain boys, the bitch confessed after it was her first time doing anal! Good thing for her she waited till after the shoot was done to say that or I’d have torn her up even more.

If Hillary looks familiar it’s because this whore’s been in a couple porn scenes, but she’s never been treated like this before, I can guarantee that. Don’t let the cotton panties and pig tails fool you, this whore will be losing her innocence today. We were in the mood to have this cunt gag and choke till it’s hard for her to catch her breath, after all we aren’t paying her to breath. Any whore that shows up in pig tails will be treated as such, the dirty pig that she is. As a bonus to a mad throat poking we tear her tight ass apart, all the while making her taste her dirty stink hole. A buddy who was watching the destruction of Hillary decided to jump in and ram his cock down her throat as she was getting slammed in the pooper. After taking turns fucking her tight ass and whore face we finished her off in a dirty, dirty way…

If this whore is your taste I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on some street corner giving $5 handjobs for crack pretty soon. Karen is one high class bitch, a really piece of work that you’d be proud to bring home to meet the folks. Her resume includes eating cum out of a condom, gets fucked in the ass with a plunger, drinking dirty toilet water, and having her teeth brushed with a dirty toilet brush.

When this whore showed up I thought she might have down syndrome or something, turns out she’s just another dumb French whore. It’s a good thing for this bitch an IQ test isn’t a requirement to lick toilets and suck cock. It’s amazing how skull fucking whores until they puke, feeding it back to them then flushing their face in the toilet never gets old. This bitch was too much of a pig to stick my dick into, would you fuck a bitch that disrespects your dog by drinking out of the same toilet as he does, I didn’t think so. She did earn the right to be fucked with a sharp toilet brush and fed her own ass juice though. Enjoy…

This weeks lucky wanna be starlet is cute brunette Bobbie. If you saw Bobbie on the street you\’d never guess she\’s one sick fucking whore, she doesn\’t have massive fake clown boobs or look like she over applied her make up in a dimly lit room with no mirror. She looks more like a hot grade school teacher then a dirty fuck slut. We put this innocent looking bitch through the paces, and she took it like a pro. Sucking down 10 inches of man meat, balls deep at that! This bitch took the cock sausage down until she was drooling on herself and had tears running down her cheek. If you think her blowjob skills are impressive (and they are) wait till you see the anal reaming this bitch endures! The anal gapes we get from stretching her out like a rubber fuck doll are sick, the close ups are not for the faint of heart. Bobbie does such a great job looking into the camera while her throat is filled with man meat we can see her eyes swell up with tears as she\’s having ass soaked cock rammed down her open throat. Bobbie must be a hoot at parties, how many people can say they\’ve tasted the inner lining of their lower intestines:-) For you anal gape fans this scene is pure gold! Next time we have Bobbie come by we\’ll break out the putter and knock some balls into her giant gaping anus. One day when Bobbie meets the man of her dreams and settles down to start a family I sure hope none of them ever see what we\’ve done to her, it\’s one of those things that once you\’ve witnessed it, you can\’t just erase it from your mind!

Last week we had the tiny twat Kat and this week we have another hot little number, Katsumi! The year might be new and fresh but not here at Biohazard, we have old, used and abused, but that’s not a bad thing especially when it comes to a pro like Katsumi. We love fresh meat as much as the next person but you never know what to expect, with Katsumi we know we’re going to get a hottie with a tight body that can not only deep throat Lee’s foot long dong but take it balls deep in her ass as well! Lee goes from hole to hole, mouth to pussy to ass and back to mouth over and over, filling each one as much as he possibly could. I never studied to be a doctor and have very little knowledge of the inner anatomy and how things work on the inside but there has to be some type of limit as to how far you can shove a solid thick object into your rectum, obviously 12 inches isn’t an issue for some. So hats off to you Katsumi, your super stretchy holes are mighty impressive.

There’s a good reason crazy shows like Jack Ass have a disclaimer for viewers not to try the stunts at home, Biohazard needs an “All gagging and face fucking are done by professional whores, do not try this at home” disclaimer lol. One of our members sent us this clip of him giving his girlfriend the Biohazard treatment while a friend of his filmed it for you guys. That’s right a fan sent this in, they don’t speak much as he said in his email “sorry we don’t both talk no good English”. Lets face it, just about all the whores we have on Biohazard are from North America and half of them can’t speak proper English either. Roman really goes to town face fucking Amalia, shoving his cock down her throat until she’s gasping for air over and over. Thanks for the clip guys, and next time we want to see her face in a toilet bowl!

Kristy is a plump little whore with a nice face that we\\\\\\\’ll destroy. She walked in smiling in a bubbling mood and all eager to get to cleaning my toilet with her tongue. I’m sure the toilet licking was fun compared to the throat fucking she experienced. She was a good little whore and a great sport smiling even with tears running down her cheek. She wouldn’t do well on fear factor with her gag reflexes, as soon as I poked her throat up came more Micky D’s. When her stomach was empty and bile started coming up I gave her throat a break (because I’m a sweet guy) and double penetrated her hole with a plunger and my cock. There’s a lesson to be learned if any future toilet whores that are watching this, don’t eat Mc Donalds before you’re about to be throat fucked!

Layla Rivera
This week we have hot little Latina Layla Rivera. Holy shit this bitch is skinny, she needs to cut down on eating cock and get herself a tasty burger. We know she can fit 12 inches of man meat down her throat, it’s time she tried the same thing with some Quiznos! For someone with zero body fat she actually has nice little tits, if you’re into little tits that is. Whenever we have tiny sluts we like to pair them up with guys like Lee who can pretty much split them in half. But I almost felt bad for Layla, you can see her rib cage and we’re pairing her up with a cock as thick as her bicep, her twig legs are about as big as Lee’s arms, I’m talking forearm not bicep! He looks like he’s going to snap her legs apart like chicken wings, get me some hot sauce and ranch for dipping and turn on the game! When I first saw this bag of bones I was a little turned off, but watching her suck down Lee’s cock and seeing that tiny ass bounce up and down on him, I have to admit the anorexic cunt has grown on me!

You know those hot chicks you see at clubs that think their too good for most guys, the ones who flaunt themselves then get bitchy when guys look at them? Well next time you see one just think about Maryanne, a beautiful girl, who I’m sure loves to tease and act like she’s the boss in public, amazing how the tables gets turned when they step through our door. We make sure whores like Maryanne learn the deal real quick, being pretty with a hot little ass means we’re going to treat them like the whores they are that much more. We wasted no time feeding her own ass and choking her with cock until tears swelled up her pretty eyes. This cunt took a serious ass pounding, the only time her ass got a break from the pummelling was when we’d feed her the dirty cock. It always amazes me how much these whores actually enjoy getting treated like pieces of meat. Who knows what disturbing shit happened to them growing up that they get off being used, abused and smile while eating some strangers cum, that’s for their therapist to figure out, our job is to entertain you guys and turn yet another innocent girl with big dreams into a biohazard bitch!

Julie Knight
After last week’s gagtastic double anal scene with Kelly Wells we had to make sure we had the right girl for a follow up scene. So we brought in proper and polite miss Julie Knight, being the lady that she is Julie wanted to make sure this scene would be classy, respectable and artsy all at the same time. So we started things off nice and slow, warming her up with some friendly anal fisting before feeding her dick until she was drooling all over herself. Julie has such a way with words, screaming out and I quote “fuck my shit hole” while she’s being sodomized, her parents should so proud that her degree in Shakespeare studies is being put to good use. We only had one guy with us and not wanting to be out done by Kelly’s anal DP Julie brought a toy that Richard could ram into her ass while he’s fucking it stretching out her anus like it’s a fucking rubber band. If you’re in prison and need a mule to smuggle in some drugs, a carton of smokes, maybe a small TV then you might want to give Julie or Kelly a shout. Julie did a great job for her first time with us, I’m sure we’ll see her again real soon, maybe next time we’ll try and stuff a football inside her.

This Chick is a friend of mine who owed me a bit of cash and agreed to fuck me on camera as a way to pay her debt. I got a little alcohol in her system to loosen her up and it worked like a charm. I’ve been trying to bang her since we met years ago so I made sure to get my moneys worth and bang the crap out of her! You’ll have to excuse the camera work on this one boys, but I’d like to see you keep a steady hand while fucking a broad like this. I couldn’t destroy her like I do the other girls, but give me time I should have her licking my bowl soon, after all a whore is a whore:-)

We have piss pot toilet whore Glauren for you guys this week. This chick is fucking nuts, aside from the tattoos and piercings she’s off the wall bat shit crazy when it comes to sex. This chick loves being mistreated, used and abused on camera and off. When she wrote us she said she would only shoot for us if we gave her true toilet whore treatment, we were more than happy to oblige. She started off giving the toilet a cleaning with her tongue, being sanitary is important after all. Glauren must really love being face fucked and having cock shoved all the way down her throat, she has tears of joy running down her face from the start. We didn’t want the tears to mess up her makeup so we washed her face off in the dirty bowl. You know when you start with a swirly it’s going to be a fun fucking time. This whore can deep throat like a fucking champ, taking down every inch of our stunt cock and holding it until she erupts with spit and bile trying to catch her breath. Glauren is a bit of clean freak, she made sure to not only lick the spit and bile off the toilet but slurp up whatever hit the floor.

This weeks Biohazard bitch, lucky Annette, gets a double stuffing. Some of the dumb sluts that shoot for us love to talk, before the shoot during the fucking and after we\’re done they just keep their motor mouths going. The only way to shut some of these whores up is to stuff a cock in their mouth. Originally Annette was scheduled to shoot with one guy, but this dumb fucking chatterbox wouldn\’t shut up before the shoot so we tossed in another stunt cock and sure enough it solved the problem. Seems she isn\’t so talkative when she has cock shoved all the way down her throat. Whatever was on her mind before she was being slammed in her pussy and ass at the same time, seems to have lost it\’s importance, because all this bitch could do was moan and groan once the hardcore reaming began. We stretched this whores anus wide enough you could have tossed an apple up there and it would have just fallen right back out as soon as she stood up. I think we have some record gaping action with this anal fuck slut, which is pretty fucking gross if you\’re not into that type of thing. After reaming and stretching her once tight ass hole we cover her butt with two huge loads of jizz.

Ay Papi, today we bang the crap out of Makayla, a hot Latina whore. This puta sucio took some time off from her maid duties at the local Sleep Eazy Motel and told her boyfriend Jose she had a job interview in order to get away long enough for us to fuck her up. With most of these douche bags there\’s a natural progression; fuck the face, fuck the pussy then destroy the ass, Ben decided to speed things up and Sampedro this slut going straight for the back door. Don\’t worry we made sure to rip into her chocha and pie hole with man meat. Double stuffing this bitch, slamming one in the pink and one in the stink, just about breaking this bitch apart like a cheap pinata. After railing this dumb putana the boys filled her dirty Latina mouth with cock sauce and sent her back to Juan or Jose or whatever the fuck his name is.

Brooke and Holly
This week we have blonde bombshells Brooke Haven and Holly Wellin. These two super sluts are some of the hottest pieces of ass in porn, and we pair them up with the ugliest mother fucker we can find. How lucky is this son of a bitch getting his cock and balls sucked by these two nasty whores, going back and forth gagging them until they are drooling all over themselves? It’s a rhetorical question you ass hat! I don’t think it can get much better than slamming your dick balls deep into Holly’s pink pot and having Brooke pull your cock out to suck it clean. But payback is a bitch and Brooke gets to suck dirty dick as she pulls it straight out of Holly’s freshly fucked anus. You gotta love how these chicks encourage each other and strive to be nastier then one and other. Hey if you’re going to do a job, do it right and these fuck sluts go above and beyond.

Joselynn Pink
This week we have cock hungry pervert Joselynn Pink. When this tiny slut came in to talk with us she mentioned she wanted to shoot for us but doesn’t do anal, then she went on and on about how she loves to suck dick and eat cum. She looked like a bit of a strung out crack whore but was still cute enough that we didn’t want to slam the door on her face, well not before we at least stuffed it with dick. We were nice and gave her a pass on the anal, to make up for it we got 5 guys to come in and feed her all their cocks. Watching these idiots smacking her in the face with their dicks trying to get their turn is hilarious. Wrapping her hair around their dicks and jerking themselves off with it, trying to ear fuck the dumb slut, smacking her in the back of the hear with their cock and balls, these guys were all fighting for position. Hey that’s a lot of dick for one slut to take care of at the same time, but Joselynn did her best and had her mouth and hands full the whole time, good thing this cunt knows how to multitask! The issue with trading a bit of anal for a five man cock sandwich is the big five load bukkake finish, and this one is extra chunky!

Jessi Summers
This week we brought back hottie Jessi Summers! Last time Jessi was here she had help from her sidekick Daisy Marie, this time she\’ll have to handle things all on her own like a big girl. I have to give her props she doesn\’t need anyone else to take the hit, she can not only take it but she can even give it to herself! When our stunt cock stops choking her she takes over and chokes herself until her face turns beat red. If you\’re a sick fuck like yours truely and love the big fake funbags you\’ll like Jessi\’s rack, they\’re not the best bolt-ons I\’ve ever seen but they\’re pretty fucking nice. Even if you\’re not a fan of a fake rack I\’m confident after watching her get choked, smacked in the face and fishhooked she\’ll start to grow on you. It seems my fondness for her grew as her eyes get more and more bloodshot from being used and abused.

Eva Angelina
We have a hot Hispanic whore for you perverts today, meet Eva. Taking a break from her regular job cleaning hotel rooms this big boob Latina hoochie came by to choke on Papi\’s cock. Eva has an extremely beautiful face and a great smile, unfortunately once we started shooting we didn\’t see her pearly whites all that much, not her fault though, it\’s hard to smile while being fed dick. This whore has just the right amount of meat on her, she\’s not a skinny crack whore or a plump pig, she\’s right in the middle, just enough cushin\’ for the pushin\’:-) For a dirty talking slut she\’s quite the polite putana, asking please may she have her face stuffed with cock, gotta love sluts like this one. Sasha pounds the shit out of her pink pussy and took frequent breaks to have her clean her cunt juicy off his cock with her mouth. He helped her wash down the taste of her cunt with a mouthful of cock sauce which she let dribble from her mouth all over big titties.

Catherine is a dirty, dirty whore with big natural tits. She was actually a really nice and friendly girl, which is good because with a face like that you need to be a whore with a nice personality. She took anything and everything, throat fucking, spitting, tit slapping, ass licking, hard a fuck ass pounding, and I mean hard, ass to mouth back to ass and back to mouth, I even shoved a toilet brush in her cunt while fucking her in the ass, this dirty cunt got the works. Because she was such a good sport I let her wash the taste of my ass out of her mouth with some toilet water before cumming in her mouth

We have another member-submitted video for you perverts today. Chris and Emily are Dutch members of Biohazard Bitches, they wanted to show us all how much they’ve learned from us and actually taught us a trick or two. I would refrain from calling Emily a whore but in her emails to us she refers to herself as a dirty whore, so Emily you dirty fucking whore; brav-fuckin-o on a job well done! We learned a new move from Chris; about 1:50 into clip 2 he holds Emily’s face down on his cock with this figure four-cock lock move, simply brilliant! Chris has a blast roughing up his slut girlfriend, she just keeps asking for it more and harder, this chick rocks. Any whore that gets off being choked, gagged, sucks dirty cock right out of her freshly pounded ass and most importantly tapes it so all our members get to watch it is a keeper. I have a funny feeling Chris might have a hard time keeping up with Emily, she seems like she could swallow cock and get fucked in the ass for hours, what a good girl. I hope you guys enjoy watching these two sick puppies perform for us. I think they did a hell of a job and look forward to receiving their next tape. Care to share your experience banging the hell of some whore (or your loving wife)? Send it in for the rest of us to watch:-)

Like your whores petite and tight? Then you\’ll love this week\’s tiny tart Nyomi. She must have been hungry when she came over because this little slut wasted no time eating cock. This bitch gobbles cock with the best of \’em, shoving it balls deep down her pie hole. With the ass Nyomi\’s sporting Ben didn\’t spend much time fucking her pink pussy before sodomizing this skank. Ben gave this bitch the ATM special, non stop Ass to Mouth action, fucking her tight little ass then cleaning off by shoving his fresh from anus cock down her throat. If tasting her own ass over and over wasn\’t enough Ben shoved her pretty face into his crack giving her a sampling of his stink star. He twisted, turned and bent this bitch in all kinds of funky positions, and this little whore smiled through almost all of it:-) You have to love dirty whores like Nyomi who get off being treated like pieces of worthless meat, the rougher you are the more they want.

This week we bring back the kinky submissive boot licking biohazard bitch Aria. If you were to see Aria in regular clothing you’d never guess she’s a kinky little whore that loves being dominated. She looks like just an average nobody, until you get her clothes off and get her turned on a little. She claims she loves being smacked, spit on, made to gag and fucked in the ass hard. I don’t know if she really enjoys it or goes home and cries while scrubbing the whore off in a boiling hot shower, which would actually make watching her even hotter. Then again any person that can take Lee’s foot long schlong balls deep in their ass without passing out can’t be faking it, not to mention licking his dick clean after it’s been up her ass. She finished things off my dripping cum from her pussy into a glass and drinking it back, we really shouldn’t wait so long before bringing Aria back again!

Judy Star
This bitch is Judy Star, a pro who’s been in over 100 movies, she knows how take a hard ass pounding. She’s actually a dyke who only fucks guys on camera, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to bang the shit out of her, BAREBACK! That’s right boys I barebacked this whore, pussy to ass to mouth!

Jada Fire
This week we tag team hot chocolate Jada Fire! We\’ve shot her before for our Banging Whitey website, Jada loves herself some big white cock and we have the some of the biggest around for her. Trent is a little above average but our man Chris Charming is sporting a 12 inch bat and that beast is hungry for some ass. I don\’t know what I like better about Jada her big mother fucking titties or her unbelievable blow job skills, this whore knows how suck dick. With her lips and skills I wouldn\’t even worry about taking my chances with those shiny sharp braces. Our guys don\’t spend too much time fucking her face, and who can blame them when they can be double stuffing her pussy and ass. If her big ass titties and killer oral skills aren\’t enough to put Jada in your good books then how about when asked which guy she wanted to fuck her in the ass she chose Chris and his foot long schlong! What a dirty fucking whore, sucking up every last drop after getting blasted with cum.

Audrey Hollander
This week we triple team hardcore hottie Audrey Hollander. There are some sick and twisted chicks out there, girls that love being treated like pieces of meat and tossed around like a cheap worthless rag dolls. They are rare but we’ve seen a handful of twisted bitches over the years, as fucked up as any of them were none even come close to being as messed up as Audrey. I don’t know what happened to this girl when she was growing up, but something is serious fucked up this crazy sluts head. We triple team this red headed whore, making sure she always has a hard dick (or three) being slammed inside of her. Each guy takes turns violating her anus then shoving their cocks in her mouth balls deep for an ass to mouth clean up, tasting her own ass is one thing but each guy squats on her face so she can eat their dirty stink stars too! We stretch this bitch out like she’s made of rubber, double stuffing her pussy then moving down for some extreme sodomy, shoving two cocks in her ass at the same time! We didn’t stop with the real deal double penetration we managed to take it one step further and shove two dicks in her ass and one up her cunt simultaneously, that’s right mother fuckers a triple penetration that you have to see to believe. After being used, abused and made to do some sick shit Audrey gargles and plays with her dinner of three load semen soup before swallowing it all!

Tiffany Raine
We have hottie Tiffany Raine for you sick fucks this week. If this little slut looks familiar it’s because you might have seen her on our website where we shot her right when she started in this business and went by the name Amber. She was 5 years younger, 15 pounds lighter and way less of a dirty whore then she is now. It’s amazing she stuck with porn for this long and it’s nice to see how she’s progressed, she started doing blow job scenes an now she’s getting face fucked and sodomized by Lee’s foot long cock. She’s obviously been getting work and been sucking a lot of dick, to be able to take down all 12 inches of man meat and not bring up lunch is amazing. Tiffany is loud one, but how can anyone fault her for screaming when she has a massive cock jammed all the way up her ass. Like the good girl that she is she licked Lee’s cock clean each time he pulled it out of the pink and the stink.

Summer time is great for finding whores all over the place, I picked up Allison drinking in a park not far from my place. This bitch was half in the bag when I found her, an easy score:-) She isn’t a toilet whore and I had her licking my balls and tonguing my ass in no time. The throat poking, ass eating and fucking was enough to make her sick. She didn’t expect me to keep fucking her while she’s tossing her cookies, but I’m sick like that. A bit of puke isn’t going to stop me from banging her in the dirt box, cumming all over her wasted face then sending her on her merry way.

Deja Daire
This week we have sexy brunette Deja Dare. This hot little slut has been in the business for a few years but this is the first time we’ve gotten to tear her up. I’m not sure why we’ve never had her in here before, she’s just as good if not better than most of the dumb cunts we destroy. I don’t know why she got special treatment and had her pussy eaten before cock was jammed into her mouth, what the fuck is with the romance this is Biohazard Bitches for christ sake. Then again momma always told me “give a little and get a lot”, maybe this is what she was talking about. Give two minutes of box munching and get rewarded with balls deep gagtastic blow job, sounds reasonable. Especially when you follow the skull fucking with Deja riding your dick, the difference between you and our douche stunt cock is you probably wouldn’t have any issues getting hard like this fuck tard. Don’t worry he comes through but to see her sucking his semi limp dick at the beginning makes me want to hit him in the head with a shovel. Between this wet dick jerk off and the retard camera guy thinking he’s being artistic shooting from underneath the coffee table (Only for a minute, don’t worry) I have to give Deja that much more credit for such a great performance. All boy wonder had to do was stay hard and I guess he did that eventually, well until he popped his load in Deja’s ass hole.

Gabriella and Alex
This week we learn about sharing with Gabriella Banks & Alex Del Monaco. As children most of learn to share our toys with others. As adults most people have gotten extremely selfish, finding someone that will share their girl or guy is not an easy task. What happened growing up that people have become so possessive over their toys? Lucky for Brett his girlfriend Gabriella has no issue sharing with others; here she shares him with hottie Alex. These girls have a blast passing him back and forth and work together to suck him off. They then take turns riding him, and are even considerate enough to suck each other cunt juice off his dick before hopping on for a ride. It’s most guys fantasy to bang two chicks at the same time, going back and forth taking your dick out of one and slide it into the other, having one chick suck your dick while the other tongues your balls. I’m sure that gets worked into most guys spank bank, your truly included, shame my girlfriend isn’t into sharing. When I suggested a threesome with one of her friends she replied with… “Why? So you can disappoint two women at the same time.” Seems there’s a reason I sit here and write text and Brett is on screen banging the shit out of two whores at the same time, we all have our places in life, I’m just glad I don’t have the job of mopping up after the shoot!

Daisy Fox
I got this bitch to come over thinking she was auditioning for a new reality show similar to Fear Factor called No Fear. She is one of hotter whores I’ve had the chance to bang (on camera:-). It’s amazing what a bitch will do for 15 minutes of fame or the chance of winning a few bucks. This whore must have really wanted to get on the show, letting a stranger straight rod her pussy with no condom, stupid bitch. I should play the “casting director” roll more often, not even a cock bareback in her ass and a face load of cum scared her away.

Allison and Leah
This week we double the fun with a couple of kinky fuck faces. Allison Pierce is fresh off the farm, moving here from Kansas just two months ago. The other whore is Leah Luv, this dirty fucking slut has 3 years and hundreds of guys on Allison, I don’t know any guy in the business who hasn’t fucked or cock chocked this filthy little twat. We paired up a newbie and veteran slut and you’d never know who’s who when they get down to business. One of the things we really enjoy doing to these whores is pulling out of their freshly fucked anus and ramming the cock straight down their throat for some dirty ass to mouth action. I would imagine the only thing worse then tasting the inner walls of your colon would be sucking the filthy ass juice straight out of some other whore’s anal cavity, how fucking revolting! Our boy has a good time with these sluts, banging Leah in the ass while Allison licks on his nut sack, going back and forth cock slapping these sluts while they give him a double BJ. Allison and Leah’s parents should be so proud of themselves for the terrific job they did raising their little angels in what was obviously a well adjusted home, we see they were taught to share with their friends and never waste food, swapping cum back and forth before swallowing the whole dirty load!This week we double the fun with a couple of kinky fuck faces. Allison Pierce is fresh off the farm, moving here from Kansas just two months ago. The other whore is Leah Luv, this dirty fucking slut has 3 years and hundreds of guys on Allison, I don’t know any guy in the business who hasn’t fucked or cock chocked this filthy little twat. We paired up a newbie and veteran slut and you’d never know who’s who when they get down to business. One of the things we really enjoy doing to these whores is pulling out of their freshly fucked anus and ramming the cock straight down their throat for some dirty ass to mouth action. I would imagine the only thing worse then tasting the inner walls of your colon would be sucking the filthy ass juice straight out of some other whore’s anal cavity, how fucking revolting! Our boy has a good time with these sluts, banging Leah in the ass while Allison licks on his nut sack, going back and forth cock slapping these sluts while they give him a double BJ. Allison and Leah’s parents should be so proud of themselves for the terrific job they did raising their little angels in what was obviously a well adjusted home, we see they were taught to share with their friends and never waste food, swapping cum back and forth before swallowing the whole dirty load!

Jayna is an exotic looking whore, she mentioned where she was from but who the fuck really cares! We couldn’t give a rats ass where these cunts come from as long as they open wide and take whatever we give them. This dumb bitch swallows cock like a champ, chose a hole and ram it good:-) The boys had a blast bending this bitch and double penetrating Jaynas tight ass; 2 poles + 2 holes = smiles all around. It seems the smaller the tits the tighter the ass, this seems to holds true for most of the skanky whores we destroy. Banging the crap out of these small whores is fun, we can bend them, lift them and toss them around as much as we like. I think I heard her complain only once during her reaming but her mouth was full of cock, it was too hard to understand what the fuck she was saying so we just ignored her:-) After a solid ass pounding Jayna got a nice cum bath from the boys to finish her off.

Monica Sweetheart
Holy hottie alert, we have the uber sexy Monica Sweetheart this week. It\’s amazing what a hot body and nice hair can do for a chick with an ugly face. Who gives a flying fuck what her face looks like when she has perfect natural tits and such a sweet peach of a pussy and ass. Even if you set those great attributes aside I would still put Monica close to the top of my short list after watching her suck cock. She\’s so damn good at deep throating that she doesn\’t give a single gag, what a shame! With her skills I\’m pretty confident I would pop way before I get to penetrate any of her other holes. But I\’m no pro, which is why our stunt cock is now on my shit list. This dumb ass has been given carte blanche to do whatever he wants to her and he doesn\’t so much as stick his finger in her tight little ass hole. Sure getting head and the opportunity to bareback what sweet pink pussy would be more than anyone can ask for, but have you seen that ass??? So I apologize for the lack of sodomy this week, although Monica\’s great BJ skills and finger licking face blizzard makes up for it.

If any of you guys ever dated a red head you know the kind of attitude and tempers these bitches can have. For any guy who’s felt the wrath of a psycho carrot top, you’re gonna love the payback that we administer on this stupid cunt. Audrey may have run the show in some of her past relationships but one round with Marco and Alberto is enough to put this hot tempered hussy in her place and show her who’s the boss. Audrey’s face, tits and ass are going to be just as red as her hair after these two guys are done smacking the crap out of her. It’s one thing to have a guy treat you like a dirty pig, most of these whores are used to that, but to have two of the roughest guys in porn tearing your holes apart, choking, gagging and slapping the crap out you is what Biohazard is all about! Not since Bonnie have I seen a bitch take two cocks in her ass and just keep asking for more, if they had a league of super whores, Audrey would be ElastiSlut:-)

Jaime is a cute whore with a little bit extra meat on her. For some reason (probably low self-esteem) the chunky chicks are always dirtier and willing to take more abuse. It could also be they\’re hungrier and want to swallow more cock than the skinny girls with eating disorders. Ben sure had fun ramming his cock down this whores throat and gagging her time after time, if that wasn\’t enough he also rammed his feet down this sluts pie hole. Jaime couldn\’t get enough cock; eating it straight out of her pussy and filthy ass time after time, she probably skipped lunch. If you\’re into big natural tits you\’re gonna love watching these big boobs flop all over the place.

This week we brought back Kat and her terrific tiny titties. When we first met Kat she was begging for change on the street corner so she could buy herself a happy meal, now she’s sucking cock and getting sodomized so she can buy designer jeans and over priced purses to hold some make up and the money she no longer has. One thing’s for certain with her cock gobbling and gagging skills she’ll never go hungry again. Kat is an adorable little slut, and so much fun to toss around. I don’t think this light weight weighs more than 90 lbs. She might look young and innocent at first but she’s as nasty as they come, taking it in the pooper then sucking her ass juice off Brian’s man meat. Kat should do quite well fucking for money, I just hope she plays the young look for as long as she can before she gets all cracked out and gets big ugly bolt-ons. I love fake titties but a whore has to have the body to rock a set of big flappy fun bags, Kat would look like a complete ass clown if she got her rack done. Just like Kat and all the other pigs we shoot why worry or plan for later when all that matters is right now, so let’s not stress over her getting a tit job down the road and focus on her getting sodomized, skull fucked and splattered with cock cream by our man Brian.

Melissa Lauren
I don\’t know what\’s worse, the terrible story line, the bad accents or poor acting at the beginning of this shoot! Luckily it doesn\’t last too long before our two stunt cocks start ripping into Melissa Lauren. We\’ve had Melissa here about half a dozen times and each time we make sure to mistreat and abuse her as much as possible, yet she keeps coming back for more. There aren\’t many whores that can take what we dish out but those that can, enjoy it and keep paying us visits. I think we need to start double stuffing their rectums and give them a serious stretching session that they won\’t forget so easily. This should be a fun place for you guys to visit, if the sluts keep coming back because their having a lot of fun we\’re not doing our jobs properly. When our guys aren\’t reaming her in the ass she takes the liberty to entertain us by fisting it, then gagging herself, god I love this nasty cunt!

Eva Angelina
This week our busty friend Eva Angelina comes back for a visit. Eva has great big fake titties and it\’s a good thing too because she isn\’t a small girl. I have nothing against a bitch with a little cushion for pushin, it\’s good to have some meat to grab on to and slap around. Sir Mix Alot said it best, when girl walks in with an itty bitty waste and a round thing in your face you get sprung. With tits like ka-pow and an ass like bam, I don\’t know what I like best, even without them her plump blow job lips would do the trick. It\’s doesn\’t matter that she has a little in the middle when she has much back! Sad thing is Eva told me she was made fun of for being a chubby girl when she was growing up, and had a hard time getting guys in school, I think she\’s more than making up for it now. Question is what would you do to have that ass bouncing up and down on you while her double d\’s are smacking you in the face almost knocking your sorry ass out.

Keanni Lei
This week we take it outdoors and seriously stuff Keanni Lei. Our boy Billy starts the stuffing by filling Keanni’s mouth with his man meat, there’s so much cock jammed into her mouth her saliva gets pressed squeezed out as she drools all over herself. We love this mini slut, she may be small but she packs a whole lot sexiness into that little frame of hers. I’m usually a big rack fan, the bigger titties the better but that usually comes with an ass that follows, unlike MC Hammer I don’t like big butts, I like small yet meaty asses and big fucking titties, but I’d make a serious exception for Keanni. Tits are like the mags on your car, they can be modified and swapped out at any point. With such a tight little ass I don’t think I’d spend much time on her cute little boobies anyways. The again after watching this video and seeing the punishment her anus goes through I don’t know how tight it is anymore. One thing is for damn sure, after seeing the shit she’s done in her three shoots with us I’d do some crazy things to her but I’d start with a bleach bath, I can get down and dirty but she’s had more cock sauce splattered on her and splooged into her than I care to think about. Gotta clean those holes good before I go in for a dip, not that I’ll ever get the chance to disappoint her with my 4 inches of fury.

Gentlemen we have a bonus scene for you guys today. We had this couple come in wanting to shoot a scene; they claimed to be rough, dirty and just what we were looking for. As you can see Dana is a petite cutie and although she likes to think of herself as a dirty whore she has a ways to go before she achieves that status, we have faith with lots of practice and help from us kind folk she’ll achieve her goal:-) Her boyfriend likes to have her gag on his cock and fuck her hard, but we can teach him a thing or two about mistreating his girl. Next time we’ll team her up with one of our guys so she can get skull fucked, sodomized and fed cock straight from her ass while her boyfriend watches how it’s really done. Dana aspires to be a dirty fuck pig after all, and we’ll do our best to make sure she gets there. Unfortunately when dealing with amateurs the guys don’t quite last as long as our regular guys, so enjoy this sweet bonus scene…

We welcome in the new year with this 25 year old whore, Lorelei. We had a blast with this snaggle tooth slut, double teaming the dumb cunt and really putting her through the ringer. Lorelei is one of those broads that has the \”I\’m a dirty whore\” type of face, and we make sure to stuff that face and make it a reality. Thankfully this dumb bitch was able to multi-task, it\’s not easy riding cock and while having another stuffed balls deep down your throat, or so I\’m told. Our guys took turns stuffing a pole in each hole, double teaming her and gagging her with cock that came straight out of her ass. As if chocking on cock wasn\’t enough we practically fisted her mouth until her eyes swelled up with tears, all the while the horny slut was screaming for more. I think she was screaming for more, it\’s hard to understand someone when their mouth is full. Lorelei isn\’t a bad looking girl but I have to admit she looks a lot better with two loads of cock sauce all over her face.

Mrs. Clause
It\’s the 26th and that means Christmas is over! As you can imagine St. Nick is exhausted and needs a few weeks rest so he has his elves on top of things while he recovers. They need to clean up the workshop, take care of the reindeer and make sure Mrs. Clause is taken care of. I don\’t know if mistreating her by ramming cock down her throat and having her eat man ass is what Santa had in mind when he asked them to look after her. Santa is an old fat drunk that spends his time running sweatshops filled with midgets, so when the elves get a chance to rail the wife in the ass then feed their dirty dick back to her they make sure to give her some extra Christmas cheer and a face full of jolly white stuff!

We wasted no time ramming cock down the throat of this dumb bitch. Stacy told us she has hopes of being a porn starlet, she said she always wanted to see her name in lights, don’t worry Stacy we’ll make you famous:-) Famous for being cock jammed and treated like a filthy whore. Any time a new slut walks through our door with tattoo’s we know she has higher threshold for pain, we make sure to push her to her limits, ramming cock down her throat and up her tight ass until we see her eyes swell up with tears. Hey if you want to be a star you have to do what others won’t, or some bs like that lol. We hope you’re road to stardom gets smoother after this Stacey, you dumb whore!

