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It may surprise you to learn that I never set out to be a porn star or to dabble in adult entertainment. Truth is, I sort of stumbled into this business quite accidentally. Seems my “girl-next-door” charm, my irresistible curves, and obvious natural MILF status started attracting attention here and there! And the attention inspired me to go public, so to speak – with my camera, cleavage, and captivating sexuality. Timid at first, I’ve quickly settled into this crazy life. I finally feel like I’ve found myself…. I’m finally doing exactly what I want to do with this short life. I’m making no excuses or apologies, either. And I’m inviting you to join in the fun with me. I take requests and I am VERY accommodating. So come on… what are you waiting for? If you like my movies, kindly drop me a line. It’s nice to hear from fans and I respond personally to all email. For now, best wishes to all. Oh, and of course happy stroking!

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When I walked in my room one afternoon I was shocked to see the horny young guy leaned over my laundry basket with his dick in his hand! He was sniffing my crusty panties and attempting to finger his asshole at the same time. It all looked terribly pathetic but I can’t deny the tingling I felt between my legs. What a perv! And a sissy!! Of course I could have left the room and he would have never known but instead I confronted the little bastard. He was scared to that I would tell his mom. My eyes sparkled with excitement as I realized the power I held at this moment. I told him I noticed that he was a bit awkward with his asshole and instructed him to go shower, paying close attention to his dirty black hole — I had plans for him! When he returned I showed him how I like to shove a big dildo deep in my ass while I masturbate. He learned how to insert two fingers while jacking off! No doubt his orgasm was much more pleasurable this way. After my orgasm I pulled my dildo out of my dirty ass showed him how I like to lick it clean. Finally I spread my cheeks apart and made him clean out my gaping asshole. I’m not sure if my punishment was effective but at least I enjoyed the experience!
I love being in charge and making the rules. In life and at work. When my interviewee walked in the door of my office I knew I was about to have fun! He couldn’t keep his eyes off my…well, everything. My voluptuous breasts, my shapely legs, and, of course, my feet. It made me feel even more powerful than I normally feel. So I propped my lovely soles up on the desk and continued the interview, acting as if I didn’t notice the erection in his trousers. I stood and slowly removed my thigh-high stockings, exposing my soft backside to him. Then I told him to come around to my side of the desk while I put my feet on his bulging cock. After a moment it became clear that he was going to ejaculate rather quickly so I knew I needed to think fast. I turned around, put my knees in my chair, and told him that if he wanted to cum he was going to have to fuck me HARD in my ass, depositing his creamy load inside. The cream pie he left behind was proof that I had found the right man to work for me!
My husband had a banquet and was to receive an award. The event went on and on, but I didn’t know how to slip out without calling attention to myself. All the while, Christopher, my regular sitter, was patiently keeping the little ones. He’s been sitting for us for a couple of years now. He’s just adorable — so handsome, so polite, so responsible! I can, I admit, be a worrisome parent, but I never give the a second thought when they’re with Chris… Got home later than was reasonable and had every intention of rewarding him handsomely!! I always do, and he knows it. I blushed with embarrassment, however, when my wallet was empty; not even a 5-er to offer. So I did what almost no other self-respecting woman would do: I improvised (!!) and offered to pay him with flesh and ! I took the conversation, first, in a quite explicit and lewd direction. Then I… well, I took down my top, bent to my knees and blew and stroked him until he came generously into a napkin. He felt more than adequately compensated, I think.
Home from work for lunch, my tireless hubby insisted we get some business done. “We have filming to do.” Yeah, right: He just wanted an excuse to get one of my amazing, epochal handjobs. Whether business or pleasure, I was eager to perform… You’ll love this clip, both for its graceful handiwork and for the sexy heels in which I work my magic. I’d love to massage your cock to a messy ending.