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i can’t belieeve it’s december 2nd. my god i felt like thanksgiving never even came. it seems like each year the holidays are being rushed and by the time we sit down the next holiday is already near. and there’s nothing like stress during the holidays either. i have nothing but bills and plus i have to buy everyone gifts..which means i have to work extra hard. and i don’t mind working as long as it pays. i’m even going to audition at a different club this week and see what i can do to help my finances. on another note my one girlfreind invited me to go to the bahamas with her sometime in feb. it would definately be great to be somewhere warm and getting a nice tan in the chilly months of winter.

well i did work all weekend but i actually got to go out on saturday. two girls that i work with and i went to a swanky little club called Glam in old city. luckily one of the girls knew the bouncer there so we didn’t have to wait in the long ass line. it was my first time at this club and it was sooooo much fun.

for some reason today i took an extra long time getting ready this morning. first thing i had to shave my legs and yes the pussy area. i usually am good about tending to that private area but i have been neglecting it lately.. i guess a little part of me wants to grow it know like those asian girls you see in japanese porn..the young innocent hairy-ass(lol)japanese pussy girls…i can see why men like looking at it..i never really got a chance to eat out a hairy pussy. i can imagine that a girl would get more sweaty down there; creating a more potent odor…i wonder if it tastes good? (lol) on the other hand i have sucked cocks where the pubic hairs looked like it was caught up in some sort of sometimes i like burying my face into mens’ crotches.. i like to think i can get lost in it.. but anyway back to the pussy.. it’s now cleanly shaven and ready to be and one of these days i’d like to venture out and let it grow real bushy and wear one of those little sailor suits just like the japanese girls i only wish i had one right now!!- a delicious little asian girl…jk i’m no michael jackson..but then again he’s into boys..again i’m joking..i’m actaully a big fan of his music and i hope after this trial, he is able to continue grabbing his crotch(with the one hand glove of course)and do the moonwalk(lol) !! until next time….

last night a freind of mine and i went out to a very lovely steakouse..ruth chris steakhouse. the lighting and decor was nicely done.. we both had a few cocktails..dirty martini for him and bloody mary for me. i must say that bloody marys are one of my favorites. i tend to like them on the spicier side. we both had soup before our meals came(lobster bisque and a seafood gumbo)..they were very flavorful and rich in taste. our steaks came sizzling on a hot plate..the meat just melted in your mouth like butter..very high quality obviously. and well for the money we spent, it was well worth it.

a freind and i and his freind went and checked out this new resturant.can you beleive it-it’s only one block up from me. it’s one of those mexican resturants. i didn’t get the chance to eat there but we all had some very delicious drinks. it’s funny hearing about other people’s relationship problems..and here i thought i was the only one..jk the conversation led to how women tend to go for the assholes and nice guys well they get the short end of the stick when it comes to women. i had to vouch for the asshole stereotype. i mean if i had a nice guy and he was good looking- a match that tends to not come up alot well i would probaly end up treating him like an asshole. it seems either the guy is nice and he looks like pee wee herman(no offense you guys are good looking in you own way) or he’s hot as colin ferell but his attitude stinks like cow manure. so its a needle in the haystack when you come upon a goodlooking guy and a nice personality to go with it. where ever you guys are my number unfortunately i myself tend to for the jerk-offs..i guess its that bad boy image i am so attracted here’s to you nice may finish last but sooner or later that hot chick will realize who exactly the nice guy is!!!

well today is actaully my little brother’s birthday..he turns 19..he’d laugh if he saw me typing this because although he’s 19 he is way much taller than me..and bc of that alot of people think he’s older and i’m the younger one. but i still call him my little brother. i am very protective over him. i’m a bit sad about today because i will not be able to share in his birthday celebration..i have work unfortuntely. usually i don’t let work interfere with my family but bills are due. my brother told me he understood and he wasn’t upset i couldn’t come down and visit but i know he was a bit disappointed. this is probaly the first birthday of his i missed..i guess ever since i moved to philly visiting becomes less frequent. i remember when he had his first birthday in the US. my mom made him a Big Bird birthday cake and he kept saying don’t cut Big Bird…that day makes tears swell in my eyes just thinking about it. all my family was there. my brother has come along way and i am very proud of him..even though he just works at the supermarket right i know he has bigger ambitions in the future. well happy birthday brother and i hope this day is a great day..i love you!!!!

well i have been stripping for about 2 months now and so far i have had downs and ups whether it was clientel that day or the money issue but thats in any job. well i had a little run-in with one of my managers at the Celebrity Room. this palce has changed hands so many times but the place will always be known for what it was a couple years ago-a dive bar and the new managment wants to change it. will it happen? highly not but who knows..things change. Signatures was actaully a dive bar back in the day and now its a very nice upscale gentelemns club. anyway back to what happended: i was working my regualr 4-10 shift and the manager wanted to speak with me. so we went into the back room and he started to yell at me. the issue was that i had told a girl that i make more money at Sigs then i do at th Celeb room..and well basically i shouldnt have told her that. but i was only telling the truth really.. what i was so mad about was that strings were attached to where i was dancing and that he was not talking to me like a manger should talk to his/her employee..he was bascially saying i was another dum ass stripper…and nothing gets me more mad than someone espeically an authority figure who thinks he can push you around bc they wear a tie and suit..well u know what i say..fuck you-(nicely)
at then end i talked with the owner and he straightend things out for the compromise was..i dance half at the Celeb room and half at Sigs.and for now that’s ok with me but i’ll probaly be looking somewhere else.