We bum blast red head horny hottie Trinity this week. As you\’ll be able to tell by her gaping anus Trinity has been around the block a few times. By being around the block I mean this fucking slut has been whoring herself on film getting reamed by guys for over three years now. You\’d think this seasoned pro wouldn\’t scream so much when we smack her in the face and ass, at some point a bitch has to get used to being used and abused. If you like dirty talk you\’re going to love hearing this fuck slut beg for more as she\’s being sodomized and choked, then fed fresh ass soaked cock. Our boy tosses Trinity around like a live raggedy Anne doll, filling her pussy ass and mouth with his fat cock in all kids of crazy positions, then spitting on her face, treating her like the anal whore that she is. With all the smacking Trinity took on both sets of cheeks the dumb cum slut will leave us with a matching red glow on her face and ass. I can\’t wait to bring this bitch back, only next time we\’ll stuff two cocks up her abused and stretched out ass.

Tory and Vanessa
We take a ride down a two Lane bi-way this week with super sluts Tory Lane & Vanessa Lane! They aren’t related but they sure do have a lot in common, like Barrett’s dick in them for starters. I love these two whores, they are fucking hot and know how to fuck on film! They play off each other and are always striving to outslut the other one, if Vanessa is getting her pussy pounded Tory will pull Barrett’s cock out to suck it clean then lick Vanessa’s snatch and ass hole. Not to be outdone Vanessa will pull the cock out of Tory’s ass and lick it clean. I don’t know what’s hotter watching these girls slobber all over dick or seeing them spit on each other. I have seen hundreds of these girls come and go over the years, all shapes, sizes and colours and if you asked me which ones I like the best, Tory and Vanessa would near the top. I’m a clean freak that likes my women dirty, and these chicks are just the right amount of dirty.

Rio Mariah
We double team tight little whore Rio Mariah this week. If you like hot Brazilian babes this week’s Biohazard Bitch is one of South Americas hottest exports, she’s cute, has a nice meaty ass, big fake tits and can deep throat like a champ! We cram as much man meat down her throat as we can, feeding her hard cock until she’s drooling and spitting up all over her fine self. While one guy is face fucking Rio the other is pummelling her phat ass, they keep spinning her around so she can suck the fresh ass juice off and give the other guy a chance ream her anus. If her mouth isn’t filled with dick she has her tongue buried in man ass or sucking on sweaty balls. These guys go at her hard, I don’t think a second goes by where cock isn’t being rammed up her ass, down her throat or in and out of her cunt. Most of the time she’s being double stuffed and has two of three holes filled at one, talk about multi tasking. This bitch got smacked and tossed around like worthless rag doll, fed dick fresh out of her pussy and ass, made to suck her spit and bile off sweaty nut sacks and made to endure fists and cocks being rammed up her ass and then got blasted with two loads of cock sauce. Our new video guy tried to get fancy with editing and add some music, next time he pulls this shit we’ll fit his ugly face with a ball gag, and lock him in a room with Rio and her 12 inch strap-on!

Alicia Alighatti
Hey perverts, we have a treat for you today, we give school teacher Alicia Alighatti a lesson on being a cock gobbling, cum drinking whore. Marco had to face fuck with caution, you need to have good aim when shoving your cock into a mouth full of metal. Although Alicia appears to live the life of a conservative school teacher with her glasses and braces, she likes to indulge in some raunchy after school extra curricular activities. This little vixen is proof you can never judge a book by it\’s cover, if you saw Alicia walking down the street you\’d never guess she likes to be gagged and fucked by strangers. Alicia admitted she has a serious cum fixation so we made sure to cover her pretty little face and fill her metal mouth with three loads of cock sauce.

This week we have some nasty ass interracial hardcore fucking with Jessica Fiorentino. I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of Jessica before but she has been in some very classy can educational adult films, like Cumstains 38 and my favourite The Art of the Cumfart! When you star in a movie like Art of the Cumfart you know you’ve made it as an actress and that you’ve honed your skill and have become one with your craft. Jessica has the skills to pay the bills, she takes down Franco’s chocolate rod until her pretty eyes get red swelling up with tears. I don’t know if it’s the deep throating that’s making her cry or when she has her tongue buried deep inside Franco’s poop shoot that does it, either way I’m sure they happen to be tears of joy:-) Someone needs to tell Jessica that Franco has evolved and doesn’t need to work through that jungle Bush of hers, someone need to give that bitch a razor. Showing off the tricks of the trade she’s picked up over her short career as a cum slut, Jessica expels the semen deposited in her anus with precision aim onto Franco’s feet. Then being the obedient cunt that she is, she proceeds to lap up every drop of his cock cream.

Sophie Dee
This week we have the cute little blue-eyed blonde that is dumb as a fucking post, meet Sophie Dee. What this fucking twit lacks in brains she makes up eagerness, most girls prefer to answer questions then get skull fucked at first but not Sophie, even before the shoot started she was offering up blow jobs to everyone around. Our boy Ben is only getting half his normal pay since Sophie did most of the work ramming her own face as far down on Bens cock as she possible could. What a beautiful sight watching this dumb fuck pigs big baby blue eyes swell up as she takes down a huge cock meat sandwich. Most of the time when these dumb whores try and talk sexy they come off sounding annoying as hell and half retarded, but for some reason when Sophie runs her pie hole I don’t want to smack the shit out her quite as much as some of the other blabbering hogs. Sophie’s flappy ass tits were fun to watch bounce around as she took an anal reaming and only took breaks so she could suck Ben’s cock and enjoy the taste of her own anus.

Taryn Thomas
We have a treat for you perverts this week, we bang the shit out of aspiring porn star Taryn Thomas! If you\’ve never heard of Taryn she\’s a hell of a fun fuck and can take a cock like it\’s no body\’s business! We fuck her whore face like it\’s a wide open pussy, jamming cock down her throat and having her gargle and choke on it. We here at BHB love the dirty girls, and Taryn is a real dirty whore. Most of the whores we destroy taste their own ass over and over but it takes a special kind of dirty slut to stick her tongue up Ben\’s hairy poop shoot. This girl can play bottom and top, being the submissive slut doing whatever she\’s told and also being able to take the ropes and be a dominant bitch. We let her play the boss for about a minute, the rest of the time we treat her like a dirty little fuck toy. Ben swaps holes over and over, going from her mouth to her pussy to her ass and then back and forth from one to the other. He focused mainly on stretching out her anus and dirty little fuck face, slamming her so hard you can see her eyes roll into the back of her head. I don\’t know how Ben does it, slamming the fuck out of her for over 20 minutes with her saying the dirties fucking things and not blowing his load, I guess that\’s why he\’s on camera fucking all the hot babes and I\’m sitting behind a desk writing text, summarizing it for you sick fucking perverts. When he finally does pop his load in her mouth she\’s a good girl and swallows every last drop!

This week\’s dirty little whore is Kissy Kapri. Are you an average girl that wants to do porn? Do heads not turn when you walk down the street? Do you leave the house without looking in the mirror to see if your teeth are full of the overly applied overly red lipstick you shouldn\’t be wearing? Are you a complete pig in the bedroom, loving when a guy dominates you and stuff you with cock? Do you want to pay the rent doing something you enjoy? If you said yes to most of those questions then you can be like Kissy, an average looking girl with an above average appetite for cock. We stuff this pig with cock, down her throat, up her ass, and then back down her throat, giving both a serious stretching. On camera or off this bitch is ready for anything you throw her way, a true home gown whore, just the kind of girl we like here at BHB. Kissy takes a mouth full of sperm and swallows every last drop, such a good little whore.

Kelly Wells
This week we have our very favouritest whore Kelly Wells. I know it’s not politically correct to pick favourites, it might make the other whores in the zoo jealous but they just can’t compete with the great KW. Last time we saw her she was wearing a pig nose, gagging on cock and showing us what a cumhog she is. That was nothing compared to what we put her through here, it’s time for a tag team double stuffing like you’ve never seen. Kelly loves being a whore, she even describes herself as a dirty fucking cunt; you just gotta love this Biohazard Bitch. Kelly swallows both cocks at the same time, gagging and drooling all over her nice natural titties. The guys take turns penetrating holes simultaneously; one fucks her pussy while other slams her ass. With most girls that’s about as dirty as they get, not with Kelly, that’s where she starts. We double penetrate her pussy, filling her cunt with both cocks at the same time. But the fun doesn’t end there, our sick bastards then double stuff her once tight anus! You heard that right, we ram both big hard cocks up her poop shoot at the same time. It takes a special type of whore to be able to take two cocks in the ass then lick the ass juice off each cock before swallowing both loads of dirty cock sauce. Now do you understand why we love Kelly so much.

Sasha Grey
This week we pair up our guy Sasha and pornstar hopeful Sasha Grey. What a champ this little cutie is, at just 18 the slut swallows cock like a pro. We love getting such enthusiastic whores, which take just about anything we throw at them, with a smile to boot! After destroying the amount of whores we use and abuse it gets pretty easy to tell when the bitch is really into it and when they just need a quick pay check, and this fuck slut is the real deal. When Sasha came in to shoot with pigtails and told us she loves having her hair pulled we knew this little tart would be a ton of fun. Next time we\’ll have to pair her up with two guys so we can shut her the fuck up and have a cock rammed in her face while she\’s being nailed to not have to listen to her talk non stop. I\’m confident you guys are going to love this little gag whore as much as we did…

Nikki and Holly
We have big treat for you sick fucks, we bring back Nikki and Holly. We have and even bigger treat for these two blonde whores, the biggest white cock in porn today! Two mouths, three hands and this massive slab of man meat still isn’t fully covered, it’s enormous! This cock is so big that it squeezes out every bit of air in the Holly’s once tight pussy, giving us a classy quife every time our boy rams his cock in. I can’t tell if Nikki’s pussy does the same because it’s hard to hear anything over the screaming from having her cunt torn apart. These three keep busy, while one bitch is being fucked the other is being eaten out, at any given time someone always has a hole or a mouth filled with cock or cunt. This guy is the zen master, I don’t know how he keeps himself from blowing his load, slamming his massive cock doggy style into Holly’s pussy while Nikki is underneath tonguing his balls and ass hole. The girls also take turns pulling his dick out each other’s pussy’s and licking it clean. When banging two whores at the same time you have to make sure to give each of them equal attention, you don’t want one feeling like she got left out. Holly swallows a load halfway through the scene after pulling the massive piece of man meat out of Nikki’s pussy, then a new load is built up so Nikki gets a taste too.

Jessica Jammer
Hey all you sick fucks this week we have blonde bubble brain Jessica Jammer. I know there are some guys out there that love small tits, if you’re one of those people who I don’t understand then you’re going to enjoy Jessica. Her tits are too small to be considered boobs or a rack, they are more like nipple bumps, hell this bitch is hardly an A cup! I might sound like I’m complaining but I would never, we are equal opportunity perverts and will cock stuff whores with any size boobage, especially when they have a nice ass! I hope Jessica doesn’t get bolt-ons her tits are nice as they are, too many of these skinny girls get implants and soon enough their ass grows into their tits and the belly starts, there’s no need for that. Shit seems this bitch can’t even put in the effort to get her roots bleached, I doubt she’ll be getting surgery any time soon, she’s too lazy to see a stylist or a pharmacy at the very least. With her sweet pink saved pussy I don’t think anyone will care about the dark roots, hell this bitch could pull a Britney and be bald on top too and I’d still spend hours downtown on her. Plus any chick that will eat not only her own ass but that of our stunt cock is alright in our book, no matter what her hair, tits or ass looks like, bury your tongue in my corn hole and I’ll love you long time.

Amy Lee
Amy Lee was another potential for my fake TV show Porno Fear Factor. These whores are ready to do whatever it takes for the chance of earning a few bucks. Its all about pushing the limits with these whores, having them taste all kinds of shit, their pussy and ass, my feet, balls, cock and ass, basically whatever I can put in their dirty mouths. This tiny bitch isn’t used to big dicks, wait till you see what ramming that tight pussy bareback did to her!

Brooklyn, more then just a city to get mugged in, it’s also the name of the whore Ben and Steve used, abused and left with a soar gaping anus. Its like a slut gargle symphony listening to her gag on cock as she being pounded in her pussy and ass. When we interviewed this cunt she mentioned she loves being double teamed, I don’t think she was ever double teamed like this before. Wait till you see her gasping for air and her eyes popping out of her whore face as we ram cock down her little throat. Good thing this cunt came in with her clean STD tests, any bitch that can take an ass pounding like she does has been around the block a few times, shit who knows how many times she’s stopped to work the corner on those blocks. Any bitch who tastes dirty cock straight out of their own ass is a dirty, dirty girl, just the kind we love here at Biohazard Bitches. After taking a load in the ass she takes one to the face, if you get queasy watching cum dripping out of a red gaping asshole, you’ll love this scene:-)

Kelly and The Gang
This week we went for something little different, five girls and no cock! It\’s still a kick ass hardcore rough sex scene, Kelly Wells gets slapped around and fucked hard by four other chicks! You think our guys are rough, wait till you see what these crazy cunts do when they get aggressive, slapping, spitting, hair pulling ramming huge dildo\’s down Kelly\’s throat and up her ass, not necessarily in that order. Watching a rough blow job never get\’s old but it\’s good to see Kelly grabbed by the hair and her face mashed into a tight pussy. These girls are ruthless, you\’d think they\’d have some sympathy for Kelly but they don\’t cut her any slack, stepping on her head while fingering and fisting her pussy and ass! We don\’t get a cumshot but there\’s no shortage of rough sex and gaping ass holes!

I always mention how amazed I am that these whore actually enjoy being mistreated. Most of the whores that come though our door take the abuse, a few bucks for their crack fix and we never hear from them again. Bonnie came back to eat cum off the floor and drinks some piss and this time Hillary came back for one of the most brutal face fucking we’ve ever administered. She came close to puking so many times but amazingly no food came up, I think she can credit her eating disorder to not blowing chunks everywhere. She thinks she’s a star so we let her speak her mind for a little bit before the action starts, then Sasha comes in and shows her the only thing her mouth is actually useful for. He fucks her face like it’s her pussy; ramming cock into her throat until snot bubbles are coming out of her nose, this bitch is hardcore! He goes back and forth from face fucking to reaming her tight ass then back to shoving his dirty cock full of her ass juice back down her throat. Personally I like when Sasha’s banging the crap out her and stepping on her head at the same time, multitasking at it’s best:-) This cunt is loud, she fucking girgles, gargles and moans so much you just wanted to smack her, or shove more cock down her throat so she can’t even make a noise. Even when you think enough is enough and Hillary swallows Sasha’s dirty load, he grabs her slut face and rams his cock down her throat one last time! Welcome back Hillary, hope to see you again soon!

We have a fresh hottie for you sick fucks this week. Korina is a cute little cock gobbler with a damn near perfect little pussy. She\’s still new to this porn thing so she doesn\’t have nasty hanging roast beef curtains like some of the whores that get plowed for a living. We don\’t want to give this dumb little slut too much credit, any whore that\’ll shove her tongue up a guys ass is a flat out pig, and we like our nasty little fuck pigs here at Biohazard:-) Ben has a hell of a time fucking this slut, shoving her panties up her snatch then wrapping them around his cock and ramming them into her mouth. We sure this cutie comes back for some second helpings where we can really go to work on her:-)

Tory Lane
Last week we feel like we disappointed everyone with that white trash crack addict Lexi, this week we make it up and then some with the hot and fucking amazing Tory Lane. Talk about going from a 2 to a 10, Tory is one of the hottest and dirtiest whores shooting porn today. She’s got just the right amount of meat in the right places, big fucking titties and is simply beautiful! She looks like she gives the most unbelievable head, deep throating and spitting on it, I’d have a hard time smacking her across the face while she’s balls deep on my cock, good thing Anthony is the stunt cock and not me. I feel I wouldn’t do her justice, I’m simply not worthy of this calibre of fuck slut. It takes a real man to admit it, even with a valiant effort Tory Lane would have me beat, but I’d give up almost anything to have a crack at her. Besides how much fun would it be knowing you can’t win? Watch the skull fucking and anal reaming she takes and ask yourself if you could administer this type of punishment, cover her gorgeous face with cock sauce, you’d be spent and exhausted, yet she’d be ready and waiting for more, could you handle it? Oh to be given the chance!

This week we bring back one of our favoritest little whores; Katsumi. We love this little chopstick, she can take a cock that’s almost as big as she is, in this fuckfest she takes on two of them. There aren’t many limits for Katsumi, for the right price she’ll love you long time! Just to be clear by “love you” we mean she’ll swallow a cock balls deep right after it’s been buried in her tight Asian ass. It’s rare we bring back the same sluts, they are a dime a dozen and the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. When it comes to a handful of hotties like Katsumi, Lauren Phoenix, Vanessa Lane and Jana we can’t get enough of them. Not just because they are the hot pieces of ass, that’s easy to find, these women are pros, they know how to fuck and be fucked, they have killer personalities and never bring any drama with them. Usually the hotter the piece of ass the more of a pain in the ass diva we have to deal with. It amazes me how some of these cunts will gag on dick until they puke, suck ass juice off a sweaty cock, take a face full of cock sauce and then complain because the bathroom is messy or bitch because they are drinking out of a glass that hasn’t been washed well. There is no end to the things these dumb cunts complain about, that’s why we love Katsumi and girls like her, their only complaint is when our stunt cock cums too fast.

Jayna Oso
This week we have a Biohazard veteran porn star Jayna Oso. I’m amazed when girls come back to us a second time, it’s like they haven’t learned their lesson just yet, but very few come back to for the abuse and humiliation trifeca. We weren’t exactly easy on her the last time she was here, so Jayna is one of those whores that really and truly loves the abuse. This time I actually paid attention when Jayna told me where she was from; this little slut is originally from Brunei but grew up in Hawaii and now is a proud resident of some slum near east Los Angeles. This chick can deep throat like a mother fucking champion, I’m amazed how much we can fit into such a tiny slut. Getting face fucked is like a day at Disney compared to what we did to her ass. We stretched and pried her butt so far open you could a family of gerbils in there. After watching what this dumb cunt went through I have to add a small disclaimer to our model release, something like “Prolong exposure to Biohazard Bitches abuse might cause anal leakage”. Seriously after the stretching session on Jayna’s stink star I’d be amazed if her farts ever make sounds again! I can’t continue to talk smack about this crazy cunt, she is beyond hardcore and we love her dearly. So remember as the holiday season approaches nothing says “I love you” quite like shoving both your hands up a loved one’s ass and having her lick them clean then filling her face with two goopy loads of cum.

Maya Hills
We have an exotic looking, dirty talking whore for you perverts this week, meet Maya. Something really amazing happened during this shoot, Maya started off looking like a hot exotic daddy\’s little girl and after a serious skull fucking, she looked like a clown that spent the night crying after being hit in the face with a bat. It\’s no joke she went from a hot chick you\’d love to fuck to so some scary looking hog that you wouldn\’t fuck with you friends cock. I guess getting choked, spit on and having your face fucked like an overused pussy will do that to someone. Although once her ass clown face was covered with a load of semen it did look a bit better:-)

Jasmine Tame
This week we have the not so tame Jasmine. This isn’t the first time we’ve shot this hot little whore, but it’s the first time we’ve stretched her out with a giant a foot longer! There aren’t many girls that can deep throat such a huge piece of man meat and Jasmine is no exception but she does put in some extra effort to get it down as far as possible. I don’t expect anyone to be able to take every inch of this dick down their throat, I am somewhat realistic. Then again when it comes to having her pussy and ass stuffed Jasmine takes Chris’ giant cock balls deep in both her holes. I am not an expert on anatomy but I’m pretty sure that there is some type of organ or something this dude has to be hitting when his dick is buried deep inside poor Jasmine. Most women say size doesn’t matter, which is only true unless it’s really big or really small. I would hate to see the look on some poor girls face that doesn’t get fucked for a living if she ever brings a guy like Chris back to her place, undoes his pants and this anaconda hits the floor. That can be some scary shit for most women, or man I suppose! If any city wants to drop its crime rate among straight men all they need to do is place life size posters of Chris with a full on erection and the headline, “Thinking of breaking the law? This is what awaits you in prison!”

Hillary Scott
We brought back one of our favouritest whores Hillary Scott. We actually shot this a while ago and I have no idea why it wasn’t put up. I can’t think of any sound I like better then listening to Hillary gagging and drooling while being face fucked, so much so that it happens to be my ring tone, it gets a little embarrassing when I get a call in church though. The main reason I like the way Hillary sounds when she has a mouth full of man meat is because she isn’t talking. Don’t get me wrong hearing a chick talk about how she wants to eat her pussy and ass juice of my hard cock and tell me to “pound her fucking ass hole” or hear her say “my ass tastes good off your cock” rocks, but this dumb fucking cunt doesn’t shut up unless we fill her face with dick. Hillary has been in this game a while, this chick loves the cock, she’s had more dick in her then a urinal at Madison Square Gardens.

Samantha Rose
If you want to lose your appetite or if you\’ve already eaten and want to toss your lunch let me introduce you to Samantha. Some chicks were just meant to do porn, we\’re talking natural born whores, girls like Kelly Wells that look the part, talk the part and act the part. Then you have poor Samantha Rose, a single mom in her early twenties that doesn\’t look a day over 39. After watching this pitiful excuse for a whore try and fuck I really wanted to try and say something nice. This way if and when she reads this (assuming she can read) she doesn\’t feel worse about her small flapjack tits, lose skin after baby stomach, shapeless ass and meat flap cunt. So here it is Samantha… you have really nice eyes, and you\’re the idea woman for any man who loves roast beef curtain pussy lips. There are plenty of guys who enjoy chewing on big old flappy wizard sleeves and looking at the back of a woman\’s head as he bangs her from behind in a dark room!

Alicia Rhodes
Hello. How are you? Nice to meet you… Those are three great examples of how to greet someone when you first meet them, something we need to teach the Neanderthal guys that work for us. These guy\’s animals, it\’s like they\’ve been behind bars and haven\’t seen a woman in years. They waste no time tearing Alicia apart; one guy rams his cock down her throat while the other politely shoves his cock right up her ass, and that\’s in the first 15 seconds of meeting this dumb whore. Poor Alicia, she had no clue she was about to get railed by two guys, double penetrated, stretched and gagged within 5 minutes of showing up. No need feeling bad for this stupid slut, she probably gets off on the thought of two strangers taking control of her so they can bust her hole and feed her cock straight out of her freshly reamed anus. We really put this whore through the ringer before unloading two massive loads and paint her pretty face white:-)

Dana Vespoli
This week we have the Asian sensation Dana Vespoli. Actually Dana is a mix breed, I believe she’s part Asian, part cockasian and part Indian. Don’t quote me on that, I can be way off because I don’t really pay attention when these whores talk to me and tell me about their irrelevant lives. I don’t mind shooting the shit with women who actually have a head on their shoulders, it’s the dumb broads that every second word out of their pie hole is “um” or “like” that I want to hit in the face with a shovel. Luckily I didn’t have that issue with Dana, she’s actually a smart cookie and has directed some porn herself. Like a true professional Dana takes Bens big dick balls deep in any and all holes. This slut isn’t best looking or hottest chick we’ve ever shot, she’s doesn’t even act like the biggest fuck pig but for some reason I would love to stick it to her. Must be her personality, or the fact she takes and anal reaming and facial creaming like a champ:-)

For anyone who thinks size doesn\’t matter, talk to this weeks stretched out sodomized slut Jasmin. This tight little twat learned the hard way that not only does size matter, but it\’s all about the girth. We set this slut up with our thickest guys, and they gave Jasmine a serious and I mean serious stretching. After watching this poor little girl get her mouth and ass almost torn open I don\’t think I\’ll ever break the law again, watching this bitch getting plowed has me terrified of what can happen in prison lol. The most amazing thing is this crazy little cunt actually likes it. Who knows maybe she practices at home by sticking beer cans in her ass. I almost feel bad for this bitch, if getting her mouth and ass stretched isn\’t bad enough she ate the asses of these two hairy sweaty fucks. I sure hope Jasmine buys herself something really nice with the money she earned, it sure as hell didn\’t come easy.

Hillary Scott
Hillary Scott comes back for a serious Biohazard double-teaming. When it comes to being a cock hungry fuck slut, there aren\’t many whores that come close to Hillary. We wouldn\’t dare insult her by just giving her one guy, this girl knows what she wants and we are just the guys to give it to her, and then some. Any slut can gag on a cock, just about any can take an ass reaming, most can get double penetrated like a champ but it takes a special girl to take 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time and a real princess who can stuff two cock in her ass, then her mouth. Hillary it was a pleasure to work with you and fill both your anus and mouth with semen then watch you drip it out of your ass and gargle it before swallowing every drop. So Brav-Fucking-O Hillary, you\’re a champ!

Gia Paloma
The other day I saw a t-shirt that said \”Born 4 Porn\” and it made me think of this week\’s Biohazard Bitch Gia Paloma. This little fuck pig has been doing porn for a few years now and like a fine wine she just gets better with age. We\’ll pop the cork now before that fine wine turns into a bottle of vinegar piss:-) The last time we shot her she didn\’t have her big fake titties, it\’s nice to see she\’s investing the money she\’s making wisely. Gia loves the cock, we ram it down her throat, slam it into her pussy and jam it all the way up her once tight ass. Being the efficient whore that she is Gia is able to gag on cock while being fucked in the ass and have cock jammed all the way up her ass while another is fucking her pussy, now she can add multi-tasker to her resume. We double penetrate this slut, stretching out both her holes simultaneously and taking turns feeding her the cock straight out of the pink and the stink. After a serious double stuffing we cover her face with two big loads of cock sauce and as an added bonus she got a squirt right in the eye.

We brought back one of our favourite Biohazard Biatches, Katja. This bitch loves to get used and abused like a good little whore; no matter what we dish out she takes it with open holes! We hooked her up with two of our bigger guys to make sure we get maximum stretch in every hole we penetrate. The guys start off stuffing her face with dick, making sure she gobbles the cock deep down till her chin in pressing against their nut sacks. They proceed to then take turns fucking her pussy and ass, using her mouth to clean off their cocks after pulling it out of each hole. When these whores come back for a second time we know we can push the envelope and really destroy them, they did come back for more after all. We seriously stretch this bitch; double stuffing her sphincter, shoving two massive cocks in her ass at the same time, OUCH! The boys add the icing to the cake as they paste her face with two massive loads. I don\’t think Katja will back for round three for a little while:-)

Holly Wellin
You know when a whore starts off sticking her finger up her ass then tasting it, it\’s going to be a fun session. Actually anytime we have Holly Welling come in we know we\’re going to have a fun fucking time, she\’s fuck pig and fucking proud of it. Holly is the perfect slut for a guy with no arms, she drives her own head down on cock until her eyes swell up with tears. It\’s one thing for Holly to taste her neatly primped pooper hole but to stick her tongue in the hairy ass of our stunt cock and sucking on his stinky feet is going above and beyond the call of duty, bravo biatch. Unfortunately for Holly her small finger is nothing compared to the big cock that we jam up her ass, but just like her finger she\’s going to taste the cock time and time again straight out of her freshly pounded anus. By the size of the giant gapes we give this sick slut it\’s my guess that she\’s no stranger to sodomy. By the looks of it she\’s no stranger to having a load of semen blown all over face, being the good whore that she is she scooped up and swallowed every last drop!

Lauren Pheonix
This week we have two top notch perverts Lauren Phoenix and Kurt Lockwood. He’s a fucking rock star, no joke he’s played with some decent bands and was even in the movie Mixed Nuts with Steve Martin. Seems he’s much better at fucking then playing guitar because this career is the one he’s been in the longest. Then there’s Lauren Phoenix a 5’10” Canadian stick of dynamite, this crazy canuck sucks dick like it’s the dead of winter and the heat’s been turned off, she gobbles and strokes Kurt’s dick with so much enthusiasm it could melt her igloo. I’m no ignant American thinking all Canadians live in igloos and ride their husky driven sleighs around their snow covered streets to get to their job as a lumberjack or making maple syrup. After talking with Lauren I realize Canadians are just like Americans except they are polite, peaceful and the rest of the world doesn’t hate their guts. Enough of this geography lesson and back to Kurt flipping Lauren upside down for a standing 69, pile driving her ass, feeding her his ass soaked dick then covering her in sperm…

Penny Flame
We get all kinds of messed up whores that come through our door and this week’s Biohazard Bitch Penny Flame is one crazy slut. I’m not talking crazy as in she likes to have her face fucked and treated like a worthless piece of meat, although that would also fit when describing Penny. I’m talking off the wall batshit crazy, this girl is nuts… when you first meet her you think she’s an energetic airhead who is all over the place but she doesn’t fucking stop, at first you think she’s fun and want to fuck her, after a while you just want to knock her the fuck out. The only time she shuts up during the shoot is when her mouth is filled with cock, she happens to be cute and have awesome natural tits so she’s fun to watch and listen to for a while but this is definitely one that you’ll want to kick out as soon as you’re done. I’m being a little hard on Penny, when she would sit still for a few seconds and talk on subject she was fun to be around but it never lasted long, she’s like a kid with attention deficit disorder that’s been left alone in a candy store and is about to have a sugar overdose.

Lauren Pheonix
We bring back Lauren Phoenix for a little holiday cheer. It’s amazing how your views of certain people change as you get to know them better, no matter what a girl looks like, spend enough time with her and at some point you’ll want to fuck her. She can be ugly, fat, just plain annoying as hell but at some point you’ll want her to at least suck your dick. Lauren isn’t the hottest whore fucking on film these days but she’s far from the worst. At first glance you’d think she would be just average, but get to know her, watch her suck cock and what goes down a 6 comes up a 9! She can deep throat like a fucking champ, I’m surprised Alex and Sergio’s balls weren’t swallowed as well. If she doesn’t have her mouth full it’s her pussy and ass that are being stuffed with cock, at the same time! As the year comes to an end and I look back at all the trailer trash whores we’ve put through the ringer I think Lauren Phoenix might just be awarded the BHB 2010 favourite fuck award. Unfortunately for Lauren there is no real contest or prize, just a gold star from me and a face full of man mayo!

This week we have a cute young porn newbie Christie. We told Ben that Christie was relatively new to the porn game and to start off slow, so he grabs her head and rams his cock as far down her throat as he possibly could. I don’t think he said more than 2 words to her before the shoot started and he just grabs her head and basically face fucks her, and what a pretty face too. Lesson learned for this dumb fucking slut, if you’re going to shoot for a site called Biohazard Bitches don’t expect to start with light kissing and sensual foreplay! Christie will probably do well in this business; she seemed to enjoy every bit of the face fucking and tit slapping. By her nervous giggle I don’t think she’s used to being slammed with a cock this big but the little slut was enjoying every bit of it, that or she’s a pretty decent actress. Either way it’s fun watching her get filled with man meat.

Mika Tan
Happy Halloween mother fuckers! This week we have all treats and no tricks, unless you consider stuffing two big cocks inside tight and tiny Mika Tan at the same time a nifty trick. I know it\’s not proper to talk about a woman\’s age but after a face raping and being sodomized I don\’t think letting the cat out of the bag on Mika being 33 will be pushing our limits. I think this Hawaiian hottie looks fucking awesome for her age, after all most girls get into this business around 20 and don\’t last all that long fucking for money. Seems with age comes experience, and the ability to deep throat a 9 inch cock. Growing up Mika was a model and appeared as an extra in television, commercials, and the theatre. So let this be a lesson to all those girls who move to California with big dream of becoming a star, odds are you\’ll wind up on a low budget porn set getting cock stuffed by two strangers and left with a face full of cock cream and a soar ass.

This week we team up ex rocker Kurt Lockwood with exotic hottie Annie Cruz. If you appreciate a nice natural pair then you\’re gonna like the Annie\’s average sized lady lumps. Annie mentioned she hadn\’t eaten much before the shoot because she has horrible gag reflexes and was afraid she\’d puke, way to put Kurt up to the challenge. We skull fucked this bitch until her eye liner was running and she was gagging and drooling all over herself. Unfortunately we couldn\’t get her to throw up, but being the nice guys that we are we wanted to help with the hunger problem so we fed her some man ass along with the cock meat sandwich. To make sure this dumb fucking cunt didn\’t pass out from the starvation we made sure to take frequent breaks from getting railed in the ass for her to eat some of her fresh ass juices off of Kurt\’s hard cock. Nothing finishes off a meal of ass soaked cock meat like a loaded anal creampie.

McKenzie Miles
This week we have somewhat innocent newbie McKenzie Miles. So this girl first gave it up a year ago when she lost her virginity at 18, a little over a year later she’s fucking for money and on camera, amazing how things have changed! McKenzie’s roommate told her how much she had shooting for us so McKenzie figure she’s make some quick money and gave us a call. Since this was McKenzie’s first scene we wanted to break her in nice and slow, our boy started off by wrapping his hand around her neck and squeezing all her worries right out of her. This blonde bimbo might have taken her sweet as time before having her first fuck but we can tell by her deep throat skills she’s been sucking dick for a long time. This tight little whore can take down a 9 incher balls deep without drooling or gasping for air… much. We shot this video last year when McKenzie was just 19 and thinking of doing some softcore pictures to help pay the bills, we opened her mind, mouth and freshly shaved pussy to a world of possibilities. You’ll be happy to know McKenzie is still shooting porn, but unfortunately won’t return our calls, perhaps we left her with a bad taste in her mouth;-)

Eve Laurence
It\’s December and you can\’t escape it, everywhere you look there\’s something to remind you Christmas is coming. Not because people are happy and excited, because everyone is losing their fucking minds. Fighting over parking spaces at the mall, pepper spraying other shoppers because some junk is on sale, getting hammered at the office party, and racking up debt to buy shit for people who don\’t appreciate it. Well bah humbug, there\’s no jolly fat man, just a horny drunk that likes to fuck whores. Each week this month we\’ll have our degenerate Santa or one of his little elves bang some slut from the naughty list. This week we have big tit bad girl Eve Laurence, getting her stocking stuffed.

Georgia Peach
We have sweet Georgia Peach for you sick bastards this week. This southern belle is a busty blonde with just the right amount of junk in the trunk. Georgia jumps right in and starts gagging herself on Sashas cock, ramming her face down until she’s drooling all over herself, spitting all over his rod and licking it all up like a good whore. When Georgia walked in we weren’t sure what to expect, she didn’t look like the typical dirty girl, good things looks are deceiving, this cunt is one dirty little fuck slut. You guys who love a juicy phat ass are going love watching Georgia’s rump get pumped. We rip her apple bottom apart, flipping her upside down into the pile driver and jamming her with cock. We sodomize this stupid pig in every position imaginable, having her lick and suck Sasha’s cock clean in between each position. We stretch out her anus to the point you can drop a golf ball in and not touch the rim. When Georgia said she was up for anything she wasn’t kidding, we abuse and rip this bitch apart and she seems to love every painful minute of it. Even if you’re not a fan of big bubble butts by the end of this scene you’ll want to crank one out in Georgia’s big bottom.

Laurie Vargas
Hey you, yeah you, the sick the fuck reading this, we know you\’re into this hardcore shit, if you also like a natural, juicy, hairy, snatch you\’re gonna love Laurie Vargas. If you like a nice smooth clean shaved pussy then you might just throw up in your mouth a bit when you watch this, then again why should the girls be the only ones swallowing a bit of gagged up vomit:-) Shaved box or not Laurie is one hot exotic whore with a great talent for swallowing cock and sucking balls. Along with a cute face, nice natural boobs and great oral skills this hot import also comes standard with a hot, tight ass ripe for a serious fucking. Laurie mentioned she was hungry before the shoot so we made sure to feed her; Pussy soaked cock was a good appetizer, then a main course of anally lubed cock straight out her freshly fucked ass, and for desert she got to munch on some man ass and top it off with a mouth load of cock sauce. You did a great job Laurie, now hopefully you\’ll have enough money to go buy a Big Mac and have enough left over for a fucking razor.

