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Hi everyone!! I am so excited that you decided to learn more about me! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself! First my name is Angelique LeClair. I have owned and operated my personal website since 1998! I am a real sexy amateur girl, not a hired model! I am French Canadian so I have a hot little French accent that is sure to turn you on! I love talking dirty in my first language but also in English of course! I come across as a sexy babe but don’t let it fool you! I am quite hard core too! I love my cock and pussy you know? I am totally bisexual but I have a preference for a nice hard cock and tight balls! Ok I got to stop thinking about that now as just thinking about it gets me horny as hell! Bet you are getting a little excited too huh? *wink* I love to tease!…

Name: Angelique LeClair, Angelique
Born: Quebec, Canada (So I’m French Canadian = Very Horny)
Live: Kentucky, USA
Marital Status: I am engaged to Celt and we love to have sex on camera!
Height: 5’4″
Measurements: 36B (100% Real) – 27 – 37
Age: Legal, that’s what’s important right?
Languages:English, French and some Dutch
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual and Occasional Swinger
Sports: Swim, Bike, Run (Triathlons), Lifting Weights and Sex, that’s a sport too right?
Favorite Sexual Act: Blow Jobs, hands down!!! I loooove it!

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There is a lot more to know about me, but that is a start! I am not a professional model, although I have shot with some talented photographers. You can see the results inside my site of course.

I was featured in Playboy magazine (July 2004) and a few other less important publications. I did a few radio shows in Quebec too. But I am the most proud of my two television appearances! There was a documentary made about me as part of a series called “Private Parties” and I was also one of the characters in the reality TV show “Webdreams” Season II. Welcome to all my Webdreams fans by the way!!

I am just the real horny girl next door and I love sharing my sex life with you!!

Something you should know, I work on my web site myself, I’m not a hired model, so you get to interact directly with me through email, members chats, live shows and instant messaging!!

Now that you know a bit more about me, I am looking forward to get to know you too! Yes that is for real, I love to get to know you guys!

Anal for Cowgirl

I channeled my inner cowgirl for this photoshoot. I think it is sexy to wear something masculine, like the overalls, with something really sexy underneath…
I felt like playing with my ass that day and that was a great idea because it felt amazing… I am pretty that translates in the pictures… heeee haaaa..
Masturbation in School Girl Uniform

I hope this outfit will work as much for you as it does for my teachers!! I hope you are ready to stroke your cock so we can cum together…..
Ho Ho Whore DP

Merry Christmas!! Ho Ho Ho! My little outfit is pretty jolly isn’t? It sure made Celt hard in no time! I wanted to do something extra special for xmas since I was very horny! I wanted to feel very very full so I decided to try to squeeze a cock AND a toy in my wet pussy. It felt soooo good! That was a great xmas gift!! And also, thank you seekr for the sexy outfit!! Mhuaa! ..
Bikini Fuck

Check out this itsy bitsy bikini! It does not cover much and I am sure you will like that! And just as your cock gets hard I will push it between my tits and I stroke it up and down for a nice boob job… Then, it is my turn! I want some hard cock in my wet pussy! And please, fuck me until you blow your load in my mouth!! What a nice way to celebrate the 4th of July!..
Dark Schoolgirl

As you know I go to school… Well this is my new outfit! I wonder what the teacher and the other students think when I wear that… It turns me on to think about that so I took care of myself before class… Then I was relaxed and ready to listen to the lecture…
A Hot Workout

For some reason Celt was filming me while I was working out. Maybe he liked the short shorts and the view, who knows! I could tell he was getting turned on looking at me so I decided to stop my work out to take care of his cock. I needed a break anyway and I much rather suck dick and get a facial than working out! AH AH! I do have my priorities you know!..
Steel Hard for my Pussy

I like a cock that is rock hard but when one is not available I go for my stainless steel dildo! Sometimes it ends up in my pussy and sometimes in my ass. Just depends what I hole I am in the mood for… hehe
I think you will like the kinky outfit, 2 types of fishnets and the knee high red boots! And if you are into ass, there are a few killer photos of mine… In my own humble opinion anyway… ..
I Want More Anal

