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What is Tokyo Face Fuck?

We take innocent Japanese girls and let them gag on hard cocks. These delicate, beautiful and refined Japanese girls are turned into messes, wet with cum and saliva. Frail Japanese maidens gag on dicks until they orgasm and cry with pleasure.

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Miku Oguri

A customer visits Miku Oguri at her cabaret club. Nobody else is around so he tries to feel up on her. But he convinces her to swallow is cock. Watch sexy Miku struggle with his thick hard cock as it’s shoved down her throat!

Kotomi Asakura, Anri Hoshizaki

New years special! Double face fuck with Japanese pornstars Anri Hoshizaki and Kotomi Asakura!

Reika Yamada

Schoolgirl Reika Yamada begs for cock and gets just that – shoved hard down her throat until she squirms, gags and cries. But she keeps begging for more until she gets a large sticky load shot straight down her throat!

Nao Yuzumiya

What’s better than having a maid clean your cock with her mouth? When you fuck her throat when she’s doing it. Nao-chan thinks she’s giving a quick bj but instead gets her mouth fucked and facialed!

Sakura Kiryu

This is Sakura Kiryu’s first time getting her face fucked! With her cute little mouth she pleaded beforehand saying she can handle it, so we gave her hard cock to gag on endlessly!

Hikari Sakamoto

Schoolgirl Hikari Sakamoto is cleaning the gym storage room when the PE teacher comes in unexpectedly. With nobody else around, Hikari lets her teacher feeds her a dildo and his cock. He relentlessly fucks her face leaving her face a mess with cum. Hikari cries and masturbates alone after the teacher leaves.

Yuzuki Otohata

This is shy and inexperienced Yuzuki Otohata’s first experience of getting face fucked. She’s never had a cock go past her tonsils, so please enjoy the tears from her first experience of having a thick cock shoved into her throat!

Miku Asou

Cute little Miku Asou gets treated like the face fuck whore that she is. She pouts and her tight body squirms while her face is relentlessly stuffed with cock. She is made to bark like a dog and beg for more until she gets a sticky facial!

Aina Shirohane

Cute schoolgirl Aina Shirohane has never been throat fucked before, so we scheduled a private lesson with a thick cock for her. She gets her mouth used like a fuck toy for the first time and she enjoys it so much she squirts everywhere when she gets fingered after receiving a massive facial.

Mint Asakura

Pornstar Mint Asakura is drunk with anticipation to get her mouth abused and fucked. Her hands are bound behind her back and her large tits jiggle as her face gets stuffed with thick cock. She is finished off with a vibrator to her soft wet pussy.

Sena Sakura

Maid Sena Sakura gets molested in her cafe when one of the customers pulls her to her knees and shoves his cock down her throat. He fucks her face relentlessly until he cums straight into her throat and it bubbles up out her nose.

Miho Kanno

Could it be the famous Miho Kanno gets her face rammed with cock? This super sexy celebrity shows off how good she is at swallowing cock and begs for more as her face is smothered with throat slime.

Reika Yamada

Schoolgirl Reika Yamada is caged and released by her captor only when he feels like fucking her face. Today is no different. She is pulled out suddenly and immediately given dick. Her captor fucks her face in various positions before creaming her face and mashing her pussy with a vibrator.

Akina Miura

Schoolgirl Akina Miura is tied up and gets the shit fucked out of her face. She cries and gags but the only help that comes for her is more dick in her throat and an intense vibrator assault on her pussy at the end.

Mai Yasukawa

Yasukawa Mai gets tied up and used like a little face fuck pig. She enjoys getting her throat abused and fucked by thick cock until she gets so horny she cums non-stop with a vibrator.

Yuria Tominaga

Yuria Tominaga struggles to take his thick cock deep into her mouth and throat. Watch her pout as her mouth gets used as his fuck toy.

Ryo Hinami

Ryo Hinami wakes up to find herself tied up and surrounded by guys waiting to use her. While getting her mouth and throat mashed with hard cock everyone cums into her mouth, leaving her in a sloppy mess by the end.

Aya Motoki

Aya Motoki is tied and leashed and her throat is fucked like a good fuck pet should be. See Aya’s face destroyed with throat slime and cum.

Aimi Takaoka

Aimi Takaoka struggles with his long dick, coughing and choking while he endlessly fucks her face. But Aimi Takaoka is a pervert who loves to get her throat abused and masturbates and cries with a vibrator after covering herself with throat slime.