Everyone meet Rachel, she\’s as intelligent as a brick and looks as if someone hit her in the face with one. We get emails asking us why we don\’t talk to the girls a little more before we get to the action; you\’re about to see the reason for it. Talking to these girls is like trying to have a conversation with a retarded three-legged dog. That was harsh, I sincerely apologize, the poor dog didn\’t do anything to deserve that. The advantage of shooting girls that are dumber then dirt is they let us do pretty much anything we want to them. Unfortunately for the lovely Rachel Luv we did just that, Starting off gagging the dumb whore until she had tears running down her overly made up face and had her eyes rolling back into her empty head. We didn\’t care to hear any of the stupidities that were going to come out her mouth so it pretty much stayed stuffed with cock while we reamed her tight ass. We did take the time to double penetrate the slut and freshen her breath with some ass to mouth action before covering her face and I mean covering it with two monster loads of cock sauce!

Vanessa Lane
We bring back one of hottest porn stars in the business, Vanessa Lane. If you like voluptuous women then you won\’t agree with me on the hotness part, but if you like your women toned and fit, you\’re gonna love this fuck slut. Each time Vanessa walks through our door she keeps getting hotter, her big fake titties aren\’t that new but they look fucking delicious. Aside from being hot as hell this slut is as hardcore as it gets, no matter what we do to her, the crazy cunt keeps coming back for more! One time we had 4 or 5 guys face fuck her, give her a serious face blizzard and some pink eye to remember us by. This time we took it easy, jamming a foot long cock balls deep in her ass, then feeding her the ass soaked dirty dick. It\’s crazy to see the size of the dick compared to her tiny ass, then we double stuff her. The only thing that beats watching her getting railed is watching her take two pop shots to the face, enjoy it you sick mother fuckers…

Bobbie Starr
This weeks lucky wanna be starlet is cute brunette Bobbie. If you saw Bobbie on the street you\’d never guess she\’s one sick fucking whore, she doesn\’t have massive fake clown boobs or look like she over applied her make up in a dimly lit room with no mirror. She looks more like a hot grade school teacher then a dirty fuck slut. We put this innocent looking bitch through the paces, and she took it like a pro. Sucking down 10 inches of man meat, balls deep at that! This bitch took the cock sausage down until she was drooling on herself and had tears running down her cheek. If you think her blowjob skills are impressive (and they are) wait till you see the anal reaming this bitch endures! The anal gapes we get from stretching her out like a rubber fuck doll are sick, the close ups are not for the faint of heart. Bobbie does such a great job looking into the camera while her throat is filled with man meat we can see her eyes swell up with tears as she\’s having ass soaked cock rammed down her open throat. Bobbie must be a hoot at parties, how many people can say they\’ve tasted the inner lining of their lower intestines:-) For you anal gape fans this scene is pure gold! Next time we have Bobbie come by we\’ll break out the putter and knock some balls into her giant gaping anus. One day when Bobbie meets the man of her dreams and settles down to start a family I sure hope none of them ever see what we\’ve done to her, it\’s one of those things that once you\’ve witnessed it, you can\’t just erase it from your mind!

Taylor Rain
This week we have the slightly insane Taylor Rain. This chick is as crazy as she is hot, and she is one hot piece of ass. I’m a fan of the fakies but this bitch has great little titties that I wouldn’t even mess with, and I’d slap some bolt-ons to just about any chest. Her ass is a little boney but hey you only notice that when she is bent over with her ass up in the air and face buried into the mattress. Brett and Sasha seem to have a blast tag teaming Taylor, making sure they have their cocks stuffed into one of her holes at all times. While one is fucking her face the other is stretching out one of her holes. I don’t know what’s worse, Sasha stuffing his cock down her throat and pinching Taylor’s nose until she’s gasping for air, or when he had his hands wrapped around her little neck choking her out and spitting in her mouth. Being the kind and considerate guys that they are they gave Taylors mouth a rest and double penetrated her, one in the pink and one in the stink, double teaming her and giving this slut a serious stretching. If that doesn’t give you wood, then watching her take the cocks out of her pussy and ass and sucking them clean then getting a face full of splooge certainly will.

Tyla Wynn
We brought back the fun and energetic Tyla Wynn. I really like this whore, which is big because I don’t like many of the fucktards we use and abuse each week. Tyla isn’t the best looking or smarted chick we’ve shot but she knows the game and does her job like a fucking champ. She’s nice and vocal even though she knows full well she gets smacked across the face for opening up her pie hole. This dirty slut knows her place and takes whatever we dish out, gagging on dick that’s fresh out of her anus, getting spit on and slapped around like a worthless piece of meat, Tyla takes it all with a smile. Okay it looks like more of a painful grimace than a smile but I am almost positive that the tears swelling in her eyes and running down her cheek up as we jam cock down her throat are tears of joy. Tyla is proof that you want to fuck an average girl and not a drop dead gorgeous princess, the less than average sluts make that extra effort, they might go down a 4 or 5 but always come up an 8 or 9.

Tight little Naiomi gets double stuffed this week. Naiomi is a tiny little slut with a big appetite for cock. After her first Biohazard experience she mentioned she had been double-teamed once in the past and enjoyed it, something tells me it wasn\’t Ben and Marco doing the double destruction. Now that we have her back a second time, it\’s time to double the fun. The average whore has a hard time handling just of these sick fucks ramming cock down their throat, in their cunt and all the way up their ass, this dirty little cum guzzler takes on both of these guys at the same time. Naiomi has such a nice tight little ass, perfect for sodomizing and feeding back to her. The slut sure is loud, moaning, screaming and asking for more, even while she\’s being double stuffed, one cock in her tight pussy and one slamming her even tighter ass. Follow the double penetration with the feeding of cock straight out of her anus and she\’s still asking for more, what a champ. For being such a good little whore she wins the prize, a face full of sperm, what a lucky girl, her parents must be so proud of their little angel.

Audrey and Tori
We brought back our two favourite girls for some serious biohazard destruction. There are various reasons why a chick would let a guy use and abuse her, Audrey and Tori’s reason; they just fucking love it. These two whores are serious troopers, going straight into ass pounding anal then having their throat jammed with cock fresh out of each others bung holes. As if tasting your own ass juice isn’t revolting enough, these filthy whores eat each other’s dirty asses. The boys go fucking wild on these two dumb broads, and push the boundaries of how much you could possibly stretch someone’s stink star. They gave Audrey a serious reaming, ramming two cocks up her once tight ass hole. Other than great entertainment for sick fucks like us nothing good can come from stretching out any part of ones body like that. There’s a great shot of the guys banging Audrey in the ass with both cocks while stepping on the bitches head, then ramming Tori’s face with the dirty cock, it’s fucking priceless! If you like dirty ass to mouth scenes you’re gonna love what we have for you this week!

Tiffany Taylor
This week we have annoying bitch Tiffany Taylor. You know those dumb fucking cunts that have a banging body and somewhat decent face, the ones on the borderline of being really hot but then open their mouths and instead of banging the shit out of them you want to push them in front of a truck, well that’s Tiffany! If you like your women tall with nice legs you might forgive her extremely annoying whiney high pitched bratty voice. If you look at Tiffany and think she’s an ignorant slut whose only goals in life are to suck off strangers and whore herself out until she meets some guy who will save her lost slut soul you shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book the cock it’s sucking. She still goes to university and is working towards her careers, being a model and criminologist! Such dreams, she might even reach some of her lofty goals after all she’s already been a playboy centerfold. But let’s get real, she started her so called modelling career at 19 and quickly became a playboy centerfold, now she’s getting gagged on film and taking a face full of cum! Tiffany if you’re reading this… even though you’re annoying as fuck to listen to we wish you all the best, now stay on track young whore, you’re veering off that road to success into the gutter!

Alicia Angel
We have a real cum slut for you guys today; this sweet piece of meat is Alicia Angel. Our boy Sasha rams his cock into this sluts face so hard that spit, puke and bile comes out her nose, a biohazard first! You know when you start with some nasal barf it\’s going to be a fuck of fun time. This bitch loves to suck cock, especially right after it\’s been pulled straight out of her gaping corn hole. We have a blast stretching this slut, just about ripping her mouth, pussy and ass apart. Once the destruction is done we surprise her with four loads of cum, it was her lucky day:-)

This week’s whore is Lopez, but we refer to her as our mild mannered meaty Mexican mutt! The meaty Mexican was foaming at the mouth while Ben and Scott were ramming their cocks down her throat, the sound of her gargling and chocking on her own saliva cracks me up every time I watch her! Some of the bitches that walk through our door are timid and shy, they don’t really know what their about to get into and they sure as hell haven’t had a guy feed them a cock straight out of their gaping stretched ass before. Lopez on the other hand is either a natural born whore, or more likely got some great training growing up in Mexico getting gang banged by the 20 cousins she lived with, either way, who the fuck really cares! I don’t know why these cunts even bother talking, this dumb whore saying “pound my ass hole like I fucking deserve it”, bitch we’re going to do whatever we fucking want but thanks for input, now gag on this!

Dillian Lauren
Fresh to Biohazard Bitches we have hottie Dillan Lauren. Because we are so caring and thoughtful we wanted to break Dillan is nice and slow not to scare her off. So we had her get on her knees and sent in two depraved fucks with anger management issues to skull fuck her. She was like a bobble headed whore bouncing back and forth gasping for air between dicks. It didn’t take long before these guys got bored of playing face fuck ping pong and tossed her on the couch so they can ram her cunt and ass while the other fucked her face equally as hard. These guys held back nothing slamming her in the ass balls deep, then double stuffing her jamming a pole in each hole. This bitch has a tight body, she’s lean, fit and has a half decent natural rack even if it’s on the smaller side. All and all I think she enjoyed getting used, abused and made over with a two man sperm moustache.

This week we have the talentless slut Venus. When this twit came in she asked us what the story line was going to be. We told her it’s a tale of a girl from a small town that moves to the big city with dreams of becoming a famous actress. Then realizes she doesn’t have any talent and would have to fuck strangers to pay the rent in her studio apartment. Fucking story line, you get naked, we abuse and humiliate you, then you leave, that’s the fucking story line! Dumb cunt actually showed up with a script of a porn scene she wrote, she thought it was genius when the guy makes a crack about his organ. We said we’d amuse her and let her have her little unturned piano start but instead of one guy as the script called for we’re going to tag team her. We made some edits, like instead of the guy going down on her for 10 minutes, we face fucked her and had her choke on dick. She didn’t have anything about getting sodomised and fed cock straight out of her ass, so we made the executive decision to add that. Her big finish of the guy cumming on her tits was reworked into a face full of goo. Right before the cumshot she’s looking into the camera making all kinds of retarded “I think I’m sexy” faces, like she’s a big sexy starlet and the guy holding the camera is paparazzi. Venus if you’re reading this, you’re half rate wanna be porn whore, wipe that shit eating grin off that cum soaked face of yours! We are glad we made your dream come true, you’re welcome!

We have cute big boob blonde bimbo Bree for you this week. So Bree tells us she\’s studying pre med biology because she wants to be a surgeon, ummm yeah and I want an orange and purple unicorn for my birthday. Apparently she\’s taking some time off from her studies and delaying her career as a brain surgeon so she can choke on cock and be treated like a dumb fucking whore. We gave her a little lesson in anatomy; professor Sasha taught Bree just how much the mouth, pussy and ass are able to stretch when they\’re being continuously pounded by a big hard cock. I hope she took notes; it just might be on the final exam lol. If she\’s half as good a surgeon as she a fuck slut then she\’ll be one hell of a doctor. But as good as she looks in a nurses uniform, and no matter how many home prostate exams she gives, something tells me she\’ll never have the letters M.D. after her name. Follow those big dreams Bree, and if the road to becoming a surgeon seems too difficult or unattainable you\’re always welcome to take the dirty little fuck slut detour through our door.

Veronica Jett
Today we put a little cumster in Veronicas dumpster:-) Veronica has a hot little body with a smoothly shaved snatch and nice natural tits, which is great because if she had to depend on that overly made up fugly face of hers to make it in porn she’d have some serious issues. Then again, we hire almost any whore that’s willing to sucks and gag on cock that’s just penetrated their dirty anus. I suppose we should be a little grateful we get to sodomize and abuse an average looking slut that doesn’t have jiggling belly fat or dimple filled ass cheeks like so many of the whores that want to shoot for us. Whether it be her mouth, pussy or ass this dumb fucking cunt does a great job taking Bens cock balls deep. I’m always amazed how much dick these tiny fuck sluts are able to take. Ben has fun tossing this bitch around like a slutty rag doll, stretching out her ass in just about every position possible while we get the some kick ass angles for your viewing pleasure. We finish this bitch off with an anal cream pie that gets pooped out, this isn’t for the squeamish:-)

We love dirty whores and this week we have Sierra Sinn, a dirty, dirty whore. We treat this dumb cunt like you would that ex-girlfriend if you had the chance to fuck her again like the stupid slut that she is. I have to give Sierra credit she\’s a passionate whore, sucking cock with that extra care, gagging, choking, spitting, drooling and licking the drool back up like the nasty little fuck pig that she is. Stuffing these tiny girls with a big fat cock is always a good time, stretching out their ass as we sodomize them and rail them nice and rough giving them small breaks to taste the cock fresh from their ass. We do like to add a little romance, some hair pulling, ass slapping and choking to show how much we care. As you\’ll see the more hair pulling and ass slapping the more Sierra enjoys her time with us, that\’s why we love the dirty ones, they\’re always the most fun. After a serious ass pounding Marco drains his cock sauce down Sierra\’s throat and all over her whore face.

Lela Star
This week\’s biohazard bitch is hottie Lela Star. We get some real pigs that come through our door, some have nice tits or a nice ass that makes up for their fugly faces, and some have nice faces but not such hot bodies. Well today we have the whole package when it comes to looks, Lela is a fucking hottie, great smile, hot ass and a great rack. But no one is perfect, this hot little number is holding out for some schmuck to pay her $20,000 for her to do anal. We\’ll wait a year until she\’s hooked on meth like most of the other whores and get it for $150:-) Besides we can have fun raping her face, skull fucking that pretty thing until she\’s gagging and drooling all over her nice big titties. Along with the face, rack and ass she has a pretty pink pussy, that we stuff full of cock and slam till our hearts content. Taking breaks only for her to lick her cunt juices off the cock. It\’s funny how she thinks she\’s somewhat less of a whore because she doesn\’t take it in the pooper. Lela if you\’re reading this (assuming you can read)… Honey you get face fucked, have your pussy rammed and take a mouth full of cock sauce and swallow ever drop, don\’t be such a princess, you\’re a whore like all the others!

Avena and Katsumi
Not everyone gets off on blondes with big fake tits, that’s why this week we bring in exotic hotties Avena Lee & Katsuni. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that we aren’t equal opportunity scum bags. Here at Biohazard Bitches we feel that discriminating against a whore just because she isn’t a bleached blonde with fake tits wouldn’t be fair or just. We will gag, fuck and sodomize women of all colors, religions and backgrounds, just as long as they aren’t fat. Not that we can be all that picky, let’s face it you can’t always dine on filet mignon with a happy meal budget. Thankfully this week we had a 2 for 1 slut coupon and ordered in some spicy latin along with our Japanese entre. Katsuni gets full props, taking Sasha balls deep up her ass then down her throat while Avena seemed to join in for moral support. At least Avena helped clean some dirty cock, pulling it out of Katsuni’s ass and sucking it down. Even though Katsuni did most of the work she was nice enough to split Sasha’s load, after all sharing is caring!

We have a Biohazard first timer, a hottie by the name of Channel… like her name even matters. We figured this Cuban cunt was going to be fun, after watching a few of the videos she asked for the big man, any slut who actually requests a foot long cock be rammed up her ass should be a fun fuck. She was so silent while her mouth was being filled with man meat we almost though she was going to be a silent dead fuck. Nothing like 12 inches of cock getting plowed into your lower intestines to get a whore moaning and groaning. This pretty lil thing has a great set of natural tits, and I think the back of her skull must be something pretty to look at also since she spent most of the time with her eyes practically rolled back into her head; that much cock up your ass can do that apparently.

Jenaveve Jolie
This week we have sexy Latina porn star Jenaveve Jolie. Chances are you’ve never heard of this filthy slut but she’s been in over 250 films, and by the way she drools all over herself while gagging on cock you can tell she’s no amateur. Jenaveve is a tiny little thing; I’d be surprised if this little fuck tart breaks five feet and 100lbs, which makes her easy to toss around while we treat her like a worthless piece of fuck trash. You’d think being called names, treated like a meat hole, made to gag and being choked while getting slammed with dick would turn a girl off to fucking on camera, not this whore. She loves the cock, she loves the abuse and we love her for it. If you like somewhat normal sized fake titties and not the jumbo ass clown racks then chances are you’re going to be a fan of this sluts boob job. Even though she was born and raised in California she looks like one hot little import with her exotic features, which look even better covered in sperm.

Sandra Romain
This week we have the award winning porn star Sandra Romain. Could you imagine actually having a trophy shelf for the awards you’ve won for being fucked in the ass? Remember you’d be getting credited for being the catcher, taking an anal reaming better than any other whore, quite the accomplishment. You’re about to see why Sandra wins awards for sucking dick and taking it deep in her oh so fine behind, what she lacks in looks she more than makes up in skill. Sandra isn’t ugly by any means she’s natural and borders on plain which is fine, we all like a girl who looks great when she isn’t made up. Our stunt cock Alex can’t seem to keep his tongue out of Sandra’s award winning poop shoot, and who could blame him, this bitch has one hell of an ass. Besides if it’s clean enough for her to take his cock out of and suck, it’s clean enough for him to munch on. I actually feel bad for her pussy, such a beautiful thing gone to waste, what a shame. Who can blame Alex though if someone gave me a crack at the fucking awesome Sandra Romain I would spend my time in her mouth and ass too!

We\’ve got a fresh hot cutie for you sick fucks this week, cutie Poppy Morgan. This fresh face slut is relatively new to the industry and by her performance here I think she\’ll do just fine. We made sure to break her in nice and easy, being gentle to make sure her first experience with us wasn\’t too hard. Marco made sure to treat her with the utmost respect and took things slow and soft. Yeah right! He wasted no time stuffing her fresh face with cock, ramming it down her throat resulting in some great gags. The throat poking must have felt like a Disney ride compared to anal destruction that followed. This was the first time Poppy did ass to mouth, I hope she liked the taste of it because Marco fed her his dirty cock straight out of her now not so tight anus many a time. This dumb little fuck slut seemed to enjoy tasting herself, shoving her hand up her cunt while being reamed in the ass then licking it clean. The cum gargling whore looks especially good with cum all over her pretty little face. We have changed the format in which you can download the videos, they are now full scenes offered in three different sizes. The highest is DVD quality at full screen and almost half a gig in size!

Shayna Knight
We double team poor German immigrant Shayna Night for you sick fucks this week. Shayna has been in the porn scene for a little while and contacted us because she wanted a little more experience on the extreme side of things, and we’re always here to help a whore. I don’t know why Germans are so fucking sick in the head when it comes to sex, Shayna requested that we get two guys for her and make sure that they fuck her face just as hard as her ass. With these Germans you never know what they might request, then again we have no problem treating women like subhuman urinals. After banging the hell out of this euro trash skank I have a feeling Shayna gets plenty of experience being double penetrated and used like a worthless piece of fuck meat. I’m not sure what her deal was with that red garbage bag of an outfit she had on, then again who gives a shit what she had on as long as we get to sodomize her and feed her ass soaked cock then leave her with a mouth full of cock sauce.

Gentlemen meet our latest dirty whore, Roxy. This bitch loves the cock, and put such dedication into swallowing as much as we shove down her tight little throat. For a tiny little bitch she could take quite a pounding, her parents must be so proud:-) We tossed this little cunt around and fucked her eight ways from Sunday, just wait till you see the ass pounding we administered to this little bitch. We gave this cunt a serious double team and cream, shooting our loads in her ass then feeding it back to her.

Tia and Flower
This week we have hottie whores Tia Sweets and Flower Tucci. For all you guys that fantasize about doing two girls at the same time, you’re going to enjoy watching Kurt shove his cock anywhere it fits in these two ass eating sluts. Both Tia and Flower were obviously raised right and their parents should be very proud of their little angels, these girls know how to share and play well with others. The girls have good manners and eat their vegetables; well we know they’re damn good at tossing a salad. While one whore is blowing Kurt the other keeps busy by sucking his balls or burying her tongue up his ass. Although they were working as a team the whores had a fun competition to see which can take Kurt’s dick further down her throat or harder up her ass and out do the other. The girls didn’t just stick to eating Kurt’s ass they tasted each other’s ass, straight up and off of Kurts hard cock when he pulled it out of their stretched out anuses. There was hardly a moment when these three weren’t licking, sucking or penetrating some body part of the other one. The only time we had to take a break during this fuck session was after Flower squirted all over the place and we had to clean off the camera lens! We promised the girl who was the best would get the cum shot but it was too close to call so Tia sucked the cum off and out of Flowers ass then snowballed it back into Flowers mouth, this way each girl got a taste of the cock sauce and no one would feel left out. We’re just good hearted people like that here, sometimes it’s like we care too much:-)

Brody Kennedy Brody Kennedy
Ok so we have a real winner for you perverts this week, meet Brody Kennedy! You\’ve heard the term \”fake it till you make it\” well this whore took that to heart, rather to ink. She has her fists tattooed one hand sports PORN and STAR on the other, talk about something she\’ll file under regret later on in life. Forget being a porn star, she\’s a mediocre fuck at best. She should have inked DUMB CUNT, at least it would be a tad more accurate. I mean she has a decent enough ass especially when it\’s bouncing up and down on Sasha\’s dick, and her tits are small and perky, which can be refreshing in a sea of big fake tits, I guess. Her best assets are below her neck, she\’s not ugly but she sure ain\’t beautiful either, I\’d say she\’s about 30% on her way to the after picture of a faces of meth before and after pic set. Let\’s hope she doesn\’t become a crack whore and makes it as a big name porn star, but even as a gambler I\’ll play the odds that she winds up with a concussion after someone kicks open the stall door and nails her in the head while she\’s bent over snorting cocaine off a dirty toilet seat. Odds are she\’ll be giving head for nose candy before she\’s accepting awards for doing a double anal on screen, either way we gave her a mouthful of cum, a paycheck and wish her all the best!

Tory Lane
This weeks fun little dirty fuck pig is Tory Lane, and we have a new guy up at bat. Because he\’s new we won\’t bust Anthony\’s balls too much for starting off by eating Tory\’s pussy and ass, he starts off all gentlemanly like but doesn\’t waste much time before he jams his rod into Tory\’s throat. He\’s new to us but this guy is good at what he does, besides with the amount of muscle on this fucker we don\’t want to bash him and piss him off, we\’ll save that for the cum drinking fucktards we love to abuse and sodomize. Tory has a hella nice rack, which makes up for little bit of extra meat on the loud mouth slut. A few extra pounds is probably one of the only negatives I can find, she talks like a nasty whore, deep throats a cock balls deep like a champ, takes an ass fucking like it\’s no body\’s business, sucks cock with passion after it\’s been pulled out of her freshly fucked ass and pussy, and like a good girl tongues the balls as our man blows his load all over her face, mouth and nice fucking titties. Good job you dumb fucking whore, now hit the gym with Anthony and drop that extra few pounds:-)

Kelly Tyler
This week we have Kelly Tyler and her magic meat flaps. What’s so magical about Kelly’s big box you ask, it’s swallowed more semen then the Bermuda triangle. She might have a nice young face and tight body but her fuck hole looks like a one lane tunnel that had a double wide trailer tear through it. Even with Ben’s big dick it was like throwing a cow into the ocean there was so much room to spare. You tell the age of a tree by counting its rings, if you counted the creases on this whores roast beef curtains you’d think she looks fantastic for an 80 year old hooker. Luck for Ben Kelly’s mouth is a lot tighter than her loosey goosey pussy. Ben went to work on her pie hole, filling her face full of man meat. I’m being a little hard on this slut, what the fuck should I expect her pussy to look like after this cunt takes dick as a hobby and for a living, and she takes it like a champ. Ben tossed this bitch around like a rag doll, fucking her in every position the bald bastard could think of then leaving her with a face painted with cum.

Keri Sable
This week we have blonde babe Keri Sable. Yeah yeah this whore is hot, she’s tall with perky natural tits, a tight ass, big bright eyes and long blonde hair, big fucking deal! She’s the type of cunt that knows she’s hot, dresses like a fucking tramp and then gives people dirty looks when she see’s their eyes on her. Any cunt that gives off the “I’m too good for you” vibe I want smack in their overly made up face. Girls out there like Keri seem to forget that for a few hundred bucks they’d let any guy face fuck them, take a cock bareback in any hole and then get left on their rug burned knees with a face full of sperm. Know your place bitches, you’re whores not an actresses, you fuck strange guys on camera for money! Get that nose out of the air and use it for something you know you’re good at, snorting coke! Sorry if I seem bitter, I love whores, I make my living filming them fuck, without them I’d probably be behind a cash register asking people if they want to supersize their meals, but I can’t stand the stuck up cunts that think their shit don’t stink and Keri is one of those whores. She came in and started her bull shit about her rules and limits; I was so close to tossing her out on her whore ass. Fortunately for her I had too much invested to tell her to go fuck herself so we shot the scene, we splattered her face in cum and we will never film her sorry ass again!

Normally I start off by giving you guys my opinion on the whore of the week, usually bashing the dumb bitch, after all most don’t deserve better. But this week I have to start by saying we need to toughen up our man, he starts out kissing and licking this dirty whore, what the fuck is he thinking!?! He tries to make up for it when he grabs Monica’s whore face and rams his cock down her throat, but he was being a little to gentle with her for my liking. She may be gagging and drooling but if he can’t get those pretty eyes swelling with tears then his job isn’t done. I hope if any of you sick puppies out there ever have a whore as hot as Monica you take full advantage of the stupid cunt and ram her face, pussy and ass as hard as you possibly can. Not that being pounded in the ass then fed dirty cock is tame but this stupid whore could have and should have taken a lot more punishment. We’ll have to bring Monica back one day so Sasha or Ben can take a crack at her and show her what the biohazard treatment is all about.

Lezley Zen
This week big Ben Savage breaks in brunette milf Lezley Zen. You wouldn’t guess by looking at this slut that she’s a 35 year old mother of 2, she has to be one of the hottest MILF’s we’ve ever had the chance to stuff with dick. Many of the chicks doing porn over the age of 30 look beaten and worn out from years of partying but not this firm fuck-tart. She’s got big firm fake titties and a nice tight ass that most 20 year old chicks wish they had. As hot as she is and as nice as she seemed when I spoke to her she’s been divorced twice so she can’t be easy to live with. Let’s face it most guys deal with nothing but bull shit from their average looking wives and stay with them forever. This chick must fly off the handle and get bat shit crazy to have been able to scare off 2 guys before the age of 35, most guys would deal with a lot of crap if it meant getting to nail suck hot piece off tail. Any chick that fish hooks herself while you blow your load all over her face and mouth is alright in my book, maybe I’ll have a chance at becoming husband number three!

Melissa Lauren
This week we brought back one of our favouritist whores, frenchie Melissa Lauren. It’s not too often we get sluts to come back and shoot for us again so when Melissa gave us a call we were more than happy to bring her in for a double stuffing. This dumb whore loves being roughed up, choked, slapped, gagged and fed cock until she’s drooling all over herself and gasping for air. Best of all, all that sick shit is just foreplay for this hardcore hussy. If she can take that much abuse on her face just imagine the abuse and destruction she endures when we crack her pussy and ass wide open. We stretch this bitch out like you won’t believe, if you’ve ever wondered what the inner lining of a pornstars colon looks like you’re in luck, we get way too up close and in depth with Melissa during this fuck session. I can’t decide how I like Melissa best; with her beautiful face being stuffed with dick, watching her get double penetrated, being fucked in the ass while riding reverse cowgirl and sucking dick, or sitting on the floor looking up with a face full of sperm. Luckily we get to see all of that and more, enjoy…

This slutty milf contacted us after joining our site and wanted to know what she would have to do to come and get used and abused. For any of you people who think what we do is immoral and degrading you should talk to Roxette, this bitch doesn\’t just love the cock, she loves having it rammed down her giant pie hole and up her tight ass. We made sure to hook her up with Ben and our new German 10 inch monster cock man. Some women just love the rough stuff and being treated like worthless pieces of meat, we wouldn\’t dare send them home disappointed:-) You can tell by the size of her mouth, Roxette is used to having it stretched out and filled with dick. This slut was so proud when she was able to deep throat 10 inches of cock and barely gag, she must have been a popular girl before she dropped out of high school.

Kelly Wells
We brought back the princess of penis, the champion of choking, the first lady of fucking, the queen of cock miss Kelly Wells! They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and judging by the way Kelly devours the man meat we put in front of her face I don’t think she’s eaten in days. Someone needs to get this bitch a bib, she soaks herself in her own spit and bile and whatever else comes up as she gets violently skull fucked and gagged. This girl is fucking nuts, off-the-wall batshit crazy, stick just about any whore into a room with two guys sporting ten inch cocks and they cringe at the thought of having a pole in each hole. Not Kelly, she takes a dick in each hole for breakfast, this crazy cunt takes the two dicks in her ass balls deep! Now that’s a true double penetration. We stretch out her anus and ram cock so far into her face you’d think she was made of rubber. We’ve met some crazy bitches over the years who would do some nasty shit, but there are very few who are as twisted as Kelly on camera. Off camera she’s fucking funny, always cracking jokes and quite the wise ass, I think I’m falling in love…

Hailey Paige
This week we have brunette hottie Hailey Paige. If you recognize the big bald mother fucker who is all about the romance, that’s porn star Ben English. This guy knows how to treat a lady, especially the kind of ladies we get around here. Hailey is a cutie and has a mouth that’s made for sucking dick, shame she only gets to suck for a while before Ben basically face fucks her, ramming his big rod into her face until she is drooling all over her big natural titties. Hailey isn’t new to this business so I’m not sure why she has so much hair over her cunt, I know there are guys that like chicks with a bit of a bush and we like to cater to everyone but whores aren’t supposed have pubes anymore, this isn’t 1970! With a face, ass natural rack like Hailey’s I suppose we can still play ball even with that tuft of grass on the field! It’s hard to say how Hailey looks better, with her mouth filled with man meat, watching her take a big ten inch cock balls deep in her ass or upside down in a pile driver with her ass gapped open. I think when it comes down to it Hailey looks best with a face full of cock snot.

I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than with one of our favourite Biohazard Bitches, Kat! Pound for pound Kat has to be one of the most hardcore whores we’ve destroyed over the years. This tiny twat is always up for anything we throw her way and she knows how to play the game. Gagging while doing her best to deep throat Sasha’s cock, drooling through her braces and all over herself is just the beginning. We don’t even waste time with her smoothly shaved pussy, shoving a fat cock right up her tight anus. We slam it in her corn hole balls deep, and rail her nonstop, well that’s not entirely true we do give her the opportunity to suck her ass juice off Sasha’s cock each time they change positions. I’m usually a boob guy but for some reason I’d still love a crack at Kat, she does have nice tits but they are a tad small for me. You guys who love the tiny chicks are going to enjoy this fuck session.

Rita Faltoyano
Alright you sick mother fuckers all the deep throat face fucking was fun but now it\’s time to get back to stretching out something other than a whore\’s mouth. I don\’t know how much more we can possibly stretch out on this week\’s biohazard bitch Rita Faltoyano, this cunt has been around the block and by that I mean she\’s had more big black cock in her than a urinal at the Apolo. We didn\’t have a dark piece of meat to slam into her but we have the next best thing, Lee Stone and his famous foot long schlong! For some reason our editing retard thought he\’d be creative and put a nice romantic musical intro, consider it foreplay before Lee stuffs Rita full of man meat. I\’m amazed that any chick no matter how many times she\’s been fucked has no issue taking every inch in her ass. I understand that my pencil dick isn\’t going to have a whore screaming, but this dude has a big fucking cock and Rita takes it with ease. I guess the saying practice makes perfect isn\’t just for hitting a baseball or memorizing state capitals, it also applies to being sodomized by cro magnon man.

We bring back itzi bitzi teeny weeny cum loving cunt Kat! It’s amazing what some girls do for love and money, or maybe it’s just for the love of money. Surprisingly it doesn’t even take too much money to get girls to come over and get face fucked, used and abused by total strangers. I’ve been on dates that ended with me going home and spilling my seed into yesterdays dirty t-shirt that cost me less than it cost to have Kat double teamed. For a small girl it’s amazing how much dick she can fit in her tiny body. We double stuff this little bitch, a pole in hole and then feed her the dirty dicks so she can suck them clean. You wouldn’t expect Kat to be such a little fuck pig, she doesn’t look the part what so ever but what she lacks in looks she makes up in performance, and then some. She is a cutie, but you’d never think this 90 pound teen with braces would be such a cock craving whore. She takes it all and with such enthusiasm, you’d think we offered some type of performance bonus, this scene is proof some girls just love a good fucking!

Cassie Young
She’s blond, she’s beautiful, she’s Cassie Young and she’s come to Biohazard Bitches to gag on some cock! Cassie has a hot body, she’s tall with a great natural rack and a firm yet plump ass but most importantly is she gives a kick ass sloppy blow job. Like most of the blonde bimbos we stuff with man meat this nit wit is as dumb as she is hot. Since this line of work doesn’t require any diploma or formal training and the only test need to pass is for STD’s you’d think this cunt chose the right career. If you thought that you’d be wrong! Big whoop she’s hot and can suck a dick, she seems boring as shit when it comes to fucking! The last time I saw someone with fewer moves I was watching a room full of white people trying to dance to a Kevin Federline song. I realize this isn’t brain surgery, shit it’s not even as tough as cleaning trays at the local food court and this bitch still can’t do it right. She better bone up on her boning or start focusing her time on finding a rich husband and becoming a trophy wife.

