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Deseray Juelz
Deseray is an aspiring singer, but it’s not a microphone that’s going to be pressed up against her lips today… it’s a rock hard black cock. No one said show business is easy, and unfortunately for this dumb fucking twat, she’s going to learn that the hard way. Keep reaching for the stars, Deseray. Look on the bright side, after doing this… the only place you can go is up.

Kitty’s boyfriend is currently serving time in prision for manslaughter or something… so hopefully, he never sees this video. With that being said, this bitch is a dead fuck. She must not have had sex during the years he was locked up. The financial burden of life finally caught up and had to sell that black ass. As the strange cock penetrated her, she just shut down. Her body was limp and her eyes were dead inside. She tried to go to her happy place but was brought back to reality as the cum dripped from her forehead.

Jazzy Lixx
Whores, let this be a life lesson to you. If some pimp tells you that he can make you a famous porn star and all you have to do is fly across the country for a test shoot… then you’re being fucked over. This is what happened to this gap toothed moron. She was stranded in Philly with not enough money to get back home to Los Angeles. Me, being the good samaritan, scraped together a last minute shoot so this whore can get back home to make even more bad life decisions.

I want to make fun of Felisha, but honestly… she was a trooper. She didn’t complain once. Sure, she can drop about 40-80 pounds, but she has enormous tits… and they’re real, and that counts for something. She was put through the ringer, too. She was slapped around, spit on, choked, made to puke and at the end of the shoot… thanked us for kicking her ass and opening her up to a new experience. Thanks for being the best whore you can be, Felisha!

Lisa Rivera
I was a little disappointed in her appearance because she resembled Jabba the Hut… kinda ugly and soft in the middle. Spooky did his best to break her down, but let’s be honest… a whore this seasoned has seen it all. Barring hitting her with a sack of oranges, it’s all “been there, done that” to her.

Uggh… I think I’m going to vomit. Ladies, this is not “phat” or “thick”. This is “gross” and “disgusting”. Weighing 400 pounds is not healhty, nor is it sexy. I only booked this whore for the freak show aspect. Trust me, I don’t want to encourage women to let themselves go in this manner. Marshae is probabably African for “marshmallow”. Don’t worry, we gave jelly belly the full work over. We fed her cock until she puked up some calories. She should be thanking us for helping her try and slim down.

Poison Ivy
With her ugly green dreadlocks, Poizon Ivy looks like a cross between Bob Marley and Predator… but this pig loves the rough stuff. Spooky slapped her around like the degenerate whore she is and she just took it. You can tell she’s been desensitized from humiliating sex by her pimp. He probably kicks her ass on the regular. Good for him!

Pretty Brown Skin
LOL… this skank snuck out of the house wearing her hospital scrubs so her boyfriend wouldn’t know she’s about to do some shady shit. That’s a cold bitch right there. What’s even better is that this is her first porn, and man… we kicked her ass. She barfed all over herself and left smelling like a vat of jizz. I wonder how she’s going to explain that to her boyfriend. Maybe she’ll tell him that they had a surprise bukkake for her at work. Oh, and from certain angles this ho looks like Arsenio Hall in drag. Word!

Worst shoot ever! Let me explain. Sparkles is a hardcore dyke… so why she is here doing hardcore porn with a guy that’s humiliating and degrading is beyond me. My guess is that she needs money for Ellen Degeneres tickets or something. Here is a girl that literally despises every second she has to suck cock and get fucked. Have you ever tried slapping a black lesbo in the face? No? Trust me… don’t try unless you have a strong pimp hand because these bitches will piss and moan all fucking night. The best part of this video is the surprise ending. Trust me, it’s better than any shit M Knight Shyamalan could ever dream up… and it was real.

Victoria is a sexy young black that’s making her first porn. She’s was all excited to be making an adult film until the barf flew from her mouth… then the shame set in. At that point, it was too late… she was already a whore and she may as well just follow through with her bad decision. But don’t feel sorry for her, she’s your typical gold digging ho that uses men for their money. It’s about time someone tricked this bitch out. As she chewed on the nut sauce, she had time to reflect on all the men she took advantage of and how they’re going to take great solace in masturbating to her being degraded.

