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Welcome, your gateway into my life, and the lives of those who are lucky enoughto reside with me in the House of Kent!BDSM for me is not just a hobby, it is a way of life!This Website contains sexually-oriented adult content which may include visual images and verbal descriptionsof nude adults, adults engaging in sexual acts, and other audio and visual material of a sexually-explicit nature.

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I am a true lifestyle Mistress. Smoking fetish, stiletto heels,strap-on play, cock and ball torture, foot fetish, corporal punishment, watersports, anal play, bondage and PVC are amongst the vast array of fetishes that turn me on. My slaves never know what to expect when they incur my wrath!Together with my household: Miss Rosa helps put my slaves through their paces. My sex slave big boy, My computer geek slave methos, My lesbian slave sally, My pain slut kunty, My tranny slut christina and plenty of other slaves that are fortunate enough to be thrust through my doorway! I do not discriminate. I derive a great deal of pleasure from dominating men, women, couples, trannys, and all the in betweens or anyone who has thebravery to submit to a life of anguish and servitude, making sure that I have the life which I deserve, they are subjected to a variety of depraved, humiliating, and often painful punishments for their every misdeed, and sometimes for nothing more than my own amusement! This is your chance to see US, not just the videos and photo shoots which we produce. With actual videos and photos documenting our day to day, Domme/sub lives and regular blogs from the members of the household. There are NO MODELS involved in any of the material which you will find on my website. Everyone involved is genuinely kinky, real life dominants and submissives who live this life not for money or fame, but just because they are dirty minded people. Just like me!