hey guys i hope you checked todays’ pic of the day. don’t i look hot in that naughty nurse uniform? it goes perfect with upcoming holiday…halloween. but this year i’m a bit behind on my costume..i haven’t really given it much thought this year. usually there’s halloween bashes everywhere..last year they had dracula’s ball here in philly but not this year. there is however some type of fetish party up the street from me that i might go to. i have been to several of their parties before..very interesting..they had medical play, spankings, and all sort of naughty little demonstartions going on..well have happy&scary halloween everyone

just this past thursday a small select group of my freinds i work with took me out to celebrate my 21st birthday. we went to a quaint little after-hours spot in the city. it was a quiet but fun time. we all drank and two of my stripper freinds did bodyshots on the was funny bc this waitress who was working there was gicing them the evil eye-“like you sluts” an yes your vicki kim actaully refrained from doing this..and i really wasn’t all that drunk either..sad sad on your own 21st birthday huh? lol well we all neded the night around 5am in the morning. the one girl left with her bf so this just left me and my one freind alone. now i fogot to mention the fact that i have a total crush on this girl..she is very hot–in my eyes at least and avery good dancer..she can make anyone hot in their pants…which leads me to us having the greatest make-out was so hot she made me cum in my panties..she wished me a final happy b-day before i walked home. i must had the hugest grin on my face…i kinda felt like the cheshire cat in alice and wonderland. i had to get a shower bc there’s nothing i hate more than smelling like a smoke bar so i undressed and took a shower. it was definatley a well time spent for my 21st birthday and i’ll remember it fondly.

just like when guy wakes up in the morning..they go jack off, shower, and head to work right? well today ok like most days i am so horny in the clit is like th size of a peanut and screaming out to me–make me cum bitch!!–well minus the bitch part..jk so today i lied in bed and started to finger my clit. i love to rub the little nub slowly in circular motions at first..then i get a real dirty thought in my when i guy lets me licks his nuts and then squirts his man juice all over my face..while thinking this-i stick two fingers inside of me..pumping them in and out while i rub that wet clit faster and harder….until i cum. sometimes i even taste my own cum(now u all know a secret of mine)…i’d like to see a man do
well after having that little quikie i then proceeded to get dressed and start my day…until next time

even though my birthday may be over i am still recieving gifts.. around 11:30am this morning the buzzer rang to my apartment and the fed-ex lady delivered a big package to me. i ran upstairs and quickly opened it. inside was the cutest birthday has one of those wizard hats on the top of his head..the lovely bear was from my mom. i guess she felt bad bc she had to go away for my birthday this year and couldn’t spend it with me in person. i don’t know if i mentioned it but my mom is a principal and had to go on a 5 day meeting in would have been funny if i was there at the same time..perhaps “shooting one of my films”..jk i was overwelmed with tears bc i really do miss my mom and although she and i must have fought constantly in my 20yrs, i know she really loves me and for that i am thankful.
p.s. happy birthday dad!!!

yes today is my 21st birthday!!! its official i can now well legally that i had a wonderful birthday. i was taken to this nice seafood resturant on friday for a pre-birthday celebration by a very close guy freind of mine..we both got dressed up and ate dinner at McCormick&Scmick on broad street. they have very good seafood there. my birthday was even printed on the menu..on saturday i went up to my dad’s in the poconos. it was near end of fall foliage and the weather was a bit coooler than in the city. my dad actually got a pig roast to celebrate my and his was a bit weird..i mean i eat pork and bacon but to see the actaully face of one before you eat..well it was funny..i ended up staying until sunday so it was nice to spend my birthday with my dad. i miss him since i moved down to the city so if i have the chance to spend another day with him and the family i def. take it. so that exaplins why i havent wriiten in my diary for a bit but i’m back now and back to work…if only birthdays lasted longer!!

as you all know i’ve been dancing at Signatures..its interesting to see what kind of people go to these places and what it takes for them to say yes to a private dance or champagne court. i overheard this story being told by one of the managers but god knows if its all so happens that this one dancer..not even what i would consider attractive or a nice figure but somehow she was getting an overabundant amount of guys one night for private right after the other literally and the rest of the girls couldnt figure out how she was doing so well. it turns out that she was letting the guys do a little more than touching..who knows where the doorman was bc at the nightshift the bouncer is practically sitting there on the guys lap with you so no funny crap goes on(must have been the dayshift) well it tunrs out that the girl even went home with one of the guys she let “touch” her. now as i was hearing this story i couldn’t help but think this is how strippers get the bad name..its one thing to do it on ur own time but to do shady shit like that during work is just not right. have a little more respect with the girls you work with.