Samantha Sinn
We teach this weeks biohazard bitch Samantha Sinn how to multi task. For many of these dumb cunts doing two things at once isn\’t easy, that\’s why we usually double team the brunettes, the blonds get too confused. We double stuff this bitch making sure there\’s a cock in her ass and a cock in her pussy and/or mouth at all times. Any doctor will tell you it\’s not hygienic to take a dick out the ass and put it into the pussy, it can cause all kinds of bad shit to happen up there. We take the health of our models very seriously and make sure when a dick comes out of the dirty skanks ass she sucks it clean before we shove up their snatch, it\’s the responsible thing to do after all. We give this bitch a cream pie surprise blowing 2 load right in her ass then had her fart it out, real classy like:-)

Brooke Haven
This week we bring back one of our favourite Biohazard Bitches, Brooke Haven. This top heavy whore is by far one of my personal favs of all time. She isn\’t the best looking nor does she have the best body, although it is pretty fine if you like a little extra meat and big fakies. Brooke is one of those girls that put the extra something something to make sure if she goes down a 6 or 7 she comes up a 9 or 10. This bitch loves getting used like a worthless piece of fuck meat, that\’s right you sick fucks there are women who get off being mistreated and abused. Just a tip though… It\’s best to find out if the girl you are about to face fuck and sodomize is game before going balls deep in her ass then skull fucking her with ass soaked cock. So she isn\’t the hottest, the brightest or the nastiest we\’ve had but something about this big tit floozy has this sick fuck putting her in the top 5 on my list!

We have a biohazard first for you sick puppies today… Triple Anal! We just love getting these foreign hoochies, they let us do whatever we want to their poor imported asses. We know we’re going to have fun when the stupid bitch tell us… “I am wanting you to fuck me more harder, yes, for the chance for living in US and A!”:-) We’ve had plenty of whores come through and get abused by one or more of our romantic gentlemen, having all their holes stretched like pieces of meat. Each of the classless cunts gets their share of being chocked, face fucked, double penetrated, eating ass, liking toilets, swallowing cum (you get the idea:-) but Sandra is the first filthy pig that took 3 cocks in the ass at the same time. Having one dick stuffed up your poop-shoot can’t be comfortable, having 2 cocks and a dildo rammed up your ass while being choked and spit on is an experience I hope no one reading this ever has to endure (being on the receiving end that is:-). Welcome to America bitch, the land of opportunity… opportunity to get your ass stretched and torn up so bad you wish you were back in Kazakhstan drinking warm goat milk from a dirty wooden cup!

This week we have creative cunt Chrissy Cums to use and abuse. This stupid slut must have put weeks of thought into that realistic stage name, idiot. She’s tall, thin, and has really nice small perky tits. She was also blessed with beautiful blue eyes that look even better when they swell up with tears from having dick rammed down her throat. We got three dopey jokers to bang Chrissy, the only way we could have found bigger stooges is if we had Larry, Curly and Moe gang banging this whore. It’s a good thing Chrissy was so enthusiastic about being nailed by the three amigos, I can’t even imagine the gong show this would have been if she wasn’t good at directing these half wits. We’ll have to add an extra few bucks to her Christmas bonus for putting up with these fucktards. They face fucked her and took turns stuffing all of her holes simultaneously, sticking a pole in each hole while she screamed and moaned. Lucky Chrissy left us in full Christmas spirit with a stretched out anus and a smiling frosted face.

Amber Rayne
This week\’s biohazard bitch Amber Rayne get quite the mouthful. Amber thinks she\’s a sassy little one, telling us she can take whatever is thrown her way and there\’s nothing that break her whore spirit, we\’ll see about that:-) For this task we call our imported monster cock to split this loud mouth slut in half. We start by guiding Amber\’s head from behind to make sure we get as much mouth meat slammed into her pie hole as possible. Then it\’s on to splitting this bitch from down below. Women give birth so we know they can take just about any size cock, but when a tiny girl is able to have a massive cock like this jammed all the way up her pussy and ass I\’m quite amazing how the human body can stretch. I don\’t care how you prep for it, taking a cock this size up your poop shoot is no easy feat. Most guys worst fear is going to prison and getting ass pumped by bubba, here we have some tiny chick half your size taking a cock that you wouldn\’t have even if the good lord doubled what he already gave you, and she\’s not only taking it, but by looks of it able to take even more. Amber, you had a monster cock jammed all the way up your ass, down your throat as far as humanly possible and you begged for a mouth load of dirty semen which you swallowed like a good little whore, you\’ll be happy to know, we concede! Feel free to run that over zealous mouth of yours, you uber stretchy super whore, you earned it!

We have another cum slut for you guys today; this bitch is Tiffany Holiday. We make sure to stuff this whore with some big black cock and make sure her time with us is no holiday. We bend this bitch like she\’s made of rubber, twist her sexy little body so we can plug her holes from every angle. Tiffany must have skipped breakfast and lunch because this bitch was hungry for cock; she kept gobbling it right out of her ass and gagging on it. We really splatter this slut with cum, first blowing a load in her pussy then letting it drip out on her face, then just because we had some friends around we had each of then blast her face with more cum. It\’s fun to do things just because we can:-)

Mya Luana
We have porn newbie Mya for sick bastards this week. Mya is a tiny little thing with a nice set of natural tits and cute face that looks even better when it’s stuffed with cock. This bitch pays attention to detail, she licks and sucks Bens cock and balls like a pro. This slut loves sucking cock and you can tell by how juicy her pussy was getting as she had a mouth full of man meat. Ben had a good time switching back and forth ramming his cock into Mya’s smooth box and then having her suck all the cunt juice off his cock, all the while smacking and choking her. It’s almost mesmerizing watching her fine little ass bounce up and down, I could watch that for hours. You feet people might appreciate Ben taking some time to suck on Mya’s little toes, personally I find it fucking revolting, but to each their own, not everyone likes to see a gaping anus that you can toss a baseball into for 6 feet away:-) The best part about hiring a Filipino for a porn shoot is she sticks around after to clean the house!

Nadia Hilton
Unfortunately for this week\’s biohazard bitch Nadia Hilton she isn\’t related to the much more famous, much wealthier and sadly I actually think more talented Paris Hilton. I imagine it\’s safe to say the majority of people think Paris Hilton is an annoying talentless cunt, other than a trust fund the only other thing going for her is her half decent body, and that\’s only if you like the body on young teenagers with eating disorders. As little as I think of Paris I think less of this ass clown Nadia. Here we have a serious case of good from far but far from good! She\’s about as exciting to watch as a season of the Tony Danza show, I\’ve never seen the show but I assume it\’s as bad as this train wreck. When I first laid eyes on Nadia she was dressed and all I wanted to do was see those great big titties, then I saw them, now I can\’t unsee them. Talk about a bad tit job, what do you say to a surgeon to get a botched up job like that, I sodomized your daughter? I went to to buy Nadia\’s last movie, it said \”People who bought this also bought a rope and a stool\”! What makes things worse is she actually thinks she\’s hot which makes are about as appealing as going down on Gabourey Sidibe after she\’s been jogging! At least Gabourey was entertaining to watch in her movie Precious.

We have another imported whore today that took a serious fucking reaming. Victoria is one dirty pig. Any whore that loves licking some strangers ass and getting his cock rammed so far own her throat she can\’t even gasp for air is perfect for Biohazard Bitches. The boys put this dumb whore through the ringer, they took turns fucking her ass then ramming their dirty cocks down her throat. I sure hope this twat had some Listerine to wash out that filthy mouth of hers after eating the amount of ass she did. A little bit of bum breath is a treat compared to the torn rectum Victoria left with after being sodomized by 2 big cocks. Our boys finished this bitch off by painting her face with 2 gooey loads of cum adding the icing to the cake or whore in this case. Something tells me we broke Victoria\’s spirit along with her ass. Welcome to the biohazard zone, bitch!

This week we tag team newbie hottie Isabella Pacino. This cutie has only been in the industry a few months and has never done a DP, we\’re going to break her little ass in, literally:-) We love getting fresh meat, they usually put in that extra effort like stick their tongue up some guys sweaty, hairy ass and letting us do pretty much anything we want to them. It\’s amazing what some people will do for a few bucks and the dream of being a porn starlet, sadly for them all they\’re usually left with is a soar ass, broken ego, and some great stories they\’ll never tell her future husband. Isabella has the skills to pay the bills, she deep throats and sucks cock like a champ. We pummelled her ass, each guy taking turns reaming her then cleaning his cock off in her mouth while the next guy stuffed him man meat up her tight butt hole. She even cleaned off both cock at the same time after we double stuffed her, filling both holes at the same time, and the bitch loved every minute of it. Isabella if you\’re reading this (we assume you can read) we truly hope you realize your dream of becoming a full fledge professional whore. Remember, anything is possible when you work hard, sucking a lot of cock never hurts either:-)

Nikki Hunter
We bring back big boob blond bimbo Nikki Hunter this week. Nikki is dirty fucking slut, she has a filthy mouth, looks like a nasty whore and fucks like an animal. This bitch was born for porn, when she’s not being fucked by some random guy I bet she’s at home shoving the remote control up her twat. From all the years of being fucked and stretched open if Julie ever needs some extra money she could rent out that cavernous crack as a self storage unit. It’s a good thing this big tit whore still has a tight asshole because fucking her pussy is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. These guys treat Nikki like she needs to be treated, ramming cock down her throat nonstop hardly giving her a chance to gasp for air. Julie reminds me of this slut I used to date, the bitch once looked up at me while I was banging her and said “Making love is for Valentine’s day, now fuck me like the bitch that I am.” Needless to say I fucking blew my load right then and there. I don’t think we have enough guy on our roster to wear out Julie, this bitch can take a pounding like no other whore I’ve ever seen.

Hailey is hometown hottie, a bit of a naive slut who is new to the porn scene and didn\\’t really know what she was getting into when she signed on to do a scene for Biohazard Bitches. She claimed to be a little wild but had no clue what filthy entailed, no worries Ben taught this slut how to be a filthy little whore. She really got into the filthy shit we made her to do, with almost no complaints, not that we have complaint department or suggestion box for these dumb whores. Hailey pushed away a few times when she had cock rammed down her throat but for the most part took the face fucking like a champ. For someone who claims to have only had anal a few times, she took the ass fucking of her life with a smile. We stretch her tight little ass, and get a good little gape out of this bitch. This cunt took everything we through her way then ate up every drip of cum like a good whore, I think she may have a future in this business after all.

Carmella Bing
Big sex drive, big attitude and big boobs, this week’s biohazard bitch is Carmella Bing. This slut is for all you sick puppies out there like me that like big ass breastesess, the bigger the better! With big titties usually comes a little meat, for some odd reason any broad that gets bolt-on boobs usually grows into them. It may take a few years but the rest of their body always ends up getting bigger to match the rack. No biggy I don’t mind a little extra cushion for the pushin, the extra meat gives us something to grab on to while slamming these dirty whores. I was going to say that I can forgive a little belly fat jiggling around if the tits are massive, but fuck that, if you’re getting naked and fuck for a living, attempting to be some type of so called “model” then put down the happy meal, pick up a carrot and go run your ass around the block a few times. This is your profession, act like a fucking professional! Our two stunt cocks didn’t seem to any issues with Carmella they tag teamed her and double stuffed her without any hesitation. Taking turns jamming their dicks into each of her holes and going back to have their dicks sucked clean from any pussy or ass juices then painting her face with their cock sauce.

Most whores we destroy never come back for second helpings, some return because rent is due or they need money to get high. I suppose getting some strangers dick slammed down their throat until they are drooling bile is better than being sober or homeless. Then we have girls like Harmony who are back every few months because she loves getting used, abused and treated like a worthless piece of trash. I don\’t know what happened growing up that gives sluts like Harmony such daddy issues that they need to be dominated and humiliated in order to have some sense of self worth. Whatever the trigger is we make sure to give these girls the attention they\’re lacking by skull fucking them, stretching all their holes, slapping them, spitting on them and splattering cum on their pretty faces. Ben decided to give Harmony\’s ass a break and stretch out her mouth and pussy, by any means possible. He shoved his foot down her throat, his fist up her cunt and I\’m still looking for the remote control! After watching Ben fist her box I feel bad for the next guy she bangs, slipping his dick into her pussy will be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

Gentlemen meet Vanilla, like that’s her real name lol. Most of the strippers out there and whores we shoot have their “stage name” that they use when working. I know these women aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed but do they think they’re fooling anyone by choosing a different name. It’s not like someone will be watching the bitch suck some dudes cock and say “Wow that looks like Allison Caron but it says Vanilla Eatsmore on the site so I guess it’s not her”! I suppose Vanilla is a little plain, average body, somewhat cute face but nothing spectacular, although she does take her ass ramming like a champ! This bitch is new to the porn scene, we made sure to get her while she’s nice and fresh so we could ruin her first:-) There’s nothing like going in for one of your first shoots and have some guy face fuck you while you drool all over yourself, then they realize; if that’s the start what the fuck did I just get myself into? Vanilla told us she had done anal with her ex-boyfriend but didn’t do it all that often, so we made sure to rip her tight ass apart! This shoot sure was an education for this dumb broad, not only did she realize getting pounded in the ass by some stranger hurts a lot more than when her pussy ex-boyfriend did it, she also learned what her ass tastes like as we schooled her in the art of ATM (Ass to Mouth:-).

Sometimes we get innocent young naive women to have fun with and other times we get experienced fuck pigs like Isabel. This cum loving whore has a whole lot of class, unfortunately for her it\’s a whole lot of low class! Fucking for a living can be a hazardous career, all we ask is you show in tip top shape so we can destroy you, don\’t come to work with a bunch of bruises all over your crack whore ass, it makes you look cheap. We really went to work on this pigs ass, stretching her little stink star, making sure she leaves with a few extra bruises to her ass (and self esteem:-). We choke, gag and sodomize this pig before feeding her three loads of cum.

For a guy who loves big fakies and bitches who don’t talk much Sheryl is the perfect whore. She wasn’t too fond of the camera filming her at first but I slipped a little something something in her drink to loosen her up a bit. She’s a whore from a regular agency so I couldn’t stick her head in my toilet like I do the other cuts, but that didn’t stop me from fucking her rotten and treating her like the whore that she is. I wasn’t her first call of the night so you bet I’ll wear a dome when I fuck her, she’s clean enough to blow my load in her face and eye though.

Dani Woodward
We have an enthusiastic headcase for you sick fucks this week, meet Dani. This fun little fuck is originally from Detroit but moved to LA to become the next big thing in porn, at least she was moderately realistic and didn’t move thinking she’s become a successful mainstream actress. Within just a couple weeks of her move Dani’s mad deep throating skills she got a contact offer from Vivid. Unfortunately she couldn’t seem to pass the drug test, so now she’s shooting for scum bags like us:-) Unfortunately you won’t find many scenes out there starring this little whore, she had a short lived porn career. We’re damn glad we got to pound her tight pussy and ram cock down her throat before she swore off men and moved in with some chick. We weren’t even that hard on her but it seems it was a little too much for her fragile psyche, I wonder if she still cries in the scalding hot shower while trying to scrub the “dirty” off.

We decided to outsource this weeks Biohahazard victim, meet Filipino fucktart Nadi. Seems everything is being outsourced to China, India or the Philippines these days, so we decided to give this Filipino a break from cleaning houses and helping raise someone else\’s children to swallow nine inches of man meat. Nadi has a great face for fucking, unfortunately her parents couldn\’t afford the orthodontics to fix that messed up set of crooked teeth that could rip your wang to shreds if you\’re not careful. She didn\’t earn the nickname Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker back in school for nothing! Coming from the home of the exploited sex slaves we knew we could have a blast with this tiny little bitch. Okay Nadi was born and raised in California but we still need to make fun of her heritage and all the stereotypes based around the Filipino people, after all we wouldn\’t want to disappoint you sick fucks by being all politically correct. We stuff this tiny girl with cock in every hole, pummelling her pussy and stretching out her tight little butt hole. If you like exotic looking babes with dark skin and blue eyes you\’re gonna like Nadi, if you like exotic looking babes with dark skin, blue eyes and a face full of semen then you\’re gonna love Nadi:-)

Samantha Ryan
This week we bring back 26 year old hottie Samantha Ryan. It\’s not often we get an actual blonde with real tits wearing little to no make-up, this chick is a natural beauty. All that means absolutely nothing if she can\’t deep throat dick and take a face fucking like a champ. Luckily for Samantha she\’s able to take down every inch of Kurt\’s cock while drooling all over herself and takes the initiative to eat his ass hole. So far she\’s batting a thousand, she let\’s Kurt toss her around like a slutty rag doll, even flipping the tiny tart upside down for a standing 69! These two have chemistry and put on a great show, the only disappointment is he didn\’t fuck her tight ass. Give me a line of blow and a lobster bib and I\’d chow down on that fine behind for hours!

Julie Knight
This week a Biohazard veteran is back with us, miss Julie Knight. I can’t say enough good things about this dirty little fuck pig, so I won’t even bother starting. She isn’t the hottest girl we’ve shot, I doubt she’d even make the top ten list in the hotness category. She sure as hell doesn’t have the biggest tits or the best ass and her face can be kinda cute in a dimly lit room. With all these little shortcoming she’s still by far one of my favourites, she is like one of the boys but much more fun to get head from:-) This bitch and I call her a bitch because she loves to be called one is a hardcore nympho off camera and on, Julie loves the cock. She isn’t doing this to feed a drug habit or some pimp boyfriend, she’s got a head on her shoulders and doesn’t fuck around when it comes to her business. Her business is fucking and for this whore business is good. But I guess when you have a great personality, love to fuck, you’re reliable and you take whatever is thrown at you with a smile you’ll do very well in this sick perverted business of fucking on film. I don’t have to describe the scene, you’ll watch it and no doubt love it, so just I’ll say it again Julie fucking rocks!

Leah Luv
I hope all you sick fucks had a good weekend, just in case you didn’t here’s a little something to put a smile on your face… The facial and anal abuse of one Leah Luv. If you’re into young looking girls you’re going to cream your pants when you see this petite slut gag and have her head slammed down on some big hard cock. Our boy Sasha has to be careful while he skull fucks this whore, she’s got a mouth full of metal and he doesn’t want to know the damage braces can do to his money maker. Maybe that’s the reason he spends much of the time bare backing Leah, fucking her pussy and ass almost nonstop. The only time he takes a break from filling Leah’s two holes is to have his cock washed off in her mouth. She might look young and innocent but this cunt is one filthy slut! There is nothing innocent about any chick that can take an anal reaming like we administered with such ease, Leah must have a long history of being used and abused. Leah didn’t stop telling us how much she loves getting fucked, we must have heard “I love a good fucking” a dozen times when we interviewed her and another twenty times the day of the shoot. To teach this bitch a lesson, we cut her a check and said “Here’s the $20 for your hard work, be happy bitch it looks like you’re getting fucked again, it’s your lucky day!” What’s most amazing is she was actually about to leave with just $20, when we gave her her actually pay her face lit up and she thanks us nonstop. Good thing she’s hot and fucks like mad because this twit is dumb as dirt!

Alicia B.
Another Alicia, what’s with all these whores having the same names? If you ever meet a chick named Alicia, chances are she’s a filthy little whore hopefully like this pig. We give her a lesson in opening her throat and gagging. Because we’re such nice fellas we loosen up Alicia’s throat, pussy and ass with a clear toy before ramming her in all 3 holes with a hard cock. This bitch admits she likes being slapped, choked and treated like a dirty whore, which is good because she should know that we won’t treat her like anything else other then a filthy little whore. We just pummelled her tight little ass and kept feeder her ass to mouth over and over before finally feeder her a nice load!

This is the first time we\’ve shot with this kinky bitch. When we interviewed Aria she told us she liked it rough so we made sure not to disappoint this fit fuck tart. You gotta love it when you find a whore that will swallow 12 inches of man meat with hardly a gag, have their drool slapped off their face then smile back up at you. We gave this whore the ass drillings of her life, 12 inches of pipe rammed all the way in and she fucking loved every fucking inch of it. You know the kinky bitch isn\’t faking it when she cums and squirts all over the camera soaking the lens. We put this bitch through the ringer! Just wait till you see her sweating like a pig from being fucked so hard, slapped and choked like a worthless piece of meat and amazingly loving every damn minute of it. Good girl Aria you\’re welcome back any time!

Charmane Star
We have a spicy little number for you perverts this week, meet the tight and tiny Charmane Star. She\’s a prime example of some of hot women the Philippines has to offer, plus she isn\’t a pre or post opp tranny, fool me once… 😉 I\’m a fan of dumb blondes with big fake tits but I also love these hot little imports, kind of like my behemoth white Escalade and little rice burning 350z roadster, I appreciate the best from east and the west. Once is built for comfort and ego, the other for performance and a nice snug fit, works for the women and the whips. Gives a whole new meaning to pimp my ride! Personally I think our chemically enhanced stunt cock was having an off day, here\’s his opportunity to get out all the built up roid rage and destroy Charmane\’s tight pussy and virgin ass! Instead he seemed like he was more interested in making love to her, well up until he gave her a face blizzard.

If you like exotic whores with nice big tits you\’re gonna love this weeks Biohazard Bitch Satvia. Ben calls and tells me has this hot little whore at his place and she\’s willing to fuck on camera, I told him to stop calling me with stupidities and to go crack that ass. Satvia has a really cute face, with great \”fuck me\” eyes, and plump lips perfect for stuffing with hard cock, which Ben wasted no time doing. The slut really had fun playing for the camera, but playtime only lasted a short time before Ben started ramming her in the ass and then feeding his dirty cock to her, showing Satvia what being a filthy whore is really like. This first timer took it like a pro, getting gagged, having her tight little ass stretched and gaped, and like a true fuck pig swallowing every last bit of cum that landed on her whore face. I just hope Ben doesn\’t send me the cleaning bill for his couch; this pig was so wet she soaked the fucking thing!

Nikki Hunter
Nikki Hunter sure is an enthusiastic whore. This dirty little slut is proof that any pig with big fake titties and beached blond hair can get into porn. Actually that\’s not fair to say about Nikki, this bitch also has a few other things going for her, a dirty fucking mouth that you just want to smack or shove something in to shut her the fuck up and a never ending appetite for cock. Okay, I\’ll admit this mutt faced fuck doesn\’t come off as your run of the mill whore looking to make a couple bucks. This bitch is an all out whore and loved to get plowed and have all her holes filled with cock, smacked around and treated like a little fuck doll. This bitch doesn\’t quit yapping, next time we\’ll have to pair this cunt up with three guys so there will always be a cock in her mouth. I do have to give her credit for giving an awesome performance, good job you dirty fucking pig.

Melissa Lauren
This week we bring back Melissa Lauren, without a doubt one of the best fuck sluts we have ever put through the ringer! No matter what we do to this cunt she keeps coming back for more, she either really enjoys being used and abused or has a serious drug habit to support. Before Melissa gives me shit for implying she\’s a drug addicted crack whore I can assure you she is far from it, she is on the other hand addicted to being treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat. It\’s rare we have girls come back for second helpings, and this crazy bitch has been here at least 5 times! Melissa is to Biohazard Bitches what Alec Baldwin is to Saturday night live only sober and a lot less bloated. He\’s hosted SNL more than anyone else, which goes to show how horribly desperate that show has gotten. Enough of my dumb ass obscure analogies and references, quite reading this steaming pile of shit and watch Melissa get her ass stretched out like a busted rubber band…

Arianna Jollee
This week we double team hottie Arianna and she’s willing to do anything you want. Arianna not only has a smoking body, a great natural rack, killer eyes and a great sense of humour but she’s also total whore! This bitch downs cock like she hasn’t eaten in a week, taking in every inch of man meat while drooling all over herself. The guys flip her around into all kinds of position and make sure she’s always has a mouthful while they are pounding and violating her. That’s unless they are busy double penetrating her, stuffing a pole into each hole stretching her out. She takes it all with a smile, which means they should have been smacking her around a bit to wipe that ass eating grin off her face. I don’t think this dumb cunt realizes this is Biohazard Bitches, we skull fuck and sodomize whores, pummel them with multiple cocks and feed them ass soaked dick then cover them in cock sauce. Yet this cunt is smiling, laughing and begging for cum, Jesus Christ bitch at least act like it hurts and pretend to fight us off. Arianna is hot and willing to do anything, I think I just met my future ex-wife!

Aurora Snow
We brought back one of our favourite whores of recent, Aurora Snow. Aurora gives us some good advise \”You can never be too rich, too smart, or too skinny\” well bitch can you be fucked too hard, too long and have your anus stretched out too much? You\’re about to find out:-) It\’s not easy to shut this bitch up, she even tried to mumble shit while her mouth is stuffed with dick or a fist. This blonde beauty can swallow cock with the best of em, taking down the man meat while gagging and drooling all over her fine self. If you think it\’s fun to watch this fuck pig suck dick you\’re going to love watching her get railed in the ass. We stretch out her tight ass and gape the hell out of her each time we pull out of her ass so she can suck her own ass juice fresh off the cock. I don\’t know what was more fun, fucking her tight little ass our ramming cock into her cute baby face then covering it in cock sauce.

This week we have smart ass slut Kat with us. This was one of the fuck shoots we had porn star Puma Swede shoot for us and she found the hottest homeless Vietnam Vet you’ve ever seen. Kat is a real cutie and probably the only whore that claims to be 19 and actually is. This bitch is tiny, you perverts that love young looking tiny twats are going to enjoy this little one. I don’t know when the last time Kat had some food was but the way she was munching on man ass it must have been a while since her last happy meal. The one benefit this poor girl had being on an empty stomach was while she getting skull fucked upside down with her face was getting covered in her own spit and blowing bile bubbles out her nose was that no chucks came up. Puma and her stunt cock that looks like Slash’s retarded brother had some fun destroying this whore, tearing up her tight little ass then feeding her cock covered in as juice. Talk about a mouthful, if it wasn’t a cock being rammed into her pie hole she was choking herself, forcing her fist down her own throat. Being the generous people they are Puma and retard Slash made sure to leave Kat with a crispy dollar bill feed her a face full of cock sauce.

Missy Monroe
The saying goes “The only thing better than pussy, is new pussy” no one can argue with that, but there’s something to be said for a whore that’s tried, tested and true! There are those that fear the unknown and prefer going back to the same hole, they feel secure knowing they won’t be disappointed. We love fresh meat but a solid whore that knows how to take a fucking just can’t be beat. That’s the case with girls like Missy; she takes the cock like a champ! Whether it’s being rammed down her throat until she’s gagging and drooling all over herself, sliding into her pink pussy or stretching out her anus, Missy takes it like a proper fuck slut. She’s hot, dirty and not too smart, just the way we like them. How big of a slut do you have to be to tattoo your name on your ass so that guys fucking you from behind remember your name? This isn’t the best scene we’ve shot with Missy, she works better when two guys are abusing her, we’ll be more prepared for next time, but we did have fun cracking her ass and filling it with nut butter.

Elf Sandra
T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house something was stirring and it wasn’t a mouse. We have a Christmas treat this week for you this week, a look into what really happens at Santa’s workshop and why those elves are always so cheery. You see boys and girls when Santa’s elves aren’t busy building toys for spoiled, snot nosed bratty little fucks they are tag teaming one of the she elves. When they aren’t being abused as slave labour’s the elves keep themselves mighty busy. At least the female elves are kept busy by all those over worked pointy eared perverted man midgets. We have none other than Sandra Romain to deck the halls and jingle some balls. James and Alex put some Christmas spirit into Sandra, well they jam it, cram it and jam it into each and every hole of hers. If you’re good you might get a model train or a video game but if you’ve been naughty you get to ass fuck a filthy whore and clean your cock off in her mouth, now there’s a Christmas Carol in the making for you. Santa get’s cookies and milk and Sandra the elf gets a face full of frosting:-) All of us at Biohazard Bitches hope you sick bastards have a great holiday season!

Nadia Styles
This week we bring in hot little brunette Nadia Styles. This fun little slut has mad oral skills, which is works out well since she’s chosen a career in cock sucking. Any whore that can deep throat and manage to stick her tongue far enough out of her cock filled mouth to lick balls has talent. Nadia told us she has an oral fixation so we made sure to take every opportunity to stuff her face with pussy and ass soaked dick. Nadia is cute, tiny, has a tight little ass and perky tits, the only thing on this bitch that isn’t small are her big floppy snatch flaps. This chick has some serious wizard sleeves; if you’re into meaty pussy you’d feast Nadia’s roast beef curtains. I don’t know what it is with these tiny girls and the ass reaming they’re able to endure. We sodomize this whore repeatedly only taking short breaks to give Nadia a chance to get skull fucked with Bens ass covered cock and she took it all with a smile, such a good little whore.

Jasmine B
This week we’d like you to meet two of three people that will never be back here at Biohazard Bitches. The third is the camera guy that shot this whole scene just a tad out of focus, idiot. Jasmine is pretty cute if you like exotic looking whores, she’s got small tits but a killer ass that makes up for it. Eric is pretty good at his job of stuffing Jasmines face with his big cock, ramming it down her throat until she’s gasping for air. He tosses her around and fucks her all kinds of cool standing positions. This bitch was cumming all over Eric’s cock just about the whole time, coating it with pussy juice. Hope that cunt cream tasted good for Jasmines sake, in between each position change she licked, sucked and cleaned off his cream coated cock. All in all I have to say these two put on a pretty good performance, so why won’t we be bringing them back you ask… Jasmine has such a fine ass and not once did Eric stuff his fat cock in it. We don’t ask for much, is a romantic skull fucking followed by ass tearing anal with a little ass to mouth action then all finished by a face full of cock sauce too much to ask for, I think not!

We have a chocolate treat for you sick bastards today, Marie Luv. She’s one of the tightest black chicks in porn, with a killer ass, nice natural tits and great abs. Here at Biohazard we are equal opportunity deranged fucks, black, white, yellow, makes no difference to us, it’s all pink inside:-) Marie was worried she wouldn’t be treated as bad as the white bimbos we get, we made sure not to disappoint her, or you guys. This dumb bitch swallows cock like her broke ass hasn’t eaten in a week, which is probably why nothing but spit comes back up after being gagged mercilessly. She didn’t seem to like the hair pulling much, who knows maybe her weave was loose and we were going to pull off that fucking mop of a hairdo. We slammed this stupid bitches pussy and ass until she just about had tears of joy running down her cheeks. She couldn’t stop screaming how much she loves being fucked like a whore and how she wants both cocks in her. This bitch just doesn’t shut up, she sounds like more of a man than Mike Tyson but the words that come out of her whore mouth make just as little sense. Well Marie if you’re able to read or someone is reading this to you; you were a great sport, you took the fucking like a champ and fully earned your book of food stamps, bravo bitch, brav-fucking-o!

Some of the whores that walk though our door enjoy the punishment we administer on them, some:-) From time to time we find ourselves a real trooper, a slut that loves to be mistreated, used, abused, a super whore some may say. Hailey is one of these women, and god bless her little heart for it. She\’s back for a third time and told us not to let her down, she wanted to be gagged, fucked and treated like (and I quote) \”the dirty little whore that I am\”. We made sure not to disappoint her and she made sure not to disappoint you.

Katie Ray
Happy Monday all you sick fucks, today we have the anal destruction of Katie Ray. Katie has been on the porn scene for a short time and was really anxious for work but hadn’t done much anal before. She was a little nervous about shooting for us but we assured her we’d be gentle and there would only be a little anal if any at all. We started her off nice and slow feeding her a healthy serving of man meat, stuffing her face full and jamming hard cock down her throat. Although Katie hadn’t done much anal before this fuck session, she got through it like it was a walk in the park…Well a walk that included Katie getting skull fucked, sodomized and made to suck ass juice off some stranger then left there like a worthless piece of meat with ass full of sperm. But wait that’s not all, this lucky little whore then farted the load out of her ass to taste it, jealous aren’t you!

This week we give a serious stretching session to hottie Harmony. If you guys haven’t been able to tell our man Ben is one hell of an ass man, this guy loves shoving his tongue, fingers and cock up hot girls poop shoots. Obviously Ben isn’t the pickiest guy, he’d fuck any pig we paired him up with, sometimes he gets a hog and sometimes he gets a hot little number like Harmony. We have a gagtastic time with this sick little bitch, and we didn’t hold anything back. Feeding her cock until she’s gasping for air, drooling all over herself and we don’t let up until her eyes swell up with tears… of joy I assume. We’ve done some serious damage in the past stretching out whore anus but this poor girl has to be in the top 5 of destroyed rectums. We ream this girl and only take breaks from sodomizing her have her suck Bens ass soaked cock clean. Most girls don’t know what to expect and we have a blast with them but Harmony has been here twice before so she knew exactly what she was getting into, forcing us to up the ante and really tear her face, ass and sprit apart. Even after being reamed in the ass while being slapped, spit on, having her head stepped on our little Harmony said she’d be happy tome back again. I think I’m in love!

Jasmine Byrne
This week we have the hot little Latina Jasmine. You wouldn\’t know it by looking at this tiny Mexican cutie but she\’s also a dominatrix, so our guys better be careful, she can take it and dish it out. I love me some big titties, usually the bigger and faker the better, but there are certain cases where I\’m a fan of small cups and this is one of them. Couple Jasmine\’s tiny frame, perfect b cups, shaved pussy, love for double penetration and Mexican heritage and I think I found the perfect maid! Then again cleaning my place would be such a waste of this little whore\’s talents. With her skills there\’s no way she\’ll be knocking on doors saying \”house keeping\” when she puts such effort in shoving two dicks in her mouth. And let\’s face it I think we can all agree that watching her get spit roasted, is far better than watching her vacuum, except for you vacuum fetish perverts. Jasmine you found your calling, so keep you day job of getting your holes filled with jizz then drinking the drippings out of the bowl my dog drinks from, it suits you!

We’ve had some real weird ass looking pigs come through our doors, a couple of the whores looked like they had down syndrome or something. Vanessa on the other hand is one hot piece of ass, this bitch has a killer body, pretty face and other then a bit of a horse mouth is one of the hottest cunts we’ve had the chance to destroy. Ben must have been thinking the same thing, it’s very rare he’ll start licking some whore’s ass or feet and he went all out on this sweet looking slut, can you blame him? Vanessa loves to be treated like a worthless piece of meat, having cock slammed up her tight ass then down her little throat. She deserves extra points for volunteering to stick her tongue up Ben’s dirty ass. Just because she doesn’t look like a pig doesn’t mean she doesn’t act like one, this bitch can’t get enough of sucking Ben’s cock right out of her tight little ass. Having a cock in her mouth really suits her, it’s the only time she actually shuts up and isn’t moaning “yeah, oh yeah”! There’s a reason this shit isn’t scripted and we don’t give them lines, no one cares to hear what they think or want.

Chelsea and Lexi
This week we have some reverse tag team action, two girls on one guy! As much as these gals work together Chelsea and Lexi do their best to push the other past her limits. The pair of whores start off taking turns gagging each other, each bitch forcing the other sluts head down on the cock, then sharing the cock like the good little sluts that they are. This week pussies are reserved for licking, finger and fist fucking, the cock is reserved for ass poundings only. By now you sick fucks are used to seeing us feed these whores cock straight out of their own ass, we love good ass to mouth action. As disgusting as eating cock fresh out of your own ass is, it can\’t be half as bad as eating ass soaked cock straight out some other dumb whores ass. I don\’t care how close you are with your friends, some people share tooth brushes, some share a bar of soap but we know we\’re crossing the line when we feed these hogs the ass juice of the other, it\’s just disgusting. Not to be outdone by ourselves we don\’t just use and abuse these two whores, we blow a dirty load of sperm into Lexi\’s ass then have Chelsea feltch it out, you read it right we get Chelsea sucking the cock sauce right out of Lexi\’s stretched out anus!

