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Gina Lynn is the most famous porn star period. She’s even made it to such mainstream shows as “The Sopranos.” That’s why it was so fun having her barfing on our cocks. I mean, this is Gina Lynn, not some tweaked out LA starlet on her way to rehab. Gina Lynn wasn’t used to this type of treatment, and being the purists we are to our craft, we didn’t give a shit who she was neither. Right after the first slap she knew she was in for it. Her head was passed back and forth like a dodge ball. Then it was head over the sofa and the cocks drilled her throat until she was unrecognizable; you couldn’t even tell it was the famous Gina Lynn. Even though she broke down and ran to the bathroom, you could tell there was a part in her that liked pushing the envelope to test herself, yea, she pushed herself a little too far, but you could see as her eyes were tearing up, there was a look of excitement in there too. Then she took 3 degrading nuts to the face which rolled into her pouty mouth and dripped off her chin. There she sat, porn’s crown jewel, destroyed. Makenzee Pierce is a whore who made it out to the east coast to take a beating. Her little prissy face needed to be speckeled on because she has that girl next door look, but with a touch of cunt. She had a hot little body too. It was great to see this cute little piece of shit barf on a cock. She just looked so broken. When she took the loads to her face, she sat there mentally and physically trashed. It was a masterpiece. Mirella is 18! She’s a senior in high school too! WE FUCKIN’ DELIVER! Anyways, she was a good little submissive whore. So hot and tender. She did anything we asked of her. She got her throat drilled for the first time in her life. She was a mess, covered in her own slop. Then we fucked that tight 18 year old pussy, nutted all over her face and sent her back to daddy. Gina stopped by for her first ever porno and her first ever rough BJ too. She was taken back by how hard we railed her throat. She liked being called a whore and having her ass spanked too. She also took her first ever facial. 2 of them! Francesca is not your typical porn whore. This is her first ever adult movie. Talk about trial by fire. Fran is college educated, but found a sorta malaise in the real world. So this is her big step out to see what’s on the other side. In her professional career she is usually working on people’s mouths, today that script got flipped. It started out with Bootleg & Harker just using their cocks like battering rams on her virgin throat. For a first timer, she impressed me with her willingness to be pushed to her limits, and was game for all the new experiences that was in store for her. Midway through, Harker got a mysterious phone call and had to leave. I think he called the guy Mr. X or something. Anyway, the remarkable Mr. Red just stepped up to take care of this broad. Red & Boots then took turns on her Italian pussy. Slamming it home to a great grand cum finale, and scooped her some up which she tasted like Grandma’s homemade sauce. Enjoy my friends, I know I did. Dahlia Denyle is a beautiful Palestinian cocksucker. It’s a rare treat when you get someone from that region as the women are usually so repressed, a porno is out of the question; especially, a porno where a hoe is taking a cock into her whore throat. With Dahlia Denyle being Palestinian, I wanted to see how well she could throw a rock, because everytime I flip on Fox News, I always see a Palestinian throwing a rock at a tank. She tossed that rock like “The Unit.” We knew she was legit off the boat mid eastern then. She took a good pounding and that tight Arab pussy was toppled like Saddam by a big thrusting Irish cock. Then she took a nut to the face that was so big, it looked like she was wearing a burka made of cum. Cameron is as naive as a Midwestern special ed student. She had a boyfriend who basically told her that he wants to see her in a porno. So she shows up and the phone rings, and she asks me, “My boyfriend wants to see me get ass fucked, and then get DP’d.” We were like, “Um, let us think on that one… Sure!” This poor girl would do anything to please him, even if it meant pleasing us. She never experienced anything like this, and you could tell her innocence was yesterday’s news. We sent her back to her loving boyfriend filled with cum, gaping holes, humiliated, and with a story to tell. Bailey Brooks is a well known porn star. She’s done plenty of scenes but none quite like this. This always makes things fun. We warmed her up with a good face fucking, and then proceeded to fuck her ass. She was such a horny whore that she loved it. Then we all nutted on her face and she lay there covered in cum for all to see. Sophie Ryan is new to porn. She never had a real man fuck her before, so when Big Red started pounding that pussy, she was letting out tears and squealing like a pig. He was pounding her so hard she was on her tippy toes trying to escape the cock. Bootleg grabbed her by the hair and proceeded to face fuck her while Big Red was pounding her from behind into submission. At first, she had cock shock, but as her pussy got used to the pounding cock her inner naughty girl came out, and what a freak she was. The last time someone moaned this loud was in Salem around 1600 A.D. Then we all juiced on her face. Look at her innocent eyes as the cum drips down her face and taking away her innocence. They are drops of wisdom.