i worked at Signatures last night and came home to a very nice surprise. do you all remember the guy i mentioned in my previuos know the one who was sick and i took care of him? well last night he came over and this time he took care of me..not in the sick way though…he licked my pussy for such a long time and we had some amazing sex. i think he has one of the biggest dicks i’ve ever been i love nothing more than a long dick-n-pussy session and since i haven’t been laid in a week or so..this felt great. i even let him cum in my mouth..and swallowed all of it..yum yum!! i of course thanked him for “takin care of me” and went to sleep.

well some of you who didnt know i had my cell phone and everything esle in my purse stolen from me on a trip back from nyc. and it has been a few weeks since i have been in “communication” with freinds and family and beleive me i felt like a lost soul without my cell phone. but the good news is i finally got a new cell phone and this one has a built in camera phone on it. i went to Love Park today with my dog and took some pics..there a bit blurry but i’m still getting a handle on the camera thing..i’m not too bright when it comes to technology..but i’m slowly for those of you who belong to my yahoo group as well as the site..if you like, take a look and tell me what u think!! and i’ll be sure to get some boy/girl pics as well…lol! let the fun begin!!

i decided that i am going to a vicki kim’s movie reviews on a regualr basis-weekly most likely. it seem i go to the movies every week and i figure hey why not rate them and let my members know what movies are worth seeing. but of course it is merely one yea i know don’t quit my day job right?
this week i’m going to see quentin tarantino’s kill bill vol.1 the crtics gave it 4 1/2 stars so i’m hoping it will be packed with action, good storyline, and kick-ass special effects. one of my favorite delicious actresses stars in the film-lucy lui..its so nice and refreshing to see an asian woman/actress being recognized in amercian films. you always seem to see white, black, and even latinas more than you see asian women in film so this film automatically gets one browny point from me just because lucy lui is in it… i’ll have more details about it soon!

one thing i want to do this fall is go to a pumpkinpatch. the last time i went to one was when i was a girl-scout(8 yrs.old) it a lot of fun. they took us out on a big tractor into this huge field of pumpkins. my girlfreind and i couldn’t wait to find the hugest pumpkin. after finding our pumpkin we went back to the farm..there was a cornfield maze there. i must have ran thru that thing at least 10 times. and to my delight they even had a live cow..that we could milk..granted this was the first time in my life that i had the oppurtunity to milk a cow…those huge utters were a bit odd to and furry all the utters were actaully nice and soft.. when it was my turn to milk the cow i was a bit scared..more that i would hurt the cow by squeezing too my surprise it came out fast and squirted right into the pail. i had very fond memories of the pumpkinpatch..i’d recommend it to anyone…its a great family and freind outing!!

theres nothing i like more than resting and relaxing and what better day to do than sunday!
but this sunday i had something different to one guy freind was sick today so i spent most of my day taking care fo him. i know what its like being sick–having the common cold or flu-so its nice when someone is there to take care of you. i went to the video store-rented some movies, ordered some pick-up and went to his apartment. he and i had a nice time eating and watching the movies. i made him a cup of hot tea-i recommend sleepytime tea by celestial soothes the throat..warms the tummy. he was getting abit tired so i made sure he took his nyquil before he hit the pillow. its not fun being sick but taking care of someone who is makes me feel like a did a good deed and a great freind!

it dawned on me that i hadn’t written a diary journal for a few days..i’ve just been busy with work and other related issues that seem to pop up. some good, some bad. i’m back on track so here i am writing. the weather is a bit too coll for my liking.i like summer better-more heat and sunshine. although i must admit i do like fall/winter fashions more than summer. usually i buy a new winter wardrobe but this year i’m trying to save, spend less. i will however buy myself a few things like a nice sweater, some dress slacks, and some shirts to go with. possibly a pair of new black or brown boots. saving up for that laptop computer..but then again my birthday is drawing near….

just like giving a man head..well there is somewhat of an art form-a technique to licking pussy. i’ve had too many instances where men tend to think my pussy is a race to be won-i’ll let u all in on a secret: there is no first prize for getting the job done first. i love when a man takes is time..i think the best pussy licking i ever got was from.surprise a woman-its true what they say..women know what women want and need. i did have a few men who knew what they were doing… i love when a man pays attention to my “sweet” spots-my clit..i love when a man sucks on my outer pussy lips and then nibbles on my clit..yes it always goes back to the clit-its the most and theres nothing more kinkier (at least to me) when a man really enjoys it..he’s not afraid to make noises-to get dirty..u know spit on my pussy and lick it up like a dog..ok i think i have to stop now..i’m getting wet just talking about it…until next time…