Ryo Hinami

Ryo Hinami begs to be pleasured with a vibrator. But she must take thick cock in her throat and swallow a large load of cum shot directly down her throat before she is given any vibrator action.

Saori Hirako

Cute housewife Saori Hirako swallows 3 cocks in her basement until they cum all over face. The three of them repeatedly take their turns on her until they make a complete mess of her face. Saori gets so excited she masturbates at the end.

Mana Satomi

Amateur Mana Satomi gets fed thick cock. Watch her struggle to take his hard cock deep into her mouth throughout the whole scene. He finishes her off with a thick facial and she is still so excited she masturbates by herself.

Ai Mizushima

Ai Mizushima goes home with her tutor after cram school. She likes it when he plays with her and lets him tie her up and fuck her face in his basement. Ai lets her teacher fuck her throat until throat slime is everywhere and he cums on her face!

Chihiro Asai

Chihiro is a face fuck whore that loves getting her throat fucked hard. She is fed cock into her throat until she is drenched in throat slime and then masturbates after getting a sticky facial.

Sakura Anna

Sakura Anna is on the menu at this peculiar bar, which serves seasonal girls to be used by customers as they please. The customer admires her body on the counter and then she lets him fuck her face to tears.

Nao Shiraishi

Nao Shiraishi gets double mouth penetrated by two hard cocks. Her perfect tits are drenched with throat saliva as the two guys tag team her throat!

Yuka Aina

Yuka is always falling asleep in class. This time the teacher has a new idea to wake her up. He face fucks her awake while all the other students cum all over her body. After she’s awake and a complete mess class continues like nothing happened.

Sakura Saaya

Cute toilet maid Sakura Saaya spends all day cleaning dicks with her mouth by the urinal. One guy decides he wants his pipes clean too and she lets him fuck her mouth with his huge cock. After he cums on her face he leaves and nobody cares.

Misaki Yamamoto

Schoolgirl Misaki accidentally locks herself in the gym storage room for hours. Suddenly the PE teacher finds her and comes in, but to Misaki’s surprise he has a dildo and proceeds to fuck her face with it, followed by a rough throat fucking with his thick cock.

Aoi Yuuki

Adult idol actress Aoi Yuuki gets surprised behind the scenes in the bathroom when one of the extras gives her his cock for her to swallow! Like a genuine submissive slut she takes it gagging the whole time.

Yuu Tsuruno

Yuu Tsuruno is an extremely submissive Japanese girl with pink nipples and soft fair skin. What is the best thing to do with such a delicate Japanese girl? Throat fuck her with 2 dicks and cover her face with throat slime!

Mami Kurita

G cup Mami Kurita debuts exclusively with Tokyo Face Fuck! This cute J-girl with a tight waist and huge tits gets hammered with a mouthful of cock. Mami Kurita’s huge jiggly tits can only be found here!

Miku Himeno

Face fuck slut Miku Himeno begs to have her clit massaged with a vibrator, but instead she gets her tonsils massaged with dick! Even long after we finished this horny little cunt sat by herself using the vibrator…

Rumi Aoki

Sexy slender Rumi Aoki gets smothered with cock! Watch her struggle as her throat is given thick cock until she gags with pleasure.

Sara Asakawa

Submissive Sara has no idea what to do with her tight body when shown a vibrator. So our trusty face fucker shows her how it’s done, but not without a rough throat fucking!

Cocoa Saotome

Slutty cock dumpster Cocoa can’t cum unless she has a hard cock rammed down her throat. We give her a vibrator to masturbate with but it’s not enough – she wants to be smeared with throat slime after getting throat fucked while having multiple orgasms!

Erika Inamori

Horny Erika is a slut who loves cock in all of her holes. Two cocks down her throat isn’t enough so she has to masturbate her wet pussy at the same time. Watch her cum after getting two massive facials!

Nana Kimiki

Schoolgirl Nana locks herself in a cage in complete darkness for 48 hours. When we show up she thinks she is getting set free but she gets cock down her throat! After a big sticky facial she hides back in her cell.

Anri Kawai

Anri wakes up with a huge cock in her mouth after she was taken to her basement. Still groggy from just waking up she gets her face cunt pounded by a thick hard cock. This face fuck toy gets a massive sticky facial at the end!

Ruru Sonoda

Cute and slender Ruru-chan wakes up to find herself tied to a bed naked and she lets us have our way with her cute little mouth. Her throat is fucked raw followed by a sticky facial!