Lucea Brixton
Poor Lucea had a dream of being a porn star. She’s cute and has a decent enough body for it… big fake tits and all. Unfortunately for her, her first stop on the road to stardom was us. The second her face was pimp slapped by Tyrone, it got real. Her throat couldn’t find his big black meat so she ended up barfing all over herself and the floor. While she was getting fucked, I made her rub her tits in the puke and also play with it in her hands. That nearly brought her to tears… but I thought it was fucking funny as shit. When Tyrone got tired of listening to her whimper and complain, he blew a nut all over her whore face and we sent her packing. Adios, skank!

When pimps attack!!! Sophia was fucked over from jump street and it nearly got us killed. Tyrone picked up this hood rat and promised her an awesome porn shoot. Next thing she knows, she’s getting slapped around like the cheap hooker she is. Unfortunately, her loser pimp did not think it was as funny as we did and started some shit. We tried to cool things down but he was so pissed that we were slapping and spitting on his property that he up and left before the shoot was officially over. This shit is real. No fake scripted shit. These pimps don’t play games when it comes to their bitches!

Candee is a skank from Philly who thought she could make a couple extra dollars for her illegitimate kids by choking on big black cock. She probably assumed making porn would be easy… but she was wrong. You can tell that she’s used to being treated like shit, so this type of shoot doesn’t hit too far from home. I bet her boyfriend likes to knock her around the room when she eats the last chicken wing or smokes the last Newport. I have no love for these hood rats. Candee has big tits, but that’s because she’s kinda chubby. She really needs to hit the gym and get that worked out because looking at her loose flesh made me sick to my stomach. I don’t like whores as it is… and when they’re fat, I despise them even more!

Bianca Starr
Bianca Starr is a dumb black skank from Philly whose pimp convinced her to do a scene for us. She’s a petite hood rat not capable of taking much of a beating… but we did anyway. First, we made her shave that wolf pussy. That shit was like from the 70’s… all hairy and shit. Absolutely disgusting. Right there, I knew we were working with a hoe that doesn’t care much about her personal appearance… which typically means they have no self esteem. Perfect! We had two guy take turns having their way with her. At the end, she was left covered in spit, puke and cum. Dumb bitch!

Kirablu is a petite first timer straight from the deep country. Her father is probably her sibling or some shit. Long story short, she was dumb as fuck. I honestly thought she was retarded. Being so frail, she couldn’t handle much abuse. It was almost like she would break in half. She’s been hold up with some black pimp for several days and I doubt he’s fed her anything more than protein shakes straight from his nut sack. Kirablu is a pretty girl but she’s better off blowing her uncles than trying to make it as a porn star. She’s a useless twat with zero work ethic.

Persia London
Persia London is a fine piece of ass… a lot hotter than the majority of hood rats that slither through our doors. She’s aspiring to be a fashion model, but today she’s modeling cock. Personally, I hope she makes it as a model so I can cash out with this video. Everyone loves a celebrity sextape, right? Anyway, my boy Spooky gave her the business, fucking her face until she puked… which to a model, isn’t no big deal. They’re used to that. They’re not used to being slapped around, though. The diva attitude goes right out the window at the first crack across the jaw. Persia was manhandled and left with a creamy load of cum sticking to her face. Then, we sent her on her way… void of hopes and dreams.

Buss Down Betty
Buss Down Betty is a fucking hog. I really wish porn had a weight limit because this is getting out of hand. And while we’re at it… what the fuck is a “buss down.” I don’t think she even knows. If I had to guess, it probably means “disgusting.” Anyway, we brought in a new thug named Big Black Machine to rough up this skank. He brought the fucking pain, boy! She was chugging up puke and snot, eating vomit soaked rags, getting slapped around like a red headed stepchild and ultimately treated the way all fat black bitches need to be treated! Let this be a lesson to all you obese sistas… no one likes you. Get skinny or get fucked up!

Asa is new to the game and this is one of her first shoots. My boy, Spooky, had his way with this ghetto skank BIG TIME. He slapped her around like a cheap slut, made her puke on his cock, spit on her face and had her wanting to pack up and leave the porn world behind. To further degrade this bitch, we had her shove her own fingers down her throat to make herself vomit while Spooky fucked the piss out of her. The intensity of the cock pounding inside her skank hole rocked her so hard that she squirted all over the floor. Spooky used her face as a mop to soak it up. Fucking awesome!