Sandra Came Back!
We have a biohazard first for you sick puppies today… Triple Anal! We just love getting these foreign hoochies, they let us do whatever we want to their poor imported asses. We know we’re going to have fun when the stupid bitch tell us… “I am wanting you to fuck me more harder, yes, for the chance for living in US and A!”:-) We’ve had plenty of whores come through and get abused by one or more of our romantic gentlemen, having all their holes stretched like pieces of meat. Each of the classless cunts gets their share of being chocked, face fucked, double penetrated, eating ass, liking toilets, swallowing cum (you get the idea:-) but Sandra is the first filthy pig that took 3 cocks in the ass at the same time. Having one dick stuffed up your poop-shoot can’t be comfortable, having 2 cocks and a dildo rammed up your ass while being choked and spit on is an experience I hope no one reading this ever has to endure (being on the receiving end that is:-). Welcome to America bitch, the land of opportunity… opportunity to get your ass stretched and torn up so bad you wish you were back in Kazakhstan drinking warm goat milk from a dirty wooden cup!

Alicia and Harmony
Boys, we have two hot whores for you today; Alicia came all the way from merry old England to get her face fucked and ass rammed, Harmony is you’re typical dumb blonde Florida hooch and we treat her like the trailer trash that she is. You’d think 2 girls, 2 guys, one for each, we’ll start that way but there’s no fucking way will we give up an opportunity to double stuff these dumb pigs. Alicia takes one cock in the pink and one in the stink while Harmony takes both cocks in her stretched trailer trash pussy. It’s disgusting enough to eat a cock after it’s been in your ass, but to pull some guys bareback cock out of some other whore’s ass and suck off all the ass juice is just fucking gross! These two pigs finish off by sharing both loads of cock sauce, they’re such good little whores:-)

This weeks hot little used and abused whore is Aline. You can always tell the veteran strippers and porn gals, I\’d say pornstar but that would be giving this c-list whore a little too much credit. The girls who have been around the block a few times don\’t raise an eyebrow when you tell them their going to be double-teamed and stretched out like an overused elastic. The new girls always have that look of shock they try and hide but not the veteran whores, it\’s either the cheap Botox keeping their faces emotionless or just as likely you adapt and it\’s normal having guys pummel your holes until they are swollen and red. When getting cock crammed down your throat so deep you can\’t say a word while another cock is being rammed deep into your ass, and that\’s considered a usual Tuesday afternoon, you\’ve been doing this a while. I guess we\’ll promote Aline to pornstar status, after all, any chick that can take a big cock in either hole, take turns cleaning them off with her mouth is a star in our book. So if you\’re reading this Aline, or someone is reading this to your illiterate dysfunctional dirty slut self, congrats on the promotion! There\’s no pay increase but you can change the official title on your business card (if you ever print them) from: Aline – Dirty Fucking Whore, to Aline – Dirty Fucking B List Pornstar Whore. Or just keep blowing the guy who interviews you and you\’ll continue to get work.

Tyla Wynn
If Rod Stewart was a half decent looking whore and not an ugly old man he’d look like this week’s Biohazard Bitch Tyla. Actually I think Tyla is more masculine then our asshat of a stunt cock. The first sign this guy was a total douche was when he showed up in that retarded fake chain link sparkle shirt. Tyla starts off by telling everyone she wants to be fucked in the ass and then fed said cock so she could taste her dirty ass! So what does the fagmaster do? He jumps in starts eating pussy and pleasuring her! Don’t worry this fucktard finally finds his balls, Tyla must have showed him where they are and he does his best to act like the whore master. Thankfully Tyla knows what she’s doing and saved the scene. The only thing worse than this guys fucking is the stupid music our soon to be unemployed editing guy sporadically put in throughout this clip. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on boy wonderless, he’s used to fucking ass just not one that’s attached to a woman

Amber Wild
This week we\’re getting wild with Amber! She\’s been around for a little while but this is her first time getting the Biohazard treatment. Amber has small naturals and I would guess she\’s even a natural blonde, there\’s no rug to match the curtains so it\’s hard to say for sure. Amber told us she liked big dicks so we shoved a couple in her face and let her go to work on them. She swung her pretty little face back and forth sucking one dick then the other, being a good little slut she took the time to suck their nut sacks too. We kept Amber mighty busy, I don\’t think 10 seconds went by that she didn\’t have a cock in her mouth or pussy, she has both holes were filled pretty much the whole time. As each guy took their turn, she made sure to suck her cunt juice off their cocks as they pulled out of her tight freshly shaved pussy. Amber has killer eyes and watching her stare into the camera as she got two mouth and face loads of cum puts an ear to ear smile on this pervert.

Katja Kassin
Week in and week out we have a new girl that comes in and we do our best to rough her up and treat her like a worthless pig. On occasion the girl is expressionless and boring, sometimes she’s chunky or ugly, we’ve had weeks where the stunt cock was a useless meat head and on once in a while the video editing guy has made his share of fuck ups. This week we have none of that garbage, Katja gets tag teamed and double stuffed. The only part I could criticize is the tit fucking looks more like our stunt cock was taking a Cleveland steamer on her chest, but that would have just made the fuck session that much better! We face fuck her and ram two cocks into her throat so hard I’m amazed she doesn’t puke. Then they went to work putting a pole in each hole, which for most women would be enough to have them leave in tears. We didn’t just fuck her pussy and ass simultaneously our guys shoved two cocks deep into her gaping anus. That’s right mother fuckers, you read it right, double anal! Finish it off with cum gargling two big loads and you have yourself one kick ass video, enjoy…

Alicia Angel
It’s not often we get whores that want to come back a second time so when Alicia Angel called and said she wanted to be used and abused by us again we told her to come on in. We paired her up with 2 sick fucks and they went to town on this poor cunt, I think she got a little more then she bargained for this time. I`d be amazed if Alicia will be calling us back anytime soon, shit I`d be surprised if she’ll be doing anything but holding an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas to her abused and stretched out holes in the next little while. We double stuffed this petite hottie and rammed a pole in each hole nonstop. The only time Alicia didn’t have her cunt and ass slammed with cock is when she was having then shoved down her throat and licking them clean. These guys tossed her around like a worthless rag doll, twisting and turning her every position imaginable while the pummelled her with dick and only taking breaks to feed it to her. After 30 minutes of nonstop abuse Alicia gets her daily feeding of 2 cum loads and is sent packin like the good little whore that she is.

Barbara Summer
If you’re an ass man or a boob man you’re gonna love this week’s Biohazard Bitch Barbara Summer. This blonde bimbo has a smoking body that’s tanned to perfection. You better believe Alex isn’t going to take this asstastic opportunity lightly; he goes straight for the prized piece of ass. Gotta love this guy, most stunt cocks get a little head, then fuck the pink before sticking it in the stink, not this mother fucker. He starts by fucking some ass then removes his dick so Barbara can taste her anal juices then goes right back to pummelling her pooper. This isn’t Barbara’s first visit, last time we paired her up with two guys who used and abused her like the dirty fuck pig that she is. Barbara’s body is just banging, long legs, tight phat ass and a perfect pair, shame she fucked it up some ugly ass tattoo. I have no objections to ink but the majority of the time it doesn’t look like body art, it looks like a white trash tramp stamp, at least it’s not some guys name, or worse yet her own name like last week’s nit wit Missy. Enough of my ramblings, enjoy watching Barbara take a face full of cock sauce.

Holly is a hot little whore that we wasted not time tearing apart. We started her off by ramming cock down her throat until she was gasping for air and drooling all over her slutty self. This cunt is originally from Holland where they learn how to take an ass pounding at a very young age, but no amount of training can prepare someone to be double teamed and creamed by us. I don’t know why she insists on talking, she should know her mouth is good for a couple things and talking sure as hell isn’t one of them. After some serious face fucking, double penetration and feeding her cock out of her gaping ass, we creampied her stink hole and fed her back the dirty cum. This dumb cunt got the works, enjoy…

We have beautiful brunette bitch Delilah for you guys this week. When I hear the name Delilah I used to think of that dumb cunt on the radio where people call in and give some sappy story about someone they love and haven\’t seen in a while, well after meeting this Delilah I now have a new image to associate that name with. This bitch has been a whore for a long time, hell she was first gang banged at 16, but for some reason only had her ass cracked last year for the first time. It\’s almost memorizing watching her ass cheeks bounce as she rides dick. Being such a whore from such a young age it\’s quite amazing she only started doing anal last year, I sure hope she\’s been practicing and practicing a lot because we tear her fine ass up. I don\’t care how much you prepare yourself (physically and mentally) being pounded in the ass, fed ass-covered cock, splattered in semen and treated like a worthless piece off meat can\’t do much for the ego. We get some serious gapes from this whore stretching her ass out over and over again.

This week\’s blue-eyed blonde bimbo is Aurora Snow. Seems Aurora loves to talk and tell stories, then again if I knew I was about to be skull fucked, I\’d waste as much time telling useless boring stories as I could too. I don\’t know if her voice or the stupidities she\’s saying but next time we\’ll be teaming her up with two guys so we can have that mouth stuffed with dick and not listen to her dumb ass banter. I don\’t want to be too hard the dirty little whore, she takes an ass reaming like a champ, and we appreciate any slut that likes to have her hair pulled and get slapped around. If you\’re the type of sick fuck that likes to see the freshly fucked ass gape then you\’re going to love this scene, we jam it all the way up her ass and stretch it out over and over. If you\’re wondering what that stretched out ass tastes like just ask Aurora, we keep feeding her cock fresh from her. Apparently nothing adds to the taste of ones own anus like a mouthful of some stranger\’s semen, this cum slut can\’t get enough of it!

Vanessa Lane
We get all kinds of cunts that shoot for us but none are as fit as this week’s biohazard bitch Vanessa Lane. This girl keep sherself in shape, maybe it’s all the fruit she eats or the fucking random men on camera work out routine. She’s not just a hot body, she’s got great eyes and a mouth you want to ram your cock into. Don’t go ramming it in too fast now, she’s got braces and can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. We were trying out some newer stunt cocks and showed them showed them the video of when Vanessa visited us last. When we asked which guy wanted to fuck her this time, they all wanted a piece. We like to keep our stunt cocks happy and decided to let all these guys have at it, this way if they want some they can have a sword fight and compete for face time. They took turns fucking her while she blew the last guy who was penetrating her pussy, and round and round she went. These guys were like college kids in a cunt store, each wanting a taste and a turn, I’m amazed they lasted so long before blowing their load. When they finally were ready to pop Vanessa took each load and made sure not to waste a drop.

Holy Holly this whore is hardcore. We double-team this Brit bitch and bring her to tears ramming cock down her little throat until she’s drooling and gasping for air. There’s no fucking around with this slut, we went right from her mouth to her ass, and of course back to her mouth so she could taste her dirty stink hole. All these whores have different reasons for taking this type of biohazard punishment. Holly just like being mistreated, she gets off on being used, abused, gagged, chocked, spit on, slapped, having her ass reamed, basically treated like a piece of dirt. She’ll suck on anything that’s shoved in her mouth and swallow anything we shove up her ass!

This week we stick it to blonde bimbo Kinzi. Can you guess what sets Kinzi apart from all the other blonde whores that we shoot? Is it her looks, nice boobs, fake and bake tan, ability to gag on cock and drool all over herself, nope, none of that sets her apart! The fact is nothing sets this dumb fucking cunt apart from 95% of the other wannabes we shoot. I’d give her extra points for having a nice ass but she loses them for not knowing how to shake the damn thing. She talked up her cock sucking skills which were average at best, not that’d I’d tell her to stop if she was polishing my knob. The problem with girls like Kinzi is every guy she’s ever blown has probably told her she’s amazing and the best they’ve had because they are just happy that a this somewhat hot chick is blowing them. She’s already got your cock in her mouth, there’s no need to feed her ego with compliments, call her a dirty whore and jam her head down, she’ll respect you more for it later, trust me.

Missy and Julie
This week we bring in two competitive cock suckers Missy and Julie. You gotta love it when you have two girls competing and arguing about which whore is the nastiest. The two chicks started off by getting each other nice and wet, kissing, licking and spitting on each other. Then they had a fun little game of duelling butt plugs, eating out each other’s assed then stuffing a butt plug all the way in, pulling them out only to taste each other’s anuses. After the anal taste testing these girls decided to go all pulp fiction and broke out the gimp mask, that’s when we sent our man Lee and his foot longer in to see which of these whores really is the nastiest. Both bitches were able to take down every inch of his anaconda, bringing up spit and bile which the girls spat all over each other. Lee then railed each of them stuffing his rod into each of their asses then having the other to lick it clean. Truth be told there wasn’t any forcing at all these girls kept trying to out whore the other. If one is being fucked in the ass the other is shoving her fist up her ass, this is the type of competitive spirit we love around here. You guys are going to love how this one ends, Lee blows his load in Missy’s mouth then smacks her across the face, Missy grabs Julie by the hair then spits the load all over Julie’s face. These girls fucking rock!

Roxy Jezel
This week we have Asian sensation Roxy Jezel getting tag teamed. Last time roxy was here we teamed her up with two guys so this time we couldn’t disappoint her with just one. This spicy Thai whore loves the cock, the only thing that would have made her happier would have been another dick to fill any open hole. Roxy is a tiny little thing at barely 5 feet tall and maybe 95 pounds she would probably be turned away from most rides 6 flags. Luckily at the Biohazard fun house we only have height and weight maximums, not minimums! Little Roxy takes her double stuffing like a champ, practically begging for more as she has a pole slammed in each hole. The only think that seems to shut her up is covering her face and mouth in ball batter!

Jenaveve and Daisy
This week we have double trouble, porn stars Jenaveve Jolie and Daisy Marie are here to share Ben. These two self proclaimed filthy whores have to be some of the more talented cock suckers we’ve had. Or maybe they just look really good with a cock in their mouth, what the hell do I know, I’m not the one skull fucking these hotties, I just write this drivel. Unlike me, Ben get’s to do whatever nastiness he can think of to Jenaveve and Daisy, seems he chooses to start off fucking their faces, ramming his dick as fast as he can into their pie hole. Then the poor bastard takes turn fucking these hot whores, only to have his dick pulled out of Daisy’s freshly fucked wet pussy so Jenaveve can suck it, then the girls switch it up so Daisy can lick Jen’s snatch juice off of Bens dick freshly fucked dick. Daisy has to have one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen, just wait until you she her from behind bouncing on Ben’s cock, you’ll agree! Daisy’s fine behind more than makes up for Jenaveve looking a little bit like a post-opp tranny, just kidding slut, but seriously that tattoo over your box looks fucking ridiculous. These two girls play really well together and share Ben’s big load like good little sluts.

Lucy Lee
I would love to tell you guys we got Lucy Liu for this weeks episode but we just have a cheap made in China knock off, Lucy Lee. You gotta love the names these dim whitted douche bags chose for themselves. We crack this little fortune cookie apart, fucking her in the ass long time, then feeding it back to her. I don\’t know what the white shit leaking out of her ass is, I don\’t recall ordering this duck with extra sauce, maybe that was just the MSG:-) It couldn\’t have been that bad because Lucy kept licking Sasha\’s cock clean each time he pulled it out of her dripping anus. He hardly bothered with her Peking pussy and focused mainly on cracking that tight Asian ass.

Rita Faltoyano
We have imported hottie Rita Faltoyano for you sick bastards this week. Rita shot for us about a year ago and I guess she needs to renew her work permit to stay in the country so we brought her back for another fun ass reaming. Rita is one of those cock-worshiping whores, this bitch loves to show off her fancy finger work as she sucks dick. One thing that I always find amusing is just about every slut that walks through our door thinks she gives the best head. Seems this holds true for most women, and it’s fault of all you guys who give too much credit to the bitch sucking your dick and your philosophy that the best blow job is the one you’re currently getting. Quit inflating the ego’s of these mediocre knob gobbling sluts who need to learn to lick their slobber off the back of your nuts and that they shouldn’t be afraid of licking your stink star! We have a new guy shooting this week and he needs a little schooling in the art of degrading whores. He’s taking orders from Rita, licking her box and tonguing her ass when he should be smacking her in the face and ramming his cock down her throat. Fortunately Rita has been treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat enough times to lead the way and have herself sodomized and used like a true Biohazard Bitch.

Stacy Thorn
This week we have fake blonde and fake 18 year old Stacy Thorn. She’s cute, tall, has a decent rack and a great sense of humour, couple that with the fact she loves to be used and treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat and I think I found my future ex wife. She’s witty but I wouldn’t go as far as calling her smart, then again other than a couple of whores we’ve destroyed I wouldn’t label any of these fucktards as smart! If they had any smarts they would save some of their hard earned cash and not call us for work 2 days before rent is due, each and every month. I’m not complaining, if it weren’t for dumb whores I wouldn’t have this wonderful job, then I might be getting skull fucked and fed dick that’s just been rammed up my poop shoot just to make rent and buy a happy meal. Then again we’re all told no matter what we chose to do in life we should do it to the best of our ability and in that respect Stacy does her job like a champ. Unlike our freshly fired editing guy who couldn’t do his job and match the video and audio in this scene! Should he ever show up to our office even to pick up the final pay check he’s never getting, I’m going to have Stacy strap on a fat dildo and ream his ass. Something tells me he’s not going to enjoy it as much as she did, then again ya never know.

Jenna Presley
This week we have brunette cutie Jenna Presley. With many unknown wanna-be porn stars out there we try and do our part by giving them a little work and helping them get one step closer to being the professional skank they so desire to be. Jenna came knocking thinking she’d be the next big thing and claimed she gave the best blow jobs, that’s quite a claim to make and one we’ve hear oh so many times. What these cunts don’t realize and this goes for most women, guys will always tell who ever is gobbling their knob that they give the best head, dudes are just happy someone is blowing them. Jenna does a good job deep throating and gagging herself on some man meat, sloppy and slobbery she drools all over herself as she tries to take it all down. Because she’s relatively new and was a fun fuck we’ll excuse Jenna for being such a naive douche and making such ridiculous claims as she gives the best head. Then again this twit also thinks people will believe she’s 18, someone needs a dose of wake the fuck up! So Jenna if you’re reading this you conceited fucktard, you’re cute, have nice little titties and a nice personality, now remember you’re just an average whore who fucks strangers and gets left with a mouth full of sperm, get over yourself whore.

This week we have this dumb fucking blonde Dara. Oh man what a cluster fuck of a mess we dealt with this trying to get this shoot done, no fault to the whore she was dumb as dirt but at least she showed up. When I tell you this chick was dumb I mean semi fucking retarded, I’m about 30% sure she was sober because no one in their right mind could sound and act like this mental case. Our stunt cock was a no show so we had our cam guy call in his friend that was visiting from Lithuania or someplace like that. The guy was actually pretty good, I have to give him props for doing as well as he did with such short notice. If he plans to do more of this he might want to learn to control his breathing and learn some more English other then “you like, like this” but other than that he might actually have found a new career. The whore was alright when the camera went on and she stopped talking, she wasn’t too bright but we were in a pinch and found this flighty fuck on craigslist. I fucking love Craigslist, where else can you find an oak bookshelf, a used samurai sword and a whore that is willing to let a stranger bareback her in the ass and cum all over her face, all within a few clicks for a total cost of $200! This new guy watched a few of our videos to see what it is we do and tried to emulate as best possible, stepping on her head while sodomizing her, feeding her his dick when he pulls it out of her ass, and dropping a solid load all over her mouth and face.

Lauren Pheonix
We have cock hungry Lauren Phoenix for sick fucks this week. Lauren loves the cock, she loves touching it, tasting it, feeling it jammed in any hole on her body big enough to fit some man meat. Lauren told us her fantasy was to have all three of her holes filled at the same time and be the center of attention. Be careful what you wish for, we gave this worthless piece of meat what she wanted and more during this fuck session. The guys took turns ramming her pussy and ass switching up often so they could clean off their cocks in her mouth. The guys had a blast destroying this stupid fuck pig, pulling her hair, choking, spitting on her, and smacking her while stuffing her pussy, ass and mouth simultaneously. Lauren must have loved her fantasy being fulfilled; this bitch was dripping from all her holes, self-lubed to perfection. The icing on the cake was the frosting in her mouth, she swallowed every drop of all three loads.

This week we double team hottie Trina Michaels. This bleached blonde with big fake tits is so original I\’m surprised the bimbo didn\’t have a barbed wire tattoo across her bicep. Trina has a nice looking face, but it looks so much better when she\’s being smacked by two big cocks and having then fed and rammed down her throat. The only problem with banging the crap out of whores with big fake boobs is the only thing that jiggles when you\’re pounding them is their belly fat. We\’re not complaining, those big ass fun bags are fun as hell to motor boat and slap around. Trina was born for porn, we see many girls come and go, giving the porn thing a try and then going back to whatever miserable life they had before but I think we\’ll see Trina around for a while. Not just because she has big ass clown fake boobs or loves the cock, but because she truly is a dirty fuck pig. Any bitch that likes it and swallows when a guy spits in her mouth, takes two cocks at a time and loves every second of it will do well making smut films. She just has to make sure she stays slim and trim! On the day of our shoot all she ate was a couple of freshly ass soaked cocks and a mouth load of semen, if she keeps this diet up she\’ll lose that extra pudge in no time at all:-) This one fun fucking whore…

Keanni Lei
This week we have the shy and insecure Keanni Lei. In reality she’s neither but Sylvester Stallone is neither a boxer or war vet but he plays one, same goes for this Hawaiian hoochie. We all know Keanni has the skills to pay the bills but it’s more fun to have her come off as an innocent naive girl that needs to learn the ropes. Regardless of the so called story line it’s fun to watch this hottie drool all over herself as cock is being rammed down her throat. With her tight little body and smoothly shaved snatch it’s not hard to believe she could be young and inexperienced, until she takes a cock and toy in the ass at the same time that is:-) Veteran or newbie I think it’s safe to say Keanni learned something new today; how a cum coated donut tastes!

We have a real cute 20 year old little slut for you perverts today, meet Riley. We paired this tiny little tart up with our massive tree trunk of a stunt cock. I gotta give the whore credit she put in great effort trying to deep throat the massive mound of man meat, shoving his cock so far into her face it made tears run from her baby blues. Riley was a ton of fun, pulling her pigtails while taking turns pounding her perfectly pink pussy and fucking her pretty face. It\’s fun watching her perky natural tits bounce up and down as she gets fucked, I know you guys are gonna love watching this slut:-).

Kelly B
This week we score with one of the hottest MILF\’s around, Kelly Broox comes back for some second helpings. Kelly has really nice eyes, I particularly like watching them roll into the back of her head when she gets face fucked and her throat filled with cock. This slut has nice pair of itty-bitty titties, it\’s not often we get a nice small natural pair. I guess she hasn\’t saved up enough for the plastic surgery yet, lay off the crack lady, you\’ll be able to save enough for boobs and rent! We had a lot of fun pounding her tight pink pussy and then her even tighter ass. Giving her giant gapes then feeding her cock straight out of her dirty ass was fun, but blowing a load of man mustard all over her face was the icing on the cake, and by cake I mean dirty whore.

We have a hottie ready to love us long time this week, meet Tia. This little chopstick sure is cute but she ain\’t that bright at all. Any chick that wants to study anthropology and aspires to earn $200-$300 a week at a desk job should really take her porn work seriously, because she\’s way too fucking stupid to do anything else. Until she realizes her dream of answering phones and putting stamps on envelopes we\’ll help her pass the time by ramming her china doll face with cock. With such a nice rack and perfectly tight round ass we knew she would be a fun fuck. I don\’t know why she\’s want to do anything but get gagged and fucked by strange guys for money, she finally found something she enjoys and she\’s damn good at it as you\’re about to see. Don\’t ask why Marco has a band-aid on his leg, maybe the girly man cut himself shaving:-)

Tory and Tiffany
Happy New Year mother fuckers! We start off the New Year with a bang, Tory Lane and Tiffany Holiday getting banged to be more specific. This scene should be called the schooling of Tiffany, I don’t know who was rougher on the prissy whore our man Mark or Tory the super slut. If she isn’t jamming Tiffany’s face down on dick, Tory’s trying to feed Tiffany cock that is fresh out of her ass and you can see Tiffany wants no part of it but Tory won’t let her off that easy. Watching this you can see why Tory is a fucking pro and why Tiffany is just a wanna-be snuggle tooth slut. Tory puts Tiffany through the ringer, pulling her hair, spitting on her, smacking her ass as she’s ramming her down on Marks dick, berating her like the worthless cunt that she is. I would hate to see Mark and Tiffany fucking without Tory there to make it a real fuck session, if I sound like a huge kiss ass Tory Lane super fan it’s because I am, this slut rocks. Not only is she off the fucking wall she’s funny too, around the 3 minute mark she had cock rammed so far down her throat she almost loses her lunch, man this bitch cracks me up.

Teena’s a dumb whore that claims to be 18 years young, which is as believable as if she said she was a virgin. In true Biohazard fashion Teena gives a nice gargling and gagging symphony as she has cock rammed deep into her throat. Jeff isn’t a small guy and this dirty pig takes his cock right down her throat balls deep, which can’t hurt much more then taking it hard up the ass the way she does. I sure hope this bitch brought Listerine or a tooth brush with her, eating Jeff’s ass, having his dirty cock covered in gooey pussy and ass juicy in her mouth then swallowing his load has to leave a hell of an aftertaste!

Missy Monroe
We bring back the mouth watering Missy Monroe this week. If this were any other girl I would almost feel bad and have pity for the punishment inflicted, but this is Missy and she\’s the master of disaster! I don\’t care how big the dicks are or how rough the guys try to be, time and time again we destroy the dumb fucking whore and she doesn\’t just take it, this crazy cunt keeps coming back for more! Needless to say when I call Missy a cunt, whore, slut, bitch, worthless piece of fuck meat, it\’s a term of endearment and meant as a compliment, she knows that and I want to make sure you guys know she feels the same. We\’ve destroyed hundreds of whores and few have the spirit Missy does, this chick is fucking amazing. We rip her apart, tearing her ass up to the point you could probably fit your head up her poop shoot, should you want to that is. I think I\’m in love with the cum gargling sperm sack, if only she would return my calls.

You gotta see the size of the cock on our new guy, he’s a fucking monster! If most guys had cocks like this you wouldn’t see half the Porsches on the road that you do now lol. We knew the perfect whore to hook up with Chris, there aren’t many bitches out there that can handle such a big piece of man meat, but we knew Hailey would be up for the challenge. She was a little nervous leading up to the scene, and for good reason, Chris’ job is to tear this little cunt apart! Chris cracks me up, it’s not enough he manages to ram his foot longer all the way down Hailey’s stretched throat, he smacks her on the back of her head just to pack in that extra little bit. I have to give credit where credit is due, this stupid bitch actually works through the pain of chocking and gagging and manages to deep throat his massive cock, and miraculously doesn’t toss her cookies, not an easy task! It’s a good thing Hailey’s been in L.A. long enough to have developed some type of eating disorder. If she had anything in her stomach while Chris was pounding her in the ass, her lunch would have been pushed back up and out her mouth! This bitch is a fucking champ, any whore that takes a monster cock like this in the ass then down her throat and begs for more deserves a serious pay check! If you read this Hailey; spend that $55 wisely, you fucking earned it!

Sativa Rose
It’s been a while since we’ve seen hottie Sativa Rose. It seems she’s been working on her skills and has made some great strides in her ability suck cock, she still has some work to do on her deep throating skills but I have no doubt she’ll get there. You know what they say about practice;-) I like Sativa, probably because she isn’t built like you’re typical porn whore, she’s a tiny one at 5 feet tall, natural brown hair and unbelievable natural tits! Oh and what an ass on this tight little Mexican senorita, give me lobster bib and I’d feast on that behind for hours. Unless you like blondes with big fakies then I’m sure you’re gonna love Sativa with her near perfect tits and ass. What I don’t get is why Sasha kept is dick in her sweet wet pussy and didn’t crack that ass open. Last time she was here Ben fucked her in the ass, maybe Sasha is getting soft in his old age. Then again he’s the one who had Sativa gargling on his cock, riding him bareback and drinking his cum, not me, so who the fuck am I to criticize!

We love getting foreign meat around here like this imported beauty Annette. The European whores are usually the dirtiest pigs and let us do just about anything we want to them. It\’s not often we get a natural blonde with natural tits, and what great rack at that! Annette has mad cock gobbling skills, this whore can take a throat poking like it\’s nobody\’s business. Sasha skull fucks this blonde beauty until she has saliva bubbling from her nose and dripping down her chest. If you\’re the kind of guy that likes a good meaty pussy you\’re going to love watching Annette getting her meat hole pummelled. As much as we love a nice meaty snatch we prefer to go to work on tighter of the two. Forcing cock and a fist up her ass then feeding them back to her so she can taste her own dirty anus is just some of the abuse this cunt endured during her visit. Between the ass destruction, violent deep throating and face fucking this bitch took it all.

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner! Meet Shannon the winner of our Most likely to be a post op. tranny award LOL. When this ass clown walked through my door I wasn\’t sure what the fuck it was, other then really fucking strange. She\’s actually a really sweet person but at first glance you\’d probably bet that she has a cock or had one at one point:-) But once you see the roast beef curtains hanging from this whore you know the only cock she has are different ones stretching out her loosey goosey snatch each night. Her cunt might me a little used and worn but her tits are brand spanking new and fucking massive, I guess when you have a face like Shannon you do what you have to do to draw people\’s attention elsewhere. Don\’t get me wrong, Shannon does have a good face to stick a cock into after you pull it out of her stretched anus, and she definitely looks better when she\’s on the ground with a face and mouth full of sperm.

Leah Love
Ah Leah Love such a sweet and innocent looking girl, Jesus fucking Christ looks can be deceiving! This cunning little slut knows how to play the game and use her small fame, tiny titties and braces to her advantage. While 95% of the other cunts try and make themselves look like over made up whores with the painted on makeup and big fake racks Leah takes the young and innocent route and does it better than almost anyone else. She’s fun, bubbly and just the right amount of dumb blond. She comes off as so innocent until you slam a cock into her braces filled mouth, then the whore in her comes out. If you didn’t think she could get any cuter than when she’s sitting there in a pony tail with that smile shrugging her shoulders then wait until we flip her upside down fuck her face until her eyes swell up with tears and she’s drooling all over herself. It doesn’t get much hotter than that!

Brooke and Courtney
I can’t believe how many whores actually enjoy being mistreated. Only them and their therapist knows what happened while they were growing up that would make them actually enjoy having cock rammed down their throat until their eyes swell up with tears while gasping for air, then being sodomized and made to taste their own dirty ass. Our job isn’t to care about their fucked up childhood, it’s to care about their fucked up adulthood! We make sure they still get the attention they seek by having them to do some seriously fucked up things, giving them the feeling like their actually good at something. Ben has banged the crap out of Courtney off camera a few times, can you believe this dumb cunt not only keeps coming back for more but this time she brought a friend! Brooke & Courtney must be close, it’s one thing to taste your own ass but to gag on some guys cock that just plowed you’re friends ass is pretty fucking gross. Enjoy watching Ben and Sasha bang the crap out of these two whores then feed them their cum.

Selena Silver
Selena is a hot little blonde and Ben is going to treat her like a dirty fucking pig. He starts by flipping the bitch upside down and fucking her throat while her face gets covered in her own spit and goobers. He was feeling nice and let her clean her face off after she almost choked on her own spit when she inhaled it up her nose, good things she’s hot, because she’s not too fucking bright. It’s not like these whores are finishing their Masters or on their way to becoming a PhD when they walk through our door and take the ass pounding of their lives. What these stupid cunts lack in the smarts department they sure make up with some mad skills. I suppose adding “swallows cock like a champ and loves getting pounded in the ass” to a resume might actually help her get just about any job she applies for, or at least that second interview lol. Selena told us she loves getting reamed in the ass, and by the huge gaping anus shots we have she wasn’t lying. This bitch gives some great gapes, I’m sure her parents would be very proud of their little sweetheart.

Jayna Oso
This is the second time Jayna has come to visit us to get used and abused. It always amazes me how some whores love getting mistreated so much they actually call us back to get reamed again. They either love the abuse or they need crack money, Jayna seems to have put on a couple pounds since her last visit, which means she comes back for the love not the quick crack cash. When these sluts come back for second helpings we make sure they leave satisfied, getting chocked and gagged by 2 cocks, having both holes stuffed is just the warm up for this exotic tart. We haven\’t done our job if we don\’t leave a lasting impression, so we celebrate her return by jamming 2 cocks up her ass at the same time and stretch this little bitch until she almost breaks. I don\’t think she\’ll be calling us back for round three so soon:-)

Annie Cruz
This week we bring back fun Filipina hottie Annie Cruz. It\’s been about a year and a half since the last time Annie was here and it\’s great to see she\’s been working on those deep throating skills. It\’s good to see she\’s still gagging only now she can take the cock down that much further before drooling all over herself. A year or two can take a toll on these porn whores but Annie is looking pretty good, she still has really nice natural tits and other than some pretty noticeable ass bruises she\’s as hot as ever. An ass bruising is perfectly fine if she\’s leaving with them, but not so cool showing up and looking like she was at the wrong end of a swinging belt strap. I guess her boyfriend (that\’s the polite term for the guy that fucks her and takes her money) likes his women like he likes his chicken, lightly battered!

Vixen is one of the few red headed whores we’ve met where the curtains actually match the rug. As with most red headed sluts we expected her to have a serious fucking attitude, but she was surprisingly subdued. Vixen is new to the whole porn thing so we made sure to start her off nice and easy with a double stuffing of cock. Ben and Sasha waste no time in ramming Vixens pretty face, taking turns stuffing cock down her tight little throat. The boys have their fun double stuffing this pig like she’s a Thanksgiving turkey, followed up by basting her face with some cock gravy. Either this dumb bitch gets railed by two cocks on a regular basis or we need to have her paired up with some of our less gentle guys. I find her moaning too monotonous and one would think being banged in the ass would bring out more expression on her face. Then again her enjoyment is not high on our priority list. Next time we’ll make sure to bring out more expression… and tears.

Nadia Hilton
This week we went against our better judgment and brought back Nadia Hilton and some whore who\’s name I can\’t remember. After the last mess of a fuck session with Nadia we thought we\’d never see that smug face of hers again, we were wrong! She said it was an off day and wanted to come back, she told us she\’d bring a nympho friend so we agreed. I wish I remembered her friends name because she was great, riding Lee and even taking his foot long schlong balls deep into her ass. She was loud and vocal which could get annoying but anything that makes Nadia seems the least bit better is welcome. The chicks took turns getting fucked but not once did Nadia take Lee\’s cock while it was soaked with ass or pussy and clean it off in her mouth. She was a bit better than last time but still a major disappointment, Nadia if you\’re reading this… You went and bleached your hair, got great big fake titties now it\’s time to at least learn how to fake looking excited and take cue\’s from others and get dirty you fucking waste of a hot body. Your friend did all the hard work and you go and steal the cum shot, you a greedy emotionless cunt!