I love having anal sex but sometimes there are a few weeks that go by between anal sex sessions. That is not a good thing because the muscles down there loose their memory and and forget to relax when penetrated by a big cock. (I do realize that muscles don’t actually think… LOL) So in this video I was trying to get use to anal again after a weeks off. That tends to be uncomfortable at times whi..
After Shower Suck and Fuck

I am the dirtiest when I am the cleanest… What I mean is that after I take a shower I am not only clean, but also relaxed and horny. So, this little shower also ended up with some hot sex, blow job and cum in my mouth. Then I had to take another shower… But this time I didn’t get down and dirty for sex again… LOL ..
Anal Fingering Boob Job and BJ

A little bit of everything is in this video! From double fingering my pussy and ass, to boob job and a lot of cock sucking, then, of course, a facial. Can you last the whole 24 minutes? I am curious… hehe..
Double Penetration Sex and Dildo

Whenever I get a new outfit (thanks Seekr!) I like to have sex wearing it, that is how my new clothes become used clothes! So I used this new dress well that day, I masturbated, then put that dildo in my ass, sucked Celt’s cock, and had sex while keeping the dildo in my ass… I felt so full! I didn’t want my dress to get all dirty though so I made sure the cum shot landed only on my face. That is..
Fucking and Creampie

Celt’s hard cock makes me so hungry for him… I dressed up really sexy hoping it would lead to sex and it did. I teased Celt and he got hard in just a few minutes. I could not resist to suck his cock of course and then I had to feel his throbbing dick in my pussy. I felt full and it got me off in no time! He got off too, all over my pussy. I got some with my finger to taste… Yummy :)..
Fucking Celt in Shiny Outfit

I like to take the lead sometimes and get on top. I like to sit on a cock to ride it up and down and then suck my sweet juice off. Celt does not mind being used for sex… Does any man? Probably not many! It felt so good to do whatever I needed to get myself off. I was nice to Celt as well and had him blow his load in my mouth…
Sick of Being Horny… Not

Celt and I had just taken a shower and before he head out to the gym I grabbed him to suck his cock. It didn’t matter that I had no make-up on and was sick with a cold, when I am horny I don’t care and just go for the cock. So we took the opportunity to record this video on my new Iphone for the first time. Celt was a little shaky at times but imagine being in his place and try to hold a phone per..
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Sexy Work Out

I try to work out as much as I can to get back in shape. Maybe these pictures will motivate you to work out with me?..
One Wet Blow Job

I was doing a webcam show and trying to please a wide range of viewers while also pleasing myself and my boy toy… It helps that it gets me off to be watched by a bunch of people while I am having sex or sucking cock… hehe..
Alone in the Forest Alone in the Forest

I have always wanted to pleasure myself out in the nature. It is so much better than in a bed. I was hiking and I found a quiet spot where I could give myself an orgasm. Well, at least I think I was alone… I heard some noise, maybe it was an animal, maybe it was someone watching me. The thought of someone spying on me really turned me on even more…..
Blue Lace Lingerie Masturbation Blue Lace Lingerie Masturbation

This blue lingerie is so sexy, don’t you think? When I feel sexy, it makes me horny. Then my wet pussy begs for masturbation. So I indulge often, it feels great to release some tension. I just can’t think straight when I am too horny…..
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Brush Vibrator & Playing with Cum

How about a little dirty talking for you? Then slowly stripping down to nothing. I bought this cool brush vibrator and was looking forward to trying it! It felt good on my clit which got me all wet and ready for some sex. After getting fucked for a while I was thrilled to get some cum. Since I love it so much, I kept it as long as I could in my mouth. After playing with it, I swallowed it… Yum…
4 Girl Orgy at Party

Paige, Alyka, Angie and I get busy in a girl orgy in the middle of a party!! Paige, Alyka and I start licking each other then Paige get her strap on to fuck Alyka. Then Angie joins in the pile and I lick Angie’s pussy! There are tons of people watching and taking pictures, but we don’t mind!..