Sweetie is a skanky hood rat from some ghetto up North. Today, she got her ugly face fucked until she barfed up her Kool Aid and fried chicken. After that mess was over, Spooky attacked that pussy to warm her up, then switched it to the ass. That brown eye was fucked hard and when it came time to bust a nut, we had her shove her fingers down her throat to make herself puke as the cum landed on her forehead.

Chocolate Haze
Chocolate Haze has been around the blocks more times than I’d care to count. To be more direct, she’s a seasoned whore. Having a cock jammed down her throat is old news. It doesn’t faze her. In fact, it’s like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. Spitting on her and slapping her around doesn’t set her off, either. Her pimp probably does worse to her daily when she doesn’t bring home stacks of cash. How do you wreck a girl who’s already broken? Short of just hitting her with a sack of oranges, we ran out of ideas. Even when I had her shove her hand down her whore throat to make herself barf, I couldn’t even get a gag. She’s seen and been through it all…

Sharea is a fine honey with ghetto fabulous blonde hair. She’s like the inner city version of Paris Hilton, but sluttier. She broke free from her hood to travel all the way to Philly to star in her first ever porn video. Moe the Monster and Spooky took turns having their way with her tight little body. She took all of Moe’s monster down her throat, almost making her suffocate… or as she put in “suffercate”. Shout out to whoever trained this bitch. She did her job and didn’t complain unlike most of the uppity whores that end up on our couch. This one was well behaved. For being such a good hoodrat, she was rewarded with two cum shots to her face.

Angel is a hot mixed black and Mexican whore who wants to get out of the ghetto so bad that she’s willing to put her 18 year old pussy up for sale. Trust me, Moe and Spooky were foaming at the mouth wanting to get to this piece of ass. They stole her innocence. As their black cocks rammed down her throat and the puke started to spill, you could see the look of regret in her eyes… but it was too late now. They had fun fucking her teen mouth and bald teen cunt. The louder she cried, the harder they fucked. This hottie was put in every fuck position under the sun after her throat was worked over. Then, the boys took turns busting nuts on her pretty little face.

Victoria Smiles
Victoria is the type of whore we absolutely fucking love! She has that “down South” country hospitality and knows her role well. She knows she is shit and won’t amount to shit, yet she takes the abuse with a smile. Her concern… she wanted to do a good job. So, she ended up puking all over herself and kept on going. This girl had more vomit on her body than I can to ever see in my life. The studio smelled of chicken gizzards and corn bread. It was disgusting, Moe and Spooky really laid hands on this bitch, too… slapping her around like a real fucking whore. Again, she kept smiling. Whores… take note. When you’re in front of the black on black crime camera, this is how you act!

Nina Moore
Nina Moore is a chocolate bimbo with big natural tits. That’s about the only thing going for this whore, though. Spooky and Moe took turns fucking this chick up. Oodles of puke came pouring from her belly onto our rug. No worries, though. We wiped it up WITH HER FUCKING FACE! If that wasn’t enough, they bent this bitch over and dug deep inside her virgin asshole. Moe had that thing gaped open with his 11 inch monster. She was screaming like a retard as her O ring was blown out. That’s how we roll, bitches… we fuck these skanks like the ghetto hood rats they are. Nina Moore learned that the hard way!

Dakota is a hot muscle bitch from some hood. I don’t remember where, though. I just remember we had to fly her in. With that being said, she knew she better do a good job or she’d be thumbing it for a ride back home. Much to my surprise, she was down for the cause. She had her hot tight body worked over by Moe and Spooky. Moe broke out some new tricks for the face fucking. All you exercise buffs are gonna dig it. Spooky even brought the creativity by fucking this chick upside down in some crazy acrobat position. What abuse the abuse? We delivered. Another episode chock full of hard face fucking, puke, slapping, spitting and enough humiliation to cause years of therapy.

Sierra Lynn
I don’t like Sierra Lynn more than you can imagine. She’s a useless whore with a serious diva complex. News flash, honey… you’re a piece of shit. No one likes you and you have no self respect (that’s why you’re here!). Spooky gave her the business. Every time she opened up her mouth to complain, he rammed his meat down her throat. Of course she acted like it was the end of the world, but that was her just being an over dramatic cunt. Still, we kept bringing the heat. It’s a shame, this chick has a hot body but a total shit attitude. I hope she fails at both porn and life.