as you all know i’ve been dancing at a strip club in philly and well i get the chance to meet a wide range of guys and even sometimes girls. some of them are a bit out-there, others rich as hell, and some who are just blue-collered workers droppin in for a drink. i was making my rounds after dancing when i met this guy.good-looking, blonde hair, blue eyes, great body. at first my impressions were ok he’s good-looking but probaly knows that already and by the way he was talking to his buddy i figure i’ll just ask him for a tip and mmove on. well it turns out that this guy was a total sweetheart. he asked me to sit down with him and have a drink. we got talking about the regular how long i’ve danced here and what esle i did, etc..he was quite surprised when i told him i was a porn star. and unlike most men who hear that line..he commnended me on doing porn..not alot of women would and actaully enjoy what they do without feeling guilty or worried about what others would say. after a few minutes i got the chance to turn the tables and see what this guy was about. it turns out his girlfreind just dumped him and he was a bit sad. he really like this girl but well she just didnt want things to work out with him. we got talking about how rleationships arent always what they’re all cracked up to be..and sex just complicates things. he said he’s rather jerk off at home then go out to a bar, meet some girl, and have meaningless sex…just bc he felt wasnt worth it to him (he did end up leaving me with a gnerous tip)…and let me tell you this was sooo refreshing to hear from a guy who i thought was just another guy out for pussy…(he did end up leaving me with a generous tip)so there is light at the end of the can have a good-looking guy and he can be sensitive-a rarity in this day…this is what women want..not the asshole who throws u a line like wow ur hot-just so he can fuck ur brains out for his own selfish reasons. so to all sensitive men out there i’m looking out for you!

i forgot to mention that i saw the movie-underworld with kate beckinsale and scott speedman-major hottie by the way. the movie is about the rival between vampires and werewolves-and i’m stopping at that since some of u may want to go see what this movie is all about. on a scale of 5 stars i give it a rating of 3 1/2 stars.
i was always fascinated about vampires-they’re such sexual creatures, hunting for their food-blood of human beings. the last note-worthy vampire movie i have seen was anne rice-interview w/vampire..queen of the dammned came later but it was-um ok.
if i had a choice of whether i could be a vampire or werewolve-although i love dogs so (my kazee- who often resembles a wolf) i’d have to pick vampire!!

the time comes when i have to give my kazee a flea bath and let me tell you he hates baths. i literally have to haul his body into the tub, hose him down with water, and scrub his dirty flea-infested fur with flea shampoo. he puts up such a fight..poor thing i do feel bad for him..he looks at me with those brown puppy eyes “why you doing this to me” -i like being a dirt this time i myself went into the bath tub with him..i thought maybe me being in there with him would help calm his nerves a little
its not until i soak him with warm water..i look at him and he looks more like a huge white rat than a dog..pss don’t tell him…he might get mad..jk this endeavor usually takes me a half-hour or so. i finally let him out and he shook his wet fur all over the bedroom and ran onto the bed..i quickly chased him off the bed and into the living room where i brushed the loose hair out. he is pretty mad at me right now but i did end up giving him a dog treat.

i remember being at a young age when i thought voting was a privlege and i couldn’t wait to cast in my vote for the next president. little did i know later on that voting in my opinion is a bunch of political bullshit. are we really a democracy-that the people have a say in who we elect as government officials? just look at our election last year? there was a recall and Bush ended up winning and we all know it wasn’t him who should have taken office. and now the CA recall-and it seems anybody can run-can we say the Terminator..i mean just bc ur an actor and ur wife is a relative of the Kennedy’s doesn’t mean u can govern a whole least its not he so now that elections will be coming up i have decided to not cast my vote..why you may ask? one vote doesn’t make a difference and even if i did vote..would it count? who will throw the winning dice? i can tell you its not the common middle people who work hard to gain even a little respect in this county.

well saturday nikki and i met our members at the pussycat lounge in nyc. thank you for of you who came out! it was nice to finally meet the fans..because without you…i wouldn’t exist. the lounge was pretty nice..dark..had live bands going on. i had alot of fun with nikki too. she makes me laugh alot. there were some snotty ass girls there..they would point at us and laugh or whisper some’s only because they were jealous of how hot nikki and i looked..after all we were getting the most attention.

if there is one man that i admire and respect is my dad. he can do no wrong in my eyes. to me he represents, strength, love, loyalty, honesty, and avid dedication to his family. i remember fond memories of my dad and i just talking and laughing. ever since i was little i always sat on my dad’s lap..sometimes for just a hug. he has always taught me that i should treat others with respect and dignity no matter how bad they treated me…that’s just how great my dad is..not a mean bone in his body. as my birthday draws month i want to do something speical for my dad..he and i actually share the same month! dad i love you and i want the whole world to know..thank you!!!

i had the most magnificant dream last night. it was so good well i got excited..too excited. all i remember was being at this club. i saw this amazingly hot guy.. you know the ones you see right out of the abercrombie&fitch catalogs. he was tall tan and had this real cute smile. i ended up walking over to him and i planted a kiss right on this guy. now normally i would never be so bold to do such a thing..but this was a he grabbed a hold of me and started to kiss me fiercely. this went on about a few minutes.. we both ended up leaving the club and went back to his place. let’s just say we had some very hot steamy sex..i’ll end it like that.i woke up feeling a bit strange..a nice warm feeling…if only dreams like this came

i was out and about today walking my akita like any other normal day when i ran into a very ignorant and not to mention rude man. i hate and hate is a strong word but in this case it’s properly used..i was about to walk into the chinese food store when this rude man bowed down and put his hands together in prayer as if i know what that is suppose to mean. i know he was doing it as a joke and not out of respect. normally i wouldn’t say anything but today i felt being a bit fiesty..i politely told him that he shouldn’t assume i’m chinese. and i walked right into the store. it gets me very fired up when stupid people do this or make racist comments. i’m sure this man wouldn’t have like it if i said something mean toward him because he was black now would he? it just shows how racist this world is. i’ve come to temrs with being asian but it doesn’t help when you’re reminded in the wrong way.

