Alix Feeling (Patricia, Alix Feelgood) PornStar, rough spank sex

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Alix Feeling (Patricia, Alix Feelgood) PornStar, vaginal porn

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Alix est feeling est une jolie francaise nee en 1990 dans la petite ville de St Jean D’Angely pres de la Rochelle.
Cette belle blonde au corps athletique et a la petite poitrine a commencee dans le Porno francais en 2012 en tournant dans des videos amateurs.

Birthday – Feb 18th 1990
Astrology – Aquarius
Birthplace – France
Place of Birth – St Jean d’Angely
Years Active – 2012-2015
Debut age: 22 years old
Ethnicity – Caucasian
Nationality – French
Hair Color – Blonde
Eye Color – Hazel
Measurements – 32В-27-33
Height – 164 cm
Weight – 50 kg
Shoe size – 38
Breasts – Small
Tattoos – None
Piercings – None
Alix Feeling (Patricia, Alix Feelgood) PornStar, gonzo sex videos
The French model Alix Feeling is one of the new young star of German Porno studio “Marc Dorcel”. The first films with her participation has exposed site, it is the property of Porno studio. Alix – cute platinum blonde, with a slim build and small breasts. Looking at this model, the first impression – a puzzling question: “What did they see in her?” But the popularity of the company Marc Dorcel first year on the market, and its marketing moves carefully planned. In 2014, the conspicuous saturation at this manufacturer of silicone plenty of sex bombs and they had to be urgently diluted natural naturalness. New actress is actively involved in the filming process, and in a few months it was filmed with the participation of as many as six films.
Mademoiselle Feeling incredibly lucky that her career began precisely “Marc Dorcel”. Many European women who were trying to break into the industry through a small private studio ended in nothing, or were deceived. The company, which came Frenchwoman since 1979 is one of the best producers of films for adults, with the most beautiful European actresses and a unique combination of classic and hardcore. Despite the fact that we have to travel all over Europe to take part in the filming, the actress still lives in his hometown of St. Jean d’Angely. It’s a small town in the south-west of France, with a population of 10 thousand people. Young French actress like coming back to a quiet and peaceful world, to relax from the frantic pace that set Berlin, Paris and London. Naturally, in such a medium-sized village everybody knows everybody everything. But the actress performs under the stage name and the inhabitants of Saint Jean d’Angely think it works in a modeling agency fashionable French couturier in Paris.
Alix Feeling is not concerned that ever about her field of activity, and will learn to condemn. Its principles are clear and concise – if friends start to blame, then you just have to change the social circle. It will not be difficult, if necessary, move to another place and to adapt to the new society. Girl doing anything that might give her more popularity. She opened the page to facebook and twitter, and maintains an active correspondence with those wishing to communicate with her. You can contact her on skype and if she answers the call, she finds a moment to answer a few of your questions. As a rule, it skype littered with missed calls and thousands of messages, but she warns his fans that the communication is possible only when she has free time. Crazy rhythm of life, which hit the French actress, it does not frighten. She learned to relax during the numerous air travel, using earplugs and a blindfold. The girl is 23 years old, and she is in the prime of life for such a rhythm of life. It is very important that the girl managed to find new friends among his colleagues. French Fabrice Triple pornoaktera and model Sabrina Sweet to help the young actress to cope with the difficulties that stand in the way of a novice.

Alix Feeling (Patricia, Alix Feelgood) PornStar, lesbian porn movies

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