We brought the very fuckable tight and tiny Nyomi. We have buddy who has always commented how he wanted to shoot with us and keeps busting our balls that we only hire white guys to bang these dumb whores. He finally worked up the nerve to be on camera and we gave his black ass a shot at being a low life degenerate porn scumbag who treats women like worthless pieces of meat. We paired him up with Nyomi, we figured he would like a bitch that has back! This squinty little cunt has an ass made to be sodomized by a big black cock. She bounces and shakes her ass so much show would even make Sir-Mix-A-Lot proud! Our guy was a little bit of a newbie so Nyomi grabbed on to his cock and started ramming it down her throat, gagging herself on the big slab of black man meat. Our man started off in the pink but moved to the stink mighty fast, with an ass like that who could blame the guy. Nyomi doesn’t shut her fucking trap for a second, then again it’s hard to complain when you have a whore screaming “give it to me daddy, fuck my tight ass”! She’s fun to listen to for a bit but god damn I would have smacked her in the face and shoved a sock in her mouth about halfway through. For a first timer our man did a hell of a job, he was enjoying pumping her ass so much he didn’t even pull out to pop on her face. No worries, Nyomi pushed the anal cream pie out and licked it up off the carpet like a good little whore.

Trina Michaels
We brought back big boob babe Trina Michaels to give her a little cumster in the dumpster:-) The beautiful thing about bringing a whore back here is that they know what to expect, a skull fucking like no other and an anal stretching session that can permanently ruin a sluts sphincter. There are two things these twits usually lie about; their age and their weight. Trina claims she’s only 22, there’s no way this plastic pig is anywhere near 22, and if she actually is then I’d hate to see her ass clown overly made up face when she hits 40, look out Sally Struthers! I don’t get why these sluts lie about their age, 18 or 38 we’re still going to face fuck them, have them eat man ass and sodomize them regardless. You can tell by her little bit of extra meat Trina likes to eat, if she devours her twinkies and hoggies as quickly and savagely as she eats her own ass juice off Sasha’s cock then I understand why she has those few extra pounds. The only thing more vial then sucking cock ass to mouth style is eating a dirty load of cock sauce after it’s been farted out of ones freshly pounded anus, and Trina does it with a smile, such a good little whore.

Katerina Kat
We have a flexible little circus freak for you guys this week, all the way from the land of Borat, it’s sexy time with Katerina. Yes this petite slut comes from Kazakhstan, she was number 2 prostitute in all of country. The saying “good things comes in small packages” holds true with this flexible fuck tart, any chick that can pin her own legs behind her head while sitting up is one we want to tear apart. Katerina was actually in the circus growing up and all that gymnastic practice hasn’t gone to waste, it might not be Cirque du Soleil but I think to think fucking strangers for money and being tied into a pretzel while being hammered with cock is also something to be proud of. When she writes her family in the old country and tells them of her adventures in America her parents must be so proud, and I’m sure brother Uri gets very jealous. This little piece of meat was fun to toss around and slam with dick, a cute face, small firm titties, a freshly shaven snatch, and loves a face full of sperm, what more could we ask for!

Jessi and Daisy
This week we have horny hotties Jessi Summers & Daisy Marie. Some days you go into work and you don’t know what to expect or what issues will be thrown at you, such is the life of a stunt cock. You show up on the set which might be at a studio, some random house or a cock roach infested rent by the hour hotel room and then you find out who you’re going to be fucking that day. It’s a roll of the dice, you don’t know if you’ll be at bottom end of a smothering video with some heffer for Hairy Plumpers or if you’ll be getting lucky with two fine ass Biohazard Bitches. Today our stunt cock got very very lucky, he gets to face fuck and gag Jessi and Daisy. Just imagine yourself doing the dip test back and forth between these two fuck tarts. Start off testing their gag reflexes and having them suck each others saliva off your dick. Then the two dirty whores take turns riding your dick and licking each other’s cunts while you’re deep inside them. Then place one chick on top of the other so you can alternate fucking them, going back and forth until you blow your load all over their faces. I suppose if you’re a stunt cock it’s worth the roll of the dice nine time out of ten, and those are great odds!

Leah and Claire
You guys are in for a treat this week; we have the adorable Leah Luv and cutie Claire. These two girls look sweet and innocent with Leah rocking the braces for all you sick fucks that like em looking young. They might look innocent but these two whores are about as dirty as they come! How can anyone not love these ass eaters, not only do they eat and finger fuck each other’s asses they munch down on some man ass as well. It’s like an all you can eat ass buffet and the chow is served fresh! These girls play monkey in the middle, while one is on all fours being face fucked the other is right behind sticking whatever they can up the monkey’s butt! How many girls so you know that can simultaneously deep throat and stick out their tongue to lick the nut sack? This scene should be called Ass-a-palooza with all the ass fucking and butt munching. Ben repeatedly takes his cock out one ass and gets the other girl to suck it clean then back and forth he goes, ass to mouth to ass to mouth. Just when you think this can’t get any better the Leah and Claire cum swap and snowball the load back and forth, you guys are going to love this shit!

Roxy Deville
This week we have funny girl Roxy Deville for you sick fucks. Some girls have a pretty face, some have a nice rack or a nice ass, and some have a great personality, this cute little slut has all of the above. Roxy is the ultimate girl next door, if you had a hot neighbour that loves to suck cock and lick balls. She’s got decent sized natural titties, personally I’m a fan of the big fakies but Roxy’s look damn sweet even to me. Watching Roxy’s fine ass bounce up and down as she’s riding cock is almost mesmerizing. She’s one of the few girls on this site you’d actually feel comfortable bringing home to meet your parents, she’s visually presentable, can charm your mother with her humour and whit, and suck down your fathers cock balls deep, the whole family would love her. Enjoy watching Roxy suck her cunt juice from our guys big rod and swallowing his load of cock sauce…

Melissa Lauren
This week we bring back anal angel Melissa Lauren. This is the third or fourth time we’ve brought back this kinky cunt, and you’re about to see why! When it comes deep throating and gagging on cock there aren’t many others that do it with as much class and finesse as Melissa. Taking down Alex’s man meat until it brings up lunch all while having a fist in your ass, this bitch can multitask! If you have a weak stomach and don’t like the sound of someone gagging and dry heaving then put on some music while you watch this romantic love making. We love bringing this porn princess back because she loves to fuck, better yet she loved to be fucked hard and rough. It seems if you want to keep a girl like Melissa happy, you need to stick it her pussy, up her ass and then feed her the dirty dick so she can taste herself and then she’ll return your phone calls. The more you rough her up, the more she wants to give, which works great for sick fucks like us. She recently got her tits done, so we’ll have to bring her back yet again and test those fun bags out!

Gentlemen meet Barbara Summer a dumb blonde with a killer rack, not surprisingly all are fake, well the hair and tits at least, the dumb part is all natural:-). We waste no time filling this whores mouth with two big slabs of man meat. It didn\’t take more than a few pokes until the slut had tears of joy running down her pretty face. This bitch really enjoyed taking a pole in each hole then tasting her pussy and ass juice of the dirty cocks. This milf took the DP like a champ, being slammed in both holes like the dirty fuck pig that she is. We stretch her ass to the point you could store your Hot Wheels collection in her gaping anus. All this abuse and the bitch loved every minute of it. You did a great job sugar tits I hope to see you back again soon!

We have an active blonde cutie named Harmony for you this week. Are you looking for a girl to lick your ass hole? Do you want to come home to a woman who likes it when you ram your cock down her throat until she\’s gasping for air and drooling all over herself? Well boys this gal is single so if you\’re looking for a cute girl that likes to travel, ski, and get cock jammed in her butt, this sweet heart of a slut just might be for you. I\’m not sure if she cooks, cleans or does laundry but who needs that when you have a hot blonde that loves it when you fucker in the pooper and then licks and sucks your ass soaked cock clean. When you have a girl like Harmony you\’ll work the extra hours to hire a cleaning lady and get take out:-) It\’s a lot cheaper to get a bitch to clean your house then take a cock bareback in the ass and have her choke herself on her own fist, trust us we hire both. So if you\’re looking for that special someone to take to church on Sunday, bring to family dinners, sodomize and skull fuck then we have just the girl for you. Feel free to leave her with a dripping anal creampie, we did:-)

Keanni Lei
This week we have Panamanian princess Keanni Lei. She’s half Chinese half Panamanian and full on hot and hardcore. This little stick of dynamite visited us once before and she made sure to set the ground rules if we ever wanted her back. She insisted we tag team her and make sure the guys we pair her up with are, and I quote “up to the challenge of fucking me like the dirty whore that I am.” Those are her words, not mine, although that does sound like something I would say. And that’s why I like Keanni so much, when she’s not getting stuffed with dick she hangs out and shoots the shit like one of the guys. She’s a hardcore surfer and skater and an all out beach bum. She lives a good life, spending a few days a month getting fucked and mistreated which as you can see she full on enjoys and the rest of her time at the beach. If she surfs half as well as she gags on dick and takes an anal pounding I’m sure she’s unreal on that board. I can’t wait to bring this Biohazard Bitch back again soon; I think I might have met another potential future ex-wife!

Jaime Ellie
In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving we brought in a special turkey to get double stuffed! Jaime is a cute blonde with a really nice natural pair that got booked for our man Ben\’s directorial debut, lucky girl gets to be double teamed and creamed. Since this is Ben\’s first time directing he wanted to make sure this scene kicked ass, well more like stretched ass:-) Jaime started off gobbling on both cocks getting her face stuffed with man meat. The guys had fun double penetrating this pig in just about every position possible, feeding her their cocks straight out of her pussy and ass, double dipping and moving from hole to hole, stretching any hole they could jam their cocks into. This pig holds down a normal 9-5 office job, if you saw her in her work wear you\’d never suspect she\’s a dirty fuck slut. You never know what that cute junior accountant does when she leaves the office; hopefully it\’s the same thing as Jaime does:-) Not wanting to let us down Ben had both guys blow their loads in this pigs ass, then had her fart it out on the floor and lick it all up, brav-fucking-o!

Estella and Sahara
This week we get away from the blonde bimbos and bring in some tasty darker meat! We call them Team Slop but you might know them better as Estella Leon & Sahara Knight. It\’s great when girls work together yet at the same time compete to come out the nastier whore. Here\’s a case of chicks that would normally rank a 5 or 6 before she goes down, then comes up a nine! They put in that extra effort and show why they\’re so much more fun to stick it to than a dead fuck like blonde fucktard Nadia Hilton. A lot of times when you put two whores together you don\’t have the comradery you find here, they encourage by example, when Estella is choking and drooling while being face fucked Sarah is right under her sucking up the drool from Anthony\’s nut sack. They are considerate too, making sure to suck each other\’s cunt juice off of Anthony\’s dick before re-inserting it into them. I have no fucking idea what any of them are saying throughout the whole thing and it makes no difference at all. I started by looking at some of the pictures of Sarah and thinking this was going to be a train wreck, after watching her in action this cum guzzling filthy pig will have top spot in my spank bank for a while.

We found ourselves a fun little bimbo by the name of Nikki. Her blonde hair is about as real as the oddly shaped fun bags hanging off her whore body. The boys waste no time ramming her face with cock, feeding Nikki man meat until she was gagging and soaking her whore self in spit and bile. She could have a half decent body if she would firm up that wiggling belly of hers, one would think if you get naked and fuck for a living you’d hit the gym more often than Mc Donald’s drive thru. You sure can tell that this whore’s been around the block a few times by look of those roast beef curtains and gaping red anus. A few years of partying, being treated like a dirty whore, and doing whatever drinking and drugs she’s done sure has taken its toll, can you believe this beaten up slut is only 20 years old? The boys really put Nikki through the ringer on this one, I’m just disappointed these guys didn’t double stuff this cunts gaping anus, there’s no doubt they could have stretched out this cum loving whore a little more:-)

This week we have the Latin lover Persia Decarlo. If you look at Persia and think she\’s from some exotic country you couldn\’t be more mistaken, she ain\’t princess Jasmine and this pasty white dude sure as hell isn\’t Aladdin. She might be considered Latina but Persia was born and raised in Cleveland, that\’s right kids, next to Drew Carey this is Ohio\’s second best contribution to society. This 5 foot stick of dynamite has one hell of a fine behind, I could dine on that ass for hours before moving to her hairless clam. While I\’m giving props I\’m not usually a fan of small tits but Persia has nice little b cups and think it\’s great she hasn\’t gotten big fakies yet. Enough of the pleasantries, this little whore needs to rely on that ass, because with a face like hers and her whiney moan I think the only person who would enjoy her is Helen Keller and that\’s only because she could read her face for hours. Persia is a true butter face, unfortunately for her she has horrible skin, HD video is not her friend. While I\’m complaining like a whiney bitch I\’d like to know whose idea it was to pair her up with Casper the dopey white and pasty ghost. This guy needs a tan, gym membership and a barber that doesn\’t make him look like a dumb and dumber reject.

Estelle Leon
In honour of the royal wedding we have Estelle Leon straight from England! I don\’t know what the deal is with this scene and the whole pacifier, daddy thing, but for all you perverts who like to be called daddy while you bang some whore this one is for you. Personally I never understood the whole \”who\’s your daddy\” thing, are there guys out there that actually want to bang their daughters, I can understand their daughters friends, but their own flesh and blood, wtf?? It takes all kinds and I suppose and let\’s face it every slut is someone\’s daughter. Chances are most of the cunts we shoot have been touched at some point by a family member or someone of authority that turned them into the fucked up whores that they are. Then again we are living in great times, it\’s not only accepted to do porn it\’s pretty much encouraged by the celebrities young people look up to. Filming yourself fucking and posting it online for everyone to watch isn\’t taboo, it\’s celebrated, these are great times my perverted pals. I wish I had video of Pippa Middleton fucking but that won\’t surface for a while so you\’ll have to settle with Estelle and this fucktard Tony T.

Ricci White
This weeks Biohazard Bitch is proof that just about anyone with tits and holes can get onto porn, meet Ricci. We hook this mutt face fucktard up with ex rocker Kurt Lockwood, because this guy will fuck just about anyone that isn’t sporting a cock. Kurt’s built some good muscle swinging guitars around on stage, now he’s swinging whores around and holding them upside down for a standing 69. Not only does Ricci have a perfect face for radio this stupid cunt can’t even tan properly. I hate seeing untanned under ass cheeks, how can you possibly fuck up lying down on a bed of light bulbs. Ricci if you’re reading this, assuming you can actually read, use a standing tanning booth or walk outside, you live in California and can work on a decent tan for free, fucking dimwit! I wouldn’t call Ricci fat but the bitch ain’t thin either, if she wants to have even the slightest chance of getting more work she should take the $75 we paid her and join a gym to firm up a little. I do have to admit watching her all natural funbags bounce around and she’s being ass pummelled by cock is quite hot. She won’t make our top 10 favourites, shit I doubt she’ll make the top 50 but for a lousy $75 she was a fun whore to toss around, face fuck, sodomize and cover is sperm.

We have chunks o fun with red head hottie Kaci. The majority of sluts that we see are skinny bitches that are usually on a strict diet of fast food, meth and one or more eating disorders. We take a change of pace this week with Kaci, she also enjoys a fast food diet but without the dope addiction and need to purge after ever meal. We enjoyed having a little more cushin\’ for pushin\’ and feeding Kaci an extra large cock meat sandwich for lunch. We super size lunch today, feeding her all 10 inches and she takes it down like it\’s her favourite meatball sub. I just hope she doesn\’t drool this much when she\’s chowing down at Subway, I take that back, I would like to see her try and take down a foot long in one bite. As much as Kaci loves the taste of cock she prefers to add some extra toppings, and we give her fresh pussy and ass juice for her to suck off at no extra charge! Okay enough of the chubby comments she\’s not really that big and looks more like an average chick then the usual whores that walk through out door. We don\’t want to give Kaci a complex, she has more then enough issues to discuss with her therapist, like her obsession with being sodomized by strangers and her insatiable craving for a face full of sperm.

Missy Monroe
This week’s biohazard bitch wants to make sure you never forget her name while you’re fucking her hard from behind. I assume that would be the only reason she would have “Missy” tattooed across her ass cheek. I don’t get people who ink names on themselves, especially young chicks who put their boyfriends name on the small of their back or right around their cooch. No guy wants to be eating pussy or fucking some chick doggy style look down and see the name Steve written in some tribal font right above the hole he’s occupying. At least Missy put her own name on her ass, she’s obviously a thinker! Before you go nominate her for Mensa keep in mind “Missy” is her porn name, and isn’t remotely close to the name her proud parents gave her. Mark and Trent had the tough job of tag teaming Miss Missy Monroe. One would feed her his cock while the other penetrated her from the other end. They took turns fucking her pussy and ass, making sure to pull out so she could suck their cocks clean before they swapped holes. Over all Missy did an okay job with these two guys, she gave us a little show at the beginning and took a face load of spunk like a champ!

Julie and Darryl
This week we have hotties Julie Knight and Darryl Hanah turning the table on big bad Ben! Well it starts off with these two babes treating Ben like a biohazard bastard. As fun as it is to watch them boss him around you know it isn’t gonna last long before he fills their mouths with his man meat. It’s a tough life for Ben having one chick gag on his cock while the other sucks on his balls, while both of them drooling all over each other. Then the poor bastard has to watch the girls eat each other’s pussy while he is balls deep in the other, pulling out only so the other check can suck the pussy juice off his dick. Ben doesn’t play favourites, he fucks their face, pussy and ass, making sure he takes a dip and does a little stretching session on each hole. You sick fucks will love watching Ben pile drive Julie’s ass while repeatedly taking it out of her freshly fucked anus to gag Darryl with it. After some dirty ass to mouth action the girls spit swap Bens sperm, trading it back and forth before finally swallowing his load.

Jamie and Isabella
This week we have two hardcore honeys for you guys Jamie Brooks and Isabella Soprano, might be Soporno, either way it’s a dumb obviously made up name so who the fuck really cares. We were originally just supposed to tag team Jamie but she showed up with Isabella and because it was nearing the end of the month and these whore always need rent money we threw Isabella a few bucks to jump in and get her face fucked and ass reamed with her good friend. Each guy grabbed a girl to start with but soon swapped them around to test out which they preferred destroying. Then it’s was tag team time, the boys went to work stretching out these whores not just putting a cock in each hole but double stuffing and shoving two cocks in the pussy and then the ass, talk about seriously stretching these fucking sluts out! As they go from hole to hole they make sure to have their dicks cleaned by one of the dumb cock suckers. Ass to mouth is nothing new, we feed ass soaked cock to just about every twat that comes to shoot for us, it’s fucking disgusting but at least it’s their anal juice and they know if and what they did to clean out their poop shoot before hand. But when I watch Jaime suck Isabella’s ass cream off a cock is just fucking revolting, I see some sick shit but eating some other whores butt butter can turn even my stomach!

This week we ass fuck wannabe porn star and genius Sammy Cruz. I hate to talk negatively about any of the dumb fucking whores that we use, abuse and treat like worthless pieces off fuck meat. They have feelings and I would never want to say anything that would offend the submentals in any way. I always wonder about people who get names tattooed on them, especially when they ink their own name on their arm or chest, is it just in case they forget their name, I mean what the fuck, I always thought that was so damn dumb up until I met Sammy. This whiz kid must be a member of mensa because she has completely changed my view on the subject. This braniac inked her lower back with a massive SAMMY! This way when you\’re done cock choking her and go to bang her tight little ass you know exactly whom it is you\’re sodomizing and about to cover in semen.

Naudia Nyc
Have a few drinks because you’re gonna need it to watch Naudia get a serious reaming. Girls like Naudia are the reason night clubs and strip joints are so dark and encourage drinking. I’m not knocking ugly chicks, besides this pig doesn’t look quite as ugly as she looks dirty. From her gap tooth smile to her greasy hair this girl just looks like she’s going to be one kick ass Biohazard Bitch. The best things about the fugly chicks is they always put in that extra effort, they might go down a 3 but they come up an 8. I don’t know about you sick fucks but whenever I’m banging a not so hot piece of tail I get the best head and usually get my ass eaten out, I don’t know what it is but fat chicks love my corn hole. Naudia hasn’t had the privilege of snacking on my bung burrito, she had to stick with just tasting her own anus when she visited us. When it came to doing the anal taste test she didn’t hesitate at all when she took Sasha’s cock out of her anus and sucked it clean.

Taylor and Roxy
This week we have porn stars Taylor Rain & Roxy Jezel sharing some dick. Oh man you are gonna love watching these girls deep throat Lee’s dick, while Taylor is bobbing up and down, Roxy is forcing Taylors head down on Lee’s cock so she gags and takes him deeper and deeper down her throat with each bob. Then these two fuck sluts take turns riding Lee’s foot long schlong, making sure to suck each others cunt juice off his dick for a mid fuck cock cleaning. Roxy is a screamer, then again I would imagine anyone getting pummelled with a 12 incher would scream their fucking head off. I’m not sure why Roxy was screaming it was Taylor that took Lee balls deep in her anus. School was never my strength so I don’t know the inner working of the anatomy but I question how it is these classy ladies are able to fit so much man mean into their bodies, I always assumed they have organs and other parts closer than 12” from the rim. But what do I know; I sit at a desk watching porn and writing halfwit descriptions of other people fucking.

We have dirty talking whore for you guys today, meet Angela. This cute blonde wastes no time swallowing cock, she has a gagtastic time taking down 8 inches of man meat and drooling all over herself. What this slut lacks up top she makes up down below, Angela has a sweet ass and nice shaved snatch. Her tits are also nice if you like \’em small, a nice change of pace from the big fakies we see so much of. We love a girl who enjoys the taste of her own pussy and ass, taking breaks from getting her holes slammed to gobble cock and taste herself, what a good little whore! When we first met Angela she told us she loves cum, so we brought a few friends to watch the scene and give her a little surprise finish, and the cum guzzling whore took the loads like a champ.

Sintia Stone
This week we have a bleached blonde with a great body and big breasts, actually we have two Sintia and Anthony! This dude is fucking massive, unfortunately for him I’m talking about every muscle but his cock, not that he’s small but even an above average dick on he-man doesn’t look all that impressive. Funny enough I think Anthony’s tits are actually bigger than Sintia’s, if they aren’t bigger they sure are more firm lol. Sintia gets used, abused and flipped around like a slutty rag doll. Anthony practically bends her in half pinning her legs behind head as he slams her with dick. With an ass like hers I’m amazed he spent so much time sticking his dick in her pink taco, I would have gone straight for that stink star. I love watching as he slaps her in the face and she slaps back one for one, you can see him getting red in the face, props to Sintia. I thought he was going to close his hand a give her a fist full, instead he grabbed her face and skull fucked her. These two worked up a hell of a sweat, which means it was a job well done on both parts. I hope we bring Sintia back, any whore that sucks on the nut sack while waiting for a mouth full of cock sauce is my kind of gal.

We have a fresh face 19 year old cutie for you this week; meet Aarlyn. Even though this bitch is new to being a whore on camera, by the way she sucks and fucks she\’s been practicing this for years off camera. Ben starts off by face fucking Aarlyn, shoving his cock down her throat until she\’s drooling all over her little flap jack titties. Good thing her cute face, freshly shaved pussy and tight arse make up for her floppy tits! Don\’t fret Aarlyn we have some good news for you, after being sodomized by complete strangers on film a few dozen times you\’ll have enough money saved to invest in a nice rack to boost that low self esteem of yours, your landlord and crack dealer can wait for their money… Priorities bitch:-) Ben reams this bitch, smacking and ramming her ass until it\’s bright red, making her lick and suck his ass juice covered cock. You\’d never guess Aarlyn wasn\’t a seasoned pro, the way she talks, sucks and fucks, this bitch is a natural born whore! It\’s great when the newbies put in such a good effort, we always make sure to reward them with a face full of cock sauce.

Vanessa & Lauren
In the spirit of the girl on girl madness last week we decided to start things off with some more girl/girl action this week. Unfortunately this isn’t even close to being as hardcore as what you guys got last week, so we had to toss in a cock to liven things up a little. Sure enough that’s exactly what happened, it’s amazing how someone’s attitude changes when a big dick is shoved down their throat, up their ass then back down their throat:-) The great thing about having two sluts is they get competitive as to which can get nastier, taking the cock out of the others ass and sucking it clean. Alex has it tough, pulling out of one tight ass and drilling into the other before cumming all over Vanessa’s freshly shaved snatch and watching Lauren lick up every last drop.

Amber Rayne
Meet the dumb, ditzy and delectable Amber Rayne. She’s kinda cute in an everyday average girl kind of way. She’s down to earth, really nice and very funny. She could have all the personality in the world or none at all, she could be hot as fuck or an ugly hound wouldn’t make a difference once you slip your cock in her mouth. This bitch has skills; Amber is a deep throat master! Just watch her take down every inch, coming up to drool all over the cock then slurping it all off! I don’t know why this dude even bothered fucking her at all, I would have just lied back and enjoyed watching her slap herself with my dick. Any girl who takes down every bit and tries to stay down with a throat full of man meat for as long as possible, comes up for air then goes back to break her record is marriage material! Okay maybe not marriage, eventually losing half my shit is a stretch, but I’d give up a couple paychecks to fuck her face and fill her mouth with cock cream and watch her swallow every drop!

Tory Lane
This week we have the titillating temptress Tory Lane. We shot Tory a little over a year ago and she’s gotten hotter and much more fuckable. A lot of the whores that we destroy are nowhere to found a few months after we shoot them, never mind a few years. Most of these sluts leave the glamorous life of wanna-be amateur porn star to focus on their other interests like smoking crack or getting fat and collecting welfare. Not Tory, she’s still looking as good as ever sucking and fucking strange men on film and making a name for herself in this well respected industry that I’m proud to be a part of. It’s important to love what you do in life and this career cock mobster shows that passion each time we stick a dick down her throat. Tory looks great being spit roasted, having a cock in each end and being bounced back and forth on each cock. Being rammed with dick and face fucked at the same time takes some serious coordination, I would imagine. Seeing Tory at the end of this fuck session on her knees, exhausted, soaked with sweat and covered in cum, reminds us of what an amazing fuck slut this bitch truly is!

Michelle B
I hope you guys aren\’t sick of big boob blonde babes just yet, this week we have another one, meet Michelle B. This one actually looks like she might be a natural blonde, a natural D cup she most definitely is not. Unfortunately you can see the implants through her skin when she\’s in various positions but for the most part her rack looks great. With her blow job skills she could have three tits and testicles and I don\’t think I would mind, just don\’t tell me about the balls till after I blow my load. Michelle takes down Alex balls deep, swallowing every inch of his cock and hardly gasping for air, something tells me she\’s done this before a few times. She is a moaner and a bit of a screamer which is a nice change from some of the girls we\’ve had recently who were silent, you can fuck them in church and not disturb anyone. Alex gave her a nice pussy pounding and got his knob washed each time he pulled it out, kudo\’s to Michelle for deep throating him and sucking off all of her cunt juice. The more I watch Michelle the more I hate that cunt Nadia Hilton from a few weeks ago, I can\’t get that worthless piece of trash out of my mind, what a waste of flesh that whore is.

Taylor Lynn
If you know your porn then you should know Taylor Lynn. If you know Taylor Lynn then you know she\’s a dirty little slut that loves to suck cock and get fucked, hard. Taylor has a great rack, for a set natural boobs they\’re quite nice, ok enough of the compliments:-) This bitch has the worst gag reflexes I\’ve ever seen, you\’d think if you chose to swallow cock for a living you\’d get used to it being rammed down you\’re throat. This slut is drooling all over herself from just a few throat pokes. What she lacks in swallowing cock she makes up for in taking a good ass pounding. This dirty pig has no inhibitions when it comes to sucking cock that\’s just come out of her dirty stink hole. Taylor was a nice girl, I sure hope she comes back so we can tag team her and really put those poor gag reflexes to work. She left us with a sore ass and bad taste in her mouth (literally:-) but I\’m pretty sure we\’ll get another crack at that ass sooner or later.

The countdown to Christmas is on and this week we have big boob Davia fucking one of Santa\’s overgrown giant elves. Davia is the kind of girl that looks great after a few drinks in a dark room while wearing sunglasses. She has a half decent body but looks like a young Sally Struthers that got hit in the face with the ugly bat a few extra times. I\’m glad she got a professional to do her make-up, problem is it was a professional musician; Ray Charles! Whenever I see this dumb cunt I can\’t help but think of the \”Molee, molee, molee\” scene in Austin Powers, look it up on youtube for a good laugh if you have no idea what I\’m talking about. I won\’t ruin the scene by harping on Davia\’s ugly mug, she does look good with a cock in her ass and jizz dripping from her chin so let\’s focus on the positive!

Eve Laurence
We have Eve Laurence for you sick fucks, you big fake tit lovers are going to love this whore. A lot of these sluts that get big bolt-ons usually end up packing on a bit of weight and their ass grows into the new rack, not Eve, not yet at least! She has a little extra meat but she’s still fucking hot and those great big cannons make up for a little jelly in the belly. Our stunt cock takes full advantage of her giant rack and titty fucks her in between ramming his cock balls deep down her welcoming throat. Eve worked our newbie hard, he was sweating so much the poor bastard looked shinier and greasier than Eve, and she unloaded a bottle of baby oil all over herself before they got started. Then again if I spent twenty minutes pumping her pussy and watching those massive melons bounce all over the place I’d be dripping too. He filled her mouth with his cock cream and then Eve spit it all over her giant juggs, then rubbed it in like it was sunscreen and she was spending the day at the beach!

Lopez and Sierra
We have a double header for you guys today; Lopez brought her friend Sierra to get a taste of our biohazard boys. We start off by feeding Lopez an order of big black cock, I hope this bitch has better table manners then cock gobbling manners. We had this mild mannered Mexican mutt drooling like a rabid dog, I sure hope our boys got their rabies shot before railing this bitch bareback. This girl is dirty and she loves to get fucked and stuffed with cock. Normally we end a scene with the pop shot but we had some extra guys hanging around so we figured we\’d give this mutt a serious feeding of fluids. She took 3 shots mid shoot and snowballed it with her slut friend Sierra. This bitch was gagged to the point she was soaked in her own saliva, sodomized, made to take 3 loads of cum and that was all in the first 10 minutes! We spent the next 20 minutes sodomizing and feeding the whores cock and toped it off giving Lopez a fourth load to swallow, ya gotta love these fucking cum sluts!

Lauren Pheonix
This week we have kinky cunt Lauren Phoenix getting double teamed. Lauren isn’t the hottest chick we’ve ever used and abused, she’s a cute brunette and let’s face it her body is maybe a little above average at best. With that said I’d still rather tag her then just about any of the hot pieces of asses I’ve met over the years. Lauren doesn’t even need to put in that extra effort because she enjoys being treated like a worthless piece of fuck meat. This whore loves the cock, getting double penetrated then sucking off her pussy and ass juices and getting a face full of cock sauce. On top of being a kinky little slut she’s a really nice girl, always joking around and extremely down to earth. Unlike many of the snobby cunts we hire who think they are god’s gift to mankind, the ones that spend their time in the bathroom texting their drug dealer pimp boyfriends before we stuff them with cock Lauren just likes to hang out and shoot the shit. If you want to be liked and make friends personality goes a long way, licking a guys balls until he cums on your face doesn’t hurt either!

Jeannie Marie
Hey guys this week we have the mediocre Jeanie Marie. Not only is she just average in the looks department but she’s a complete retard when it comes to math, she claims to be 18 yet born in 1986, umm yeah okay. I could talk all day about her shortcomings, dumb as dirt, face of a meth user, muscle tone of a wet noodle, but I’m a nice guy so let’s not focus on the negative! Okay positives, well if you like small tits hers aren’t half bad and her ass looks pretty good, her best quality has to be that she talks a good game. She plays the young and innocent girl turned slut extremely well, calling Lee “Daddy” and letting us know how much his foot long meat hammer hurts, as she gets repeatedly slammed. Our man Lee tosses her around like a worthless rag doll while railing her with his giant foot long dong before feeding her his cock sauce through a baby bottle.

Jenny Simpson
Holy mother fucking moly we have out done ourselves this time. I think this is one of only a handful of times we’ve ever had a natural blond with rug that matches the curtains, oh and we just about drove a small bus into her rectum. There’s anal then there’s ass fucking but what we have here is some off the wall fucked up sodomy! We stretch out Jenny’s sphincter like it’s a rubber band, one that’s about to snap. I almost forgot about her champion deep throating skills when I saw what she took in her clown car of an anus. We warmed her up with a giant black dildo that had the circumference of a grown mans bicep and the gape was spectacular, if you like the view of someone’s lower intestines. Our stunt cocks, Big Black and Porno Russell Brand reamed her pussy and ass then crossed swords and double penetrated her anus. We did a triple anal once before, two cocks and a dildo but I don’t think it was as fucked up as what Jenny went through.

With her bleached blonde hair and big fake bolt-ons it seems the only thing genuine about Dasha is the fact she’s a real slut! At closer look this chick might be an actual blonde, it seems the carpet matches the curtains. Having blonde pubes also means someone needs to get this whore a razor, pubes have no place in porn! Watching Dasha bounce up and down on Ben’s dick I couldn’t help but get mesmerized by her tight little stink star staring me in the face, I don’t why he took so long to penetrate it. This chick loves being fucked like the whore that she is, her pussy was so wet she was dripping all over big bad Ben. Her pussy kept dripping even when she was being drilled in the ass, and Ben made sure to drill her butt good. I don’t know if it’s from the ass pounding or she’s just an uncoordinated cunt but watching Dasha wobble on her high heels as she tried to just stand and turn is like watching a baby calf try and walk for the first time. Then again we didn’t hire her to walk like a pageant queen in heels we hired her to suck a dick and get sodomized like a dirty worthless whore, and that she managed to do like a champ.

If you saw this fuck pig in public your first thought would be, this chick is a dirty whore, and you\’d be right, meet Adrianna Nicole. Some girls just have that whore look about them, I don\’t know if it\’s the bleached blonde hair, overly made up face or not so wisely chosen tattoos, but with some bitches you can just tell they have the dirty rotten whore gene. Perhaps they come from a long line of fuck pigs, her mother and her mother before might have been sick twisted sluts that enjoyed gagging on cock and getting cock jammed all the way up their ass. I don\’t know what exactly it is, maybe some university needs to do a whore genealogy study but until then we\’ll use our sure fire way of finding the natural fuck pig, slam cock so far into ever available hole and if they scream for more and to be pounded harder then they are a true whore, perfect for Biohazard Bitches. I\’m sure Adrianna has a lot going for her and has some other purpose in life other then being a worthless piece of meat, we just failed to find out what that was.

This week we have our way with a real fuck pig. When we first saw Tatianna she looked like she might have been a post op. tranny, she\’s not a tiny little waif like most of the tarts that come in here, and the cheap hooker blue eye shadow didn\’t help matters. Tatianna actually got better looking as she was getting more and more beaten up from having her face fucked and ass stretched. Our guys concentrated mainly on those holes because they were much tighter then her loosey goosey pussy with giant roast beef curtains. She was fun to toss around and treat like a worthless piece of meat, choking and smothering her overly made up face, feeding her dirty cock straight out of her stretched out anus. We have a great shot of some standing double penetration before our boys unload and cover her face in cum.