Heaven Blaze
Heaven Blaze… now this bitch is a trooper. She can take a real whooping. That’s the kind of whore I love to film. She must also have some magic pussy because after fucking her, Spooky fell in love and quit porn. No lie. He literally just quit and wanted to start a relationship with her. Fucking sad, man… you can’t love a hoe. However, when one door closes, another opens. Today, we were also trying out a new thug and he’s the real fucking deal. Fans of the hard shit are going to love our new guy, Rome Major. He’s a monster and dominates these bitches the way a real thug do!

Juicy is a skank. There… I said it. She’s a total fucking hog that complained the entire time of the shoot. That didn’t stop Rome, though. In fact, it enraged him so much that he went 100% on her ass. Like most black bitches we film, she stuffed her chubby face with fast food minutes before the shoot. She knew she was about to get her face fucked and cock shoved deep down her belly… but she still stuffed burgers, nuggets and french fries down her hole. Sure enough, it all came spilling up… but we don’t like to waste food here, so we made her eat it off of the floor. The whole crew nearly puked. What a fucking fat pig!

Wow… what a fucking episode! There is more puke in this scene than I’ve ever shot before. Africa had her throat working overtime. Rome laid the ghetto heat on this bitch big time. Seriously… all I could do was shake my head. This has to be one of the roughest scenes we shot and Africa finished it like a pro! This scene has everything you could ever want… puke, tears, face slaps, gagging. It’s a home run.

Coffee Brown
Coffee Brown is down with the rough stuff, but I don’t think she was ready for what Rome had in store. This dude laid the ghetto pimp smack down on this bitch hard. It took less than a minute for her to fall in line. He had her barfing all over his cock, eating puke and snot, slapped around like she stole something and just all around having a bad day. That’s bad news for her, but great news for you perverts because we’re delivering another amazing scene! Coffee Brown is one hot bitch who takes the punishment like a champ!

Why you call yourself “Secret” but then put your face, tits and ass all over the internet for friends and family to see is beyond me, but that’s exactly the type of dim witted whores I deal with on a day to day basis. They get schooled, though. For instance, this dumb bitch took some major punishment by Rome. Not only does he spit on these pigs, but he hocks phlegm. Pretty fucking gross! Secret endured some relentless abuse. Between the face slaps, barfing and utter humiliation… it’s hard to say how she lasted where most girls would have quit. I guess when you need the money that bad, you’ll do anything. Dumb bitches…

Stacey is what we call in the industry, a backup of a backup. Basically, she’s a 3rd string whore that you call in after your primary and replacement whore decide not to show up. Yeah, she’s kinda beat… but she has big tits and had no problem eating her own barf. So, in some fucked up way, hiring her was a good thing. She’s as far from eye candy as you can get and yes… she’s a hog, but in a good way. Usually the fatties let you do whatever you want because they crave attention… and cake! I have to give props to Stacey, though. She took a real beating and even opened up her big fat ass for Rome to hit.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to another Sade album again. Why? Well, Tatyonna resembles her (in my opinion) and after seeing her barf up stomach skank, I can’t ever picture Sade as that classy and beautiful singer anymore. It’s all Tatyonna’s fault for being such a fucking degenerate. Ugghh… this girl was put through the ringer. She was barfing up puddles of puke and Rome used her face as mop. That shit is just wrong! What’s right is this girl’s body. She had some nice perky tits and a cute brown ass. She didn’t shave her cunt, though. What the fuck is up with that? All in all, another solid release that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.

Tia Freaxxx
I have to call bullshit on this whore. She goes by “Tia Freaxxx,” but she’s not freaky at all. In fact, she’s just a nerd who figured out a way to earn money renting out that pussy of hers. Rome put that name to the test at this shoot. No weave was left unturned. He ran the routine on her, and she wasn’t thrilled with any of it. I can’t blame her though. Who wants to get slapped around, barf all over, have snot hanging from your nose and treated like utter shit? Well, not me… but I’m a productive member of society and not some inner city hood rat. Enjoy this video. It’s pretty freaking awesome!

Cassino is a freaky little bitch that looks a little like Howard the Duck with her big ghetto lips. I’m not hating, though… them shits are good for sucking big black cock. Plus, she’s a nasty little cunt. She’s down for anything… and you guys know Rome… he’s a freaky fuck. We put this bitch to the test. She ate her own snot, drank her own puke, got slapped around like she stole something and treated like the ultimate turd. When it’s over… what does she do? She asks if we can do it again. LOL… not tonight hun, but maybe in the future. Cassino is the truth. It’s a great shoot and I know you’re all going to love it.