as you all know i have a white akita boy. he is now 1 year and 6 months. for the most part he’s a good boy other than when i leave him alone..he then turns into an eating-destrctive machine. he leaves surprises like poop piles and pee stains which i have to clean up when i get home but i love him. but i think one akita is not enough..i want another akita but female. i think my poor kazee is lonely and he needs a companion..not to mention another playmate..hehe unforuntaley the apartment i am currently living in is not big enough for 2 gigantic dogs. he needs a backyard..just not enough space in the city. i’m hoping in a year or 2 i’ll be getting my own apartment with that backyard…

i may get into one of my pissy moods but i do like to laugh.alot! but then again i usuallly laugh about everything. there’s not many things that don’t make me laugh. even when i get nervous i laugh. i had a pretty good childhood so i think laughing somehow stems from there. my brother and i would laugh alot when we were young. i remember it was about a year after we came to amercia and we had a house in the mountais that my parents rented. my dad had just broguht a brand new lawn mower. well my brother climbed into the box and fell in…i remember laughing so hard i peed my pants. i just kept pointing at my little brother..laughing and watching him squirm his cute little legs in the air. so i recommend laughing is good!

well i just got back from AC. had a blast and took some very sexy and steamy pics. and i got the chance to do some sexy poses and “other” action with nikki park as well!! she is so HOT! not to mention sweet and funny. we walked on the boradwalk and even gambled..well that was until i got kicked out. it was so embarassing. i was underage. this guard came over and asked me for my id and i told him i had it upsatirs. well then he goes on his walkie talkie to announce to everyone that i wasn’t allowed in. he walked us over to the exit of the casino too. what a jerk!! too bad i didnt have the chance to win $$$

today i’m leaving for alantic city. i’m going to do some shooting nikki is coming too. i can’t wait she’s so much fun to hang out with..never a dull moment with her. i’m glad she;s one of my freinds. maybe i’ll do some gambling too while i’m down there..but i hate to see money being lost in those damn slot but there so much fun..besides there’s free drinks..but hey thats the least the casinos can do since people are spending so much money..i envy donald trump sometimes..but money can’t always make you happy.

i was working at the strip club tonight when a customer asked me what the difference was when you made love to someone or when do u fuck someone..i had a few minutes with him before i had to go dance a set so i answered him with this reply: when you make love to someone you put your whole being into is far more gratifying at least to me then fucking..fucking is a quick emotions. i actaully dont like to use the word fuck..well i try not to. we are human beings and granted we were made to pro-create. but guys tend to think with their dicks..its an impulse but this isnt to say women don’t act on impulse either but we usually tend to be picky with our men..we think ahead of the does he have a job? can he be trust-worthy, etc.. i still yet to find the man who can make love to me..the way i want ..not the way the media portrays it.

i talked to my brother today and he seemed a bit down. he was dating this half-thai half white girl named kat. well last week she made her freind IM my brother to see if he wanted to go out with her. now my brother is always looking for new freinds and he said yeah sure but i do have a girlfreind. well it turns out that she was spying on him to see if he was he cheating on her which he wasnt’ well her freind copied the conversation and showed it to kat. so she broke up with my brother for nothing. i mean it be one thing if he did cheat on her but he wasnt’ and he even dropped in at her work to see how she was doing and she totally gave him the cold shoulder..what a bitch! i wanted to just strangle the girl. i’m very protective over my brother and i hate when girls mistreat him. if i ever see that bitch i’m going to tell her a few words of my own.

lately i have been thinking about getting bigger boobs. i’ve always dissed girls like pamela lee for getting her ta-tas blown up but i understand that its about how a woman feels about herself and well she has every right to do anything to her body..if she’s not happy about it. i mean if i ever do get them done i’m not going to get them huge as watermelons..just probaly a nice pair of cantaloupes.. it’ll be nice to wear those sxy tops that i can’t fill out now..not to mention the attention i’ll get but i will never ever be a snob about it like some girls. its one thing if you have them..sure flaunt them but don’t downgrade another gilr bc she doesn’t. and u can quote me on

well i had a pretty good day today. i went up to nyc to shoot a little public nudity pics. it was my first time but it ended up being pretty kool. a bit rainy but that didn’t stop me from shedding my clothes..i shot around this industrial-looking spot..alot of construction there was honking and yelling going around..i thought it was very funny but i got a great reaction from the guys..hope you guys ejoy them too!!!