Tory and Destiny
It’s double trouble this week with porn stars Tory Lane and Destiny Deville. Most of you probably know Tory by now, she’s fun little fuck who’s been here a few times. This is the first time we’re filming Destiny, and chances are it’ll be the last. She’s cute, has nice tits and seems to love having cock rammed down her throat. So why won’t she be back, because listening to her makes my ears bleed, she’s growling like a fucking retarded hyena. These two fuck sluts were obviously having a lot of fun screaming their stupidities and pushing the other to the extreme. One of my favourite lines is when Destiny is riding Sergio with Tory choking her and Destiny screams “FUCKING SUFFOCATE ME!” Honestly this mental case is so over the top it’s hard to take her seriously and you’ll see quite quickly that you’d rather hit her with a fucking baseball bat then have her suck your dick. Okay let’s be realistic, take the BJ and then have her freshly fucked face meet your Louisville slugger. When she isn’t making animal noises Destiny’s British accent can be a turn on, shame she spends most time screaming nonsense like a special needs child in the McDonalds fun park.

We have a hot Cuban export for you perverts this week, meet Lilly. I don’t know exactly what Lilly had to do to board a raft out of Cuba, but I’m sure it was very similar to what she is doing to afford food and rent. Lilly is a tiny little thing with near perfect perky breasts, which is great because this bitch is dumb as a fucking post. There’s nothing we enjoy more than stuffing some dumb cunt with cock, jamming it down her throat until her eyes swell up with tears and she’s drooling all over herself and gasping for air. Originally from Cuba Lilly is no stranger to being fucked in the ass, but I can guarantee Castro never gave her the anal reaming we administer. We sodomize this tight little import and stretch her out, having her lick her own ass juice off Bens cock time and time again. We knew Lilly would be up for just about anything, it’s amazing what an incentive a few dollars and the threat of a call to the INS is to an illegal like Lilly. Let’s face it, dollar for dollar it’s a lot easier to get sodomized and skull fucked by some pervert for half an hour than clean toilets in dingy hotel rooms for a month. Then again if you look at the wincing on her face from about 15 minutes into this scene I think she wishes she was anywhere else. I’m sure she left with some fond memories, and a little cumster in the dumpster which she tries to fart out for all you sick sons a bitches out there.

We have a real cock gobbler this week for you perverts:-) This Hawaiian hottie just loves to gag on cock, she\’s such a good little slut. Any whore that slams her own face down on dick until she\’s drooling all over herself is our kind of gal. Our guy should have never taken his dick out of Keanni\’s mouth, she just doesn\’t shut up while he\’s pounding her freshly shaved fuck hole. She\’s actually pretty amusing to listen to, for a bit, then you just want to stuff a dick in her mouth. Keanni\’s tight little exotic body is a nice change from the bleached blondes with big fake tits. We need to team her up with two of our more aggressive guys and see what this mini slut is really made off.

Brittney and Rita
This week we have double trouble with Brittney Skye & Rita Faltoyano. Have you ever wondered why strip clubs are always extremely dark, it’s because of whores like Brittney and Rita! Put these two bitches in a club with low light and you’ll think they are hottest honey’s you’ve ever seen, add 3000 watts of light and reality sets in. Unreal how I come off slamming these cunts like they are horrid pigs, when the reality is I couldn’t even score a dry palm hand job from Rita’s slow overweight sister, and she has a lazy eye! All I’m saying is the light bulb is not a friend to these overly made up gremlins. Now that I’m done talking smack like the semi retarded keyboard warrior that I am I’ll come clean and admit I would give the one nut I have left to be tag teamed by these two fuck goddesses. Imagine looking down and seeing those green and blue eyes looking up as they shared some cock, talk about serious spank bank material.

We\’ve got a big surprise for our girl Nicole this week, and when we say big surprise we mean monster cock BIG! You\’ve got to give this fun little whore credit she tried as hard as she could to deep throat this foot longer and she came damn close. Getting hit in the face with this thing is like getting whacked with a fucking bat, imagine having a Louisville Slugger rammed onto your face and down your throat. After a solid skull fucking we split this bitches cunt apart, plowing her once tight pussy with a monster amount of man meat. If the government really wanted to bring down the crime rate all they need to do is show what awaits new criminals as they enter prison; having Mr. Horse Cock waiting for you on the inside is all the deterrent most would need to stay honest. For any of you guys with smaller peckers who are sick of hearing those dumb sluts say \”size matters\” send them our way and we\’ll split them right up the middle! You\’ll never hear another complaint about your mini wiener. That\’s why we like Nicole so much, she takes this giant anaconda with a smile, such a good little whore.

Havana and Diana
This week we have a couple of dirty fuck pigs for you sick pervs, meet Havana Ginger and Davia Ardell. Make sure you turn down the volume for this scene, these hyenas are as loud as they are ugly. Just in case you were wondering which hog is which, Davia is the one that looks like a post-op tranny (the white slut). They say two wrongs don’t make a right, well same goes for fugly women, two heffers don’t make a hottie. Now if you focus on the giant titties the train wreck of a face shouldn’t bother you much at all. For you giant nipple loves Havana’s aerials are so big her nips look like giant brown yarmulkes (the little hats worn by them Jewish folk). What I don’t understand is when Davia went to the butcher to have her ass clown implants installed, once Dr. Nick had the knife out why not have him remove the dead Siamese twim baby fetus from her cheek at the same time. She wouldn’t look half bad without that giant mole, or whatever that disgusting growth is. If you think the chicks in this scene are fucked up wait until you see our pitiful excuse for a man, this fucktard had the nerve to choose the porn name Van Damage! I can only assume he got this name because he drives a beat up rusted out 1987 Dodge Caravan with a ton of damage on it. He does have a big dick though, so if you take anything away from watching this train wreck, it should be… A big dick or giant rack is all you need to get work shooting porn, nothing else seems to matter, at least not for these fuck nuts.

We have a lesson for today from the book of Genesis. As you would assume we at Biohazard are devout religious folk. So for those of you who don\’t know, the book of Genesis begins with an account of God\’s creation of the world, Adam, Eve, and creatures. It also describes their banishment from the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah and his ark, and ends with Jacob and his son Joseph the guy with the coat of many colors. Well similarly to the book of Genesis our dumb fuck whore Genesis gets tempted by a guy with snake tattoos, indulge in sins of the flesh just like Eve; getting gagged repeatedly, sodomized and made to drink the loads of four wise men. I think that part was Genesis 2:69 if I\’m not mistaken. If we have offended anyone with this text we apologize, we are not comparing ourselves to the church, we abuse and sodomize women of consent not young innocent choir boys.

Tory is good little slut and no stranger to being treated like the whore that she is. She’s trying to make a name for herself, well we have a few names that suit this cunt just fine:-) Tory is fucking hot and on occasion you have to make sacrifices in life, so we traded giving this whore a swirly for destroying her throat and ass. It always amazes me how the whores with aspirations of stardom have a fucked up sense of reality; having their head stuck in toilet is a bad thing, but chocking on a massive cock, getting fucked bareback and tasting some strange guys cock right out of her own ass then eating a load of cum, is a smart career choice LOL. We rail this bitch 8 ways from Sunday, gagging her, fucking her, gagging her again, then sending her on her way with enough money to get a pack of Halls for her raw throat and cream to sooth her gapping soar asshole.

Janet Alfano
This week we double team Czech whore Janet Alfano. Janet has been in the business a little while and was even nominated for a couple awards at the big porn convention in Vegas a couple years ago. Unfortunately she didn’t win and instead of being a giant star shooting for the big porn production companies she’s being smacked around and treated like a worthless immigrant whore. Our guys show no mercy as they feed her their dicks and ream her ass. Flipping her back and forth taking turns stretching out both holes simultaneously and then having her clean their cocks with her mouth. Maybe if she would have let the judges fuck her ass and cream her cunt she would have gone home with some kind of award.

Brooke Haven
We have a return visitor for you guys, welcome back Brooke. The majority of the girls we shoot don\’t usually come back for a second helping, I have no clue why that is, maybe they found Jesus. The ones that do come back usually look like they\’ve aged quite a bit and don\’t look as fresh as the first round, that\’s why we were so happy to see Brooke, she looks fantastic and was in town so she came in for a quick fucking! We paired her up with ex rocker Kurt Lockwood, who has some serious fun shoving his cock down her throat and flipping her into a standing 69. He doesn\’t spend much time in her pussy before moving to her tight ass and then back and forth fucking her ass to mouth. Her ass must taste like candy because both her and Kurt couldn\’t stop tasting it. Brooke just kept getting better, looking good walking through the door, looking even better when she was gagging on cock and best of all with a face full of cock sauce.

Peyton is proof we are equal opportunity employers and even hire the mentally and physically challenged. Okay maybe that\’s not fair to the handicapped, Peyton is just a dumb fugly whore that looks like she ran the 100 meter dash in a 90 meter gym. Fortunately for this pig our guys aren\’t that picky and will stuff their cocks into pretty much anything with a pussy. I don\’t want to be too hard on this slut, she already has to live with a face like that, so I\’ll give her props on her nice ass and sweet pink slit. Shame she can\’t walk around with her ass out and her head covered with clothes. You sick fucks that like watching a girl get her ass pummelled are gonna love watching our guy go to work on her, reaming the pig and stretching out her stink hole. We had a few buddies over to watch the shoot and they decided to jump in at the end and blast her with cum while she was being sodomized. Enjoy…

Penny and Dani
This week we have a couple of crazy broads, Penny Flame & Dani Woodward! When it comes to the seemingly fun and bubbly Penny Flame I need to clarify when I call her crazy. Unlike Dani who is a wild and crazy fuck slut Penny is actually bat shit crazy. This bitch is loco, I don’t know the exact reason she recently quit porn but I believe finding Jesus had a small part to play. She did the rounds of the 3rd rate talk shows telling anyone who would listen about her hardships and drug abuse woes. Yeah yeah we get you’re the hooker with the heart of gold who was taken advantage of all your life. Get over yourself you self righteous cunt, you should have stuck to porn because you are hot and suck cock like a champ. I could go on and on about this mental case but instead I’ll quit my bitching and let you guys watch a kick ass, gagtastic threesome, enjoy…

Angelina and Kylie
Happy July 4th to all the American perverts out there! This week we actually have a story line to the fuck session, I won\’t waste my time or yours trying to describe the dumb fucking scenario some douche nozzle came up with. Bottom line is Angelina Bonnet and Kylie Worth get it on until our stunt cock comes in and sodomized both whores. I\’m trying to think of something nice to say about these two broads but after last week\’s fuck session with Leah and Claire it\’s hard for me to be nice to any whores that follow and don\’t quite measure up. It\’s a shame too, Angelina & Kylie do put in the effort, deep throating dick fresh out of the others pussy, taking it hard in the ass and tonguing balls. On paper I should be praising these whores especially after seeing them on top of each other taking turns having their ass holes penetrated but they just don\’t do it for me. Seeing Kylie\’s facial expressions as it gets hit with sperm makes it seem like someone is dripping battery acid on her, which might actually be a good idea for a future shoot.

Here\’s a little fairytale for you called Sally the Sodomized Slut. Once upon a time in a hood far far away lived a whore named Sally. Sally had skin as white as snow, long wavy red hair and the cutest little crack habit. One sunny day Sally found herself in quite a pickle, the rent was overdue and the big bad landlord was going to huff and puff and evict Sally\’s white trash ass if she didn\’t come up with the back rent. With only a few hours to come up with the money Sally found herself helpless and knew there\’s only one person she could call to save her… Biohazard Man to the rescue! With a quick slap to face Sally was on her way to being saved, Biohazard Man rammed his cock down her throat, choke and gag, choke and gag, Sally was working hard for that rent money. But it would take more then a rough blow job and loosey goosey pussy pounding to save her, with time running out Sally spread her cheeks took a deep breath… SLAM, BAM, Sally took it in the bum; she was saved and forever known as Sally the Sodomized Slut!

We have dark haired horny hottie Monica for you sick fucks this week. This Latina bitch sucks a cock like a champ; she seems so passionate with a face full of dick. What a tight little body on this bitch, the only extra meat on her is in her nice round ass. We double-team this whore and stretch out every hole we can ram a cock into. Taking turns fucking her pussy, ass and mouth, usually in that order so she could taste herself like the dirty whore that she is. We put this Mexican mutt through the paces, 30 minutes of gagging, spitting on, slapping, double penetrating her tight holes, feeding her cock out of her ass, and no matter we did the bitch asked for more! If you guys haven\’t seen a standing DP before you\’re going to love angle as we hold her up and pound her two holes simultaneously. I don\’t know if getting completely violated, sodomized and having two guys blow their load in her freshly fucked anus will help Monica get her green card but if she does this with the guys at immigration she should be a citizen in no time!

Candy Lee
We have a sweet treat this week, blonde bombshell Candy Lee. Okay I don\’t know if you\’d consider Candy bombshell but after last week\’s train wreck Nadia I\’m loving any other blonde bimbo with big titties. Candy isn\’t the most exciting whore we\’ve shot but she does suck cock with care and she enjoys having her ass eaten, then again who doesn\’t enjoy a good butt munching;-) Not that Alex was eating her ass for her pleasure, he was just being courteous adding a little mouth lube before stuffing his cock in Candy\’s corn hole. Candy is a French Canadian which means she\’s a dirty whore by nature. I don\’t know what it is with the frenchies from up north eh, maybe it\’s the cold weather or something in the maple syrup, but they love to fuck. I don\’t know what she\’s saying when she\’s speaking French but it sounds sexy as hell, then again I don\’t know if it\’s the language she\’s speaking or that she\’s being slammed in the ass while she\’s saying it. Either way… oui, oui Candy, you\’re welcome to do some cross border fucking any time you want.

Tyler and Tiffany
T’was the week before Christmas and all through the house there were dirty whores and an elf on steroids that’s hung like a horse. Yeah yeah fuck you I’m aware that didn’t rhyme, I’ll do better next week. We have two hot and nasty blondes this week tag teaming poor Lee. Man this guy has it tough, he’s built like a fucking house, has a foot long schlong and gets paid to fuck hot women. Poor bastard has to try and please 2 women, pulling his cock out of one pussy to slide it deep into the other. Imagine going from one sluts pink pussy into the other one’s throat, and then back and forth having each one try and deep throat that massive dong. I don’t know which of Santa’s helpers I like best; they’re both sporting some kick ass bolt-ons! I have to give credit where credit is due Tyler & Tiffany both have fantastic tits, not all boob jobs come out as good as theirs. I think this year I’ll ask old Saint Nick for one thing, to be Lee for a day… with my luck it’ll be the day Lee shoots his first gay scene!

Bobbi, Jenna & Taylor
We are doing things a little different this week, all girls and no guys. We firmly believe porn isn’t porn without cocks and cum shots especially when it comes to hardcore. The chicks we shoot think they can strap-on a rubber cock and do the same job as one of our angry stunt cocks. We think they are full of shit and are just trying to get out of being sodomized by an oversized dolt with roid rage. A couple months ago Tory and Vanessa, they went batshit crazy on each other and proved us wrong. So Bobbi, Jenna & Taylor said they could do an even better job, we were wrong once, why not give these three hotties a shot. Turns out these wanna-be whores have nothing on Tory and Vanessa! Sure they stick dildo’s up each other’s asses and lick them clean then fuck each other with a coke can girth sized dildo but where’s the violent hate? From now on we’ll have a couple of our guys on the sidelines ready to jump in and pound the crap out of these dumb cunts if they don’t impress.

Nikki looks like a bit of an ass clown, I think she did her makeup in a dark room with no mirror. It’s not like a professional make-up job would do much for this brown bagger anyways. The boys wasted no time in ramming their cocks down her throat then jamming one right up her dirty stink hole. With some whores looks can be deceiving, but not with Nikki, this whore really is a dirty dirty whore! The guys double stuffed this pig in just about every position, and didn’t let up on pounding Nikki’s ass. Wait till you see the swollen, gaping asshole this cunt left with, it even grossed me out and that’s not so easy to do:-) This cunt sure earned her $40 letting 2 strange guys blow their loads in her ass, I hope she spends it wisely!

Adrianna Nicole
Meet Adrianna Nicole, I know nothing about her except she has the perfect face… for fucking! This video should serve an instructional video to women on how to suck cock like a proper whore. Gagging herself and drooling on the cock then slurping it all up just have a full mouth of regurgitated saliva when she takes the cock down again balls deep into her throat. I was going to say watching the mascara run down her face as her eyes swell up with tears is like the icing on the cake, but the face full of cum then watching Adrianna spit, slurp and swallow it is the perfect ending!

Danielle Dark
I don’t know what the fuck happened during this fuck session or why the now unemployed video editor labelled it as Al and Vanessa’s earache. I guess the fucktard heard those names at the beginning and decided to have it scroll across the screen, and then he went and added a whack of “special effects” which just makes things look out of focus. Just so you guys know this cunt is Danielle Dark, she’s not famous or hot, just a cheap fucking skank. I’m really at a loss on this one guys, I don’t know why they are depicting this $5 crack whore as a coke head; there’s no way she can afford blow, shit she can’t even afford a happy meal! I can’t explain why the douche nosel spends so much time sucking her tits and licking her pussy, what’s with the romance, this is Biohazard Bitches you ass hat. I don’t know why the camera guy is either extremely close up or zooming in from across the room. This scene is a complete train wreck, shitty performers, shittier video guy and the editing guy needs to be sodomized with the wrong end of a hammer then beaten with it. I apologize, although some of you guys will love how much of a mess this turned out to be. The only savings grace is watching this overly tattoo’s retards nuts smack Danielle in the chin as he skull fucks her. I was happy to see Danielle getting her ass slammed not just her pussy and face. Our guy dropped his load in her poop shoot which she then expels and eats. Because I care about her well being I’m glad to see she is having something nutritious to eat;-)

Kelly Taylor
Kelly Taylor is fucking hot, blonde hair, big tits, sweet pink pussy, a tiny bit of meat to grab on to… it’s hard to find something wrong with the way this bitch looks. She takes on two guys at a time, sucking one while the other is filling her box, I think my only complaint about her is that she didn’t take it in the ass. I can’t blame her for that, I blame these useless excuses for stunt cocks, you have Mr. Beef who just sits there while he’s being blown and doesn’t ram her head down on his cock, and some skinny kid who looks like he should be in the movie Philadelphia instead of a fucking porn shoot. On top of these two fucking losers, I want to know what retard thought it would be a good idea to shoot this in a hot tub. There’s a reason you don’t see a lot of porn shot in hot tubs, it fucking loud, who wants to hear those god damn jets shooting out water nonstop, might as well have a fucking plane going over head the whole time. It’s a damn good thing Kelly saved the day, as a reward she got 2 chunky loads splashed in mouth and all over her pretty overly made up face!

Ava and Vanessa
This week we treat our stunt cock to Ava Vincent & Vanessa Lane, lucky bastard. It’s not enough this son of a bitch otherwise known as Anthony gets to fuck these two hot broads he gets to destroy them. Jamming his dick down their throats and having them drool all over each other as he gags them. It’s not often I would trade places with these brick house brain dead stunt cocks but you’d have to be fucking retard to not want to have your balls licked by blonde hottie Ava while ass fucking rock solid Vanessa. Most of you fuckers wouldn’t last long enough to experience taking your dick out of Vanessa so Ava can lick it clean then ram it in Ava and have Vanessa suck her cunt juices off! I know I wouldn’t make it that long, I don’t know if I’d make it past two minutes of looking down and seeing these two whores spit swapping while gobbling my knob. It’s a tough fucking job but I guess someone has to do it, lucky bastard Anthony!

We get some real pigs that walk in to shoot with us; Kelly is not one of them. She\’s a hot milf with an insatiable appetite for cock and cum. She told us in the interview she\’d done anal before but not on a regular basis, so being the good guys we are we had Ben loosen her up by shoving some anal beads up her tight ass, then in true biohazard fashion he fed them to her:-) Kelly has a beautiful face as it is, but watching it get rammed with cock until she was gagging and gasping for air made it an even prettier site. Ben had some fun fucking her face then didn\’t waste much time before he started to drill her tight ass. For an anal rookie this whore took the reaming like a champ. She probably told us she was somewhat of an ass virgin thinking we\’d go easier on her, but as you sick fucks know, that\’s not the way we work. Kelly also mentioned she loves cum, we usually hear that from all the whores so we put this cum slut to the test and let a few guys hanging around blow their loads in her mouth while Ben was pounding her in the ass. You guys are gonna love this scene!

Harmony and Mia
It’s double trouble this week as we have blonde bombshells Harmony Rose and Mia Bangg! We’ve had Harmony here a few times, she’s fucking hot and always puts on a good show being the dirty girl that she is. Her partner in crime is Mia who must look hot as hell in a dark room, talk about a butter face, damn near perfect body and a face like a post opp tranny! Who the fuck cares if she looks like a gapped tooth whore, she’ll swallow a cock after it’s been slamming Harmony in the ass, and any girl who will do that is alright in my book. These classy ladies take turns deep throating and gagging on dick before taking in the pooper. They both clean the cock after it’s been in the others ass and have great chemistry together. My lousy writing won’t do these girls justice so watch them and enjoy the snowball ending, this week’s update kicks ass!

Chelsea Zinn
Happy Monday mother fuckers. I was going to rip into this whore Chelsea Zinn for having saggy tits, then I double checked her age and god damn she looks fucking fantastic for over 40! Looking at her tight ass I would never have guessed Chelsea was even 30. With age comes experience, she’s no stranger to being fed cock fresh out of her poop shoot and tasting her own ass. Mark and Otto must have had a blast fucking both her face and ass with the same enthusiasm, only penetrating her pussy when her anus was already fully cock stuffed. This cunt doesn’t shut up, even with a mouth full of dick she’s still yapping away and talking dirty. As annoying as she can be at times, she’s way better to listen to than the retard holding the camera and his whispering directions… someone needs to punch the ass clown in the throat and shut him the fuck up. Chelsea goes through a serious stretching session, before swallowing two loads of cock sauce.

Delilah Strong
This week we have flap jack crack addict Delilah Strong. I don’t really think Delilah does crack, why would she poison her body with that low life drug when she’s able to be such a valuable member of society spending her weekends tweeked out on meth. I really hope they got that couch scotch guarded because this bitch is a squirter! That’s right boys fucking miss Delilah can result in not only serious wetness but a complete cunt juice shower. Either banging Chris has her extremely excited or his foot long dong pierced her blatter and the bitch sprung a leak. The more I watch Delilah the more I like her, asking Chris to smack her floppy little tits harder and harder, enjoying getting choked out and then soaking herself in her own cunt juice, this bitch looks like one fun fuck. My only advice to her would be save some of that meth money and get some fake tits, time to invest in something more permanent than a dose of dope and enough with those ugly asse ink stains she has all over her body. But hey what do I know, I’m not in front of the camera with her, I just sit here with one hand on the keyboard writing drivel about her getting serious pussy pounding!

We have a tight little sushi roll for you today, extra spicy! Katzumi is an Asian cutie that can take a cock almost as big as she is, what a fucking trooper. We love pairing up the small girls with the biggest cock we can find, try and split these little fuck tarts apart. She had a bit of a hard time taking the foot longer down all the way, but like any good whore she persevered and managed to deep-throat 12 inches of man meat. From the mouth to the ass and back, we filled this little slut with cock. Katzumi had an all you can fuck ass buffet and we made sure to stuff this bitch till she was full and top her off with a nice load of cock sauce.

Cindy Lauren
We have anal angels Cindy Crawford and Lauren Phoenix for you sick fucks this week. If there’s one person you don’t want to fuck with but you want to fuck its Lauren, she’s one hot piece of ass. She is a big talker and has the good and the skills to back it up, to be honest I think I’d be rather intimidated if I ever had a crack at her, no worries though, there’s no chance of that happening for yours truly. Then again Lauren loves to share, here she shares her man with Cindy. Man he’s one lucky son of a bitch, sitting back while Cindy rides his cock, then having Lauren pulling his dick out of Cindy’s ass to suck it clean and slip it back in her tight anus. I can sit here and describe in detail how he bangs both their tight asses, has them each feeding off his ass soaked dick, gets his cock and balls sucked at the same time or I can shut my fucking mouth and let you watch, so enjoy…

Melissa and Mica
Melissa and Mica are in for some double destruction. The punishment starts with some serious face fucking and gagging as Ben rams his cock down Melissa\’s throat until she soaks herself in her own saliva. You know when it starts like that it\’s going to be one hell of a dirty fuck session. These guys go crazy banging the shit out of these dirty whores, and the best part is these sick bitches love every minute of it! Melissa & Mica\’s parents must be so proud of their little angels. Now it\’s one thing to suck a guys cock right after he\’s been banging you in the ass, it\’s fucking gross but not half as bad as taking dirty cock out of some other sluts ass and sucking off all of her dirty ass juice. Nothing a little mouth wash and therapy can\’t fix I guess:-) As if having 2 guys railing you isn\’t bad enough, Mica grabs a strap-on and rams it into Michelle\’s mouth as the guys are banging her pussy and ass, so much for the girls sticking together. Michelle get\’s the brunt of it; spit on, gagged, having to eat dirty cock out of her ass and her friends ass, having her pussy and ass seriously reamed, then just for shits, giggles and a little bit of pain, the guys double penetrate her ass! That\’s right these guys stick both their cocks in her ass at the same time, OUCH! I guess swapping cum loads with your dirty pig friend and licking the remains off the floor isn\’t that bad after 30 minutes of the roughest sex you\’ve ever had.

The first thing we ask every broad that walks though our door is if she’s over 18. So this dumb bitch replies “of course I’m over 18, I just turned 19”. At first glance you can tell there’s no fucking way this string haired stretched out whore is even in her early twenties. I don’t understand why these dumb cunts lie about their age, first off we’re going to pound the shit out of them the exact same way, they can be18 or 38, second of all we need 2 pieces of photo id before we shoot! Where else can you walk in to an interview, have the first words out of your mouth be a lie and still get the job? Sometimes even I’m amazed how nice we are, giving odd jobs to unemployed, uneducated, unskilled, lying chicks who would most likely get fired from their job at Wendy’s by some pimply faced 16 year old assistant manager. We know it can be hard out there working for “the man” that’s why we are such good folks, take in these lost souls, give them work and help them follow the right path. Ok we pay them a nominal fee to ram cock so far down their throats they can hardly gasp for air, ram their pussy and ass until they have red gaping holes, spit at and smack their overly made up faces, then feed them cum from guys they don’t even know. Strangely enough many of these stupid cunts want to come back for more, must be because we’re such givers, it’s in our nature, what can I say:-)

For those of you who aren\’t familiar with Ashley Blue, she\’s a porn starlet known for her gagtastic skills. This hot little whore, can swallow cock like a champ, mouth, pussy or ass, just stick it in any hole and go to work. She\’s quite cute but it\’s hard to tell in this shoot because the guys bend her in ways that make her look like a disabled little person (My New Years resolution is to try and be more respectful to the whores, woops I mean women that shoot for us, that\’s why I opted to describe her as a disabled little person rather than a retarded midget who\’s so fucking dumb she can\’t even put on lipstick or shave her overly hairy snatch properly:-) The guys have a good time tag teaming Ashley, double penetrating her, giving her a little ass to mouth action, basically feeding her their man meat every way possible before unloading their loads all over her.

There is only one thing that would make this week’s Biohazard Bitch Misty look better… a bag over her head, a plastic one fit nice and snug at that! This dumb fucking cunt somehow thinks she’s hot, saying she’s too ugly for video is an understatement; this bitch is too ugly for radio! Shit even Stevie Wonder can see how ugly this slut is. She expects us to believe that her overly made up face is that of a fresh young 19 year old, which is much more believable then her bull shit about being in Med School. Our guy is one brave son of a bitch, ramming his cock into that mouth full of fucked up teeth, each of them pointing in a different direction, he’s lucky he didn’t wind up with a shredded dick. Misty actually has a decent body, but someone has to teach this clown how to apply makeup, or maybe she needs to put a light bulb and mirror in her bathroom so she doesn’t look like an overly made up ass clown. I apologize for hating on Misty so much, she’s actually a really sweet girl and not a stuck up cunt like many of the twats that we shoot, she put a valiant effort in and took the face fucking we administered like a champ.

Kendra, Melissa & Audrey
We’ve had great feedback from those 3 chick destruction videos, seems you guys don’t always need some cock on screen. Besides these chicks love to rough each other up and see how much they can push one and other. The issue here is when you shove a finger in someone’s ass better be careful, you may get a fist up yours in return! This isn’t your boring girl, girl making out, pussy licking with the occasional nipple flick video, these whores do some serious dildo damage before going knuckle deep into each other’s anal cavities. Who said you can’t have ass to mouth and complete domination and destruction without a guy in the mix, these bat shit crazy bitches do a hell of a job. They even make some of the guys we’ve used in the past seem like a bunch of pussies!

Deja Dare
This week we brought back the delectable Deja Dare. I love girls with tongue rings, not because they look good, they look pretty fucking stupid and they aren’t good for the teeth but because they have one purpose and one purpose only… To make giving head feel better! The best part is, it doesn’t even make it feel better for the whore sucking dick, it’s for the pleasure of guy whose knob is being gobbled up. How can I not appreciate a chick that goes through having a piece of steel put into her tongue so the blow jobs she’s giving feels better for the dude she’s about to get a mouth full of love spunk from. Couple the tongue ring with Deja’s love for deep throating, her fully shaved snatch and that she loves getting her ass reamed and you’ll see why I’m such a fan. Besides any girl who takes a cock out of her ass and sucks it clean is the right kind of dirty for me. Watching her fart the anal creampie into a bowl then take another shot to the face is just icing on the cake.

Maya Gates
We have an imported whore for you guys today, meet Maya she comes to us straight from Romania. It\’s not often we get married women walking through our door, so when we do we make sure to ream them extra hard with a massive cock. This way they go home to their loving hubbies soar, stretched and exhausted. Even though Maya is new to porn you can see she\’s been playing the part of dirty cum slut off camera for a very long time. This little whore sucks cock and deep throats like a fucking pro, if all women in Romania are like Maya we need to take an extended summer vacation over there. After some skull fucking and pussy penetration we give her once tight ass a serious fucking. Hey Maya, I don\’t know what food tastes like in Romania but you\’re in America now home of the Big Mac, apple pie, anal juice covered cock, and sperm dessert, so enjoy all the delicacies we have to offer:-) With her nice firm fake titties, shaved snatch and an ass that can handle a pounding and a half this bitch is going to do well in this industry, her husband must be so proud of his darling wife.

Gia is dirty dirty pig, just the type of whore we like here at BHB! Her wacky smile reminded me of the Joker from Batman, well holy hardcore Batman, this bitch is about to get destroyed! She told us she likes big cocks, but I don’t think she expected to have to swallow this big rod. She really impressed us, taking the whole thing down like a good little whore, swallowing 10” of man meat is a piece of cake compared to taking it in the ass. This cunt hardly had time to catch her breath, as we go from ass to mouth, and jam all her holes until tears swell up in her pretty eyes. Normally we let these bitches swallow the load on their own but Gia got a little help making sure it went all the way down. The points she lost for having a weird ass smile and cottage cheese ass she made up by being such a willing whore.

We have a fun and self proclaimed filthy whore, meet Lexi. This fuck pig knew she was a filthy whore at a young age, she\’s had a lot of practice being a complete slut before walking through our door. Letting her husband film her getting railed by all his friends, this cunt has no problems performing in front of a camera and being told what to do. After a little \”get to know Lexi\” time Sascha just grabs her whore face and rams his cock right down her throat. Let her tastes likes before it\’s been jammed all the way up her ass, because we all know she\’s going to know what it tastes like after it\’s been rammed up her anus. There\’s always a bonus when shooting for us, not only did Lexi get to be sodomized bareback by some strange dude, she also got slapped, choked and her hair pulled at no extra charge! I\’m amazed at what generous and giving people we are sometimes:-) You really have to love a girl that keeps asking for the cock to be jammed all the way up their ass, then tastes her own ass time and time again.

We brought back dirty fuck pig Victoria for you sick fucks this week. Victoria is looking mighty fine, seems she’s lost a bit of weight since we shot her last year. She doesn’t have much muscle tone so I guess she’s been on the typical whore diet of fast food, throwing up and cocaine! By the way she was eating cock and balls I would guess she skipped breakfast and lunch before coming in, skipping a few meals prior to having ones ass stretched out and reamed is probably a good idea anyways. I was surprised and impressed this slut hasn’t gotten her tiny tits done yet, maybe we found a chick that’s actually happy with the way she looks. Usually the first things these cunts save up for is a boob jobs, even if it means cutting out some of life’s extras like paying rent and the electric or phone bill. I should be nicer to Victoria, she took a big cock deep in the ass with a smile and never complained when we pulled out of her dirty anus and face fucked her. Chances are her anal cavity was one of the first things she had to eat that day, that and a big load of cock sauce. We had a new guy shooting and it seems he turned out to be some kind of dumb ass artsy film student prick, spinning the camera and directing. I apologize for using this fucking douche!

Bailey and Vanessa
We have two tasty tarts for you this week; meet Bailey and Vanessa. Because we have two whores for today’s shoot we called up our big boy, we’re talking baseball bat monster cock sick fuck Chris. This dude was born for porn, he was blessed with over a foot of man meat and puts it to good use, slamming in into cheap dirty sluts! You’d have to be a complete whore to take on a guy like Chris, what normal girl could take a forearm worth of cock slammed up their twat. I don’t think is humanly possible to deep throat all this dick but Bailey and Vanessa do their best to pull it off. The whores take turns pulling the giant rod out of each others stretched out pussies and sucking off the other girls cunt juices as they attempt to shoving the third leg down their own throats. Chris is one lucky son of a bitch, having Bailey lick and suck on his nut sack while he’s railing Vanessa and watching her big fakies bounce in his face, damn lucky sob. Even the girls got in on the rough stuff, choking one and other and pulling each other’s hair as they take turns being rammed with dick.

We have a fun and self proclaimed filthy whore, meet Lexi. This fuck pig knew she was a filthy whore at a young age, she\’s had a lot of practice being a complete slut before walking through our door. Letting her husband film her getting railed by all his friends, this cunt has no problems performing in front of a camera and being told what to do. After a little \”get to know Lexi\” time Sascha just grabs her whore face and rams his cock right down her throat. Let her tastes likes before it\’s been jammed all the way up her ass, because we all know she\’s going to know what it tastes like after it\’s been rammed up her anus. There\’s always a bonus when shooting for us, not only did Lexi get to be sodomized bareback by some strange dude, she also got slapped, choked and her hair pulled at no extra charge! I\’m amazed at what generous and giving people we are sometimes:-) You really have to love a girl that keeps asking for the cock to be jammed all the way up their ass, then tastes her own ass time and time again.