Angel Starr
Angel Starr is a petite piece of black ass. Her body is so ripe and her head is so empty. That’s a perfect combo in my opinion. You can tell she was totally star struck by Rome. She’d do just about anything for him. He took that and ran with it. He shoved his big black cock down her throat so deep that in no time she was barfing up her fruit punch… which is perfect because Rome used her face as a puke mop. Oh man, you gotta love these little spinners. We hit a home run with this chick. I think we just raised the bar.

Deseray Love
Deseray Love is a big doofy bitch. She’s broke and too stupid to know any better. Of course, some pimp got his hands on her and threw her to the wolves (us!). We put her to work immediately. Rome shoved his big black cock down her throat so deep that she was barfing up whatever green beverage she consumed prior to coming here. Of course, he unloaded on her with the full barrage of slaps and spit rockets. Here’s the kicker… because this dummy thought Rome was so hot, she just went with it. What a total loser!

Annabelle is a walking land monster. I swear someone booked her as a practical joke on me. She’s delusional in the fact that she thinks of herself as a porn star, yet no one I’ve talked to knows who she is. Regardless… we had a job to do. How Rome was able to fuck this beast is beyond me. Kudos to him. Fucking her mouth was difficult. She tried every whore trick in the book to deflect it. If I was a hockey fan, I’d reference some pro goalie… but alas, I hate hockey. Anyway, Rome did what he could to pry open her mouth aka the jaws of life. After that, we went all anal on this bitch. No pussy fucking at all… she didn’t deserve any pleasure. It went straight up her big fat butt hole. Then, he made her suck that dirty dick before butt fucking her in more positions. So there it is… enjoy!

Bad news, people… we had a mega fuck up at this shoot. Sinnamon gave us one hell of a face fucking scene but unfortunately, we’ll never see it. The fucking camera didn’t record it. Before you call me a dumb ass and make fun of me, I want you to know that I did press record and the tape was moving… it just wasn’t recording. The only thing that came up when I was editing was a black screen. FUCK!!! I was able to salvage the sex, though. Believe me, guys… I wish this weren’t the case because Sinnamon gave an emotional face fuck complete with tears. I’m so sorry this happened. Let’s hope the big boss, Duke, buys me a new camera so this never can happen again!

Ivy Bleu
It’s been a while, but we’re back! I know you all have been wondering where we’ve been, right? Well… due to the failure of every major black male porn star in the Philly and New York area, we had to call in Bootleg’s half black cousin, Black Leg to help us out in a time of need. The show isn’t always perfect but it must always go on… and we did what we had to do to continue to provide you with another excellent black on black crime production! Don’t blame us. It’s not our fault every black guy we try can not achieve or maintain an erection. Be thankful Black Leg was around to shove a hard cock down the throat of another chocolate whore… and it’s Ivy Bleu, a fresh face natural D titty submissive little ass whore.

Cassino 2
Guess who’s back? Cassino and Spooky. It’s been a while since Spooky banged bitches for us so we had to make sure he can deliver so we paired him up with one of the freakiest bitches we know, Cassino. It didn’t take long for him to feel at home by shoving his black cock right down Cassino’s throat until the barf poured out. That’s the great thing about this pig… she loves the nasty shit.

Brooke aka “broke” is a ghetto hooker for realz. She’s seen all types of funky shit slinging that ass on the street so what we had in store for her was any typical day in the slums of Philly. Bitches like this make my job nice and easy, though. They don’t flinch once the puke pours out or the slips ring across the face. Brooke handled Spooky like a boss.

I despise this whore. We had our problems when she filmed for Ghetto Gaggers and I honestly hoped I’d never see her again so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out she was booked for BOBC. However, it’s a new day so I went into it with a positive attitude. Spooky knew that he had to totally break this whore’s spirit and he did just that. He shoved his cock down her throat until she barfed up her belly’s contents and then rubbed her face in it like the dumb bitch she is. She hated that. I loved it. He gave her a bunch of nice face slaps to put her in her place. All in all, the shoot was great. I still hate this bitch, though.