wow i cant believe it’s wed. already..the week is going pretty quickly. i actually got up early this morning too i got dressed, brushed my teeth (you never know who you’re going to run into in the morning) and i’ve come across some bad morning breath in my time so i’m always minty fresh-lol) so i took my dog for a walk around the city. he loves walks not to mention peeing all over too but thats what dogs do so who am i to stop him, right..haha it was raining a bit but the walk was really refreshing. on the way home i got a cappochino and a bagel..yum yum

dont you just hate the feeling when you wake up and the first thing you feel is a sickening feeling in your stomach? i dont know why i felt this way but i did. maybe it’s becasue i ate something wrong that didn’t agree with my stomach? who knows but i’m taking plenty of pepto bismal to calm my stomach down. i just hope its not bc i’m getting sick..actually now that i think about it its probaly all the food i ate for labor day..hehe i usually don’t stuff my face till i puke type of thing so i guess i just diagnosed myself..hey who needs a doctor..hehe

i know today is sunbday but i just wanted to wish everyone a happy pre-labor day!!! we had a big BBQ at my dad’s house and i ate so much food i took a nap afterwards!!..hehe i was glad i was able to share this holiday with family and freinds!!! i guess this also means that this officially ends Summer!!! bring on Fall, baby!!

well as you all know i was in allentown for a few days taking care of my mom. my mom needed a few things from the supermarket so she sent my brother and i out to Giant. besides if my brother went there aljne, my mom would have starved..he has no clue about shopping for groceries. we had a pretty long list but we worked together to make the task easier..a few times i had to point to where my brother could find things but he did alright. we got in the check line and headed out to the car. he actaully packed away most of the groceries so i didnt have to do much. i went to go put the cart away when my brother decided he’d play a little trick on me..he drove off. well i was so pissed off thinking he left me there at the supermarket. need i remind you that it was like 90 degrees outside and about 2 miles away from my mom’s house.. a very long walk which i was in no mood to walk. but i had no choice. and who do i see pulling into the brother…boy was i soo mad i was screaming at him..he said it was a joke… now that i think about was pretty funny but don’t tell my brother that..hehe

hey guys
i hope you all checked one of the recent updates…it’s me butt ass naked in a sleek belly chain. i got to work with a really awesome photographer. he loves me posing with hands on the face..very sensual. i had a great time shooting with him.. it’s actaully one of my favorite picture sets..almost like what you might see in high glam playboy page. i really felt sexy that day..does it show? lol well i hope you guys like it!!!

hey guys
just wanted to let you all mom is doing ok after her surgery. i actually got home with her and i put her to bed. she was a bit drwosey from the anethesia…she was mumbling and repeating was a bit comical. so i’ll be tending to her needs for the next few days.

do you remember your fisrt kiss? well i certainly do. i was in first grade and there was this boy who i really liked..his name was richie. it was at recess when all our freinds gathered around and made us kiss. i mean at 6 years old in first grade that kiss was something big…let me just tell you that i kissed richie alot that year..

i was walking early this afternoon when i saw two little school girls walking home from school. it’s about that time fo year when kids have book bags and lunchboxes to carry. it made me laugh. gosh that was such a long time ago for me..i of course went to catholic school all my life…yes and then i turned into one naughty school imagine me in a little plaid skirt, white button down shirt, white kneee socks, and some black mary janes on my feet..with pig wonder its every man’s

well i just got finished talking with my dad on the phone and he’s having a big BBQ to celebrate labor day!! i can’t wait to stuff my face full of no pun intended..i mean what average person doesn’t like the hotdog? whether it’s boiled in water or cooked on the i like it on the grill with ketchup and mustard..a little relish with some onions. and potato salad on the side. i hope eveyone has a great labor day!! eat alot of hotdogs too!!

i’m letting you(members)in on a little demon of mine. i used to have an eating disorder..scratch that..recovering form an eating disorder bc in fact you don’t usually cure yourself of a disorder like that’s on-going. i know you’re probaly thinking what the hell was i thinking..i’m not fat.but being a woamn, being a woman of color(asian that is) the media, my peers, etc put an enormous pressure on how i should look a certain wasn’t “kool” to be korean, to have black hair, slanted eyes. i went thru stages of not eating, cutting back calories, not even drinking water..bc i thought i was fat. this started when i was 13(puberty) and it’s been with me on and off since then. i can say i’m more nonchalant about it..i do eat..sometimes too much..i’ve come to love food..and all kinds as well..not just korean. i know that i should be happy with who i am, my culture and in time i know i’ll develop a more appreciation of my me as an individual..and my body.

i’ve recently come across a very funny man..besides my father..his name is phil hendrie..he’s a a mostly comedy radio talk host. i even joined his backstage pass..basically a membership including all his comedy acts, bits n pieces of info, souveniours, etc. he usually incorporates current issues of headline news (i.e. war on Iraq) usually its offensive and insulting to people involved and then listeners usually call in to put in their reactions. in my opinion, phil hendrie is basically alluding to how screwed up our gov’t is, how society in a whole is really..excuse my language..f*c*ed up. one of my favorites is about the kobe bryant case..and yes he has guests on his show(hteres a screret to this but you have to jon his site to find out)..which makes it even more hilarious..i would recommend phil hendrie to anyone who loves to laugh, and doesn’t get offended too easily.