Brooke is a real sweet heart, she’s not your average whore with the “I’m a porn star” attitude. Which is good, because the whores with the egos don’t stop to think that when any guy can pay them a few hundred bucks, ram them in the ass and blast their face with cum, film it, sell it, it doesn’t make them a porn star, that makes them a bigger whore! I think Brooke is nicer because she has a little more cushion for the pushin’ then most of the skinny girls we get usually. That’s okay we at BiohazardBitches understand that fat girls need love too, they just have to pay for it lol. Lee took it easy on Brooke, I’m gonna have to have a talk with him, just because this bitch smiles like she has down syndrome doesn’t exempt her from getting a serious ass pounding. She’s got more to pound, he should be taking full advantage of that, our boy better not me getting soft in his old age!

Ice and Cody
We have two hot little whores for you sick fucks this week, meet Cody and Ice. Anytime we bring in two sluts to perform together we know we’re going to have a blast. It brings out their competitiveness and they try and out do the other to show which can take the cock down furthest and be the bigger fuck slut. They also encourage the other whore to push the limit, pushing the others head down when they are sucking dick, smacking the other while she’s being fucked, and always willing to lick pussy while being fucked. The girls take turn sucking each other’s cunt and ass juice off Sasha’s cock, each time he pulls out of one of their holes the other slut is quick to suck his rod clean. The fluids were flowing, Cody and Ice were drooling all over themselves while gagging on cock and taking turns getting spit on by each other and our boy Sasha. Ice wanted man up so she strapped on a big plastic cock and double penetrated Cody while she was being fucked in the ass by Sasha. After almost 30 minutes of nonstop hardcore fucking Sasha blasted both bitches in the face with cock sauce.

For all you ass men out there, we have a new whore with a nice piece of tail for you, just the right amount of meat. Because Lee didn’t do his job with Brooke we took it out on Katja and double stuffed this dirty little cunt with two big cocks. This slut is pretty good at multi-tasking; jerking off one cock while getting throat fucked by another, keeping a good rhythm, moaning and asking for more all at the same time, this whore has talent! I don’t know what backwards fucked up family and country this bitch came from but to compare getting banged in the ass and double teamed to Christmas is fucking hilarious! I would have loved to see Christmas morning at her house, “Come to here Katja, uncle Boris got you a special gift for this year!” LOL. We pull off a standing DP then feed her both dirty cocks before this pig gargles a mouth full of dirty cum and swallows it all.

Makayla Cox
In honour of the Vancouver Canuks being in the Stanley Cup finals we bring back the big boob Makayla Cox! Canada has given the world so many great things, unfortunately all the good that they have done for the world has been wiped out by introducing everyone to Celine Dion. She has a great rack and it almost looks natural, not that it matters if it looks real as long as it looks real nice eh! We shot her a few years ago and man she has just gotten better with age, I can\’t pinpoint what it is but I don\’t recall her ass looking so damn delicious. The sound on the video is a little off, I don\’t know what that\’s all aboot, must be a Canadian thing. I don\’t have money on the Canuks will best the Bruins but one sure bet is Makayla getting her ass reamed then covered in cock sauce!

Harmony and Sammi
It’s double trouble this week with blonde hardcore hotties Harmony & Sammi! Girl on girl action is fun to watch for a bit but porn just isn’t right without some cock, and these whores love the cock! The guys start out face and titty fucking these two interchangeable sluts, swapping them back and forth giving each slut a try. The blonde bitches each pick a dick and hop on for a ride while their tits flop all over the place. Being good little whores they make sure to suck the other sluts cunt juice off the cock before jumping on and giving the other guy a try. Our guys have fun flipping these sluts into all kinds of positions, swapping them back and forth and making them suck each other’s juices off their dicks. After being tossed around Harmony & Sammi play nice and share the two loads of cum like good little sluts.

This week\’s cute little cock sucker is Samantha Roxx. This little slut is a real \”girl next door\” type, really cute but not model type material. If the cunt was ever in a beauty pageant she might win the talent portion for her ability to suck and deep throat cock. Her voice is a little annoying so we made sure to keep her mouth filled with man meat as much as possible. Unfortunately we didn\’t have another guy to stuff her face while we plowed her pussy and tight little ass. We didn\’t spend too much time in her pussy, with a sweet tight asshole like she has we wasted no time sodomizing the stupid cunt. Besides it\’s much more fun to feed the whore cock out of her ass then her pussy:-) After being fed ass flavoured cock Ben gave her a nice load to wash it down.

Mya and Monique
We have a double dose of deliciousness this week with Mya Luanna & Monique Madison. Mya has been here before so we already know she loves the sucking sack, this Filipino beauty never neglects the balls when she’s giving a blow job. Monique is quick study and makes sure to have Brett’s boys in her mouth when Mya’s lips are his dick. Both these brown bitches have perfect perky tits, nice and small, beautiful and bouncy. They take turns riding Brett, after one slut slides her wet pussy off the other slides right on. Monique pays monkey in the middle as Brett fucks her from one end and Mya is sitting on her face having her box munched on the other. Before you call me a racist fuck I didn’t call her a monkey because she might be black, to be honest I can’t really tell if she’s a light skinned black babe or just has curly hair and a nice tan. It’s like trying to figure out the sex of Pat from Saturday Night Live, is that show still on? Her light nips leads to us to think she isn’t a sister, and then we are reminded of her name, Monique. Either way she’s hot and has a nice and smooth freshly shaved pussy, besides we’re equal opportunity and will stick it to just about any chick, regardless of the color of her skin. Enough dumb banter, the only other thing you need to know is Brett finishes off spraying his load all over Mya’a ass and has it drip down over her pussy into Monique’s mouth.

Most people welcome in the New Year with friends and family, going out for dinner and some drinks, we at Biohazard Bitches do things a little differently:-) We ring in the New Year by sodomizing some dirty crack whore, forcing her to choke on cock that was just pulled out of her skanky dirt hole. Genesis is true to her whoredom, any slut with welts on her ass like this bitch and the hunger to sucks her gooey ass juice off our boys cock is a dirty, dirty fuck pig on camera and off. It feels good to know we did our part to help Genesis kick off the New Year with a bang.

In the spirit of Christmas our boy Ben bangs the shit out of a little elf whore. Veronica is a tiny little slut weighing in at 95 lbs. Don\’t let this lil mini mites size fool you she\’s as big a dirty slut as the other pigs we destroy. Ben doesn\’t even bother sticking his dick in Veronika\’s petite pussy he goes straight for the tight stink star. The only break he takes from administering a serious ass pounding is to ram his ass juice covered cock down her tight little throat. After tossing this little mini whore around and fucking her ass in every possible painful position Ben paints her face with a big load, it\’s going to be a white Christmas for Veronika after all:-)

This week we get back to the bleached blond big boob bitches we all love so much. The last little while we\’ve strayed away from destroying the typical porn whore, well we\’re back baby! Actually Barbara is back with her big fake titties and a face that\’s made for fucking. Ben did just that, grabbed Barbara by her hair and gave her pretty little face a good fucking! This slut has been here before so she knows the drill, or rather that she will be drilled in the ass to the point you can toss a golf ball into her gaping anus and not touch the rim. Ben has a great time working her ass, he spent the better part of this fuck session stretching it out, only taking short breaks to have Barbara suck her own ass juice off his dick. Not wanting Barbara to leave with breath smelling like her lower intestines, Ben was courteous enough to give her a mouth full of his spunk, sometimes I think he cares too much.

We have an ass jamming good time with Jasmine this week. This hot little whore is one of thousands of young, bright eyed, wanna-be actresses that left her mid-western home in search of stardom in sunny Hollywood. Like many of the semi talented hoochies that go in search of fame and fortune after a few months of no call backs and bills coming in she went looking for an acting job she\’s been practicing for most of her life, and we are more then happy to give her the break she\’s been looking for. Amazing how naturally acting like a dirty fucking whore comes to most of these girls, it\’s like they\’ve rehearsed the part hundreds if not thousands of times before. She might not ever make it to the big screen but with her cock sucking skills and anal abilities she\’s guaranteed to make a few fans. We pound her tight wanna-be actress butt hole and continuously feed her ass-soaked cock, this way she can taste her talentless ass over and over. She can now write home to her parents in Nebraska and let them know she\’s stared in her first short film that might one day make it to DVD. Her family will be so proud to see what a good job their cum soaked little angel is doing and how far her acting career has advanced:-)

All you big boob lovers are going to enjoy the anal destruction of porn star Carmella Bing this week! This hot whore has one hell of a killer rack, giving Sasha one more place to plow his cock in between:-) Unlike being skull fucked and having their faces rammed down as far as they can go on hard cock then being railed in the ass until the bitch is left with a soar gaping ass hole we aren\’t quite sure what enjoyment chicks get out of being tittie fucked and hit in the chin with a hard cock over and over, but we enjoy it, so fuck it we\’ll do it as much as we like! It\’s fun to watch Carmella\’s giant juggs bouncing around and smacking her in the face while she\’s being railed over and over. Just because she\’s got massive fun bags doesn\’t mean we take it any easier on this dumb cum slut. The lucky cunt gets to taste her own ass fresh off Sashas cock, gets choked and has her face and titties slapped like any other dumb bitch we use and abuse. In honour of her big chesticles Sasha spares her face and covers her rack in cock sauce.

Although this weeks Biohazard bitch Roxxy is just average looking there\’s nothing average about this extreme whore. This dirty little pig talked herself up in her interview saying there wasn\’t much she wouldn\’t do, so we put the sleazy skank to the test. We brought in two guys to stuff this bitch; it\’s amazing how much better she looks when her face is filled with cock. In case she ever wondered what she tastes like down bellow, we took turns fucking her tight holes then feeding her dirty cock fresh from the pink and the stink. We really used this slut like piece of meat, ramming cock down her throat while pounding her in the ass, chocking and slapping her as we double penetrate her once tight holes. The more we threw at this fuck slut the hornier and wetter she would get, just the type of lady we like here at BHB. Being the lady that she is, we creampied her stretched out anus and had her fart the semen out then covered her face with more cock sauce. This whore got seriously double teamed and creamed.

Lexi Love
This week we have the homely Lexi Love. This skinny bitch does fuck all for me, which is odd because she’s slim, her tits and ass are okay and her face isn’t ugly or beaten up. This cunt is far from anything special, maybe it’s the ugly ass white trash tattoo across her belly, or her stringy hair, she isn’t the worst we’ve had but for some reason she just rubs me the wrong way. She puts effort into gobbling cock and her face is fuckable yet I’d rather hit it with a shovel than stick my dick in it. Maybe that’s extreme, I’ll try again… After fucking her meth addicted face I’ll do her a favor and swing my shovel across it and straighten or just knock out some of those crooked teeth. Most of the below average girls put in the extra effort so they down a 3 but come up an 8, this bitch doesn’t score any extra points, she didn’t even take it in the ass. Some of you guys might like this white trash piece of human garbage, and I would never judge you for it. Shit someone here must like here because she’s been back a couple times, maybe she works cheap when rent is due or she’s run out of her curbside pharmaceuticals.

Tiffany is a dumb cunt from merry ol England. Like so many other young naive sluts she came to California in hopes of getting noticed and making it big as an actress. Unfortunately for Tiffany reality has set in and she\’s found out that hopes and dreams won\’t pay the rent. Being the companionate do gooders that we are, we offered to help her out and give her a role she was guaranteed to land! Getting reamed on camera is a part this slut hasn\’t played before so we knew we could have some fun with her. You can always tell the newbie girls, they\’re the ones who concentrate more on catching their breath and not crying over screaming how much they love to be fucked. Tiffany just might be able to put that acting degree and years of college to good use after all; getting degraded, choked with dicks and doughnuts, being slapped around and used like a cheap piece of meat. It ain\’t exactly Shakespeare, but it\’ll help keep her from being evicted, for another month at least:-)

Vanilla Sky
So this cunt walks in and tells us her name is Vanilla Sky, not only does she pick a name that\’s completely unoriginal, she chooses one from a shitty movie at that! Okay so thinking isn\’t one of this whore\’s strong points, thankfully she doesn\’t need to do much of it working for us. For all you guys who are sick of these cunts that scream \”fuck me, I\’m a whore\” and all the other things some of these douche bags don\’t stop screaming while being fucked you\’ll be happy to know Vanilla resorts to mainly moaning as she gets railed. I guess making sure there\’s a cock in their mouth most of the time helps shut them the fuck up. Although she doesn\’t look like a complete fucking whore at first glance, any slut that comes to a job where she has to get naked covered in bruises you know they\’re freaky little bitches on and off camera. Unless the bruises are on their face, then you know they just don\’t listen:-)

Lucy Kai
This week we have a hot young import for you guys, Lucy Kai. I have to admit when a tight little Asian with big fake tits walks through my door I figure there’s a 30% chance it’s got a dick, most of the tranny’s out there look like Lucy… luckily this hot little 19 year old was cock free! Well she was cock free until we stripped her ass down and slammed a couple in her. I didn’t think Lucy would be up for the Biohazard challenge but this tiny twat takes the cock like a fucking champ. The boys started off nice and easy skull fucking her until she was drooling all over herself, the bitch damn near broke the camera when she soaked the fucking camera lens. No one disrespects our equipment, it was punishment time, I think I heard what sounded like Lucy crying and screaming something when we jammed a cock in her ass but it was hard to understand what she was saying with a cock balls deep in her mouth. This chick took some serious cock for such a tiny thing, we pinned her legs up and double penetrated her, stretching out each hole and slamming her while she screamed and shrieked! Our guys were going fucking crazy, they double stuffed her cunt tearing that shit up, this poor little girl got the stretching of her life! Lucy said she was thirsty so we gave her a glass to drink the two loads of sperm out of, a little cum cocktail for her to play with as we finish up the shoot!

Rebecca and Kapri
We\’ve got two hot hoochies for you this week, Rebecca and Kapri, and we teach these selfish cock hungry whores how to share. We started off testing each sluts gag reflexes as Ben rammed his cock down their throats, then they gave Ben every man\’s dream a nice double BJ. Fucking their pretty mouths is fun but there are other holes that need a good stretching, after a few minutes of fucking their tight pussy\’s Ben would pull out and have Kapri suck Rebecca\’s cunt juice off his dick. To make things fair he\’d have Rebecca taste Kapri\’s cunt juice, you wouldn\’t want one of the whores getting out without sucking cock straight out of the others snatch. Being the sick fuck that Ben is he moved to the ass and had Rebecca suck his dick right out of Kapri\’s dirty arse. In true sharing fashion the whores snowballed Ben\’s cum, semen swapping so each got a taste of his nut butter.

We give Jordan what she wants and more this week. We highly respect and appreciate the input and opinions we get from the women that work for us, as you can see in the beginning of this shoot:-) Honestly I don\’t know why these dumb fucking whores even open their god damn pie hole to say anything, telling us how horny they are or how much they like being fucked. We\’re going to do whatever the hell we want to them, treat them like the worthless pieces of cunt that they are, so why they think we give a flying fuck what they like is beyond me. Lets face it, they like money and being mistreated and we are able to provide a little of one and a shitload of the other. We seriously stuff this blonde slut, filling her face, pussy and ass with cock, moving back and forth from hole to hole stretching them all. Slapping, chocking, hair pulling and ass tasting are just a few of the fun things Jordan got to experience before being showered in cock sauce. I hope we met her expectations:-)

Hey mother fuckers this week we have a big boob hottie from over the pond, Michelle B. We told this Britt twit we were running a contest to find the next anal queen and that she could win cash and other make believe prizes. Like she was going to win something for letting us fuck her in the ass, she’s obviously a natural blonde. So we found one of our big boys with some serious girth to stretch out this dumb cunt. I guess when you only have certain skills you need to use what you’ve got to earn a living and win contests. She obviously wouldn’t do well on Jeopardy, who am I kidding she would fail at deal or no deal she so fucking dumb. Sure she’s got nice big tits and she does her best to unsuccessfully deep throat, we’ll even give her some extra make believe points for taking the cock ass to mouth a few times, but this is no award winning anal. She does take a serious reaming, I’ll give her credit for that. Shame she came in just shy of winning the runner up prize, better luck next time dummy!

Sandra Romain
Last week I gave Brooke all kinds of praise because she always delivers, this week we have Sandra Romain who never fails to take whatever we throw at her. Sandra is polar opposites of Brooke, brown hair, natural small titties, thin tight body, from Kazakhstan or Romania or some other shit hole eastern European country (yeah I sound like an ignorant American fucktard, because I am one). As different as these girls are they are two of my favs, how can you not love a slut that loves to be used and abused, over and over. I’m realistic, I know these broads do it for the money, but you can tell when someone is passionate about what they do and Sandra has passion oozing out of her ass, at least I hope that’s passion coming out of her gaping anus. I’m not sure what happened to these girls growing up that made them into the classy self respecting ladies they have become. Maybe it was a strict father, an abusive father or no father at all, maybe their mothers were whores and the apple didn’t fall far from the overly stretched out rotten tree. I’m no psychologist even though I’ve gone to one most of my life, but whatever the trigger is that leads a girl to eat sperm off a dinner plate is something that needs to be studied!

Ben met this European whore at a club, he claims to have picked her up at a trendy club downtown, I think he’s full of shit and met her at one of the dive strip joints he frequents. Either way the important thing is he got her to come over so we could use and abuse her imported skanky ass. One bonus to her not speaking much engrish, is she didn’t talk all that much, thankfully. We took turns gagging and fucking this whore, ramming cock down her throat till she had balls on her chin, fucking her ass nice and hard then gagging her straight out of her dirt box over and over. This cunt sure knows how to move her ass as you’ll see in the first minute of clip 2, and Ben claims she’s not a whore from a titty bar, right! She sucked both cocks at the same time before swallowing 2 nasty ass loads, welcome to America bitch!

Tiffany and Alexis
This week we have the dynamic duo Tiffany Taylor & Alexis Silver! We\’ve had Tiffany here a few times already; she\’s a hot and feisty brunette who has proven on more than occasion that she loves the cock. I\’m not 100% sure if Alexis has been here before, she looks familiar but I could be thinking of some other gapped tooth whore. For you guys that like big naturals these boobalicious babes have some fantastic floppy fun. Big, small, real, fake, doesn\’t matter to me as long as they are nice, and Tiffany has near perfect titties in my book. I won\’t say anything negative about the rack on Alexis, after all with a face and mouth like that her heavy hitting flap jacks are a pleasure to look at. These two cunts have good chemistry and play off each other, licking the other\’s pussy juice of our man\’s cock and pushing the other to get fucked faster and harder. Alexis did score some extra points for trying suck out the last drop of cum, which is why I like these not so great looking girls, they usually put in that extra effort to be that much more of a dirty pig, and we love our dirty pigs!

This week we bring back another favourite fuck itzi bitzi Kat. For some reason at the start of this clip Lat says she’s never been tag teamed before, I’m not sure why she would say that since this is the third time we are filling her two cocks at the same time, I guess she lies about that for the same reason as she still claims to be 18, because some people believe it. I’m always amazed how much dick this tiny thing is able to handle, doesn’t matter what hole we stick it in she can take the dick balls deep. Even when we fill her cunt we can still stuff another slab of man meat into her tight ass. These guys twist, turn and fold Kat into every position they can think off, tossing her around like a worthless rag doll. This isn’t the best scene we’ve shot with Kat but I blame that on the guys not lasting all that long, then again give me the chance to fuck her in the ass and I’ll be lucky to last five minutes! On the plus side there are some killer ass gapes, if you look closely you can see her lower intestines;-)

Tory and Vanessa
We take a ride down a two Lane bi-way this week with super sluts Tory Lane & Vanessa Lane! They aren’t related but they sure do have a lot in common, like Barrett’s dick in them for starters. I love these two whores, they are fucking hot and know how to fuck on film! They play off each other and are always striving to outslut the other one, if Vanessa is getting her pussy pounded Tory will pull Barrett’s cock out to suck it clean then lick Vanessa’s snatch and ass hole. Not to be outdone Vanessa will pull the cock out of Tory’s ass and lick it clean. I don’t know what’s hotter watching these girls slobber all over dick or seeing them spit on each other. I have seen hundreds of these girls come and go over the years, all shapes, sizes and colours and if you asked me which ones I like the best, Tory and Vanessa would near the top. I’m a clean freak that likes my women dirty, and these chicks are just the right amount of dirty.

This week we turn Xandy into a human oreo! The human body is an amazing thing, to be able to take a tight asshole that most people have issue putting a finger in and stretching it to the point it where you can sit on a coke can and suck it right into your lower intestines is quite amazing. While on the subject of the human body I’m not sure if having a foot long cock the width of a can is a blessing or a curse. Very few women can deep throat you, many will have issue getting into their pussy and only overused whores like Xandy will be able to shove it into their anus. So props to Xandy and her elastic ass and vag, taking two monster cock with relative ease, I’m sure her parents are very proud of their little girl. You would be amazed how many people dig some hot interracial fucking, I know a few guys how love to watch their white girls getting destroyed by some by big black cock. Skin color aside, because I personally don’t give a flying fuck about it, this is some great hardcore, ass pounding, double penetration tag team action!

Eva and Tiffani
Lee Stone is one lucky motherfucker, this week he gets tag teamed by Eva Angelina & Tiffani Digiavanni! I see a lot of tits; big small, real, fake, some are works of art and other look like they were done by a blind surgeon out to get revenge. When it comes to great racks Eva and Tiffani fall in the fantastic funbag category. Tiffani’s tits are so fucking nice you don’t even notice her face looks like that of a clown school reject that’s just gone 3 rounds with Kimbo Slice. Lee tosses these big boob whores around like a pair of slutty rag dolls, flipping them upside down into a standing 69 and ploughing them with his foot long schlong. Normally I love a loud girl, nothing like hearing screaming and moaning as a hottie is being filled with man meat, for some reason listing to these dumb fucking cunts screaming, moaning and telling Lee to “fuck her hard” makes me want to shove my fist down their throats rather than my fat 4 inches of fury. Eva needs to take some credit, she is the one that makes this scene work, Tiffani is about as useful as a big beautiful pair of fake tits on an ugly bull with bleached blonde hair!

Selina Silver
Think back, can you remember your best birthday? Maybe it\’s the one where you got the best gifts, or the one that hot girl gave you a Happy Birthday kiss? Well as luck would have it, the only date we could schedule a shoot for Selena was on her birthday! We made sure to make this a birthday this dumb fucking whore will remember, getting gagged, fucked, sodomized, double penetrated, made to lick bens dirty ass, fed cock straight out of her own gapping anus, and left with a face full of cum. Any fucktard that\’s willing to spend the day getting railed by two strangers, slapped and spit on just so she can get some extra money that she\’ll blow partying that night and probably go home with a couple guys and get railed again (for free) is a natural born whore. So Happy Fucking Birthday Selena you dumb fucking slut, we hope to see you next year when we\’ll have 10 guys ready to tear you apart!

Channel and Angela
This week have proof that if you have tits and a vagina you can be in a porn scene. You don’t need experience, or have to be that great looking, shit if you’re Chanelle Chavez you don’t even have to be charismatic. I don’t recall the last time I saw a so called whore fucking on film that was as boring as this lazy cunt. She didn’t even take the time to trim that revolting beaver patch. So enough about the Mexican mutt, I’d rather talk about sexpot Angela Stone. Thankfully Angela not only saves the scene with her deep-throating and gagtastic blow job skills but she gushes all over the place. That’s right fuckers, she squirts halfway across the room while riding Brian, you can fake a lot of stuff in porn but you can’t fake a squirt like that. After watching this little fuck fest I think Angela needs a bonus for putting on a stellar performance, taking in the ass, squirting multiple times right across the room, eating Brian’s cock straight out of her own ass and Channel’s fuzzy box. As for Channel, this bore needs to take her bushy pimply cunt back to cleaning hotel rooms.

We have a tight little sushi roll for you today, extra spicy! Katzumi is an Asian cutie that can take a cock almost as big as she is, what a fucking trooper. We love pairing up the small girls with the biggest cock we can find, try and split these little fuck tarts apart. She had a bit of a hard time taking the foot longer down all the way, but like any good whore she persevered and managed to deep-throat 12 inches of man meat. From the mouth to the ass and back, we filled this little slut with cock. Katzumi had an all you can fuck ass buffet and we made sure to stuff this bitch till she was full and top her off with a nice load of cock sauce.

We have another newbie this week, meet Saana. She’s not new to fucking for monry but she is new to our site and that’s all that really matters, because the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. I don’t recall the last time I watched a video with a real blond with real tits, I didn’t think it existed. Forget about what Saana has; let’s discuss the things she doesn’t have like a gag reflex for starters! She takes down both cocks balls deep, basically has her mouth fucked like it’s her ass and she doesn’t gag, not once, amazing how it’s impressive and disappointing all at the same time. Another thing she lacks is boundaries, our boys took turns slamming her face, pussy and ass, swapping back and forth before double penetrate her. Her gag reflex or their lack of must have helped her keep her lunch down after being fed dick that came fresh out of her anus. Saana might have started the day with perfect vision, but she leaves up with one eye glued shut, and a face and chest covered in splooge.

Hillary Scott
So think week we brought back one of our favorites whore, Hillary Scott. We don’t usually have little preludes to the fucking but Hillary wanted to do this little schtick where she got to ask someone if they were molested and call them a fag, so we let her have at it and she’s actually pretty funny. Personally I don’t give a flying fuck about her ability to be quick and witty, I just love watching her get her face fucked and listening to her slurp and gargle on her spit. Our stunt cock was nice enough to go down on her a little bit, I thought the guy was soft until he slurped up all that pussy juice and spit it right into Hillary’s mouth. As nice of a pussy Hillary has it ranks last on which holes I’d stick it to, ass and mouth have the snatch beat by a long shot. Better yet combine the two, have Hillary taste her own ass while sucking cock fresh out of her gaping anus, something she’s so good at doing. Finish off by blowing a hot load in her cornhole and watch as she pushes it out and eats it, how can you not love this dirty slut!

This week we double stuff sexy little Samantha. When this slut came into my office there was just something about her face that bugged me. She’s mediocre looking and had the usual bleh personality most of these whores carry around with them. I couldn’t place it but something about her made me want to just toss my stapler at her and see how good her reflexes were. I needed something other than her face to look at while I interviewed her so I told her to take off her white trash jogging pants and stained hoody. That’s when I saw what a smoking body this whore had and my opinion of her started to improve. I knew right away we could toss this bitch around, crack her open and have some serious fun with her. Her engrish was no so good so we made sure to give her that extra import abuse, a serious double stuffing and hole stretching. The cunt took it like a champ, I’m always amazed how these small chicks with tiny asses can take such large cocks in them. You ass guys are going to enjoy this scene, much more than the boob men out there.

This week we bring back hard body hottie Vanessa! In the last few years we’ve shot and had our way with hundreds of whores, big, small, short, tall, we’ve stuck dick into them all. Most of the whores aren’t memorable at all, these dumb cunts are a fucking dime a dozen, and you can be sure they don’t forget us as quickly as we forget them. There are certain whores we can never forget, Kelly Wells, Julia and Anna are just a few of the memorable ones, now you can add this horse mouth whore to that list! Other than having some big white chompers Vanessa has to be one of the hottest cunts that we’ve shot. Where the majority of the sluts have a bit of jiggling belly fat and look used and abused from years of malnutrition and partying Vanessa is rocking a six pack and looks younger each time we see her. She isn’t the smartest of the bunch, or the most hardcore, although she takes an anal reaming and skull fucking like a champ but her body beats out just about any of the other sluts we’ve put through the ringer. Shame her voice isn’t as hot as her body, after listening to say “Oh yes” 1000 times with her nasal whiney voice we wanted to knock out that mouth full of veneers that her parents probably spent thousands on. They will be happy to know the mouth they put so much money into is now getting stuffed with cock so their princess can pay the rent and her gym membership!

I’m on the wrong dating sites and have to find new bars to hang out in. I have met many girls and can’t really complain about the amount of tail I get. I’ve had chicks deep throat, lick my ass and from time to time I get one who doesn’t mind taking it in the pooper. I’ve even tagged some chicks with a buddy of mine, doesn’t happen often but it’s happened. I have never met a chick that would even consider taking 2 cocks in the ass! This is the 3rd or 4th week that’s we’ve had girls like the classy Kisha here who take a double shot of cock in the anus and I’m thinking I’m doing something wrong. Most guys wouldn’t want to be crossing swords with another dude, I’m confident enough as a straight guy to not focus on the other cock. It seems I’ll have to take my next vacation in Europe in order to find some hot whore that will take a couple poles in the bung hole… Anyone know a good travel agent? I have some vacation time coming up!

Luba Love
What’s going on mother fuckers? For those of you old enough to recall the cold war you know there was some tension between Americans and Eastern Europeans back in the day. Don’t worry I’m not going to get all political up in this shit, besides I’m a Canadian and we mind our own business, but more so we sit on the fence about everything. After watching the videos from the last few weeks I have noticed there actually are many cultural differences between Eastern European and American whores. We have been filming overseas and I have to say the most recent fuck sessions have been second to none! I don’t know what it is but these Euro girls are fucking hot as hell, in a dirty pig kind of way. They may not be considered as “pretty” by the usual standards, but this isn’t a fucking beauty pageant, this is Biohazard Bitches! Fuck the swimsuit competition and the highlights in their hair; we want to see how big a dildo we can ram up some slut and how many cocks we can slam in her anus. There are a handful of American “actresses” and I use that terms loosely that are true fuck pigs, but just about all of these Euro trash whores have no issue with double sodomy and eating their own ass or some dirty hairy man ass. So if there’s ever a fuck slut Olympics, or any type of whore wars, then we in North America have nothing on these European cum covered goddesses!

Amber Armstrong
It’s a big week for the last name Armstrong, Lance Armstrong gave up fighting and lost all his tour de France titles for doping! Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon passed away, rip space man! And Amber Armstrong the least famous of them all gets her rectum torn from being double penetrated. I sure hope Amber was doping before she competed against all other whores for the title of sodomy slut of the week. It may not be a prestigious title, there’s no trophy and the prize is a mouth full of cum but she won and she should be damn proud of it. It takes a special woman to have her anus stretched open so wide you can slip two large cocks in at the same time, anyone can ride a fucking bicycle, take that Lance you cheating one nut prick. /end rant… it\’s hard to bitch out someone who\’s raised $500M for cancer research;-)

Ava Rose
This scene is for all you low budget sci-fi guys out there. Or those of you who want to see some whore get banged by four overly tattooed losers. Either way Ava is dirty cock slut who needs to learn how to shave her pussy properly so she doesn’t those ugly red razor burn pimples. When I first saw Ava I considered her very mediocre, she’s slim but soft, decent looking but not beautiful and her tits are meh at best. Then I watched her take on four guys, rotating around to suck one while the other fucked her from behind and it reminded me why I love below average girls, they always put in that extra effort! Take home some hot bitch and prepare to be on your game, bring home a minger and they go down a 3 or 4 and come up a 7 or 8. They try harder and it’s appreciated, even Ava’s looks improved… after had 4 loads of cum drenching her sweaty naked body.

Veronica Jett
Ahhhh… for you guys who don’t already know Veronica Jett you’re about to get acquainted with her. At first glance you’ll see her cock sucking skills and want to stick your dick in her mouth and fuck her squirrely looking face. Then you’ll take a closer look and see that scab she has on her lip, ewww! Then you have to decide, do you pull it out and skull fuck the dirty whore and roll the dice… is that a piece of oatmeal from breakfast, a burn from sucking on a crack pipe or more than likely a cold sore better known as face herpes. I know something like 80% of the population gets cold sores but they don’t schedule a double blowjob during a breakout like this dumb cunt. Most guys would roll the dice, these two grease ball looking stunt cocks had no issue apparently. Chances are you wouldn’t have even seen the nastiness on her lip if I didn’t mention it, but I feel a public service announcement is in order here, besides I love calling people out when they do something dumb as fuck, and these three ass hats you see in the clip deserve to be called out for going ahead with this! I can only speculate that if her lip looks like that and they thought the best approach was a double BJ zooming in on her mouth, imagine what that diseased pussy and ass must look like. Hope you weren’t about to eat:-)

Lauren, Trina & Vanessa
We’ve become a society of instant everything, instant messaging, instant coffee, even instant porn! The bad acting and story lines have pretty much vanished, it’s all become straight to the fucking with no dialogue before the sex, which is fine by me. But these girls like to set a scene so we let them have their fun and do a little banter before they get down and dirty. We’ve been getting a lot of great responses to the all girl scenes so we’ll pop them in every once and a while. As long as the girls keep sodomizing and eating each other assholes then I think we can give them a chance. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the all girl stuff but watching the pile driver double anal dildo fucking is pretty fucking awesome. Each of these whores are dirty pigs on their own, put them together and they just feed off each other. Pushing themselves to try and out dirty the other; licking, sucking, fucking and stretching out each other’s pussy and anuses. We’ll have our steroid riddled dumb as bricks stunt cocks back next week, so enjoy this week’s penis free video!

What a treat, we have the gorgeous all natural Defrancesca Gallardo for you perverts this week. By “all natural” I mean no fake tits or bleached blond hair, don’t worry I’m not referring to a natural hairy bush. Although there are a shit ton of guys that love a hairy clam, we don’t see it all that much with the sluts we have walking through our door. I don’t know if it’s the brown hair, perky tits, fishnets or the glasses but I find Defrancesca one seriously hot piece of tail. That’s strictly based on her looks, I haven’t even gotten into her cock sucking skills, taking down 8 inches with ease, even as she’s getting fucked hard from behind. You foot guys are going to love the little treat we have for you, I don’t want to ruin the surprise so I won’t go into detail. If you’re into douche bags, one of our stunt cocks looks like an overly orange tanned Jersey Shore reject! There really is something for everyone this week.

Gia Paloma
In this glorious business of fucking for money on camera there are countless girls who come and go, no pun intended. Very few of these dumb cunts have any staying power, which is fine, after all, the only thing better than pussy is new pussy. I do respect those girls that stick it out and try and make a name for themselves. Gia is one of those rare gems that gives it her all and literally puts her ass on the line. Just about all girls take a face fucking until they are drooling all over themselves, even a cock in the ass is par for the course these days. Then again ass has become the new vagina. It takes a bit of a special girl to take a pole in each hole, and then you have professionals like Gia that endure a true double penetration, two cocks one seriously stretched out anus. Most guys would have an issue crossing swords with another guy, but how can anyone give up the chance to double sodomize a hottie like Gia! Finishing off with a double anal cream pie and feed her what come out, who needs a cherry on top of that!

This week we have a not so well know porn whore Sheridan. She must be a stripper with her nice hair and eyes and a kind of cute face at the right angle and an okay body, all of which must look great in a dimly lit room with a few drinks in your system. None of that matters when you see how she sucks back a couple hard cocks and takes them in each of her holes. Talking about dimly lit rooms, whoever does her cunt waxing needs to turn the lights up, look a little closer and take care of hair around the back of her asshole. You can hardly notice it but I’m a picky mother fucker and hate when people are fucking lazy. I think I got spoiled by the double anal the last two weeks, watching Sheridan take a pole in each hole and suck her ass juice off the cocks is looking a little tame to me. I was also expecting more of a face frosting from these two dudes, like Sheridan they are also mediocre ass hats. Sorry for the hate this week guys, not sure why I’m a such a fucking bitter prick, I’ll blame it on being Monday!