i think sometimes people including myself get so wrapped up in materialistic things, we forget to take time out for the simpler things in life..there’s so many nifty gadgets that make life simpler but really it makes us lazy..we always want things done faster, no time for may make time go by but that time can be used for quality time for a loved one, a freind, maybe just by smiling at a stranger on the sidewalk. so next time when you have even 5 minutes out of your day..light a scented candle, kiss someone you love, or just sit in a quiet space and reflect…

the weather has been somewhat warm but today it’s blistering HOT!!! i like warm weather but not to the point where i’m soaking wet with sweat all over my body..thank god for air-conditioning. anyway the dancing gig has been going well despite the cheap skates..but last night i did great..i made almost 300 after tipping dj and house mom and the bouncer i took home about 250. i’m wroking the day shift again today 4-10pm so i’m hoping i’ll have another good night..thank you you know who you are..that come out and support me!!!

well everyone i just found out my mom is having leg surgery.. she has had this problem for awhile and the docotor told her that she better have surgery if she wants to walk again. my mom was very active when she was young and did alot of damamge to her knees and such so it all build up and now she has to pay for it unfortunately. i’m going down to see her at the end of the month so i can see her thru surgery. please everyone pray for her…

i got the chance to speak with my little brother today. he lives with my mom in allentown. he’s your typical 18 yr.old ..raging hormones and all..but then again it doesnt matter what age men are…i found out he is dating a half-thai/half-white girl. he showed me her picture..i must say she is quite pretty. but no girl is good for my brother..i feel like girls are taking advantage of him bc he’s really nice and buys them everything…so i am very protective over him..we have this joke between us that even though i am older eveyone thinks he’s the older one since he’s much taller than me…he calls me “little sister” he works at a big supermarket but doens’t get alot of mom ends up paying for his car and she goes to school herself! i really admire my mom..she’s very smart, strong, and doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit…although my brother and i try to push her buttons

vicki kim is now one black n blue woman. as you know i started dancing and i worked both friday and saturday nights and i now have a nice collection of bruises on my legs and knees..too much crawling on the floor i i’m sure it’ll heal in a few days. dancing is such hard work. i am giving it extra care and just going to relax today. maybe go for a nice walk at rittenhouse park with my akita. i feel bad for him he hasn’t really been getting enough exercise since i’ve been working. i dance again on tuesday from 4-10pm. hope to see you there!

well without giving too much away..let’s just say freddy vs jason was a 2 1/2 stars out of 5. it definately had alot of gore in it.i think it satisfies most horror movie fans. it did bring in alot of history from the previuos movies of friday the 13th and nightmare on elm street. i guess you’ll just have to go see it to see who won the battle…

today is movie day!!! i’m going to go see freddy vs jason. i just love movies but horro ones the best! i hope jason beats the crap out of freddy too. i remember watching previous movies with freddy in it and i alwasy had nightmares after seeing that face..i mean could you imagine everytime you fell asleep you had to face freddy. i think jason is much cooler he at least wears a msk to cover his face..but let’s face it they’re both from hell and that’s where they should stay!! will this be the end of freddy or will this be the end of jason? i’ll keep you posted…
and later tonight i’ll be dancing starting around 9pm at the celebrity room!!! hope to see you all there!

i had the lucky pleasure of going to a candy store. i have the biggest sweet tooth known to man. i don’t think there’s one candy i don’t like..well maybe the ones called chocolate depends what surprise filling they have inside..most of the time i get some nasty jelly goo one of my favorites are sour patch kids and sweedish fish..i can eat those by the handfuls.. basically i like anything that gives my mouth the exercise of builds up the mouth muscles you so what kind of favorite candy do u all like?

currently i am reading a book called The Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughton. it’s a pretty old book and i never read any previous books of the author’s. i must say that the book is a bit strange. and the picture depiction of the author..well he looks like he could be a ghoul himself…lol! basically it’s about ghouls, what ghouls do and people who are fascinated with the ghoul world. i mean one woman wanted to get raped by a ghoul? how bizarre is that? i am only on page 175 so i am curiuos to see how the author will end it. i’ll keep everyone posted though!!!

hello everyone!!! i did something totally new and fun today. i went on a canoe trip with my best freind from highschool. we went to this inn out in the boonies. no tv, malls, or anythng for miles..just plain old woods. it was the first time i ever rode in a canoe. it was pretty easy to just need to know what direction to row otherwise you go opposite ways. it was real nice out but really humid. we were out on this lake in jersey for a few hours but thunderstorms cut our canoeing short. it was so much fun i might even go again…next week.

well it’s the morning after of my big night stripping at the club!! i’d like to first thank all the fans that showed up to support me..u know who you are and for those who didn’t there’s always next time. this will be a regular gig for me so there’s plenty og me and my g-string to go! i’m actaully quite sore today..and not the way you all think i am..haha i never knew pole work and dacning was so much hard work..on the body that is..i’ve used muscles that i never knew i had before…black and blue is what i am today….lol fe days to heal and then friday i’m back on the pole…

today i saw a foreign film with one of my guy freinds. it was called the Legen of Suriyothai it was about a young Thai princess who ultimately at the end risked her own life to save her people. it had alot of interesting twists and turns. the film was both entertaininng and educational!!! i must warn you though, it was about a 2 and half hour movie so be prepared to sit in your seats for a very long time..(you’ll appreciate the stretch after)but it’s definately worth it!! i really liked the’s always nice ot see females especially that young portrayed as not only beautiful but strong, courageous, and not empowered/dominated by men .

well today i visited my dad up in the poconos. i had called my dad earlier during the week and he told me that he all alone because his wife and her children went to florida for a week to visit relatives so i decided to keep him least for one day. it was a nice visit. it’s real beautiful around there at this time of year.
my brother also came to vist so my dad was real happy. he also made one of my favorite meals. after dinner we all had dessert and coffee. shortly after i left and headed back to the city.

well for all of those who don’t know i have an all white akita. he is a japanese dog..supposedly they were royal guard dogs. i have had my akita for about a year and a few months. he is so cute…but so silly sometimes. when i first got him..he had a floppy ear..that straigtend out when he got older but now he has a chipped he’s always banign into stuff and ripping aprt my furniture. i’ll never be able to get new furniture bc he gets into thses dog fits when i leave him alone. sometimes he’s real lazy..he sleeps alot..but i guess thats what’s dogs do. i take him for walks everyday. and sometimes when he’s real good i get hima hotdog from one of those food carts…hehe he goes crazy for hotdogs..bye for now!

hey guys
some say beauty and brains dont mix together but guess what they do!!! today i spent the whole day at the franklin institute-it’s a great interactive museum! i learned so much and had fun at the same time. i was so fascinated with science exhibits..especially the ones dealing with the “human anatomy”
no wonder i love both male and female body parts!!!

i was sitting in the park today enjoying my ice cream cone when i had a thought in my head..
what’s better: vanilla or chocolate? i know that at least in my ice cream i like chocolate better, vanilla is second best…then it led me to how i like my men? well since i never had chocolate before, vanilla comes first in this instance..but this isn’t to say i would never pick chocolate. is it true what they say about black men? i mean size and all? i have to giggle to myself…and yes size does matter…. no matter what color it is!!!!

well i thought i would let you all in on a little secret! i have been in the U.S. for 17 years!!! can u believe it. i was just 4 yrs. old and my brother was about 1. i remember it like it was yesterday… coming in on a big plane and landing in nyc airport. you can imagine how scared and excited i was. we make a tradtion of celebrating that special day every year. and this year to celebrate, my mom took my brother and i out on a lunch cruise. it was called the Spirit of Philadelphia. the weather was really nice too. and the best thing is that later on tonight we are going to see the hit broadway show Beauty and the Beast!!! the icing on top of the cake…catch u all later

you know it didn’t stike me how people are so insensitve towards to others who are less fortunate than they are than yesterday. i was walking my akita in the mid afternoon when we came across a homeless man. he was wearing nothing but teal-colored swetas. no socks, shoes, shirt, etc. he was going from trash can to trash can trying to pick up scraps. i know homeless people are abundant especially in the cities but i couldn’t help but feel so disheartened that he was man that was in fact homeless. i felt even more sad for him when he was laughed at by thses 2 grown-ups above all people. and they made it so noticeable. i just wanted to go and yell at them. i can’t imagine how that madn must have felt. it makes me appreciate the thigs i do have and to not be callus to those who are indeed less fortunate than i am

hey guys
i’m sure you all have taken a look at hot sonisay. i am doing her with my strap-on. i loved shooting with her. and check out our matching outfits…schoolgirls!!! i have to laugh i think i have a thing for matching! i don’t know one man who doesnt like girls in school-girl uniforms!!! sonisay was so cute too. i loved tugging at her cute ponytails while doing her. she was great to shoot with…and i can’t wait to shoot with her again!!!

hey guys
well can you believe it, july is over. only a month of summer left. i went to the beach with some girlfriends. we had lots of fun. we rubbed each other full of tanning oil and just baked in the hot sun. we had loads of fun splashing each other and laughing. all in all it was a great trip!

hello everyone!!
i had just the busiest day today! i ended up with a late start i was dreaming for soooo can use your imagination on what exactly i was dreaming about..hehe anyway i got up this morning, got a shower, and danced around naked in my bedroom listening to my music. i got dressed and walked my akita…he did nothing but pull me everywhere. then i went to the bank…i ended up talking to this real cute chic.she was very nice! after that i went grocery shopping and finally around 6pm i had the chance to sit down and relax. i just got hooked on HBO’s sex in the city.. well i’m off to bed..and dream away!

let me ask you all a question: what’s great during hot weather? well you know what i like to do? i love nothing more than to strip down naked and go swimming at the local pool. the water feels so refreshing and i love the way it hits my hot drenched skin. then after a nice little swim around the pool i like to get out and lay in the sun…yes still naked!!! and nothing turns me on more than to see the local lifeguard stare at me with those “i wanna fuck you eyes”
yes it’s good to be a woman!!!

well i’d just like to say how exciting it is to finally have my own website. i have been working hard to make sure it looks super!!! so i hope you all like it so far!! i loved working with all the cute asian girls..and there will be more to cum!!!

Welcome to my site! As of 9pm July 3rd is open for business! I plan to do anything and everything posible to make this site the best Asian swinger site online. If you want me to do it- just ask!